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  1. I dont know the exact figures on this , but on the rangersfirst page there is a rolling screen of whos recently joined , and I have been watching it quite closely over the last few days , its been amazing to see the number of fellow fans that have been joining not just at the fan level, £5 a month, but at the supporter £10 and founder £18.72, levels , plus amazingly the life members and an amazing number of donations , where you dont need to sign up for any set monthly amounts but can donate one off amounts. Add in all the retail partners they have signed up , it is actually very impressive , anyone not checked out the rangersfirst retail section really should do so , any purchases made through the links , rangersfirst get a % back .
  2. Chris Graham ‏@ChrisGraham76 17m .@RFC_Union call on Rangers PLC board to remove Sandy Easdale as a club director immediately. #RFC pic.twitter.com/wIlX0SWgVu
  3. Mike Ashley is poised to end his seven-year reign at St James' Park as he aims to increase his stake at Rangers. Mike Ashley is willing to listen to offers to sell Newcastle United as he looks to bring an end to a troubled seven-year reign at St James’ Park. Ashley has become involved in the running of Rangers and is interested in taking complete control. However, he has been prevented from increasing his stake to more than 10 per cent by the Scotland Football Association as he already owns Newcastle. Uefa rules stipulate the same person cannot own two clubs that might meet each other in European competitions, and while neither Rangers or Newcastle are playing in Europe, they could in the future. Rangers are standing on the precipice of administration for the second time in three years and Ashley recognises the opportunity it presents. The billionaire, who made his fortune through his Sports Direct retail chain, has already secured naming rights to Ibrox in return for a stake of nine per cent, although he has not yet taken up that option in order to avoid creating any animosity towards him. Should he take control of Rangers and stabilise the business, he knows there is huge potential to grow if, as should be the case, they return to the Scottish Premier League and, eventually, the Champions League. Related Articles That has increased Ashley’s desire to sell Newcastle to a new investor and he could be willing to offload it for around £230 million, which includes repayment of the £129 million he is owed in the form of interest-free loans. Ashley paid just £134 million to buy Newcastle from Sir John Hall and Freddie Shepherd in 2007. Although the club have not been officially put up for sale as the uncertainty could destabilise the business and unsettle the team, Telegraph Sport understands Ashley would like to sell if he can find someone with the financial muscle to take the club forward. Anyone who claims they are interested in negotiating a price will be asked to pay for the use of a box at St James’ Park for 10 years up front to prove they are serious bidders. Ashley has tried to sell up twice before, but was unable to find a buyer willing to match his asking price. He failed to offload it in the face of angry supporter protests in 2008 immediately after former manager Kevin Keegan resigned. He tried again in 2009 at the knockdown price of just £100 million after relegation to the Championship, but nobody was willing to take on a club that was losing hundreds of thousands of pounds a month outside of the top flight. However, the previous attempts to sell were made during a global recession and Ashley is aware the economic landscape has improved dramatically, particularly in the United States, where interest in “soccer” has never been higher. It is thought that Ashley will look closely to see if there are potential buyers on the other side of the Atlantic. Newcastle are in excellent financial shape thanks to the prudency of the Ashley regime and posted a post-tax profit of £9.9 million for the last financial year. That has done little to persuade fans he is the right man to lead the club and there have been persistent accusations of a lack of ambition. Although Ashley sanctioned around £40 million worth of player recruitment this summer, that was paid for almost entirely out of the sale of Yohan Cabaye to Paris Saint-Germain and Mathieu Debuchy to Arsenal. Ashley has been unwilling to invest any of his own money since Newcastle returned to the Premier League and has overseen a dramatic overhaul of the books, securing an increase in commercial revenue, which includes a record shirt-sponsorship deal with loans company Wonga. This has been done in conjunction with a series of cost-cutting measures, including player wages, which fell from £64.1 million to £61.7 million in the last financial year. That represents 64 per cent of the club’s turnover, well below the Premier League average of 70 per cent. The business is in good shape to sell. Whether Ashley can finally sever ties with a project that turned sour after just 12 months remains to be seen, but he gains little enjoyment from owning Newcastle other than the free advertising it allows for Sports Direct. Although he attended the club’s last home game, the 3-3 draw with Crystal Palace, his visits to St James’ Park have been increasingly rare since supporters turned against him six years ago. He is not the only one in the firing line. Alan Pardew, the manager, also looks vulnerable after a poll in a local paper showed 85 per cent of fans no longer want him to be in charge and there is a growing risk the ill-feeling will manifest itself in more vocal protests against Southampton this weekend. One group of supporters has even set up a website called ‘Sack Pardew’. Pardew remained in his dugout during the final home game against Cardiff last season as he was booed and jeered every time he stepped into his technical area. