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  1. Every team is going to have a bad game now and again - even the best Rangers teams had them during 9 in a row. However when you look at it with a bit more of a sympathetic eye, since Walter has come in, without being able to change the team much, he has produced the best form in the league. 9 games, 7 wins, 2 draws, 23pts, 3 goals against, 6 clean sheets. That's championship winning form and equates to about 97pts if extrapolated over a season. It all depends if Walter can turn this result into a hiccough by motivating the team to producing a good performance and gain 3pts next week. If the team can bag that rate of points now, think what Walter might be able to do given some funds and 5 more recruits. We know Prso is on his last legs and Smith plans to bring in a replacement - fully fit target man could turn Boyd into a superstar while the new guy could be scoring a fair amount himself. Brown could give us another dimension on the right wing and give Novo and Burke some competition to think about. A left winger to rival Adam or allow him to be substituted would be good too. And I'm sure Smith and Webster will improve a defence which already has an impressive record while Stevie also offers far more in attack than Murray. Gow and Broadfoot will also be good additions to the squad when players are tired, unfit or injured. So I don't think we should get too down about one bad result in a good run of games.
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/rangers/6502909.stm And don't come back!
  3. Goals from Little and 16 year odl Archie Campbell. The real reason I'm posting this though is that that a Smith was named in the starting line up and I wondered if it's Stevie? Anyone know? Report is on the official site.
  4. http://www.gersnetonline.net/newsite/index.php That time is here again. The letters will soon be through the door and RFC are asking for your hard-earned cash – often more than £400 in many cases. Are you automatically reaching for your bank account details? Is it money well spent or could it be considered emotional blackmail? Whatever you think wait a few minutes before getting your wallet out – read on! The end of this season will now see 2 years of no success – not one trophy! The product on offer has been depressing and if it wasn’t for a decent CL run last season and an interesting UEFA Cup run this term, we’d have no positives to talk about. I think it’s fair to say that at the beginning of the season we were all pretty happy. Attracting and installing Paul Le Guen as our new manager must have been no easy task. He was one of the youngest and brightest managers in world football and we all thought David Murray had secured a gem. We were back and nothing would stop us was the cry! How wrong could we have been? Investment into the playing side was minimal because of more pay offs and no CL football. However, even with the money PLG did get it appears to have been wasted on players that have offered little or no improvement on previous personnel. It all soon went downhill and I don’t think we need reminding about how bad it was. As such, in a marked difference from last season, SDM acted quickly and removed PLG immediately. ‘Back to the Future’ was the theme as Walter Smith returned along with Ally McCoist who would surely help dressing room differences. As a short-term solution it seems to have worked to a degree. Decent SPL form and a much-needed away win against Celtic means the feel-good factor is returning slightly. It remains to be seen if it’s the right medium-long term appointment and our quick Euro exit showed Smith et al have a lot of hard work ahead of them. In addition, we still don’t have our problems to seek off the pitch. The UEFA charge of early 2006 has hung over us and we have all been criticised in the media every other day since. At that time, Murray’s statement condemning sectarianism and bigotry was appropriate and the responsibility certainly lies with us all in eradicating the offensive content from our support. It is a challenge but one that we must overcome. The continued witch-hunt by various parties (independent, anonymous or not) shows that the matter won’t be laid to rest so we have to act soonest. I do wonder though at the club’s reluctance to combat the media on these issues. Too often now we seem impotent when it comes to their ever more frequent diatribes. Journalists such as the odious Graham Spiers, Gerry McNee and Hugh Keevins seem able to say what they want without fear of reprisal from the chairman or the club. Others have jumped on this bandwagon while other clubs seem to do what they want with minimal coverage. Why is the press coverage so seemingly one-sided? Criticism of our club and its fans goes with the territory. It’s is often valid and we should neither deflect nor deny the problems we face. However, at the same time we cannot allow our enemies to blacken