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  1. Since I'm not getting to sit outside in a wet and windy corner of the central belt I thought I'd post about a recent pet hate. Earlier today this article popped up on twitter as it is somehow linked to good football writing. Anybody who has spent any period of time reading football articles in the guardian will know it can be a mixed bag. Have a read of Barney Ronay as he tells us what he thinks about Philip Lahm, the sweeper and other things. Just in case you would like to verify the existence of the article. I've highlighted the parts which I would describe as unbearable piff
  2. AS a listed company, the members of the Rangers Board have to be very careful and professional in the way in which we communicate information. This is clearly not the case for the requisitioners, who can make all sorts of wild and spurious allegations. My concern is that these unprofessional, wild allegations are being used just like bogey men were used when I was a child. But in this case, they are being used to frighten our supporters and shareholders. So, within the bounds of what I can say, I would like to put some of these bogey men to rest. Firstly, I read wild accusations that I m
  3. http://neillennon.com/product/nl-gbnl-t-shirt-print/ Wonder what the GB stands for , Great Britain ? . I`m surprised there`s not one with a big "H" on the front . Unbelievable .
  4. Ajax 1 Scum 0 SCHONE (51) Barca beat Milan 3-1 Table: Barca 4 3 1 0 9 2 10 Milan 4 1 2 1 5 5 5 Ajax 4 1 1 2 3 7 4 Celtic 4 1 0 3 2 5 3
  5. http://www.therst.co.uk/buyrangers/ The Possible Dream: Fan Ownership http://www.therangersstandard.co.uk/index.php/articles/fan-culture/293-the-possible-dream-fan-ownership
  6. Another weekend with no game...sigh. Here's your Sunday morning 'long piece' a day or so early. Today's musical accompaniment is Hannah Georgas with 'Enemies'. Takes a while to get going but grows on you, kind of like a modern Suzanne Vega. Living with other people isn't always easy. Look at cities - the number of urban dwellers who look for ways to escape tells its own story: living with other people creates tension. So it's no wonder that many of the 20th century's finest thinkers on cities and how to live in them from countries which suffered the most devastation to their
  7. I think the best thing about this long piece is the trailer, but anyway, here's your Sunday morning... When we got kicked out the SPL, one thing I thought would be good was that when international breaks came around, we at least would have a game to look forward to. The idea that we could have internationalists playing for us down amongst the dead men never occurred to me, and while these dreary weeks without even a competitive international game to watch are dull, they do at least give you a chance to look a the bigger picture. As usual, it's a dispiriting one, with the main news of
  8. League One business makes a quick fire return to Ibrox on Saturday. After a hard fought win over Dunfermline in midweek, can The Rangers make it twelve league wins on the bounce on Saturday (15 in all competitions) against Gary Bollan's beleaguered Airdrieonians at Ibrox? Let’s look at how we might shape up. Eleven League games. Eleven Wins. Eleven Jon Daly goals. Two of those coming in the Scottish Cup fixture against Airdrie at Ibrox on Friday 1st November as Rangers swept Airdrie aside after a fairly poor first half. The big Dubliner is in lethal form and who would bet against him ext
  9. Your Sunday morning thoughts on the man who needs a grievance like normal people need air. The SPFL are coming under fire from the permanently disaffected manager of celtc, Neil Lennon this weekend. The monotonous drone of the Ulsterman complaining is as much part of the landscape in Scots football as long balls, a lying media and lunatic supporters, but this time some may feel he has a point: sending his team north to Dingwall immediately after a Champions League match, in which he and his footballing troubadours carry the hopes and good wishes of all Scottish fitba fans, seems scant rewa
  10. Only just realised Roma drew last weekend and so Rangers are the only team in Europe with a 100% league record. A little while back Barca and Atletico Madrid boasted the same record until a draw and a defeat respectively. Sky sports had a wee graphic up showing the 4 clubs records a number of weeks ago but now it is just us. Granted it doesn't really mean shit but just nice to see that we are the only team maintaining that run. Not comparing the achievements in any way.
  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24737531 Not to mention this is actually completely wrong (it was 2011), this article is yet another example of BBC Scotland blowing a raspberry to their Trust and editorial guidelines.