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/newcastle-united/11088540/Newcastle-United-for-sale-as-Mike-Ashley-eyes-Rangers.html
  4. September 6, 2014 / billmcmurdo The Ibrox boardroom wars are still rumbling on, with the board doing more damage to themselves than the rebels can inflict. I am dubious of the so-called latest revelations – that Sports Direct magnate Mike Ashley was sold the naming tights to Ibrox for the price of 8 AAA Sony batteries. My feeling is this is an attempt to get the directors to release the real figure but if it turns out to be true, it is a massive hit against the beleaguered board. If the deal was made based on projections of Sports Direct selling boatloads of RFC merchandise, then it was still a poor one. The ball is now in the board’s court to reveal the true price of re-branding Ibrox. I have always backed the present regime but it is increasingly hard to muster confidence in their ability to steer the club through this difficult year. It doesn’t help that the board is hopelessly split, with CEO Graham Wallace having been “Matherised” i.e. converted to the rebel cause. Truth be told, Wallace has failed to provide the leadership and bring stability to matters behind the red brick facade on Edmiston Drive. The grand plan of the Fans Board has not galvanised the fan base but has been a monumental waste of time, effort, money and energy. Wallace’s alignment with those who have choked the sale of season tickets so necessary for the club to progress is a cave-in of epic scale. That said, the board’s feeble response to this has not helped engender confidence. I championed another contender for the post of CEO but was more than happy to support Graham Wallace when he took the reins. Now it is all a cod and the vultures are circling, ready to swoop in for the kill. It looks like the next phase of the Ibrox Civil War will be a head-to-head between Mike Ashley and Dave King. Question marks arise over the ability of either to invest substantially – both may be curtailed by football rules and in King’s case, he could be blocked by regulation here and in South Africa. Ashley will no doubt be turned into the antichrist by a Rangers-hating media here in Scotland. There is a consortium of people who are desperate to get hold of Rangers and if they cannot get control of the club on their terms, then they would rather see the club go under. King is their champion and this means he is their weakness. You get the feeling that when and if he is ever asked to actually pony up the money, he will not produce. Should the consortium prevail, with or without Daddy King’s involvement, Rangers will probably never be as dominant as they were at the peak of the SDM years but they will challenge Celtic for the Premiership. Success in Europe will be a pipe dream. Ashley and others are Rangers’ best bet of going to a higher level. Their vision and collective financial clout exceeds by far the grasp of the consortium. It is all about a clash of ideologies and visions. The problem for this board and investors like Mike Ashley is that they are trying to fight a battle based on AIM regulations against people who are not bound by these. The battle for Rangers is a street fight, a rammy, not a game of bridge in a gentlemens’ club. It’s time the board at Ibrox realised this. “Ground on which we can only be saved from destruction by fighting without delay, is deadly ground.” SUN TZU
  5. Mike Ashley to up his stake in Rangers to 9.9% through the current share issue. Source SSN” Sources close to Mike Ashley say there are no immediate plans to invoke the naming rights at Ibrox stadium #Rangers @charlesp_sky: It's understood Ashley views his interests in Rangers as purely strong commercial ones which he intends to protect
  6. I log in here every day (Mon-Fri) to catch up on the latest going's on with our club, most days I don't even post or join in with the chatter. But of late, and especially these past few weeks, I click on my favourite with a fear ........ "what now" I think as my browser loads. It is absolutely gut wrenching to see these thieves/liars/sharks/snakes still involved with our club, and others (Ahmed etc) STILL trying to cream some extra blue pounds from us. I long for the day the club is ours again, or at least in safe hands with a safe custodian. As right now, the club we see before us isn't ours, same club but the soul is missing.
