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  1. Gribz

    Hullo Hullo

    Can someone please explain to me why we don't sing this greatest anthem anymore The "authorities" (define them) have said we cant so we follow like sheep. It is legally proofable (is that a word) that this isn't a bigoted or sectarism song....so say lets start a campagn to bring back our anthem. If it means missing a word then so be it....but they cant ban 1 and not for another Hullo Hullo
  2. It is widely known that Dave King has settled his issues with the SA tax people. There are also many, many reports that he plead guilty to approx 41 charges which resulted in a massive fine. My question is.....did these charges result in a criminal prosecution & resulting in a criminal record, or was it simply King effectively agreeing to paying the outstanding monies on 41 separate counts with the remaining charges/claims being dropped???? King has been referred to in many reports as a criminal....how accurate is this description???
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2559261/Johnston-spells-Rangers-investment-plans-bid-make-Ibrox-return.html Former Rangers chairman Alastair Johnston has urged Dave King to secure fan backing for an Ibrox return by revealing his investment plans in detail. Johnston served on the board alongside King during the latter part of Sir David Murray's tenure and has no doubt the South African-based businessman would be good for Rangers. He feels, however, that King could bring vital public pressure to bear if he states precisely what he is willing to do to help the cas
  4. DAVID Robertson witnessed Ally McCoist overcome adversity on more than one occasion in his playing days to become a Rangers legend. And he has backed his old team-mate to tough out the trials and tribulations of being manager at the Ibrox club and make a success of the latest chapter of his career. Robertson, who is now a coach at USL Pro League club Phoenix in the United States, still takes a keen interest in the fortunes of the Glasgow giants. The former left-back has been impressed with how McCoist has fared since succeeding Walter Smith as boss nearly three years ago.
  5. Neil Lennon was spat at, had coins thrown at him and was the subject of verbal abuse at Tynecastle, according to the Celtic manager's agent. Lennon was watching Aberdeen's League Cup semi-final victory over St Johnstone and had to leave the game early, Martin Reilly told BBC Scotland. He said: "I'm absolutely raging about the treatment of Neil, about the stewarding and the fans' behaviour. "It's scandalous that Neil is treated like this." Reilly said that Lennon and Celtic coach Gary Parker had to leave their seats in the main stand after 70 minutes of the game. During the match, which Ab
  6. .....they're not even in my top five THE former Wigan boss reckons Rangers lack of strength in comparison with other teams makes them an unlikely candidate to win the Scottish Cup in May. OWEN COYLE reckons Rangers shouldn’t even be among the top FIVE teams fancied to lift the Scottish Cup in May. Ally McCoist’s side are joint second with Dundee United in the betting to win the cup with tournament sponsors William Hill. Rangers have the second biggest budget in the country but Coyle insists that doesn’t automatically mean the League One side are likely to win major silver
  7. It's the Sun so hopefully as untrue as many of their stories, but, it does chime with Keith Jackson's recent statement that we'd have no money in weeks, not months and if you remember the original estimate of "last million by April" and deduct unseen pay offs since that prediction then this is scary enough, despite the source. The emboldening at the end is by me, not the paper, to perhaps give a more hopeful reading experience for you - though again it is a dodgy source. "RANGERS are at the centre of a financial cover-up investigation over claims the club will be broke within two weeks.
  8. ......as cash boost could help save the club HUGH wants Tynecastle side to see off Inverness in semi-final as Jambos are not chasing silverware but a crucial payday that may secure their very survival. I DON'T expect big John Hughes to take this well but I wouldn’t mind seeing Hearts beat Inverness Caley Thistle today to reach the League Cup Final. Mind you, I don’t expect big Yogi to give a monkey’s what this old hack, or any other journalist, thinks about any subject you care to mention. The manager has a carefully cultivated disregard for the press. So he can hardly o
  9. By Chris Graham Let me state from the outset that it is the right, and to some extent the duty, of fans to question the team and the manager. Rangers fans pay good money to support the team and like fans of any other team they have every right to debate team selection, tactics, signings and everything else that effects the team they love. So in some ways the recent debate around Ally McCoist and the focus on the performance of the team is a welcome relief from the constant boardroom shenanigans we've had to put up with over the past two years. Having said that, the debate over the boar
  10. I spotted this and thought it was a bit odd to say the least. THE RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB LIMITED on the companycheck website here - http://companycheck.co.uk/company/SC425159 (scroll down to the Event History list) ... it states that the most recent event is: "22/01/2014 - New Board Member Mr A. Easdale appointed" Why would a Mr A. Easdale have been appointed on Wednesday when a Mr A. Easdale had already been appointed back in September?
