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  1. with there being 4 old firm games still to go and EHD and snot broon declaring war , can anyone remember the last time such bad feeling was carried over , last one I can think of was Ricksen and Thomson , Ferguson and Di Canio doesn't count as it was a one off
  2. From today's Sun..... And where the ultra-moronic found a surreal way to try and screw up a tribute to the 66 lives lost in the 1971 Ibrox Disaster. As the stadium fell still on ref Craig Thomson's whistle, a cough came from the Celtic End. Then another. Then another and another and lots more anothers until it was as clear as the red nose on a flu-ridden reindeer's face that this was an orchestrated effort to make a point. What that point was, we'll never know. But it seems some lame-brains just don't have the civility to shut the hell up for 60 seconds in memory of others. As the seconds ticked painfully slowly, someone in the middle of the away support started to applaud.
  3. Just gonna give you one quote as I need to come out for air: costa bhoy Today, 6:24 PM Post #784 Member Avatar First name on the team-sheet [ * * * * * * ] Posts: 1,688 Group: Members Member #8,912 Joined: 20 June 2007 Just gone through the last five or six pages of this thread and it's not there so I'll go ahead and post it (apologies if it's old news). From CQN:- This week's MITB Our scheduled referee for Sunday, Craig Thomson, who is today reported as being a senior executive at a major contractor of Rangers, has a remarkable record in games involving Celtic and Rangers, one which is well worth analysis. See this linked document for a complete list of Thomsonââ?¬â?¢s games involving either Celtic or Rangers since the start of 2008. In the period, he has refereed Rangers on 14 occasions and Celtic 15 times. In games involving Rangers, his employers paymasters received 22 cards (yellow counting as 1 and red as 2) while their opponents received 38; Rangers receiving 37% of the total. By contrast, Celtic have received 34 cards and their opponents have received only 28; Celtic are on the rough end of 55% of the decisions. So the stats in games when Thomson is referee are: Rangers receive 37% of cards Celtic receive 55% of cards Celtic players are booked 44% more often than Rangers players Rangers opponents are booked 45% more often than Celticââ?¬â?¢s opponents Thomsonââ?¬â?¢s average number of cards per game (for all his games) is 3.76. His employerââ?¬â?¢s paymaster-club receives 41% of his average while Celtic receive 60% his average. In 14 games Thomson has never issued more cards to Rangers than their opponents but punished their opponents harsher on eight occasions. In 15 games he has issued more cards to Celtic than their opponents on five occasions while punishing their opponents more on only four occasions. The record establishes: Thomson is much harsher on Celtic, and on Rangersââ?¬â?¢ opponents, than the converse. He is less harsh on Rangers, and harsher on Celtic, compared to the rest of the SPL. He never punishes Rangers more than their opponents. Ever. Conflicts of interest are not allowed in any walk of life, Scottish football is no different. Craig Thomsonââ?¬â?¢s employers have a significant financial interest in Rangers, for this reason alone, he should take no part in their games until any such conflict has ended. As a lawyer, well accustomed to declaring conflicts of interest, he would surely not want to work under the glare of suspicion. We can only wonder if he reported the conflict to the SFA. His record ââ?¬â?? and this is a matter of record, not opinion ââ?¬â?? involving Celtic and Rangers is alarming on its own, his employerââ?¬â?¢s financial relationship with Rangers makes it impossible for him to referee Sundayââ?¬â?¢s game. Thomson has already been involved in controversy this month when the Evening Times reported he told SFA chief executive he was ââ?¬Å?disappointedââ?¬Â Hugh Dallas was sacked for sending a sectarian email. Show this man the door before he wrecks. :disgusted:
  4. RANGERS captain David Weir has accused the club's bankers of unreasonable behaviour in placing fresh restrictions on manager Walter Smith ahead of the forthcoming transfer window. The veteran defender is bemused by the policy, confirmed again by Smith earlier this week, which currently means no funds will be available to spend in January for either permanent or loan signings. With Rangers still in limbo as they await the outcome of the latest takeover bid for the club from businessmen Craig Whyte and Andrew Ellis, Lloyds Banking Group continues to dictate the financial management at Ibrox. Weir believes Rangers' bid to win a third successive SPL title this season and qualify for next year's Champions League could be seriously compromised if they are not allowed to strengthen the squad next month. "It seems illogical that we can't sign any new players in January," said Weir. "Given how successful we have been in reaching a European final and playing in the Champions League, reducing the wage bill and the squad at the same time, you wonder how much further you can go down in terms of numbers and still be competitive. "I'm an amateur when it comes to finances, but you look at the debt and the money brought in since the manager took over. You'd like to think that you could