  7. RANGERS fan George Letham has reluctantly agreed to give the Ibrox board a short extension to repay the £1million loan that was due last week. The wealthy supporter stepped in to lend his boyhood heroes the seven-figure sum earlier this year as chief executive Graham Wallace was forced to seek a quick fix to the Gers' cash crisis. As part of the agreement, Rangers were scheduled to give Letham his money back by the close of business on Friday, but after the Light Blues announced plans to raise around £4m in a share option last week, the prospect of him receiving his money appeared bleak. SportTimes understands Letham held full and frank discussions with Wallace on Saturday and agreed to a short extension to allow the under-fire board more time to come up with the money. With cash reserves running low at Ibrox, a refusal from Letham would have left Wallace and his fellow-directors with a huge financial headache. But after stepping up to the plate to help Rangers in their hour of need in March, the lifelong Light Blue was not prepared to pull the rug from under the board's feet at this time. The full extent of the Gers' financial plight was laid bare in a statement to the Stock Exchange last week when the board admitted that the future of Rangers International Football Club plc would be 'uncertain' if all 19 million of the new shares were not snapped up by existing investors in the coming weeks. Any funds that are raised will be used to pay off Letham's £1m loan and the £500,000 deal that was agreed with Sandy Easdale, both of which were secured against the Albion car park and Edmiston House. The Ibrox board originally clinched a deal with major shareholders Laxey Partners but that move came under huge criticism from supporters after it was revealed the Hedge Fund would collect £150,000 in interest payments for the short-term loan. Rangers had a cash balance of just £4.2m at June 30 this year, but with £2.7m of that unavailable as use for working capital, the board have been forced to issue more shares in a bid to repay Letham and Easdale and provide much-needed money for the coming weeks. With the financial picture once again bleak at Ibrox, boss Ally McCoist was unable to make any last-minute moves to bolster his squad before the transfer window closed last night. The Gers' two most valuable assets, Lee Wallace and Lewis Macleod, remain at the club, but seven players have gone out on loan - Barrie McKay (Raith Rovers), Calum Gallacher (Cowdenbeath), Danny Stoney (Stranraer), Luca Gasparotto (Airdrie), Robbie Crawford (Morton), Tom Walsh (Stenhousemuir) and Craig Halkett (Clyde). http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/letham-gives-rangers-extra-time-to-repay-1million-loan-178673n.25212709
  8. I wouldn't disagree with much of this to be fair. BY GORDON WADDELL Gordon Waddell: Like Thelma and Louise, Rangers have arrived at their destination.. the edge of a cliff 31 August 2014 08:37 AM By Gordon Waddell GORDON reckons Rangers are at the edge of a precipice but the cash crisis hasn't stopped the club signing back-up keeper Lee Robinson in a move typical of the way the club has been run for the past few years. THEY sold their road back to the top of the game as ‘The Journey’. It would appear Rangers have arrived at a destination many financial experts predicted for them long ago. The edge of a cliff. As the directors sit there like Thelma and Louise, with the engine revving, you wonder if the question was not whether the club would end up being driven over the edge but more a matter of when the crash would occur. How else do you explain it? No sane person would surely run a business the way they’ve run theirs. It’s as if they have committed commercial suicide. An example? It didn’t make a headline. Barely registered a mention. But if you want even a tiny indication of exactly how dysfunctional Rangers are, then look no further than the signing of Lee Robinson last week. A 28-year-old back-up keeper to a 35-year-old back-up. When they already have the Scotland Under-19 No.1 AND the Scotland Under-17 No.1 on their books? Another wage? Aye, why not, eh? We’ve been splashing money needlessly for two and a half years on players we don’t need and can’t afford – another won’t kill us. Their share offering on Friday was like taking a tube of Savlon to a