our name by sensationalising a terrible issue. We cannot afford to give people like the above carte blanche to say what they like about the fans and our club. With new SPL rules on the horizon the danger has never been clearer and we have to be ready for further attacks. David Murray, as our club’s custodian and our ultimate ‘leader’, should answer on our behalf. Yet the only people I see standing up for our fellow fans are voluntary fans’ groups. Surely if someone like Murray or even Martin Bain did what Peter Lawwell of Celtic seems to be doing very successfully, these attacks wouldn’t be so frequent or so over the top? The last 2 years have been awful but there are signs that we can rally. However, unless the club start defending the fans, the Rangers family might not be as happy or together as it should be. David Murray and the board are the head of the family and they must start leading from the front. Once again, I implore the club to act in the good name of Rangers FC. There is a battle going on out there and we desperately need a General. Is David Murray that man? Where has he been lately? As such, I would ask every Rangers fan reading this to not blindly fill out that renewal form. Have a think what you want from your club. Do the arrival of Walter Smith and some more new players satisfy your ambitions? As well as the primary media issue, what about the other problems we have? Dangerous European away trips; hindrance of invaluable singing sections; over-the-top policing and stewarding; a confusing and forever changing Youth system; poor match-day facilities; questionable scouting policies and minimal appreciation of the club’s history. These are all negative issues which should concern every one of us. Are you still ready to sign that form? I know you will. I know I will. After all we are amongst the most loyal fans in the game and supporting a club such as Rangers isn’t always done logically. But, fellow Rangers fan, why not do what I’m going to do: accompany your renewal with a letter or with a simple piece of paper if you prefer. On it use the following words to show that you’re a customer who doesn’t appreciate being victimised in the media and who will not blindly accept second best year after year. This simple message will suffice: David Murray – Show some leadership and defend our club.
  5. Look at him referring to Scotland as "they" and not "us"- what an absolute joker.
  6. Thomas Buffel has revealed his intention to quit Rangers and ply his trade in a stronger league. The 26-year-old is under contract at Ibrox through 2009, but is keen to move on, possibly as early as the summer. Buffel, who was close to joining Hannover in January, will not feature for The Gers again this season after undergoing knee surgery. "I have played more than 80 games for Rangers over the past two years and I have won the league and League Cup," Buffel said in the Daily Record. "But I still have the ambition to play my football in a stronger league. "I had the chance to play in the Bundesliga in January and I could have earned more money there than I do in Scotland. "But I felt that I should not start out with a new club when I am not fully fit. "Had the situation been different I might have moved although there was a real chance that Rangers might not have let me go." Meanwhile, Buffel is disappointed with how things have gone for him since Walter Smith took over from Paul Le Guen. He added: "Sometimes your career depends on details. I rated Paul Le Guen very highly. "But when Walter Smith succeeded him, the train departed straight away."
  7. Much of which i'm inclined to agree with......... "When Boyd didn�t play in certain games under Paul le Guen, there was revolt in the air. When Boyd doesn�t play under Walter Smith - that�s okay" and "Alan Hutton was fucking sensational yesterday. Dado Prso is a god. Barry Ferguson was immense but I have no warmth for Barry now. I actually hope, Michael Corleone-like, Walter is keeping Barry close til the close season, and, just as Carlo eventually has to answer for Santino, Waldo will give the captaincy to someone else and maybe even sell Barry this summer, as people who undermine the club, who go agaianst the family�s chain of command, should never be allowed to get away with it." http://rangers.openfootball.co.uk/index.php/2007/03/18/the-second-coming-comes-second-gers-3-sheep-0/
