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  1. Ticket Centre Open All Weekend To assist with season ticket renewals Rangers Ticket Centre will be open this weekend. To make things easier for supporters the ticket centre will be open today AND Sunday to allow fans to renew their season ticket before the deadline of Friday 16 May. The Ticket Centre will be open today from 10am-2pm and Sunday 10am-2pm. The Ticket Centre is also open this bank holiday Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-5pm, Thursday from 9am-6pm and next Saturday and Sunday 10-2pm. SEASON TICKET PAYMENT OPTION OPTION 1 - In full by bank transfer
  2. The First Annual Gersnet Dinner will be held at Malaga Tapas, 213-215 Saint Andrews Road, Glasgow G41 1PD on 26 April 2014 at 3.00pm for 3.15pm till 7.00pm. NOTE NEW TIMES DUE TO EARLY KICK OFF V STRANRAER http://www.malagatapas.co.uk/ The restaurant is currently ranked in the top 20 in Glasgow on Tripadvisor http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186534-d1087980-Reviews-Malaga_Tapas-Glasgow_Scotland.html MENU FOR THE FIRST ANNUAL GERSNET DINNER (THE BEARS PICNIC) Primer Plato (First Course) Selección del chef de varias tapas, por ejemplo (Chefs Selection of
  3. According to STV the review will be published to LSE today as planned. Please ensure all discussion takes place in this thread where appropriate. Full review for download here: http://t.co/HNRfyvKDAe
  4. To view this email online, click HERE IF YOU HAVE ALREADY CANCELLED YOUR SEASON TICKET OR HAVE ALREADY RENEWED, PLEASE IGNORE THIS COMMUNICATION. Dear Bearger, Rangers FC would like to notify all supporters that from today, Friday 25 April, it has withdrawn the option to use credit or debit card payments for season ticket purchasers. Following today’s Business Review announcement which is available on the Rangers website here, we are contacting all season ticket holders to update them on the options available in order for them to renew their season ticket. Continued negative
  5. RANGERS are behaving as though their 120-day business review will have to be crowbarred out of their directors' hands. The more cynical of this club's supporters would not be surprised if the update was delivered in encrypted text this Friday, such has been the apparent reluctance to let the findings out into the public domain. Friday will be day 128, incidentally, and all that has been promised is "update" rather than any extensive illumination of the Ibrox strategy. This is what football has come to: thousands of fans desperately waiting for breaking news on what they would once have
  6. Chaps, I'm not looking to troll or create tension here, but for the life of me I can't work out why any bear can trust or support the current board. I've seen nothing from the board that can help balance up my own feelings and each passing week sees more shit rolled at supporters. So, in the spirit of good debate, what are the good points of the board which gets them support, albeit a small minority, but support all the same from fellow Bears. What are the positives from board.
  7. This should be interesting, renewals before the 120 days. Rangers will launch their season ticket renewal campaign at Ibrox tomorrow. As reported in the Herald today, prices expected to rise by 18%.
  8. When is the 120th day or has it passed? Not sure if we're counting from Wallace's appointment or the AGM. Also, what's the chances of hearing "the review is over and proposals will be out in 4 week" just to keep us hanging on? It's clear the majority of fans don't trust the board so I'm not sure how they can win hearts and minds without making a magnificent gesture which is tangible to us. Even then it'd be viewed with suspicion but our fans are easily led from the Blue Room. Obviously there's talk of a new share issue but is that realistic when they know King might walk in and scoop u
  9. I'm away on holiday so will miss the game - hope everyone else enjoys it!
  10. Rangers fans want the club to provide a facility by which they can pay extra monies to the club. That is the overwhelming message I am hearing from supporters who want to counter any shortfall from season ticket boycotts next season. Whilst the general perception is that any withholding of season ticket revenue will only actually be carried out by a small hardcore of rebels, loyal supporters are keen to make sure that there is no negative impact on club finances. I already know of bears who intend to buy extra season tickets and many more who might not go that far are still motivat
  11. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/qa-rangers-chief-executive-graham-wallace-on-finances-the-review-and-the-clubs-future.1396009021 Can somebody copy and paste.
  12. http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/a-shameful-state-of-play.html
  13. According to The Sun. They're contracts won't be renewed but Cribari will be offered a role in youth development. Apparently both are on £5.5k a week. Can't say I'm bothered with this news.
  14. Find myself without a lift again, so if anyone leaving from (or passing through) Motherwell tomorrow has a space in their car, could drop me at the broomloan end between 11pm & 11.30pm and is returning back to Motherwell after the game please send me a PM. Taking some petrol money from me will be compulsory!
  15. .....players must prove they belong at Ibrox after dismal display in Cup. BARRY believes Ally McCoist's men are now playing for their futures at Rangers in the wake of the shock draw with Albion Rovers. EMBARRASSING. The word has attached itself to Rangers for one reason or another over the last few days and I must admit I don’t like it one little bit. Like when Ally McCoist said it wasn’t embarrassing to draw at home to Albion Rovers in the Cup, some people had a go at him for it and thought the manager’s reaction was an embarrassment in itself. Not me. Then Ian Black asked th
  16. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/football/mccoist-to-meet-wallace-to-discuss-summer-signings.23632214
  17. alex thomson ‏@alextomo 28m Rangers to go into Administration on Wednesday? At least one senior Glasgow accountant is saying so tonight. https://twitter.com/alextomo
  18. Seems the board have summoned king to a showdown meeting with the board to explain his statements in the media. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/26420403 Hope he tells them to bolt!
  19. Matthew Lindsay NEARLY 5,000 Rangers fans have committed themselves to withholding season ticket money from the stricken Ibrox club in under a week. The Union of Fans, an umbrella group comprising six supporters organisations, wants to pool the cash in a trust until their demands are met. The controversial move follows a call by former Gers director Dave King last week for supporters only to release the funds on a "pay-as-they-play" basis. It is a radical plan that has sharply divided opinion among the Light Blues support and has been condemned by senior officials at the Ibrox club.
  20. Retweeted by Frankie Andy Newport ‏@Andythemod9 5m Brief interview with Dave King to hit @PressAssocSport wires soon https://twitter.com/GersnetOnline
  21. ..............haven't become any clearer with passage of time at Rangers. KEITH re-examines Graham Wallace's short spell as CEO at Ibrox and finds that events and decisions that at first didn’t appear to be very clear in strategy seem even more blurry and confused now. THE never-ending Rangers crisis is a fast-moving thing. Often the picture changes so quickly that it becomes hard to keep up and almost impossible to remember how it looked before. Dave King’s grenades over the last five days, for example, have altered everything beyond recognition once again. Of course, it may a
  22. https://twitter.com/TheSundayLife/status/439897127913656321/photo/1
  23. ALLY McCoist has stressed he needs cash to strengthen his squad this summer if Rangers are to challenge for the SPFL Championship next season. Disgruntled Gers supporters this week threatened to withhold season ticket money in the summer unless a series of demands are met by the board. The Union of Fans - an umbrella group comprising the six main supporters' organisations - was responding to a call from former director Dave King. The South Africa-based businessman urged supporters to pool their season book money in a trust until they had been given guarantees about the club's
  24. Dave King’s latest intervention in Rangers’ affairs is as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. His call for fans to boycott the club in terms of buying season tickets – and his ridiculous idea to drip-feed monies to the club – is a blatant attempt to destabilise Rangers. King’s statement is a smoke and mirrors job for me and the club has had to shoot down in flames a newspaper’s assertion that the South African-based businessman had offered a £1 million loan interest free to Rangers. It could be reasonably argued that if Dave King does intend to invest in Rangers, his latest pronounce
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