cremation. They’ve admitted to the stock exchange that if they don’t get at least £3m, they’re knackered. And even if they do, they’ve openly shifted the problem a couple of months further down the line. Yet still they sign players like autograph hunters? They act as if they don’t give a monkey’s. Other clubs coming back from the brink, the first thing they attacked was their cost base. Trimmed all the fat and started from the ground up. Live within your means. New club motto? Numquam Iterum. Never Again. Yet here we are, back at square one. Ally on the back pages, pleading: ‘Don’t sell my stars’. Why not? Truth is you should never have been allowed to sign most of them in the first place. This whole ‘We’re Rangers and until someone tells me otherwise, we’ll continue to behave like Rangers’ schtick? McCoist is a bright, articulate, likeable guy. I refuse to believe he’s so gullible. That he never sat there and thought ‘This can’t be right’. Who would you prefer to be in charge at Rangers? I’m not saying anything I haven’t said to him in a dozen different press conferences. I’ve asked him why they weren’t hunkering down, signing players for their level, saving cash. He always replied: “The fans deserve better.” Damn right they do. But they also deserve their club to survive after what they’ve put in over the years. In a football sense, I haven’t yet met a Rangers fan who didn’t think the club would have been better bleeding half a dozen youngsters into their line-up back on day one and developing them properly than going down the road they did. I haven’t yet met a fan who wouldn’t have put up with the odd defeat to see some genuine progress and fiscal responsibility rather than watching the likes of Richard Foster, Stevie Smith, Ian Black, Dean Shiels or Jon Daly. Or Lee Robinson. Nice lad, decent gloves – but what about Liam Kelly and Robby McCrorie, two of the highest-rated teenagers in their position in Scotland? Every other club in the country is giving youth a chance and reaping the rewards. Not The Rangers. Sorry lads. Can’t trust you, even on the bench. No time to have faith in you. Other diddy clubs might get away with playing teenagers. They may even excel. Hell, look at Conor McGrandles – 82 senior games by the age of 18 and a £1million move from Falkirk to Norwich. Rangers are too good for that, though. Listen, the dysfunctional management of the club’s affairs runs a million miles deeper than the team. These are just examples of how a total breakdown in management manifests itself in public. What goes on behind closed doors or up marble staircases? We may never know. But the fact they’re putting out the begging bowl in such a humiliating manner suggests none of it is good. And then we have the ever-hovering presence of Dave King . King has been criticised for his silence but don’t let anyone kid you that he hasn’t been waiting for this exact moment. The lowest ebb. The final wheezing breaths of a regime someone as long in the tooth as he is always thought would arrive. Sure, he’s a Rangers fan. Sure, his intentions for the club will be more honourable than the current incumbents. But spare me the idea his timing suggests anything other than his own benefit being served too. In the meantime, the Rangers fans are once again left with what they call Morton’s Fork – two choices, both undesirable. Take up the share option, keep a shambolic regime functioning a little longer. Or not a penny more. Flush them out and suffer the consequences. I don’t envy them their decision.
  9. http://sport.stv.tv/football/video/3755311980001/? I have to say, i may not be his biggest fan but i support him here completely. The press in this country are an absolute disgrace. Ally gives them all the sound bites they want, all the time and interviews and when he asks for a little bit back they can't afford him it. Well played Ally, well played.
  10. http://davidfarrellfaz.wordpress.com/2014/08/27/louis-reaches-high-with-diamonds/ I realise that the Rangers link is tenuous, so apologies to admin if it is in the wrong section of the board. Never the less, it is an interesting take on how a player views the different methods of training. The highlighted part certainly gave me a chuckle, although I'm sure that a few of our more enlightened posters will be shaking their heads in dismay.