  8. 1. Rod Marsh & Ian Botham: When Botham took guard in an Ashes match, Marsh welcomed him to the wicket with the immortal words: "So how's your wife & my kids?" 2. Daryll Cullinan & Shane Warne: As Cullinan was on his way to the wicket, Warne told him he had been waiting 2 years for another chance to humiliate him. "Looks like you spent it eating," Cullinan retorted. 3. Glenn McGrath (bowling to portly Zimbabwean chicken farmer Eddo Brandes): "Hey Eddo, why are you so f***ing fat?" Eddo Brandes: "Because every time I f*** your mother, she throws me a biscuit." 4. Robin Smith & Merv Hughes: During 1989 Lords Test, Hughes said to Smith after he played & missed: "You can't f**king bat." Smith to Hughes after he smacked him to the boundary: "Hey Merv, we make a fine pair. I can't f**king bat & you can't f**king bowl." 5. Merv Hughes & Javed Miandad: During 1991 Adelaide Test, Javed called Merv a fat bus conductor. A few balls later Merv dismissed Javed. "Tickets please," Merv called out as he ran past the departing batsman. 6. Merv Hughes & Viv Richards: During a test match in the West Indies, Hughes didn't say a word to Viv, but continued to stare at him after deliveries. "This is my island, my culture. Don't you be staring at me. In my culture we just bowl." Merv didn't reply, but after he dismissed him he announced to the batsman: "In my culture we just say f**k off." 7. Ian Healy & Arjuna Ranatunga: And of course you can't forget Ian Healy's legendary comment which was picked up by the Channel 9 microphones when Arjuna Ranatunga called for a runner on a particularly hot night during a one-dayer in Sydney: "You don't get a runner for being an overweight, unfit, fat c**t!" 8. James Ormond & Mark Waugh Ormand had just come out to bat on an Ashes tour and was greeted by Mark Waugh. Mark Waugh: "F*ck me, look who it is. Mate, what are you doing out here? There's no way you're good enough to play for England." James Ormond: "Maybe not, but at least I'm the best player in my family." 9. Glenn McGrath & Ramnaresh Sarwan McGrath to Sarwan: "So what does Brian Lara's d*ck taste like?" Sarwan: "I don't know. Ask your wife." McGrath (losing it): "If you ever f**king mention my wife again, I'll f***ing rip your f***ing throat out!" 10. Mark Waugh & Adam Parore Waugh standing at second slip, the new player (Parore) comes to the crease playing & missing the first ball. Mark: "Oh, I remember you from a couple years ago in Australia. You were sh*t then, you're fu*king useless now." Parore (turning around): "Yeah, that's me. And when I was there you were going out with that old, ugly slut. And now I hear you've married her, you dumb c*nt!" 11. Ian Healy & Arjuna Ranatunga Yet another Australian witticism with this time porky Sri Lankan batsman Arjuna Ranatunga the victim. Shane Warne, trying to tempt the batsman out of his crease mused what it took to get the plump character to get out of his crease and drive. Wicketkeeper Ian Healy piped up, "Put a Mars Bar on a good length. That should do it." 12. Ravi Shastri vs the Aussie 12th man (don't remember who, and don't want to slander anyone) Shastri hits it to this guy and looks for a single. This guy gets the ball in and says, "If you leave the crease I'll break your f***ing head." Shastri: "If you could bat as well as you can talk you wouldn't be the f***ing 12th man." 13. Malcolm Marshall & David Boon Malcolm Marshall was bowling to David Boon who had played and missed a couple of times. Marshall: "Now, David, are you going to get out now or am I going to have to bowl around the wicket and kill you?" 14. Fred Trueman & Raman Subba Row Fred Trueman bowling. The batsman edges and the ball goes to first slip, and right between Raman Subba Row's legs. Fred doesn't say a word. At the end of the over, Row ambles past Trueman and apologises sheepishly "I should've kept my legs together, Fred." "So should your mother," he replied.
  9. hehehe. were better than them! id rather have smith bla bla bla!!!!! best part of the game was keeping the ball of them at the end. an absolute rout! dont think walter needed to motivate the team after that dickhead aberdeen player ranted in the rags! Ps walter you should have picked the team you had on today on wednesday. youd probably still be in the UEFA cup mate.
  10. Fat Jim seems a bit puzzled as to what he means... Funnily enough I noted his silence last week after the Celtic fans sung their IRA hymns of hate.
  11. Needs to perk his ideas up. That's 4 games now we'sve struggled to create any chances. We got lucky against Hibs, their keeper is shit. The home leg against Osasuna was probably the worst performance under Smith since he came back to manage us. Our goal against the mhanks came from a set piece. Novo had a half chance which again came from a set piece. Tonight, apart from Rae's chance we created absolutely nothing and even at that his chance came from a fuck up by the Osasuna defence. His choice of tactics in big games is killing us. Long balls upto either Novo who will always lose out in the air to the centre backs, Boyd who is pish and can't trap a bag of cement and Sebo who doesn't really know himself what he's going next doesn't work. Why can't WS see this when every supporter up and down the country can?!?! I was against WS coming back to manage us when PLG left because of his piss poor record in europe and it looks like nothing new has changed - same old pish every game. We'll be laughed out of the CL if we make it that far next season. Pissed off and raging Loyal!
