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  1. .........and steer club into fan control 1 Feb 2014 07:56 PAUL GOODWIN believes the Light Blues legions could own the Ibrox club within 18 months following successful attempts by Hearts and Motherwell. SUPPORTERS DIRECT chief Paul Goodwin believes Rangers fans can assume control of their troubled club within 18 months. Goodwin, the head of SD in Scotland, has long championed the importance of community ownership within our national game. And he is convinced the Ibrox faithful can overthrow the current regime – providing they mobilise themselves into one powerful movem
  2. Just awesome at the moment! Nobody will stop them winning the league now they are in front. They have Chelsea up next and if they win that its over. Arsenal dropping points at Southampton shows they don't have the strength City or Chelsea do. Pundits and managers in England saying they are the best in the world, but that's off the mark. They are they best in England only. If they stuff Barca in the CL then we'll debate how good they are on a world level. But Pellegrini has basically taken Mancini's team and improved them.
  3. The SPFL are closing in on a new title sponsor — thanks to a little help from Alex Salmond. That is the good news that has been handed out to clubs by the League’s Chief Executive, Neil Doncaster. In addition, he has reassured them there is no sign that the collapse of TV audience figures since Rangers exited the top flight in 2012 will lead to any loss of revenue. Scotland’s new senior set-up was formed last June, but and has yet to attract a backer to take the place of its long-running supporter, the Clydesdale Bank. But Doncaster has revealed talks are ongoing with “significant
  4. blueflag


    Looks like Arsenal are the latest club to ditch nike for Puma.. And here was some of you telling us how crap Puma are. Get over it
  5. Motherwell FC lost £180,498 in the financial year that saw a second place finish in the SPL and a debut in the Champions League. The details have been made available to shareholders ahead of the club's 108th AGM next month. The directors' report points to three factors as the main contributors to the loss. There was an agreement to alter the distribution of the SPL's commercial pot that included a substantial reduction in the prize money allocated to the runner up position but the club's bonus deal with the football staff is not mirror that change. The early cup exits proved to be
  6. Down to 30.4p, is there only one way for the shares to go with the present board ? Does the share price really matter?
  7. I posted this on RM, I'd be interested in any thoughts about it on here too:- There has been a lot of debate about the job Ally is doing, most of it understandably (this being a discussion forum) based on subjective opinions about the 'type' of football we are playing. Most of these debates seem to be argued by using extreme absolutes with helpful terms like 'shite', 'clueless', 'going nowhere', 'useless', etc, etc. Using subjective terms like those certainly makes for fiery and occasionally interesting discussion but I feel that the three major points that get lost in all this is the fa
  8. Excellent article by D'Artagnan - Scapegoats & Scaremongering (Walter Smith) It is particularly difficult writing an article which disagrees with one of your all time heroes but difficult times call for difficult decisions. Whilst Walter's synopsis is a popular ideology it lacks in financial reality. We may well still be Rangers but we are a Rangers operating with with vastly reduced revenue streams in terms of income from season ticket sales, sponsorship and commercial hospitality as a consequence of the league we have been forced to operate in. It's easy to say this is
  9. ....yet they'll prepare for Forfar match at four star Hotel. KEITH hits out at Rangers' lavish pre-match routine ahead of tonight's League 1 clash with Forfar claiming they are living a champagne lifestyle on an Irn-Bru budget. HERE’S a thing. You know those Rangers players involved in conceptual discussions about theoretical wage cuts last week? And who metaphorically booted the hypothetical idea into touch? Well, here’s today’s reality. Did you know they’re all being bussed to the Four-Star Carnoustie Hotel this morning? Where they’ll enjoy some fine dining for lunch, p
  10. ​ JAMES and Sandy Easdale are poised to plough around £20million into cash-strapped Rangers. By: Graham Clark Published: Fri, January 17, 2014 0 Comments James and Sandy Easdale are set to give Rangers a well-needed cash boost [WILLIE VASS] The Greenock businessmen, already significantly involved in the Ibrox club as shareholders and directors, are edging closer to selling their bus firm and are considering investing massively in the stricken League One leaders. The brothers are already understood to have knocked back approaches for McGill’s Buses amid
  11. Rangers: Manager Ally McCoist instructed to cut wage bill By Alasdair Lamont Senior football reporter, BBC Scotland Rangers manager Ally McCoist has been told he will have to make cuts to his playing budget. McCoist has been in discussions with Graham Wallace recently as the chief executive undertakes a comprehensive review of the Ibrox finances. Wallace told shareholders at the annual general meeting in December savings would need to be made. And the players' wage bill at the League One side currently stands between £6m and £7m per annum. A spokesman for the Rangers board told BB
  12. I think some people have completely lost all perspective. We've played some lovely stuff at times this season scoring barrow loads of goals in the process, we've also struggled in games yet still won the vast majority of them. I don't think anyone is happy with the latter, other than the results, but recognise that he's in a no-win situation until we're back at the top. We've all been puzzled by some of the selections and tactical decisions. But equally, the football is better than last season and some of the changes made etc.. have made a difference. McCoist has shown little so fa
  13. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/rangers-bring-new-financial-guru-3009812 FORMER Liverpool and Arsenal financial chief Philip Nash is recruited as a consultant to help streamline the club’s massive outgoings and slash budget. RANGERS have stepped up plans to wipe millions from their budget – by employing a new financial guru to help oversee cuts. Record Sport can reveal former Liverpool and Arsenal financial chief Philip Nash has been recruited by the Ibrox board in a “consultancy” role to help oversee streamlining of the club’s enormous spending. Ye
  14. Neil Doncaster has defended the implementation of the SPFL model, describing 2013 as a "challenging year" for the Scottish game. The SPFL chief executive covered many topics in an exclusive interview with STV, including the continued lack of a league sponsor, measures taken to prevent rogue owners from buying clubs and even Celtic's dominance of the top flight. Speaking to STV he said: "It’s certainly been a challenging year with all the hard work that went into getting the merger agreed. "That was years of hard work coming together in what was a very successful outcome. "It’s
  15. http://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/sport/morton/articles/2013/12/27/483498-exclusive-morton-make-double-signing-/ EXCLUSIVE Morton make double signing MORTON yesterday completed the signings of a Rangers starlet and a former Ibrox defender, the Tele understands.
  16. Being reported on Twitter(I know) that Keevins stated this on RC tonight. Anyone confirm? If true what will he be saying, back board, buy ST, give us your money?
  17. A couple of nights ago i was sitting with a friend and commented that season ticket prices had been frozen for two years and next year season ticket prices would inevitably go up in price, When i purchased my season tickets last year i paid £358 per ticket for my seats in the Govan front and i purchased two tickets costing me £716, Now here is where my idea comes in and before i get kicked from pillar to post i know that what i am suggesting will be a lot to ask of most fans but i am leaving my idea open to suggestions. I read somewhere that to gain a majority shareholding of Rangers thus
  18. A RANGERS fans' group being investigated by police is sponsoring an Ibrox first team player, the Evening Times can reveal. Wednesday 11/12/2013 1 Comment Share Print Police are probing comments and images posted on the website of the Vanguard Bears. It has since emerged that the group is kit sponsor of Rangers starlet Robbie Crawford. The website contains photos of prominent Celtic fans, some dead, with crosses superimposed on to the images. A Rangers spokesman said: "The club is investigating." The photos include one of the late Paul McBride QC and another of lawyer Pa
  19. He and ex-board member Paul Murray – who is also a member of the group that is trying to win control at Ibrox – met with representatives of 60 Rangers supporters clubs in Belfast last night. And he didn't sugar coat the message that an institution that had designs on being kings of Europe less than 20 years ago remains on the precipice – 18 months after it entered administration. The future can be bright, however, with ambitions to play in a European Super League down the line – but only if the club is on a secure footing. "I personally think that the club is in danger if we don't get a
  20. The 4 new board candidates will publish their's today.
  21. Rangers' biggest shareholders will back the current board at next month's annual general meeting. Laxey Partners Limited increased their shareholding to 11.64% on Wednesday. Colin Kingsnorth, founder and director of the hedge fund, said: "I want to support stability so I think that means supporting all current directors. "Shareholder worries are the use of cash, transparency and corporate governance. The recent appointments seem to address that." Laxey's stance could prove crucial as the current board attempt to retain control, with another group of shareholders, including
  22. Guest