have wiped out the debt in that time with the money we've brought in. I'm obviously missing something." Lloyds last night declined to comment on Weir's criticism. Rangers' debt in their most recent annual accounts stood at �£27.1 million, of which �£22.3 million is owed to Lloyds and incorporates their long-term loan agreement with the bank and overdraft facilities. A two-year transfer embargo was lifted by Lloyds last summer, allowing Smith to spend �£5.25 million in transfer fees on strikers Nikica Jelavic and James Beattie and secure the loan signings of Vladimir Weiss and Richard Foster. That investment was offset by the sales of Kevin Thomson and Danny Wilson for �£4 million, however, while four other senior players left the club at the end of their contracts. Rangers raked in almost �£14 million from their participation in the Champions League group stage last season, allowing them to record a profit of �£4.2 million, and will earn even more from the current European campaign which has seen them finish third in their Champions League group to progress to the knockout stages of the Europa League. Weir is also concerned that they may face that challenge with their existing squad further diminished as prize assets such as Scotland goalkeeper Allan McGregor are vulnerable to potential transfer bids. "That's what the manager and his staff are fighting," added Weir. "You cannot underestimate the job we've done with one hand tied behind our back. "It's not inconceivable there could be departures next month. It's the reality of where we are at (with the bank]. It's no secret that, if a right bid comes in, then the player will go. We'd prefer everyone to remain and keep our best players to be successful, but it's out of our hands. "The tightness of our squad has been the basis of the success we have had in recent seasons, but that can change as well." Weir was speaking at Hampden, where he promoted ESPN's live coverage of SPL football over the festive period which will begin with Rangers against Motherwell at Fir Park on Sunday. He was joined by Celtic captain Scott Brown, who made his return from injury as a substitute in his team's 1-1 draw at home to Kilmarnock on Tuesday night. The 25-year-old midfielder is likely to be restored to the starting line-up on Sunday when Celtic seek to put their recent stuttering form behind them for the visit of St Johnstone. But, while manager Neil Lennon is able to add to his squad next month, Brown insists Celtic already have the strength and quality required to overhaul Rangers and win the title for the first time in three years. "Our squad is probably the best in the league, to be perfectly honest," said Brown. "We've got around 25 or 30 player who can come into the first team at any time. We've pretty much got two good starting elevens. If we went through January without buying a player, we would still be fine. "We have a big game on Sunday and we need to keep close to Rangers before the Old Firm game at Ibrox on 2 January. "There is no real concern about our form. We are looking good in training and we are dominating teams in games. We are putting the ball in the box and we just need a bit of luck." http://sport.scotsman.com/football/Bank39s-tight-grip-on-spending.6670700.jp?articlepage=2
  5. I honestly worry about McCoist becoming manager.
  6. Champions League official Craig Thomson believes Scotland's loss will be another association's gain after Hugh Dallas left his role as head of referees development. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/28112010/63/thomson-expects-dallas-shine.html
  7. The SFA spent the evening in talks with referees' representatives and declared themselves optimistic that the strike could be averted The Scottish FA has set a Thursday deadline to avert a refereeing strike, before they implement a contingency plan that involves parachuting officials in from other countries. Referees have voted to withdraw labour amid concerns at abuse levels and what they perceive as the unfair questioning of their integrity. Talks were held between referees' representatives and the SFA tonight in an attempt by the governing body to avoid the strike, which would put matches at risk of postponement. "We are hopeful that, if we can resolve the current issues that the referees have, then our own referees will be taking to the field," said Stewart Regan, the SFA's chief executive. "If not, then we will be preparing a contingency plan to implement by Thursday of this week." Regan said it was "our intention" to have Scottish officials in charge of SPL matches but foreign associations will be contacted as a back-up. The contingency plan has met with its own troubles, though; Icelandic referees have said they will not step into any breach, with cool initial responses also received from Wales and Ireland. "We will support our colleagues in Scotland," said the Icelandic referee Kristinn Jakobsson. "The referees all around the world is one team, so I think we are going on the same line." Regan moved to distance himself from any suggestion that referees could be forced to declare allegiances to any one team when taking up officiating. The move had received provisional backing from the Celtic chairman, John Reid. "Comments like that aren't particularly helpful," Regan added. "It's very difficult to justify why you