  12. I have just read that our former player has motor neurone disease
  13. The last time I wrote a match preview I talked of the need to install a football philosophy. At that time i talked of playing like Barcelona, off playing a high defensive line and pressing the ball high up the park. I was therefore delighted when we played Stenhousemuir at Ibrox recently to see us playing a high line, indeed on several occasions Moshni could be seen urging the defense forward to the half way line. We reaped the rewards of this and ran out 8 - 0 winners with stenny never really making it out of their own half for long spells. So imagine my surprise when on Saturday i tuned
  14. Did I hear this correctly today? If so, could Rhegan tell us what the SFA did to prevent Craig Whyte getting ownership of Rangers two and a half years ago? Despite warnings about Whyte's background from the likes of AJ and Jeff Randall the SFA sat back and allowed Whyte to get his hands on Rangers and we all know how that ended up. Did Whyte make any such prior application to the SFA ? If so can we see it? Or did Liewell & his PGB call the shots & allow Whyte ownership knowing what was likely to happen as that would benefit Liewell's club ? So what's changed regards Dave King
  15. Guest

    Football Manager 14

    Evening guys, just wanting to know if there is a FM following in here, to see if it would be worth while running an FM thread for career progress and what not ?
  16. By the always readable Richard Wilson: http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/football/new-board-must-take-their-seats-first-before-rangers-can-be-comfortable.22446513
  17. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/5288-chief-executive-steps-down CRAIG MATHER has today left his position as Chief Executive of Rangers International Football Club Plc by mutual consent. Mr Mather has agreed to stand down in an attempt to help calm speculation over the governance and executive management of Rangers. Mr Mather said: “The interests of the Club are of paramount importance and I believe these are best served by me leaving the Club. “Despite recent events and speculation, the facts of the matter are that the Club is financially secure and in a far
  18. From Sons of Struth Facebook page. OPEN LETTER TO THE ONLINE KEYBOARD WARRIORS AND KNOW IT ALLS This page started 7-8 weeks ago by 2 friends who knew things were not right within the confines of the Ibrox boardroom and like many we were riddled with guilt when OUR club went in to administration and eventual liquidation as we felt the Rangers support as a whole and us as individuals had sat back and let it happen before our eyes. We made a promise that we would not sit back and let anyone ruin our club again In a short space of time we have attracted numerous fellow bears and other
  19. "I can confirm our talks with Mr King were extremely positive and Mr King made it clear he wishes to join the current Board to help us ensure Rangers are ready and fully equipped to move up to the next levels. "We would be delighted to have Mr King, with his knowledge of the Club and business acumen on board and as can be seen from his own statement he is happy to join us right now in the quest to take Rangers back to the very top. "I am well aware this will not sit comfortably with those who have sought to derail our progress and who have fed out lies and misinformation about the Club and i
  20. ........................unified Ibrox support won't stop protesting until board are overthrown ROBERTON, spokesman for the Rangers Supporters' Association, believes fans are united in their stance for the first time in decades and warns the club's hierarchy their mood is not about to change. RANGERS fans’ chief Drew Roberton insists the Ibrox support is as unified as it’s ever been – and won’t stop protesting until the current board are overthrown. Walter Smith admitted this week he’s never seen protests like the ones he witnessed at Somerset Park on Sunday when Gers fans made the
  21. Any one here got some new goals or targets for 2013 in terms of their health and fitness or sport? Anyone got a new year's resolution to begin exercise or a health and fitness goal? Those of you who keep fit anyone, what do you want to achieve this year?
  22. The prospect of a competitive Scottish Professional Football League fixture being played abroad has taken a step nearer after confirmation yesterday that international sports rights agency MP & Silva have been appointed as the SPFL’s International Development Partner for season 2013-14. It is understood that discussions have already taken place at SPFL boardroom level about a game overseas with MP & Silva having also been appointed as the SPFL’s broadcast partner for nine years, from next season. The terms of this season’s agreement with the SPFL means that MP & Silva will
  23. Appears to be our problem area, no? :rf::jig: :ap::ib::lm: :al::jd: That appears to be approximately our first XI at the moment. Goalie is solid. Left back is one of our star men. The CBs may be up for debate but they're comfortable enough for this season and we have decent enough options. Law with Black in midfield are again decent enough even if Blacks absence has disrupted things. I wouldn't play McLeod as a LM but understand the manager wants to find space for him in the team. Little will score goals and deserves to start with Daly who brings a physical presence a
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