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  1. ALLY McCOIST has no issue with the SFA hosting the Scottish Cup final at Parkhead – but admits he’s ‘baffled’ by the choice of Easter Road as the Ramsdens Cup final venue. It was announced yesterday the last game in the country’s main knockout competition will be staged at Celtic’s home ground next may, with the semi-finals taking place at Ibrox. And while he feels it might have been worth waiting a little longer before making that call, the Rangers manager is content enough with that decision. He’s less settled with where the Challenge Cup decider will take place given demand for ticket
  2. Prepared for the onslaught but I don't find the 'Orange Bastards' chant remotely offensive. My great grandfather was high up in an Orange Lodge and I come from very staunch Ulster and Scottish blood. To me we should just allow fans to sing whatever the fuck they want. The atmosphere in UK games is terrible enough without sanitising it further. You look at the crazy atmospheres that get generated in Italy, Argentina, Turkey, Germany, Holland etc and you just get depressed... I say let fans sing whatever the fuck they want as long as it is not entirely inappropriate like 71 chants or pr
  3. Wednesday, 09 October 2013 13:00 Gers Agree M&H Partnership Written by Rangers Football Club RANGERS Football Club has today announced a new Platinum Sponsorship deal with M&H Logistics. The three-year agreement will see the Scottish firm fulfil all of the Club’s logistics requirements. Rangers Chief Executive Craig Mather said: ““We are delighted to announce M&H Logistics as a new Platinum Sponsor of the Club and we look forward to working in partnership with them over the next three years." M&H Logistics Managing Director Tom Wotherspoon added: “M&am
  4. If you were constructing a gallery of guilty men at Rangers then you’d want to make sure your walls are supported by reinforced steel, such is the weight of numbers you’d be hanging up there. Walter Smith has pretty much stood alone as the good guy in all of this. ‘In Walter We Trust’ as some Rangers supporters might put it. It’s hard not to respect and like the former Ibrox manager given all that he has done in the game, but it’s possible to hold him in high esteem while at the same time pointing out the fallacy that he is blameless in the spectacular mess that his club has become. In
  5. Neil Doncaster has stressed that he remains comfortable with the situation where the Scottish Professional Football League is still to find a title sponsor as the season enters its first break for international matches. The new league set-up has been in operation for more than a month, and the reconstruction was formally completed at the end of June. The fact that the SPFL continues with no title sponsor has provoked concern in some circles. Doncaster again insisted that it is not a significant problem. He also played down yesterday the extent to which finance from a title sponsor impa
  6. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/5195-rangers-announce-annual-results
  7. (I posted this thread on RM. I would like to have spent more time on this post but work commitments don't permit. I hope this can be the basis for further investigation, particularly amongst the accountants and solicitors on the forum, on a matter that does appear to have been missed by everyone from McMurdo to McCollco and everyone in between. Feel free to correct the post as necessary given my lack of time to follow through some points, but I believe it is basically correct and explains several unresolved issues from the Accounts. For the avoidance of doubt, no illegality is implied.)
  8. In the teeth of fierce fan dissent - and a continued campaign to dislodge existing Rangers directors by a group of investors including the former chairman, Malcolm Murray - the Ibrox chief executive, Craig Mather, mounted a forceful defence of the accounts issued on Tuesday which posted an operating loss of £14 million for the 13 months to June this year. The results were in vivid contrast to those of Celtic, revealed last month, which showed a pre-tax profit of £9.74 million on a group turnover of £75.82 million. Rangers’ turnover to June was £19.1 million, most of which was derived
  9. Apparently the Dunfermline match at Ibrox on Saturday October 12 with a 5.30pm k.o. will not be moved to accommodate the Ramsdens Cup Semi-final tie whoever we get. Good.
  10. "Borrowed" from FF, hope that's ok. I print below extracts of a couple of emails a chartered accountant pal of mine sent me. He had a look at the December management accounts that were published online, took note of the figures released through the Sun newspaper, took on board comments made at the fans meeting with the directors on 8th August, and the projections made in the Prospectus which accompanied the IPO. You can download his analysis as a spreadsheet using this link - https://www.hightail.com/download/OG...Z1ArV3hwdmNUQw Key issues are: Rangers Retail performanc
  11. No-one likes a thorough examination. It could be a test for English, it could be a check-up at the dentist. God forbid, it could even be the prostate exam from an overweight medico with fingers like fairtrade bananas. This week saw the appointment of that bogeyman figure for many Rangers fans, Peter Lawwell, to the Professional Game Board of the SFA. Leaving aside the hilarious irony of anything connected with the game in our country having the sheer balls to call itself 'professional' - the name of the new league was, for me, the highlight of the summer, an act of self-mockery and critici
  12. MOST football fans in Scotland do not support Celtic. The majority are not Rangers fans either. MORI and Gallup do not exactly do polls on this sort of stuff so there is no way to be scientific about it, but maybe each of them has about 35-40% of the people who follow a team and the rest are shared around all the other clubs. What those of all allegiances are coming to terms with - whether they rejoice in the fact or resent it - is that Celtic have turned the Scottish game into a one-party state. For most of its history the league title has been an endless tennis rally between Celtic a
  13. Right hear me out.... I know the title seems a little out there and yes many will disagree however having spent the weekend reading about Celtics European "adventure" and the money that will be coming into the club. It is becoming evident that we as a club need a man who is willing to invest his own money to allow us to compete financially once we get back to the top flight. Dave King has been quoted numerous times saying he is willing to invest in the club without looking for a financial gain. Will we see him make him move over the next few weeks?