would ask somebody to do that. We are hopeful that talks will be fruitful this week and they can officiate at matches at the weekend. We are hopeful that we can come to a satisfactory conclusion. "It [the strike] appears to be about making a stand and withdrawing labour for the weekend but we are hopeful that, if we can give them assurances about support going forward, we can get them to rescind that decision." The implementation of a referees' charter, with rules laid down for both clubs and officials, could form part of that action. Regan refused directly to implicate Celtic, who have been involved in an ongoing battle with officialdom, in the current row. He did, though, point to wider factors in this controversy. "Clearly there are sectarian issues at play," Regan said. "I think that's something that has been around for a long time and its naive to think that can be removed overnight. There are a lot of efforts by many people to change the culture. This is a cultural issue, it's deep-rooted and will take time to change." Meanwhile the Scottish referee Craig Thomson took charge of tonight's Champions League tie between Ajax and Real Madrid in Amsterdam. http://www.u.tv/Sport/Scottish-FA-sets-Thursday-deadline-over-refereeing-strike/96daa9c0-2db8-4ecf-94d8-959bcb3a7eaa
  8. If there is money available then the team could be done with 2 fresh additions in midfield and defence. Having Kerbar (sp?) available now is a good addition but we were always going to be light in the centre mid once Kevin Thomson was sold. Fleck is more of an attacking mid for me so cant count in the position Edu, McCulloch and Davis can play. So a centre mid is top priority along. Webster is a joke, if he was even available for the odd game it would make a difference. Getting Jelavic back will be a blessing.
  9. ST MIRREN 1 RANGERS 3 9th November 2010 Now before we start on the game, letââ?¬â?¢s address a few other issues. Since I started doing articles about Rangers I have incurred a little bit of interest from Celtic supporters. Fuck knows what they are doing reading Rangers websites I donââ?¬â?¢t know. The responses fall into three categories. Firstly, brain dead cowardly bastard oneââ?¬â?¢s where desktop hard men suggest that they hope I die of cancer and the like. I sometimes reply and publish these just so that people can see that these results of inter breeding exist. They are allowed freedom of speech as they live in a country that allows them that privilege because our brave troops have fought and died so that they might remain free. More on that subject later. The second category of response comes from those who quote history, usually in very long emails, making their points well but from a very one sided stance. We are the 'Shame of Scotland' because in 1972 etc, etc, etc. It gets a bit boring reading it especially when the authors can only see it from their point of view and refuse to accept any blame on their own club or supporters. The third view comes from the decent supporters of their football club, who see the bigger picture and admit that both sides have their extreme supporters and wish to deal with football matters only. The first two groups will no doubt spout bile and go down the ââ?¬Å?Yeah, but they did it firstââ?¬Â route. Quite pathetic really. I genuinely feel sorry for some Celtic supporters who surely must be totally embarrassed by the events of the last few days. Lennonââ?¬â?¢s bleating and the resultant conspiracy theories are one thing and with three penalties on Saturday, it may even be working, some might say! The other aspects are enough to make any decent human being appalled. Reports suggested that Celtic banned the sale of poppies at the ground because it might upset some of the clubs Irish supporters. Unbelievable. That statement, if it is true, supports terrorism, does it not? I get stacks of emails condemning the songs that Rangers fans sing. Well to sing a song you must know the words, but songs are an instantaneous reaction. Preparing banners, albeit with spelling mistakes, is a pre planned initiative. The club stewards allowed these banners in and it would appear nothing was done when they were revealed. Did the decent fans boo them? I donââ?¬â?¢t know, I was not there. Did the police move in and have them removed and those holding them arrested? I donââ?¬â?¢t know but I have my doubts. The one good thing to come out of this is that some aspects of the media have, for once, not ignored the subject. TalkSport's Stan Collymore condemned the actions and it will be interesting to hear the comments from the Scottish media, the SFA and Celtic FC. I await with interest. Scotlandââ?¬â?¢s Shame has a new worthy recipient of the title, but then again no... it is Irelandââ?¬â?