  12. Without even playing an all.... the most diddy-like rankings the sports world has ever produced.
  13. What a shambolic performance tonight. Wrong tactics, wrong selection wrong fuckin' everything. Tonight I was proved right, WS is exactly the same manager in europe as he was all those years ago -inept and shite! We were the home team yet played with 1 striker (more about that later). We played long ball tactics, no one supported that 1 striker and when we got the ball on the deck we panicked. I was disgusted with that performance tonight!!! People talk about playing the game with fight and heart. Not Rangers. We try, we fail, we can't do anything right. Absolute shocker tonight. Kris Boyd. Is WS the only brainless fucker out there who seems to think he can do a job for us? Last week Cammy was having a go at him and I agreed with him a wee bit but thought he was exactly what we needed - a goalscorer. Aye well, I can fuck right off cause he is diabolical! He can't run, can't trap the ball, can't head the ball and can't do anything right. What a waste of a space. I could rant on for days but why? No one listens. The players go home at night with their pay cheque. I could beleiev that a few players are out tonight in a nightclub having a laugh and joke with some burds while us the fans are raging with their performance. Absolute fuckin' wankers!!! What was WS thinking playing 1 up front in a home european tie?!?!?! It beggars belief. And Ugo fuckin Ehiogu, don't even get me started. How this guy got a cap for England is beyond me. Get him to fuck!!! There's so much I could write about tonight but I can't be fucked, just like the players. Only difference is I don't get paid ludicrous amounts of money to do fuck all. Get to fuck every single one fo you, you aren't worth the money I pay each season to watch you.
  14. RANGERS are believed to be keeping tabs on Poland striker Grzegorz Rasiak, of Southampton. The 6ft 3in, 28-year-old has bagged 19 goals this season in Saints' push to get back into the Premiership. Gers No.3 Kenny McDowall went to look at Rasiak in Saturday's 1-0 win over Ipswich, but the former Derby County and Spurs man was an unused sub. Rasiak was signed from White Hart Lane last May in a �£2m deal after failing to make an impact in London. advertisement But the 35-times capped Poland frontman, who was a team-mate of Celtic duo Maciej Zurawski and Artur Boruc at the World Cup last year, has shone since his transfer to Southampton. Gers boss Walter Smith is keeping his options open on the striking front with Dado Prso's future still unclear. But he knows he needs to add firepower to a front line that has relied solely on the Kris Boyd's goals this season. I suppose we will be linked with many players in the next few months.
  15. Gribz


    The votes for player of the season for leagues goes in around now (crazy IMO as there is months left) but looking towards our team, who would be in contention for Gers POTY 06/07? Barry Ferguson has been superb of late but still had the odd off day this season. He started poorly and had a wee blip over xmas, but the last few weeks has been MOTM on every occassion. Young Steven Smith may be in with a shout, he was consistent in the first 5 months and shows he has a potential future. Kris Boyd - Has a mass of critics (including myself) due to being the worst footballer at the club (Bar Gavin Rae ) but he knows how to score and once again has bagged in a hat load this season. He has a lot of fans also, but if it was up to me he wouldnt be a contender. Brehaim Hemdani - Has strolled through every match this season and barely put a foot wrong and played in a few postions. Gets my vote to this point Any others??
  16. You're Just Fan-tastic IBROX was rocking last night as Rangers stormed into the last 16 stage of the UEFA Cup with a 5-2 aggregate win over Hapoel Tel-Aviv. The biggest crowd of the night in Europe - 46,213 - gave Walter Smith and his boys sensational backing which was sparked by a brilliant pre-match flag display. The supporters have been getting unwarranted stick in recent weeks but last night they were simply the best. And Chief Executive Martin Bain praised the Ibrox faithful after the club's sensational win. He said: "All of us at Rangers congratulate our supporters for the tremendous atmosphere they created at Ibrox tonight and the backing they gave the team on a big European night for the club. "Too readily our supporters are subject to criticism and tonight showed they can create an atmosphere that would be hard to match at any other stadium in Europe."
