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  1. Its one of those typical, standard interviews from a fed-up player or more likely his agent. Maybe he will be for the off after all to boost the transfer kitty? That might make sense with Weir being first choice and us having a few candidates who could come in alongside him. Besides, if Webster is going to cost us �£500,000 or so, we could pay for him from Svensson's fee and have money to spare. Taken from the Daily R*cord:
  2. The 31 year old Swede who is currently with Heerenveen, is transfer free in the summer and is attracting interest from Italy, England and Glasgow Rangers in Scotland. I often thought he would be a good defender in the Scottish game and he scores a few as well. He is a no nonsense hard as nails defender who will go through a brick wall to get the ball and he can play football as well. I think he would be great next to Weir next year. Maybe he would bring Svennsson on as well.
  3. Good news for us, i really didnt want him at Ibrox. A decent player for Motherwell but thats it. He done his job for us on helicopter sunday. I actually wonder what the tim reaction is to this.
  4. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/tm_headline=only-place-for-these-savages-is-carstairs%26method=full%26objectid=18808942%26siteid=66633-name_page.html ONLY PLACE FOR THESE SAVAGES IS CARSTAIRS Carstairs maniacs on road to freedom Exclusive by Craig Mcdonald TWO of Scotland's most deranged knife fiends are to take their first steps towards freedom. Gregor McGurk and Owen Bonner - whose crimes shocked Scotland - have been deemed fit for a move out of the maximum-security State Hospital at Carstairs. They'll be housed instead at a lesser secure unit close to Edinburgh city centre - next to a primary school. McGurk, 42, beat his father to death with a cricket bat in 1997 - then cut off his head with a knife and kicked it around a car park. Bonner, 39, held two women hostage in 1994, slashing them repeatedly and boasting he was "worse than the devil". He had just been released from a previous spell in Carstairs when he carried out the attack. The transfer to Orchard clinic is the first move towards release for the pair. The clinic is locked but conditions are far from prison-like and patients are allowed escorted outside visits. Sources yesterday told of their shock McGurk and Bonner were being moved there. An insider said: "These are two of the worst offenders there are - even by Carstairs standards. "There is considerable concern over their move out of a maximum-security environment. "There was disbelief at first when the plans were first rumoured. Now there's concern that this pair could be back on the streets sooner rather than later." McGurk and Bonner are among several patients who have had their security status downgraded, despite being judged by Scots courts to pose a serious threat to public safety. New laws introduced to comply with the European Convention on Human Rights allowed Carstairs patients to challenge their security grading. A source said: "Several patients have applied for moves following a ruling last year. It's come about because of European law, as these things seem to do. "Moving patients to lesser secure units allows them to be monitored with a view to their eventual release back into the community. "The fact McGurk and Bonner are moving is a major shock. "They're capable of anything, as they've shown in the past. "The feeling is there's only one place for them - and that's Carstairs with its maximum-security conditions." The pair are earmarked to move to the medium-secure Orchard Clinic, in Morningside, in May. It's just a couple of miles from the city centre and yards from schools. Earlier this year, convicted killer James Cowan - also a former Carstairs patient - absconded from the clinic and went on the run. He handed himself in to police in Greenock last month. The Orchard Clinic is Scotland's first medium-secure psychiatric unit and is situated in the grounds of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. CCTV cameras and sensor alarms cover the clinic grounds but there is no perimeter fence. The 50-bed clinic opened in November 2000. Public meetings had to be held in an effort to reassure worried locals. The unit has several security features, including reversible door hinges to prevent patients barricading themselves inside a room. The unit has an exercise room, therapeutic kitchen and art room and costs around �£5million a year to run. The facility is located adjacent to the 50-acre campus of private George Watson's College, which includes a nursery in its grounds and has pupils ranging from the ages of three to 18. A hospital source said it's "a matter of time" before patients are let out of