¢s shame! Anyway back to, for me, more important matters. If I was sensible I would have taken the train to Aberdeen for my Saturday night speaking engagement but no, that would have meant missing the St Mirren game, so after five and a half hours on the road on Saturday, I was out of the hotel at 7.30am to drive down and across to Paisley. Apart from anything else that meant missing a substantial breakfast at the hotel! I arrived at the ground and was parked up by quarter to eleven which at least gave me the opportunity to catch up with emails and confirm yet more trips north of the border to speak at dinners and other fundraising events. (Click here to book Jeff.) I received some good news from Stranraer. I am due there on Saturday 29th January and as Rangers' CIS Cup semi has been confirmed for the Sunday at Hampden, I will be able to do the dinner and still go to the match the following day. I love it when a plan comes together. I rang the Leven boys and was amazed to hear them loud and clear and obviously not driving. Fuck me, they were here. Unheard of, an hour before kick off and no pubs open. This was ground breaking. Durranty came out to drop some tickets off for mates so I was able to square up with him for Valencia tickets. Top man - I appreciate his help on that game because without it I would not have got my tickets as I am not a member of the Travel Club. Then again I could just have bought them at the ground in Spain, couldnââ?¬â?¢t I, which fucks up all the ideas about selling only to registered members! The game started at a slow pace and no goal within the first couple of minutes like last season! I had gone for Rangers/Rangers half-time/full-time. I was also going to go 3-1 but changed my mind. Fucking idiot! The ref, Craig Thomson, made Rangers take a free kick again to much derision from the UEFA 'B' licensed coaches from Fifa sat around me. The free kick had not left the penalty area before Papac played it. Fuck me, didnââ?¬â?¢t you know that? It was interesting to see Edu back home having not taken up the offer of a full time role as a Lucky/Lucky man in Valencia. We seemed to be suffering from a Spurs syndrome, with the after effects of a Champions League game making us look rather lethargic. Miller shot high and wide, then Weiss totally wasted a free kick by lobbing it high into keeper Samsonââ?¬â?¢s awaiting hands. Edu had a shot which flew about twenty yards wide. Pish. The game was littered with free kicks, no flow and virtually no atmosphere in the ground. Sunday lunchtime is not for football! After 25 minutes, the best move of the game so far, but Kenny only half connected and the chance was gone. My bet was looking dodgy. One thing for sure, they werenââ?¬â?¢t going to score. It's not difficult to see why they are bottom of the League. A mere shadow of the side that ran us so close in the CIS Cup Final last season. As usual teams are a bit physical in trying to stop Rangers and finally Hugh Murray was cautioned for another foul on Edu. Weiss was inconsistent, jinking in but also regularly losing possession, one run producing a free kick which Davis clipped onto the crossbar. The Manchester City loanee then got himself booked after a tangle and handbags with their full back Zanten. I forecast his early substitution for Lafferty. It just wasnââ?¬â?¢t happening for him today. Edu must have been wearing one of those trilbyââ?¬â?¢s his brothers were flogging in the square last week when he headed over with the goal at his mercy. Come on boys, half-time/full-time would have paid for my ticket and fuel! At last I got lucky - ball in the net just before half-time. Disallowed. Itââ?¬â?¢s a fucking conspiracy!! As the half-time whistle blew I noticed my mates adopting rather soft as shit behaviour. Bucket had his little bald head covered tightly by the hood on his coat and Scott had his nice posh 'designer' gloves on! It was a lovely day - what the fuck are they going to do when it gets cold? Well the Minister last week said that something needs to be done in Scottish football. Well could I suggest that hamster racing is not the answer! Broxy Bear finished last. Another fucking conspiracy. The world and hamster racing is against us! At least Cash For Kids benefitted. The attendance was announced as 5,674. We took more to Valencia. The second half started with the introduction of the seven foot flute player and within minutes we were camped in their half. The tempo increased, the fans woke up and Kyle created havoc in their defence. Own goal, oneââ?¬â??nil. A great move saw Lafferty square the ball for a Naismith tap in. 2-0, game over. It was like a testimonial now. They were very poor. Celtic will get ten against them and five penalties probably! I noticed a TV camera in front of us pointing in our direction and soon the texts started arriving, I had got a mention on ESPN. Hopefully they noted I was with the boys and not freeloading in the posh seats. To answer the sarcastic questions, my hat was orange, my favourite colour, bought in Valencia, because I was there and my glasses were not borrowed off Jack Duckworth. Have some fucking respect - he does not die until Monday! A mistake from a defender, wide awake Kenny Miller latched onto it and 3-0. This really is a two horse race, even more so than for the last Christ knows how many years. Maybe we should just play them every week! Rangers v Celtic every week - that would be interesting. We could sing our songs and they could practice their spelling on their banners. Boughie tried his best to make a game of it by nearly scoring an own goal, their first effort I think! The Scottish sport of clattering Alan McGregor was practised yet again, before a harsh penalty against Rangers. Walter, you really should start bleating to the press every week. We are going to be cheated against every week you know. The referees are against us! 3-1 and incredibly their announcer states the name of the scorer of St Mirrenââ?