  11. Down to 30.4p, is there only one way for the shares to go with the present board ? Does the share price really matter?
  12. Just in case anybody is using the next fixture on our Forum home page which states the next game is against East Fife on the 11th of January we do of course have a game on Sunday. Sun 05 Stenhousemuir 15:00 SPFL League 1
  13. Not going myself so am hoping a few lads I trust to tweet accurately will keep us informed through the meeting. The Rangers board have already arrived ahead of the 10.30am start.
  14. Should any of the requisitioner's getting votted onto the board on Thursday, At what time on Friday do we expect an announcement as to who is behind Blue Pitch & Margarita??? Personally, I ain't holding my breath. The identities of these 2 groups will only be published they the groups themselves consent to it. If the board were to release the full names of those involved without consent, that could have SERIOUS consequences with future investors & trust issues.
  15. Hello Rangers fans! I am a student and Indiana University in the States and am looking for two or three of you to answer some questions for an upcoming ethnographic research project I have. The project examines the sectarianism surrounding the Old Firm and how it influences football culture in Scotland. It would be wonderful if any of you had some time this weekend to answer a few questions anonymously! It's all very informal so it can be done over email or Gersnet or whatever! I just need 2 or 3 more informants representing Rangers FC so if you're interested send me a PM or email me at i
  16. Rangers investor to crack Blue Pitch and Margarita mystery Greig Cameron Deputy Business Editor Friday 13 December 2013 A RANGERS shareholder with decades of experience in fund management has begun high-powered moves to reveal the identities of the people behind the secretive Blue Pitch Holdings and Margarita Funds. The investment professional, who asked not to be named, is a long-standing season ticket holder at Ibrox, said he has consulted a "mainstream" law firm in London to investigate the options available. He intends to take the matter further down the legal route if the b
  17. AS a listed company, the members of the Rangers Board have to be very careful and professional in the way in which we communicate information. This is clearly not the case for the requisitioners, who can make all sorts of wild and spurious allegations. My concern is that these unprofessional, wild allegations are being used just like bogey men were used when I was a child. But in this case, they are being used to frighten our supporters and shareholders. So, within the bounds of what I can say, I would like to put some of these bogey men to rest. Firstly, I read wild accusations that I m
  18. I will be attending the agm. Its states on RST proxy guidelines that "you cannot attend the meeting if you have proxied your shares to them(RST)". On the attendance card note 7 it states "Completion and return of this proxy will not prevent you attending and voting at the agm if you wish" Does this mean that to attend I must fill in proxy form and send to Capita? Have the RST got it wrong? If the Form of Proxy is not completed before the agm will my vote(s) not count if a card vote is called?
  19. Nice to see Celtic showing why Scottish football is so vibrant and dynamic at the moment. Trying not to be too Jim Spence-like in my praise, but it's clear that only getting gubbed 3-0 by Milan is a clear sign of how healthy the SPL is. Surely that's the case. It can't be otherwise....
  20. @SonsofStruth: PROTEST ON TUESDAY Meet Copland Rd stairs seven o'clock. Protesting Stockbridge and Irvine to be removed from club. SHARE IF YOU CARE.
  21. The 4 new board candidates will publish their's today.
  22. New Rangers chairman David Somers has turned his fire on the ‘Gang of Four’ trying to shake up the Ibrox boardroom — and urged shareholders to vote down their attempted rebellion. Somers directly questioned the credentials of former chairman Malcolm Murray, ex-director Paul Murray, Alex Wilson and Scott Murdoch, the four ‘requisitioners’ seeking a place on the board. In an attack immediately described as a ‘smokescreen’ by the Murray-led group, the chairman — promoted from interim to permanent just last week — expressed doubt over whether they had even filed the necessary paperwork needed fo
  23. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/5579-club-statement Now that's a statement we can all agree with. Let's hope club means what they say rather than offering a sop to concerned fans.
  24. Interesting slant from the pro-gun lobby in the US Food for thought! Pretty Amazing! A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking conclusion: There were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin… Allow me to restate that number: 600,000! Over the last several months, Wisconsin ’s hunters became the eighth largest army in the world. (That’s more men under arms than in Iran. More than France and Germany combined.) These men
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