  14. SPFL chief Neil Doncaster insists “uncertainty” remains the key reason that the Scottish leagues remain without a sponsor. With Clydesdale Bank’s deal to name the SPL running out at the end of last season, the newly formed four tier SPFL is still searching for a title sponsor, almost a month into the season. Speaking at the draw for the third round of the League Cup, Doncaster said that “lengthy conversations” were still taking place with potential backers but added that the uncertainty of the summer was still having an effect. He said: “Work is ongoing to bring in a title sponsor
  15. I'm sitting in Oslo Airport and who do I see,yip the famous Claudio Reyna! , never had time to chat as such but I did shake his hand and tell him I'm a massive Rangers fan, all his reply was AWSOME!
  16. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish_fa_news.cfm?page=2565&newsCategoryID=1&newsID=12361 As if we haven't got enough going on.
  17. IF YOU wanted to delve into the world of footballers placing bets on matches then you had better set aside a year of your life in an attempt to document it. Even then, a year would probably only get you a bit of the way through the alphabet, maybe as far as H for Hartson. Big John never made any secret of his fondness for a bet when he was a professional footballer, nor ever attempted to hide the fact that he was dealing in pretty big sums of money. It’s all there in his autobiography. Chapter and verse. Hartson was lucky in that, although he gambled outrageous sums, he never seems to
  18. Here's an interesting article about Uefa's financial fair play regulations by Stefan Szymanski http://www.soccernomics-agency.com/?p=527 He thinks that it will lead to a closed system like the N.F.L. where big clubs are protected from competition and owners can actually make a profit. I've been aware of, and opposed to, these regulations for a while but the following quote surprised me: Interested to read what the rest of you think of it all.
  19. On Saturday, not long after the Stranraer match, the club published a statement entitled, “For the Avoidance of Doubt”. The article was written under the tag, ‘Rangers Football Club’, although almost everyone acknowledges that it was probably penned by the club’s Director of Communications, James Traynor. Although the statement was generally well received by Rangers fans, it was more noticeable for what it didn’t say, rather than what it actually did say. Whilst the statement is welcome, it is long overdue, and I doubt if it will have any substantive or meaningful impact on the serial
  20. Like every other football kit manufacturer PUMA are releasing their 2013-14 kits daily. Most kits released by PUMA have been met with disdain. This is to-days release. DUNDEE FC:
  21. The deadpan Welsh comedian, Milton Jones â?? you can see him regularly on Mock the Week and Have I Got News for You? â?? has a joke which goes: â??When I got back from work the other day my wife was already home. â??I called out, â??Hi, Hon!â?? â??It wasnâ??t a term of endearment â?? itâ??s just that my wifeâ??s German.â? OK, OK â?? itâ??s a joke that depends on how you hear it, not how you read it. And if Milton wants to press charges for murdering a gag, your correspondent is done bang to rights. Hereâ??s the point, though. If he had used that routine in a Scottish nightclub
  22. Changing Stadium names due to sponsorship is all over the news at the moment due to Newcastle renaming St James Park to the Sports Direct Stadium. What are folks thoughts on this happening with Ibrox??? Obviously this could prove to be VERY financially beneficial to the club if the correct sponsorship could be found.
  23. Fellow bears, I first posted this on the follow follow forum and it has been greatly received by the fans over there. So well in fact, it's members have raised over a £1000. Following a chat with Frankie, GersNet are keen to get involved and happy to support this venture by giving me the opportunity to approach you, the fans, for sponsorship. Some of you may be aware of the recent Gazza commission I painted for Rangers. As a result of the painting I have been asked to paint murals on the walls inside the concourses of the Copland, Broomloan and Govan stands at Ibrox. The club h
  24. Ibrox club face UEFA ban if HMRC liability forces them to start again as new company, finds Andrew Smith RANGERS face the prospect of three years without European football if forced to start a new company because of the HMRC tax case. The licence required to contest UEFA competitions can only be obtained by clubs that have been members of their national association for three years. If Rangers enter administration then fail to strike a deal with their creditors, the prospect of starting up again as a new company becomes a realistic possibility, but one UEFA is alert to. â??If a club
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