the clinic alone to go shopping locally. Dozens of patients are thought to have absconded and five years ago, eight went missing in the space of 12 months. Sources stressed not all of them were secure-unit patients, who are banned from leaving the hospital and its grounds. Nurses have also raised fears that staffing levels are inadequate. However, bosses say the clinic offers better care to people who no longer need to be in Carstairs. Carstairs, which has 240 patients, describes its task as looking after " individuals with mental disorders who, because of their dangerous, violent or criminal propensities, cannot be cared for in any other setting". A Carstairs spokeswoman said last night she was unable to comment on individual cases. But she said: "A patient would be considered for transfer from the State Hospital to a lesser secure unit once their mental health had improved and their behaviour was settled for a prolonged period. "There is an ongoing process of risk-assessment and management, including assessment of the appropriate level of security for patients. "Staff in a less-secure unit would be sent detailed information about the patient and invited to assess the patient and attend a case conference. "There is usually a programme of visits to the unit before any transfer takes place." SNP justice spokesman Kenny MacAskill said last night: "This is very concerning and very surprising, considering the nature of the crimes. "If these men are to be released from Carstairs into less secure units, then we have to be assured that appropriate assessments have been made and actions to assure public safety have been taken." Scottish Conservative party leader Annabel Goldie said: "There can be no compromise on public safety. "I am becoming very concerned that dangerous criminals who should be kept in the most secure accommodation, such as Carstairs, are increasingly being put in less secure places, such as the Orchard Clinic in Edinburgh. "The consequences if the authorities get it wrong are too horrible to contemplate." RECORD VIEW: Page Eight Hacked off dad's head MCGURK beat his father Benny with a cricket bat, then sawed through his throat with a serrated knife. He then booted his dad's severed head around a car park. The scene in quiet Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, in 1997 was so sickening, that special trauma centres had to be set up to help shocked witnesses. After the killing, McGurk calmly walked home and sat in his flat, still holding the bloodstained knife and bat. He told an ambulanceman he did it because: "He killed my mother." But his mother Margaret had died a few years previously from natural causes. McGurk pleaded guilty to the culpable homicide of Benny, 60, as a result of diminished responsibility. He was sent to the State Mental Hospital at Carstairs without limit of time. Worse than the Devil BONNER boasted he was "worse than the devil" as he held two women hostage in a five-hour siege in 1994. He forced Geraldine Henderson, 31, and Louise Ward, 27, to pray after pouncing on them in the Marshall's Chunky Chicken factory in Coatbridge. Bonner cut both women. As he held the knife at Geraldine's throat, he gave her horrified colleagues just an hour to come back with �£10,000 for him. He made bizarre demands, including TV cameras, a Michael Jackson outfit and the star's album Thriller. Later, it emerged Bonner had been released from Carstairs a year earlier. A High Court jury was directed to find Bonner insane.
  5. i like reading big fat eck's column (someone persuade him to transfer his blog to gersnet!). he's got a generally different opinion on last night - some comments: the whole article is good, aparts from just these snippets, you can read it here: http://rangers.openfootball.co.uk/index.php/2007/03/09/god-save-brahim-gers-1-osasuna-1/ what do you think, is there a silver lining? (p.s i promise no more topics starting with 'the')
  6. Of the guys who are guaranteed to be here and with those currently leaving (Novo, Prso, Klos etc) is this the best line-up we can start next year? McGregor Hutton Weir Webster Smith Burke Fergie Thomson Adam Boyd Gow With subs from: Gk - Robinson RB - Lowing CB - Ehiogu Svensson Broadfoot Papac (?) LB - Murray (Also a CB) Midfield - Hemdani Buffel Sionko(maybes) Forwards - Sebo (Have I forgotten any first team squad players?) Anyway, looking at that line-up, i'm happy with AM in goal and AH at RB. I know many fans aren't, but I think they do their job and we have more pressing concerns. If we get a "war chest" from somewhere and sort out all other positions, then look at buying players better than these two. Right now I don't beleive it is a viable option in terms of how we use any transfer budget. However we do need to look at