  11. Rangers Football Club is inviting applications from Club Members to join the Official Rangers Fans Board – a body that will help fans shape the future of their Club through regular and constructive dialogue with the Board and Senior Management. The Nominations Committee – Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie, former Rangers Captain David Weir, international rugby star Alastair Kellock and supporters Tom Mowbray, Mhairi McKenzie, Melville Curry, Ross Hardie and Holly-Jade Johnston – will evaluate applications from a number of supporter categories with Club Members then asked to vote on the 12 candidates they feel will best look after their interests. Club Members – which includes all Season Ticket Holders for 2014/15 who receive complimentary membership - can complete the online application form at fansboard.rangers.co.uk and the deadline for submissions is 9am on Tuesday 19th August, 2014. The Committee, chaired by Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie, will then evaluate the candidates and create a shortlist of Nominees for each category which Club Members will vote online for thereafter. The Club is totally committed to improving and enhancing its relationship with fans and the ultimate aim is to take this 142-year-old institution back to the very top of Scottish football together. The Official Fans Board will be created to benefit all supporters and is an important step forward as we strive to improve communications. • The Fans Board will provide a platform for supporters to communicate directly with key Club staff in a structured manner • Give the Club greater insight into the topics and issues that most affect and concern the wider Rangers fanbase • Allow supporters to better understand the Club’s decision-making process on key issues • Enable supporters to play a crucial role in helping the Club achieve success on and off the pitch • Provide transparency regarding the key issues that affect supporters The Official Rangers Fans Board will consist of 12 supporters who will represent all the major stakeholder groups in our fanbase to discuss key issues and ask the questions that most affect the supporters they represent. The Fans Board will meet a minimum of 4 times per season and further meetings will be held between Club executives and the Fans Board throughout 2014/15. Who can apply for the Official Rangers Fans Board? To apply for one of the 12 positions on the Official Rangers Fans Board you must be an adult Rangers Club Member. All Season Ticket Holders for 2014/15 are automatically Founder Club Members*, if you are not a season ticket holder you can become a Club Member by visiting rangers.co.uk/membership. Applications will be welcomed from supporters wishing to represent the following categories: • Season Ticket Holders • Female Fans • Families • Overseas Fans • Fans in Glasgow/Govan Community • Disabled fans • Ethnic Minorities • Under 18s • Ibrox match ticket purchasers (non-season ticket holders) • Corporate fans (fans who have enjoyed corporate facilities watching Rangers) • Fans who attend away games • Rangers Official Members (non-season ticket holders) Many supporters will fall under more than one of the above categories however it is important to ensure all our fans feel represented on the Official Fans Board. Fans can apply to represent any group they qualify for however only one application is permitted per person so supporters should only apply for the category they feel they best represent. How to apply for the Official Rangers Fans Board Club Members are welcome to submit an application to join the Official Rangers Fans Board. Supporters must have a membership number, which for season ticket holders is the same as their Rangers number. To apply visit fansboard.rangers.co.uk enter your Membership/Rangers number and password and complete the application form by 9am on Tuesday 19 August, 2014. If you do not have a password or valid email address you can update/register your login details on the fansboard.rangers.co.uk website. You will also be asked for a reference from someone who can support your application and suitability for this role. Fans should read the recruitment pack, terms and conditions and the constitution (all of which are available to members at rangers.co.uk/fansboard)before completing the application form. The Selection Process An external, independent Nominations Committee has been set up to help ensure the Official Rangers Fans Board is independently and democratically elected. The Nominations Committee will review all applications and nominate a shortlist of supporters for election to the Fans Board. The shortlist will be selected based on evaluation of all application forms against the criteria listed within the recruitment pack - job description and personal profile. A shortlist of nominees in each of the 12 categories will be identified by the Nominations Committee. The application forms for each of the successful shortlisted nominees will be posted publicly on fansboard.rangers.co.uk for Member consideration. Members, including all season ticket holders, will then be given the opportunity to vote on the shortlist of nominees in each of the 12 categories. Voting will be online in early September. The votes will be counted and verified and the 12 member Fans Board finally announced thereafter. Selection as a candidate for the election process to the Official Rangers Fans Board will be at the absolute discretion of the Nominations Committee. The role of the Official Rangers Fans Board Member As a Fans Board member each individual will have a responsibility to liaise with supporters from the group they represent and ensure they best serve their interests at meetings with the Club. The 12 elected members will have a public profile on the official Rangers website and fansboard website. They will be clearly identified as Members of the Rangers Fans Board and will be contactable by the wider fanbase via email to allow them to obtain feedback and questions from the group they represent. They will also provide those fans with updates after all meetings. Elected representatives will be required to regularly attend Fans Board and other relevant meetings, potentially participate in sub-fan working groups and any other requirements outside meetings. The Official Rangers Fans Board will give supporters the voice they have been craving and a genuine say in the running of their Club and further information is available on rangers.co.uk/fansboard now. All Season Ticket Holders for 2014/15 receive complimentary Club Membership unless they choose to opt out. If you do not wish to be automatically enrolled as a Member, please e-mail membership@rangers.co.uk. * If you do not indicate that you do not wish to be enrolled as a Member of the Official Rangers Club Membership, then you will be deemed to have granted your acceptance to the terms and conditions and adoption of the Constitution both available from rangers.co.uk/membership