¬â?¢s consolation goal! Honesty but probably not the wisest thing to say. He could be joining Chesney on the dole soon. We passed away the closing minutes watching the steward seated in front of us. You may recall I donââ?¬â?¢t like stewards. At Killie I saw the fattest and St Mirren the softest. I am opening up categories. I am looking for the fittest (female) and the dirtiest (female). Well I spend a lot of time alone in Scotland! Suggestions willingly accepted! I wonââ?¬â?¢t be up for the Hibs game, but I am planning to make a suicidal journey from Heathrow next Saturday morning, 470 miles, in time to watch the Aberdeen game, before hosting a dinner in Glasgow on the evening. I am under pressure then to go to Leven on Sunday for their Remembrance Day activities. I will wear my B-L-O-O-T-A-I-N-E-D poppy with pride. AS WE APPROACH REMEMBERANCE DAY LET US REMEMBER FOR ONE MINUTE ALL THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN AND PAID THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. "LEST WE FORGET" http://www.jeffwinterentertainmentandmedia.co.uk/world/0910040.php
  10. Made his comeback from injury for Boro today and lasted 8 minutes. Apparently he was kicked off the park by that wee chunt Michael Brown.
  11. NEW SFA chief executive Stewart Regan has pledged to bring greater haste and clarity to the organisation's disciplinary system after admitting his unease at the timing of Allan McGregor's one-match suspension. Allan McGregor, who was outstanding for Scotland against Spain, trains with Rangers yesterday, but the goalkeeper will miss Rangers' SPL clash with Motherwell today due to a controversial ban Picture: SNS The Rangers goalkeeper will miss his club's SPL match against Motherwell at Ibrox today because of the ban imposed for aiming a kick at Aberdeen striker Chris Maguire during a match at Pittodrie three weeks ago. The incident was not spotted by the match officials at the time but was subsequently referred by the SFA to its independent video review panel. To Regan's discomfort, the judgment on McGregor was passed on Monday, both the chief executive's first day in the job and the eve of the player lining up for Scotland in Tuesday's Euro 2012 qualifier against Spain at Hampden. Rangers manager Walter Smith yesterday described the situation as "embarrassing" and accused the SFA of ignoring "glaring discrepancies" in what he claims is a "flawed" disciplinary process. Within four hours of Smith making his comments at Rangers' weekly media conference, however, there was a response from Regan in the form of a lengthy statement in which he directly addressed the former Scotland manager's complaints. "In light of recent publicity surrounding Allan McGregor's retrospective punishment for violent conduct," said Regan, "I would like to clarify a few points which, hopefully, will better explain the process. "I can understand the media and supporter interest in the situation that arose at the start of the international double-header. The timing was unfortunate - and not how I intended to spend my first day in office - but the investigation process is designed to ensure violent conduct is eradicated from the game, while also providing a support network for match officials who may have missed such instances. "There are elements of the process that I, as a newcomer to the Scottish FA, am not entirely content with. I have already requested a tightening-up of certain elements which I believe will help improve the transparency and functionality of the procedure. It is my intention that formal notification of investigations will be made sooner and that a fixed timescale for any subseqeunt appeal is established. It should be noted that, compared to previous procedures, the current investigation system is now completed within a two-week timeframe and is therefore more efficient." Smith believes Rangers and Celtic suffer a disproportionate number of suspensions such as the one handed out to McGregor as a result of fixtures involving the Old Firm clubs being televised live more than any others in Scotland. Regan, however, dismissed that view. "While some of our more prominent clubs argue that their media exposure leaves them unfairly at risk of such investigations, I would point out that, adopting the same principle, they are also in a position to have a higher percentage of claims for wrongful dismissal acted upon," he said. "Furthermore, we have dealt with many cases from lower divisions using club television or analysis footage. "The process, when initiated by the chief executive, is referred to an independent review panel before being ratified by the chairman of the disciplinary committee. This is a far more streamlined process than previously was the case. It is the responsibility of the referee development department and disciplinary department to be aware of instances that may be worthy of investigation. This will be highlighted primarily by using television footage or feedback from the referee observers." While Regan seeks greater transparency in the SFA system, there will be no change to the anonymity of the pool of former players, managers and referees who make up the independent review panel. "It ensures a cross-section of opinion across the football family," added Regan, "but to reveal their identities on a case-by-case