bringing in competition for both positions within our budget. I actually think the CB position is looking very strong. A quick turnaround there from WS afterwhat PLG left him. Experienced heads of Weir, Webster and Ehiogu who can hopefully bring on the youngsters of Svensson and Broadfoot. Papac may very well be let go. LB also looks fine to me. Smith is a cracking wee player who can and will improve, and although Murray is not the same attacking threat he is an able deputy who can also fill in in most other positions. With Rae and Clement off, the midfield begins to look very light. I don't think we have the players to suit a formation incorporating Hemdani, Thomson and Fergie. Fergie has to start whenever fit. Our best and only top class player. You have to ask how likely is it that Thomson will not start most games. WS is not likely to be able to afford many �£2million players, so you would expect Thomson to play. This begs the question, would Hemdani be happy as back up at CM and CB? Or will WS look to buy the players to fit this 4-4-1-1 type formation? With NN not being offered a new contract as of yet, who covers CA and CB on the wings? Does WS have Sionko in his plans? I'm not so sure. Cover on both wings is a neccessity, although maybe Gow has been bought with LM in mind. The centre forward position is also a worry. Looking at the available players, Boyd and Gow would be likely first choices. Boyd is guaranteed goals, but you need other goal threats for when Boyd has an off day as is stated when he's not scoring he's not often effective. Sebo and perhaps Buffel (although WS already tried to sell him) look like the only back up. God help us. Does NN deserve a new contract. Can Prso show he is fit enough for another year? Looking at that potential first XI it would be solid, but short on quality in midfield and more importantly upfront. The squad would also be severely lacking in depth. If Prso can prove his fitness he has to be kept on. Depending on other options, it may also be worthwhile keeping Nacho on for another couple of years although I am undecided on this one. The potential signings of Brown, McCulloch and McDonald are essential imo. They would add some fight to the team and depth and quality to the squad. However it would not fill the other mhob with dread. A potential starting line up may then look as follows: McGregor Hutton Weir Webster Smith Brown Fergie Thomson McCulloch Boyd McDonald With the following pushing for a start: Robinson Ehiogu (Svensson) Adam Burke Prso (For key games and impact substitutions. He couldn't last a full season.) Novo I would sell Sebo and Buffel and look at the "problem" positions of RB and GK. An improving squad but still severely lacking in depth and that extra bit of quality. Certainly, the recent signings by WS and the potential (expected) signings of Brown, McCulloch and McDonald are taking steps in the right direction, but typing this has just made me realsie what more is needed.
  7. Last Updated: Tuesday, 6 March 2007, 16:21 GMT E-mail this to a friend Printable version Police investigate Mikel transfer Teenager Mikel joined Chelsea in June last year Norwegian police say they are investigating the transfer of Nigerian midfielder Mikel Jon Obi to Chelsea. The 19-year-old joined the Blues from Lyn Oslo in June 2006, after initially agreeing to sign for Manchester United. "The case is about document forgery and that is serious," said Oslo police attorney Paal Hernaes. Mikel agreed to join United in April 2005 but later said he had been pressurised into signing for the club and agreed to move to the Blues. In June, Chelsea announced they had reached a financial settlement with United and Lyn under which they would pay United �£12m and the Norwegian club �£4m. The police expect to complete their investigation by early April
  8. RANGERS are believed to be keeping tabs on Poland striker Grzegorz Rasiak, of Southampton. The 6ft 3in, 28-year-old has bagged 19 goals this season in Saints' push to get back into the Premiership. Gers No.3 Kenny McDowall went to look at Rasiak in Saturday's 1-0 win over Ipswich, but the former Derby County and Spurs man was an unused sub. Rasiak was signed from White Hart Lane last May in a �£2m deal after failing to make an impact in London. advertisement But the 35-times capped Poland frontman, who was a team-mate of Celtic duo Maciej Zurawski and Artur Boruc at the World Cup last year, has shone since his transfer to Southampton. Gers boss Walter Smith is keeping his options open on the striking front with Dado Prso's future still unclear. But he knows he needs to add firepower to a front line that has relied solely on the Kris Boyd's goals this season. I suppose we will be linked with many players in the next few months.