  17. Good luck to Andy and hopefully we will see him in action before the season ends
  18. After Walter Smith left the club in 1998 nobody it can be said with hindsight that we went off track. We were the domestic force by a country mile for a long period of time but not able to compete with the big boys of Europe so an alternative route was taken. Domestic success wasnt enough. It started with a bang with Dick Advocaat in charge. We missed out on our 10th title in a row the previous season which sent us in to the UEFA cup in 1998/99. We matched the mighty Parma that season and retained our league title - we were champs again. This continued into the next season and we competed in Europe with 3 teams from the top shelf - once again Parma, PSV and Bayern - the latter being extremely lucky to get anything off us. Only Valencia out classed us this year and we missed out on the next stage which really was a downfall moment. But the title was retained. The next season we all expected more of the same however it couldnt have went worse. Our midfield which was a match for anyone up and down the country and contributed to around 35+ goals a season was totally sold off. Some of them wanted to leave to join bigger clubs (which has back fired) but some wanted to stay. In replacement we were told better players were coming in, however we got an aging midfielder from Hibs (Latapy), a midfielder that didnt kick a ball for us (Nerlinger) and an aging striker from Dundee (Canniggia) - nothing near to what we had just sold off. We were battered in the league by Celtic. We were soaked with debt and had to downsize dramatically. A young scottish manager came in (McLeish) and didnt have an open cheque book like his previous managers. However he still signed a high quantity of players but never seemed to know what to do with them. In the next 5 seasons we won 2 titles which could easy have went the other way. But he still gave us a number of trophies but a mighty glamours side we were not. Teams would come to our fortress and no longer be intimidated, instead they were capable of matching us. We were no longer winning old firm games left right and centre like we were used to - infact we were struggling to win them home or away while being left trailing in the league. We decided to go for a top Euro coach which delighted every Blue Nose and many expected a fix over night. Many were sensible and expected a fix over a period of at least 4-6 months and some expected a fix in a year. But nobody expected us to go backwards. We didnt think the previous season could have been worsened however it. In europe however, we were doing ok and broke into the last 16 of the CL and this season we are no means out of the last 16 of the UEFA. - This was 1 bright spark from our depression run. Something happened back stage in the dressing room that we wont end up finding out but it forced us into another change in manager. We brought back the man who has lead us to so much domestic glory and the master of getting the better of Celtic - CAN HE DO IT AGAIN?? And can he return us to the Summit of Scotland where we should be?? But Walter will certainly patch up a few wrongs that we have like defensive weaknesses and any dressing room splits. But importantly he will have the players playing for the jersey again. Along side him this time is a cult hero in Govan and our record goalscorer - Mr McCoist who knows more than anyone what its like to pull on the blue jersey. I believe he has came in at a good time as the league was gone and domestic cups were gone and he has this few months to find out what he needs in the team. Not much pressure on him except to get us 2nd spot in the league which we are favourites for. So roll on August where we can begin afresh again and this time next year we hope to be back on top.
  19. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17050167/?GT1=9033
  20. THOMAS BUFFEL has been ruled out for the rest of the season. The Belgian will shortly undergo surgery to cure a knee injury and will now play no further part in this campaign. He last played in the 1-0 win at Dunfermline on January 21. His enforced absence is another blow to manager Walter Smith who is currently also without Dado Prso, Steven Smith and Andy Webster through injury. Buffel joined Rangers from Feyenoord in January 2005 and has made a total of 81 appearances, scoring 16 goals. http://www.rangers.premiumtv.co.uk/p...978793,00.html
  21. Seemingly he has to go and see a specialist in England next week about his groin problem, and is out for the meantime, hope he recovers soon as he has been playing well this season.