basis would be detrimental to the integrity of the process." Rangers' sense of disquiet over McGregor's punishment has been heightened by the serious ankle injury suffered by Nikica Jelavic during their match against Hearts at Tynecastle two weeks ago. The Croatian striker faces three months on the sidelines as a result of the damage caused by a foul from Ian Black. The Hearts midfielder was booked at the time by referee Craig Thomson, meaning no further action can be taken. "Allan has been suspended for not kicking someone while the lad who kicked Nikica doesn't get suspended," said Rangers captain David Weir. "There doesn't seem to be much logic to it. It wasn't even a tackle (from Black], he just kicked Nikica." Regan, however, will not seek to make any change to the procedure surrounding incidents like the one involving Jelavic and Black, insisting that to do so would undermine the match officials. "It has been mentioned that while the process deals with misconduct missed by a referee, it does not include instances where it is believed a referee 'maybe didn't judge properly'," added Regan. "This falls under the category of claims for wrongful dismissal, a procedure with which clubs are familiar. "It should be emphasised, though, that the investigation process is designed to assist match officials. To intervene in instances that fall between investigations into incidents missed by a match official and claims of wrongful dismissal would compromise the authority of referees in relation to the laws of the game." http://sport.scotsman.com/sport/Allan-McGregor-ban-prompts-SFA.6584285.jp?articlepage=3
  12. JELAVIC'S INJURY DO YOU remember when Kyle Lafferty cheated against Aberdeen to get Charlie Mulgrew sent off? And do you remember too, the number of times the incident was replayed on television? Can you also remember when Lafferty was sent off against Hibernian this season, and the amazing amount of airtime on television this incident was given ? Then, can you remember when Kevin Thomson was sent off against Hearts at Tynecastle last season, and the number of times his silly sideways lunge was repeated on the box? Now hit the fast forward button and let's return to Tynecastle and highlight the moment when a terrible tackle from behind - outlawed by FIFA - by Ian Black on Nikica Jelavic, injured the striker so badly he had to fly home for surgery and is not expected to play again for anything up to four months. But where have all the television replays been of the tackle from a match shown live on ESPN? That's a tricky one, for it has been hard to catch up with them, as on Monday and Tuesday night's Reporting Scotland - the licence fee funded national broadcaster - it appears we are in the midst of some old fashioned height of the Cold War Kremlin-style cover up. And as far as that modern phenomenon, which has fast become an old reliable, YouTube? Well, anyone trying to find the Black tackle which crippled Jelavic there will draw a blank, and be met with the message.... "The clip of the Black tackle on Jelavic has been removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim by the Scottish Premier League." That will be the same Scottish Premier League who have ensured Rangers must face five away matches on the weekends following their six Champions League ties. Does anyone detect a pattern here? Rangers player sins, his sin is missed by the referee, but caught on camera and his sin is shown over and over and over, again and again and again. Or, Rangers player sins, is caught by the referee and punished by him with a red card, and the sin, again caught on camera, is repeated on television over and over and over, again and again and again. As opposed to Rangers player is the victim of a bad tackle - one which many believe merited a red card ,but which was dealt with by a yellow - and is badly injured. And the result??? Blank screens! People are therefore robbed of their right as licence payers to see the clip again and again and again, over and over and over on BBC Scotland's Reporting Scotland at the peak tea time viewing hour, in order that they can form their own judgement. Rangers supporters though must be indebted to Keith Jackson of the Daily Record and Scott Burns of the Scottish Daily Express, for their interviews with Jelavic. It's taken Black long enough to issue a public apology claiming it was an accident, and that the Rangers man was too quick for him. But Jelavic, as quoted in the Record and Express, is having none of it. If the public were given the opportuinity by the BBC, the state funded broadcaster, to view the incident from all the angles - as was the case when Lafferty and Thomson sinned - then a judgement could be formed on whether Black was unlucky, and Jelavic even more unlucky. Or not! That would be justice. For Black, and for Jelavic. For, as I have often stated, for justice to be done, it must be seen to be done. One reporter, who has the inside track at Ibrox, says that senior Rangers sources are seething with anger. The speculation is one senior source is Walter Smith. He spent over �£4m of the meagre transfer budget afforded him by the club's Lloyds Bank paymasters on Jelavic, and the striker was showing every sign of forming an intelligent and lethal partnership with Kenny Miller. There was also - in a sort of perverse way - the bonus