  9. I'm sure most of you guys know about "A Horse With No Name's" fantastic Excel stats file available to download on the fine RM site. http://www.rangersmedia.com/stats.html Unfortunately, the legendary poster above is unable to continue updating the file and because of the obvious problems in uploading and downloading the 30Mb file after every update a solution had to be found to keep the file going. I'm delighted to say that Gersnet will be making a large contribution to that. Not only will be looking to improve the file in the next wee while, I'll be porting the vast majority of it over to our Joomla main site. The initial data transfer will obviously be time-consuming but it will be worth some hard work to get this stats archive online. After the initial work, it will then be pretty easy to update the stats in real time without the need for large and slow downloads. I'm pleased to say that gisabeer will be helping me out with this project. He has experience of similar tasks and the time necessary to help me keep everything updated on a daily basis. Bear with me as we get the stats ported over but getting the use of this file means the Rangers Archive project will march on very quickly over the next week or 2. Once it's online every Gersnet user and every Rangers fan will hopefully get some great use out of the resource which is sadly missing from the official club website.
  10. Good luck to Andy and hopefully we will see him in action before the season ends
  11. WALTER Smith could be set to hand Stefan Klos a dramatic return for Rangers at Rugby Park this Sunday. The German keeper, who has made only three SPL starts in two years, may have to replace injured No.1 Allan McGregor. McGregor missed the Scotland gathering at Turnberry to have intensive treatment at Murray Park for a groin injury. It's understood he would have been forced to sit on the sidelines had Rangers still been involved in the Scottish Cup at the weekend, but the extra week has given him hope of recovering in time. advertisement Klos made himself a huge favourite with the Ibrox legions before a string of injuries, and a loss of form, made it impossible for him to win his place back. McGregor has put in some fine displays so far this season and has been rewarded with a Scotland call-up, so he'll want to keep his first team place. It's believed Smith has no problem with bringing Klos back, but will back McGregor if he can convince the Rangers medical department he is fit. Meanwhile, Rangers' Euro rivals Hapoel Tel Aviv have not been slow to replace axed boss Yitzhak Schum. The new boss is Nir Levin, and that could be good news for Smith. Former Dundee United player Jan Telesnikov said: "The change of manager won't do them any good. "They've succeeded in getting rid of a very popular coach who had great success with Panathinaikos, leading them to a Greek league and cup double before coming home. "The Hapoel fans loved Schum and have been standing up for him all season with some dirty tricks politics going on behind the scenes. "Levin is a younger coach who has been out of work for some time. I just don't see how he can have any impact in the short space of time before the Rangers matches." In another surprise, Gers flop Julien Rodriguez, who quit for Marseille during the transfer window, has been called into the France squad as cover for the injured Philippe Mexes for tomorrow's game with Argentina. Publication date 06/02/07 This will make Gribz happy.
  12. Former Celt rejects Gers Thu, Feb 01 2007 18:45 Mark Fotheringham has revealed he snubbed Rangers to join Norwich - because he wanted to play a higher standard of football. The former Celtic star joined on transfer deadline day along with fellow Scot, Simon Lappin, who arrived from Scottish Premier League side St Mirren. Fotheringham had been training with Rangers for a week and looked set to join Walter Smith's men. However, having watched Peter Grant's side take on Wolves at Carrow Road on Tuesday evening, the 24-year-old was quick to change his mind. The former Dundee player said: "I went to watch Rangers against Hearts at the weekend, it was alright but I think the standard is a lot stronger in the Championship as a whole, with the amount of teams and the size of the clubs here so that was obviously a big decision for me but, I am just delighted to be down here, I'm buzzing." Fotheringham looks set to make his debut against Leeds at Carrow Road this weekend and admits he is excited about lining up with his new team-mates for the first time. "I am so impressed with the squad, we have got some good players here and I just can't wait to get started playing with them," he added.