  12. This mantra is in stark contrast to the axiom stated about boxers but it holds true at Ibrox, whether it is turmoil, on and off the field, Charles Green or Dave King. It was just another Sunday at Ibrox with normal levels of turbulence and uncertainty. There was a stark contrast to the dignified and fitting tribute to the late Sandy Jardine in the lurid headlines that screamed in the morning newspapers. Basically, they read: Chuck is back and this time it is business, not personal. Affairs at Ibrox must be investigated in two sections: the business and the playing. The former is the more urgent. As one Rangers supporter told me yesterday: "There are more pressing issues to address than whether Lewis Macleod should be playing wide right." The return of Mr Green is more than an amusement, though. The tales of George Soros may be as tall as Peter Crouch on stilts but the backstory to the former chief executive's latest foray into the media contains an element of truth that points to what is going on at Ibrox. It is this: there are significant developments unfolding at the club. The financial situation is acute with the board seeking investment and Green wants to be near at hand when that deal is brokered. More interesting is the relative silence of King. He, too, though has not gone away. Much of the action from Graham Wallace, the chief executive of Rangers, and King, the man who would be sovereign at Rangers, is taking place in London, with mixed results. A City source, who invested in Rangers in the initial public offering, told Herald Sport last night that Wallace has been active in trying to arrange support for another share issue. However, he added: "He has not met with conspicuous success." This was said wryly. The message, though, was deeply serious. "There is no way I would advise further investment at Rangers under the present circumstances and under the present board. It is that simple," he said. King has been working the City since at least March. His initial strategy was to canvass support for his plan to take the proxy vote for significant shareholdings and force change. This, increasingly, has been seen to be impractical, perhaps even unworkable, as long as the major players remain united within the Ibrox boardroom. The pressure must be applied to the Beaufort Group that holds the majority of shares. This has been applied effectively by the strategy of some fans to withhold season ticket money. There has been much argument over whether this constitutes a boycott but it would be much more instructive to investigate the action's consequences. It has brought King back into play, despite the reluctance of some on the Ibrox board to deal with the South African businessman. King's patience was criticised over the summer but he may just have played his cards astutely. Rangers are searching for money and King claims he has it. This seemingly straightforward case of demand and supply, however, founders on the rocks of implacable politics at Rangers. King, though, has improved his position quietly over the summer and may in the position to make his move. The re-emergence of Green at this crucial juncture is not coincidental. The Yorkshireman, who has the copyright of the terms bluff and plain-speaking, has again caused considerable annoyance to those inside Ibrox, not least Ally McCoist. The Rangers manager was understandably frustrated at Green's latest intervention at the weekend when he stated that he could raise money to extricate the club from the deep financial hole. McCoist described all of this as "a sideshow" and it is, but it is one with a purpose. The former chief executive was reminding everyone that he will have a say, even if his influence may be limited, in what happens at Ibrox. With this financial game playing out in the media, it is almost crass to discuss a football match but what happened at Ibrox in front of 43,683 deserves consideration. First, Hearts deserve enormous credit for a gameplan and for the willingness of their players to carry it out. Craig Levein and his football department have recruited wisely. Robbie Neilson set the team up cleverly and there were particularly outstanding contributions from Danny Wilson, in central defence, and Osman Sow, in attack. Success for Hearts was ensured by increasing fecklessness in Rangers ranks. After they had missed early chances, Rangers defended awfully. Wilson made the most of a free header and Sow capitalised on disarray in the Rangers backline to score emphatically, seconds after McCoist's side equalised. This frustration - and the very fact that he was asked a question he had to answer - probably accounted for McCoist's relative sharpness as regards Green. He will, though, be more concerned about solving the matters he has influence over, including finding the ideal wide man who can produce opportunities for Kris Boyd and Kenny Miller. The latter had to come back to midfield on Sunday to find a touch and he was insistent afterwards that the side had to create more chances. The team faces an interesting challenge at Falkirk on Friday. The board confronts more difficult problems with every day that passes. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/football/king-still-in-play-as-financial-chess-game-rumbles-on.25024715?