    The Fans Opinions

    Hello, I was hoping for a few fans opinions on the following: I am currently entering my third year at university and am about to begin my dissertation. For this I have chosen the subject of fan ship. Specifically I am looking at the relationship between Rangers and Celtic fans. The main focus of the study will be how this relationship has changed since Rangers changed operating companies. Issues I will be examining include: Is the relationship as intense considering the two teams are no longer challenging for the same titles? Is this change a benefit for Scottish football and Sco
  23. I suppose this is blogger’s equivalent of the Samurai tradition of Seppuku – their unique suicide rite. At journalism college one of my course tutor’s used to invariably preach about the successful narrator knowing, and writing to the very heart and soul of their audience. This article will do quite the opposite and some may find the content uncomfortable, however I feel it asks a question which needs to be asked. The boardroom battle for control of our club has seen a thorough examination of the character and integrity (or alleged lack thereof) of the various candidates vying for control.
  24. http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/h...ibrox.22647991 FORMER Rangers chairman Malcolm Murray has called on new Ibrox chief David Somers to ensure democracy at next month's crunch annual general meeting. The chartered accountant and investment manager was appointed acting chairman of Rangers International Football Club plc last week and will oversee what is likely to be a stormy shareholder summit on December 19. Mr Murray, former Blue Knights leader Paul Murray and businessmen Alex Wilson and Scott Murdoch are bidding to win seats on the Ibrox board. They have the backing of fa
  25. Its probably the perfect title for a saga where truth and fable are as difficult to separate as any Arthurian Legend. In one of Camelot's famous towers we have blogger Bill McMurdo, apparently revelling in his recently acquired nickname of Merlin. In another we have the requistioners of Jim McColl, Malcolm Murray and a remnant of the Blue Knights in the shape of Paul Murray. The latest attempt to pull the sword from the stone came from the wand of Bill, who conjured up an interesting spell in his blog. It read : For those of us sitting at the round table, trying, often forlornly, to
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