of the fact he is ineligble for Europe, meaning Rangers were hoping to look to Jelavic as an injection of fresh legs to the team for the next four away matches they have been ordered by the SPL to play immediately after Champions League ties. His loss in the Champions League - a tournament Rangers cannot possibly hope to win - was therefore balanced by the rest he would have ahead of SPL games, as the champions bid to retain their domestic crown. That benefit would have been seen next when the first Old Firm game of the season takes place at Parkhead a few days after Rangers must face the team settling Spain alight right now, Valencia. Now Jelavic - as a result of the injury he suffered following the tackle by Black, - will not only miss that match, but may still be sidelined when Celtic visit Ibrox on January 2. His injury may turn out to be a Marco Negri moment for Rangers. Whether that proves to be the case or not, in the interest of justice - for Black as well as Jelavice for it would give the Hearts man a chance to prove his claim of his lack of malice - the incident in which the Rangers man is the injured party should be given the same television prominence as those occasions when it has been the Rangers player who has been the sinner. Over and over and over, again and again and again. Pretty hard to disagree with any of that
  13. Published Date: 04 October 2010 HEARTS defender Craig Thomson has been arrested on charges of sending lewd photos of himself to a number of young girls, it was reported today. The 19-year-old player was questioned by detectives after the teenage girls' parents discovered explicit images on a home computer. A police spokesman said: "A 19-year-old man has been arrested and charged and will appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court at a later date." http://edinburghnews.scotsman.com/topstories/9am-Briefing-Hearts-defender-charged.6565416.jp
  14. Ya dirty wee cheating, lying chunt! Obviously playing with his eyes shut!
  15. Just wondering if any of the 6 players who left in the summer are regreting the decision after watching us in champions league action during the week. They might be realising the grass isnt greener on the other side. Obviously there was those who chose to leave and those who were released. Danny Wilson - Hasnt kicked a ball for Liverpool. Didnt even make the bench for their weakened team last night. IMO he should have went somewhere where he woudl be getting regular football. He is only 18 so needs to be playing or he will fizzle down the leagues. He wasnt even a 1 season wonder, he probably had 15 good games playing next to a master at the back. DeMarcus Beasley - Dont know where he is. Steven Smith - Who is he playing for? Nacho Novo - I dont think anyone will grudge Nacho anything, he wanted a 2 year deal. Id say 100% of fans want him to have a good season in Spain. Kevin Thomson - Boro have been awful so far and he is crocked for a while. Kris Boyd - 1 goal so far and 5 poor performances has the pressure on him.
  16. This has been a question we've pondered for some considerable time. How would Rangers and Celtic actually do in England, be it the Championship or the EPL. Well, for the first time, we seem to have a very, very crude guide. A Middlesbrough side mostly made up of some of the best of former Rangers and Celtic: Boyd, Robson, Flood, McManus, Aliadiere, Killen, Thomson and McDonald is struggling in the Championship 5th from bottom. Is this some indication of how either OF team would actually do in that division?
  17. As the transfer window 'slams' shut (why does it never close softly given the usual anti-climax?) at last Scottish football fans across the country can judge the comings and goings at their clubs and decide just how competitive they'll be this season. Thus, at Rangers, after a summer of scaremongering and torment, do we have a stream-lined squad capable of retaining the SPL title or is Celtic's bloated brigade a better strategy for success? An immediate comparison of the two squads in quantity terms shows Celtic have at least 25 players available to Neil Lennon who have all played first team football and could be considered genuine contenders for their first XI. Meanwhile a look at Gersnet's own squad page shows we're less well endowed with only 19 players maximum who can be considered demonstrable candidates for our team. That is a fair difference in personnel numbers before each manager has to look to the McGinn's/McGowan's or Shinnie's/Little's in their reserves when injuries and suspensions inevitably take their toll. So, quantity-wise Celtic undoubtedly have the edge. But what about quality and how do other factors affect both teams' chances of success? Rangers, while losing several players over the summer, still have a strong core to their first XI. Indeed, McGregor, Bougherra, Davis and Miller can justifiably be considered the best players in the SPL in their respective roles. These four players will be key to our chances of success and the loss of any would be a huge blow at any given time. Nonetheless, they are backed up with other reliable and proven colleagues. Certainly, as it has been over the last two seasons, consistency of selection will be one of Rangers continued strength this term. Several players have experienced what it takes to win league titles