  13. Friday night football is here so come down to The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium for the Quintessential Televised Football Viewing Experience and watch the match amongst your own. We will have a cracking night to hopefully set up the weekend in style with a win from Rangers. We will be showing the match live on our six 60” TVs in full high definition – the way televised football should be shown. We invite any Rangers Supporter who can make it to the vicinity of the home of fantasy football to join us in celebrating the continuing unbroken history of the most successful team in the history of the game. Renowned for our quick service, our staff will ensure you never have to wait long to get a drink. We provide an atmosphere second to none and for clarification – we don’t and never have had a cover charge. Come in for The Premier Rangers Supporters’ Matchday Experience in The Quintessential Rangers Supporters Pub. And of course we will still be providing our much sought after free rolls. Situated across from Ibrox Subway Station, there is easy access to and from all city destinations. If you are not able to attend our premises we hope that you will use your local Rangers Supporters pub or club. All Rangers minded venues need your help – use them or lose them! Watch The Game… Support Your Own We Are The People God Bless The Rangers The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More than a Pub One Rangers… No Factions – http://www.thelouden.co.uk, @TheLoudenTavern *We are responsible for The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SL solely and are not involved in the operation of any other premises
  14. Madey Up McCoist Meeting Edition By Chris Graham | Contributor Recently, CRO pulled some of Phil MacGiollabhain’s fantasies apart in a highly amusing article. Whisper it though, the bold Phil has been at it again in an article entitled ‘Regarding Alistair’ which contains less facts than the script of a Harry Potter film. I’ve debated how best to do this but probably best we just work our way through his latest act of fiction. His latest tale is set at Ibrox where a meeting is taking place, following the Hearts game, on the future of manager Ally McCoist….. (It isn’t). http://www.thecoplandroad.org/2014/08/you-talk-some-amount-of-shite-phil.html
  15. Vincent has departed, he hopes to be invited to approach the Bar. Thus, a new Sellik supporting Compliance Officer is required. Peter identified one, told Regan to appoint Anthony McGlennan. I know there's a helluva lot going on within and outwith our club at the moment, but I suppose we should note the next Yahoo waiting in line to avail himself of the opportunity to sink the boot.
  16. A burger and large coke? £7.50!!!! Outrageous.
  17. I've seen it at Ibrox for a couple of seasons now. I don't think it's appropriate. Please desist.
  18. Guest

    Board Changes

    Market News alert Rangers Int. Football Club PLC Read the London Stock Exchange announcement...
  19. An attack on a 43-year-old man in Coleraine on Sunday was sectarian, according to the town's mayor. The victim received treatment for facial injuries after being attacked at Killowen Street at 02:00 BST on Sunday. It is understood he was kicked in the head and punched in the face. The police said they were still trying to establish a motive for the attack. DUP councillor George Duddy claimed the man was singled out because he was wearing a Rangers football top. "I've been a touch with the victim and his family and this is a disgrace," said Mr Duddy. 'Fatality' "He got a taxi home and had about 30ft to walk to his front door when he was beaten by another man. "He has received stitches and has a possible fractured cheekbone. "He is a very strong Rangers supporter and is a quiet man. "He was wearing Rangers clothing at the time of the attack." Mr Duddy said the victim had "some disabilities which leaves him incapable of defending himself". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-foyle-west-28637780
  20. Steven Whittaker says he's no regrets about quitting Rangers despite his injury nightmare at Norwich. SCOTLAND defender headed to Carrow Road 2012 when Ibrox club imploded but he has only made 39 appearances since he moved south. STEVEN Whittaker swears he has no regrets about quitting Ibrox despite an injury nightmare at Norwich. Whittaker left Rangers in 2012 when they were dumped in the bottom tier and moved to Norwich. Injuries have restricted him to just 39 appearances and he said: “I knew I could do better than play in the Third Division. “And I didn’t want to spend three years of my career trying to come back up the leagues. Norwich offered me the challenge to come south and I have enjoyed it. “I still have two years here so I am looking forward to what we can achieve. “I’ve trained hard and all I can do now is make sure I can’t be edged out of the team.” http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/steven-whittaker-insists-no-regrets-3940468
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