  22. ALAN HUTTON has been called up by Scotland for tomorrow's B international against Finland and could go straight into the team. Alan HuttonThe young full-back arrived at Scotland's training headquarters today after being drafted by Bobby Williamson and Alex Smith for the tune-up match. Hutton was brought in when Steven Whittaker of Hibs and Christophe Berra of Hearts had to call off. It is now likely that he could go straight into the side in the right back berth with team mates Kevin Thomson and Charlie Adam also in line for a slot at Rugby Park Allan McGregor was due to play in goal, but had to withdraw as a result of a groin injury. The Rangers medical team believe he will recover for Sunday's SPL match against Kilmarnock. Hopefully this will be a confidence booster for him and get him playing as in his debut year.
  23. Scotland u21 lost to a far suprier German team yesterday but what is more dissappointing is that there was not one Rangers player in the team or even on the bench. Where are all these super-talents we are supposed to have. SCOTLAND McNeil (Hibernian) [McDonald {Hearts} 45]; Ross (Dunfermline Athletic), Wallace (Hearts); Fitzpatrick (Motherwell), Cuthbert (Celtic), Reynolds (Motherwell); McGlinchey (Celtic) [smith {Motherwell} 45], Robertson (Dundee United) [Dorrans {Livingston} 45], Naismith (Kilmarnock), Quinn (Celtic) [Adams {Kilmarnock} 68], Conroy (Celtic) [Considine {Aberdeen}81] UNUSED SUBS Kenneth (Dundee United), Cameron (Dundee United)
  24. WALTER Smith could be set to hand Stefan Klos a dramatic return for Rangers at Rugby Park this Sunday. The German keeper, who has made only three SPL starts in two years, may have to replace injured No.1 Allan McGregor. McGregor missed the Scotland gathering at Turnberry to have intensive treatment at Murray Park for a groin injury. It's understood he would have been forced to sit on the sidelines had Rangers still been involved in the Scottish Cup at the weekend, but the extra week has given him hope of recovering in time. advertisement Klos made himself a huge favourite with the Ibrox legions before a string of injuries, and a loss of form, made it impossible for him to win his place back. McGregor has put in some fine displays so far this season and has been rewarded with a Scotland call-up, so he'll want to keep his first team place. It's believed Smith has no problem with bringing Klos back, but will back McGregor if he can convince the Rangers medical department he is fit. Meanwhile, Rangers' Euro rivals Hapoel Tel Aviv have not been slow to replace axed boss Yitzhak Schum. The new boss is Nir Levin, and that could be good news for Smith. Former Dundee United player Jan Telesnikov said: "The change of manager won't do them any good. "They've succeeded in getting rid of a very popular coach who had great success with Panathinaikos, leading them to a Greek league and cup double before coming home. "The Hapoel fans loved Schum and have been standing up for him all season with some dirty tricks politics going on behind the scenes. "Levin is a younger coach who has been out of work for some time. I just don't see how he can have any impact in the short space of time before the Rangers matches." In another surprise, Gers flop Julien Rodriguez, who quit for Marseille during the transfer window, has been called into the France squad as cover for the injured Philippe Mexes for tomorrow's game with Argentina. Publication date 06/02/07 This will make Gribz happy.
  25. Former Celt rejects Gers Thu, Feb 01 2007 18:45 Mark Fotheringham has revealed he snubbed Rangers to join Norwich - because he wanted to play a higher standard of football. The former Celtic star joined on transfer deadline day along with fellow Scot, Simon Lappin, who arrived from Scottish Premier League side St Mirren. Fotheringham had been training with Rangers for a week and looked set to join Walter Smith's men. However, having watched Peter Grant's side take on Wolves at Carrow Road on Tuesday evening, the 24-year-old was quick to change his mind. The former Dundee player said: "I went to watch Rangers against Hearts at the weekend, it was alright but I think the standard is a lot stronger in the Championship as a whole, with the amount of teams and the size of the clubs here so that was obviously a big decision for me but, I am just delighted to be down here, I'm buzzing." Fotheringham looks set to make his debut against Leeds at Carrow Road this weekend and admits he is excited about lining up with his new team-mates for the first time. "I am so impressed with the squad, we have got some good players here and I just can't wait to get started playing with them," he added.
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