and Rangers first XI is still very strong in every department. Add in a few signings with the potential to improve this, the loss of players like Wilson, Thomson and Boyd may not be the demoralising blows they seemed at first. In fact it could be argued that while Rangers do have a smaller squad, we do have a better one. Of course squads cannot be discussed without examining the people responsible for instructing them each week. In that respect Rangers have a big advantage on their rivals with Walter Smith and Ally McCoist now having worked together successfully for several years. They know what it is like to win (and lose) while dealing with the unavoidable stresses associated with such difficult jobs. Unfortunately, they'll have to be more flexible than ever with Rangers likely to play at least 6 more games than anyone else via their involvement in the Champions League. This is where our smaller squad will certainly be a handicap. Moving onto Celtic, while they definitely have the kind of numbers to make a strong challenge this year; they do lack other qualities when compared to Rangers. They lack the same core of proven players and the luxuries of a larger squad brings with it the difficulty of consistency of selection - a conundrum Tony Mowbray struggled badly with last season. Therefore, while players like Juarez, Ledley, Stokes and Hooper are solid buys, just how quickly will they gel and how happy will other players be when they are left out? Obviously this is where Lennon's managerial inexperience may count against him. He has made wholesale changes to the squad after not being slow to blame the players for their lack of success last year. Ergo, it will be interesting to see how he deals with any bad times that come his way as he'll be unable to blame them solely this time. Not to mention when players ask why they're not playing this week because of having to accommodate a rotation process due to squad size. All in all it is difficult to make a clear-cut case for Rangers or Celtic winning the title this season. Both have their strengths and weaknesses which will be key as the season progresses. Proof of just how tight this will be can be found by looking at the top of the SPL table after just 3 games. Quality versus quantity it is then - to the victor the spoils! :robbo:
  18. As much as he's an ex player it is still disturbing to hear when any player get's a serious injury especially one who has had two bad knee injuries in the past . Reports from today's Leicster v old firm reserves , games aint positive , he took a real bad one . Good luck Kevin I fear you may need it .
  19. Interesting starting line-up but I'm certainly not convinced by the centre back partnership. Has Whittaker pulled out of the squad? I thought he'd start ahead of Broadfoot. The midfield has a creative look to it. Hopefully we can put in a good display tonight and boost the confidence ahead of the start of the Euro qualifiers. GK: McGregor DR: Broadfoot DL: Wallace DC: Kenneth DC: Berra MR: Robson ML: McFadden MC: Thomson: MC: Adam MC: D. Fletcher FC: S. Fletcher.
  20. Cant work out why on earth there is an international match 3 days before the start of the season. McGregor recalled. 7 Gers players in total, there wont be anyone at Murray Park next week! A further 4 more former Gers players.
  21. ALLY McCOIST last night demanded an end to the Rangers summer sales. The frustrated assistant boss has urged the club's bankers to stop cutting costs and he insisted: Enough is enough. Stars Kris Boyd, Kevin Thomson, Nacho Novo, DaMarcus Beasley, Stevie Smith and Danny Wilson have left Ibrox. So far gaffer Walter Smith has been unable to bring in any replacements. Club legend McCoist fears other players could be sold. He said: "If we lost any more it would disappoint me. "The possibility exists but I would hope that wouldn't be the case. Looking at the squad do I think we've reach the stage where enough's enough? Yes, absolutely. "Look at the players we've lost - Thommo, Danny, Nacho, Boydy, Stevie, DaMarcus. Have I missed anyone? "That's a lot of squad players to lose without being replaced. "You'd have to say it's time to start replacing them now rather than losing any more. "Do the people behind the scenes at the bank appreciate that? I hope so, I really hope so." McCoist insists they will NOT just sign players for the sake of it. He said: "Looking at the lads we've lost, it's safe to say we'd like to get one or two in. "We will do that, we'll definitely do that. "There is absolutely no point in just getting bodies to make up the numbers. You've got to get the right bodies. "If that takes time then so be it but I feel for the fans. They will be sitting asking: 'Where are the new signings?' "We have to get it right for them." Coisty hopes kid Wilson doesn't regret turning his back on regular football at Ibrox to join Liverpool. He added: "If I was Danny my view would have been to get another year's experience at Rangers." Read more: http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/sport/spl/3067255/McCoist-Enough-of-sales.html#ixzz0uYMNLcBt
  22. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/2010/07/22/we-will-sign-the-players-to-help-walter-smith-win-three-in-a-row-for-rangers-pledges-chief-martin-bain-86908-22431209/
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