  13. Just wondering, what is our current debt and what's our wage bill looking like now? If I was a Jambo, those figures would scare the living daylights out of me. Even moreso when they probably only have Craig Gordon who could now command a decent transfer fee and they're out of the cup as well. Are they not in danger of a downward spiral out of control now?
  14. ... in terms of tactics and personnel for next season. I think the side might look something like this: ____________________McGregor___________________ Hutton______Webster____________Ehiogu_______Smith ________Hemdani_____Ferguson____Thomson________ ________Brown________Boyd_____McCulloch_________ I agree we need another right back which might help Hutton achieve a better level of consistency. With Klos leaving, we'll need another goalie unless we give the impressive Lee Robinson a chance as deputy. In midfield, Hemdani might move on but I think he'd get on well alongside Thomson or playing just in front of the back 4 enabling Ferguson to get forward. Brown and McCulloch could be signed for a combined �£3-3.5million and both of them would make good buys for deeper, wider roles while supporting Boyd as the poacher. With Klos, Prso and Buffel all set to move on that will free up money for wages so that way we'll be able to afford the 3 or 4 players we need. In saying that guys like Burke, Adam, Murray, Novo and Svensson et al might still be able to provide adequate back-up for a better quality first XI. I just hope we have a 2nd place finish and CL football to help fund any transfer fees. We can ill-afford to finish 4rd again. That would be a disaster. PS: Trying to get back posting now after a hectic few weeks making the new RST website and real work... Let's get Gersnet buzzing again!
  15. pete

    Adda Djeziri

    http://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,16368,1861_1888090,00.html Rangers have signed Danish striker Adda Djeziri on loan from BK Frem until the end of the season, when they may strike a permanent deal. The 18-year-old was recruited before the transfer window closed on Wednesday night, it has emerged, and will now have the chance to earn a permanent move to Ibrox. Djeziri said: "It's a big club. Everything about the club is good and it works well for everyone, so I am very pleased." The low-profile deal may not have an immediate impact on the first team, but Rangers will be hoping that Djeziri does enough to justify a long-term stay in Glasgow. Previous Danes to have enjoyed success at Ibrox include Brian Laudrup and Peter Lovenkrands. BK Frem head coach Anders Theil said: "It is of course a shame that we won't have Adda here this spring, but he has the chance to prove himself in Scotland. "It's good for Adda, and he could join Rangers after the loan period and BK Frem could receive some money." Theil said: "He's got good potential and he's a very quick player, but he is still young. "I don't think he will be near the first team in the first half year, although they have the option to buy him in the summer." Meanwhile Rangers are in no rush to sign Falkirk striker Alan Gow to a pre-contract agreement. They confirmed to Falkirk last week, after having three bids for the 24-year-old rejected, that it was their intention to bring Gow to Ibrox in the summer. With Gow in the final six months of his contract, Rangers are entitled to talk with the player, however a club spokesman confirmed that nothing was imminent. This went by without anything being said and not on the official site. Is it true or just another website rumour.
  16. bmck


    get your predictions in now as to what will happen before the transfer deadline closes. the winner gets a pint. i think: hartley in gow in buffel out
  17. was listening to the real radio phone in last night to catch up on the transfer gossip. Timmy after Timmy was phoning and texting in saying Keane was at Celtic Park right now for talks. Delighted so they were. One guy even phoned up to say his mate drove him there. 5 minutes later Keane was named in the Spurs starting line up for the Arsenal game!
  18. Just a thread for us to post the latest "news" from the papers and rumours. Lots of places are carrying the Hartley story. Rumours still persist that we've also bid for Nielson and/or Gordon. The latter I still find very hard to believe, but Nielson might make sense if Walter doesn't rate Hutton. Besides, the NOTW reckons Bayern and Arsenal are in for Gordon at 6M, but then it is the NOTW we're talking about. The Buffel story is also mentioned in a few places. Any more?
  19. Gribz

    1 day to go

    Transfer window closes tomorrow and it would be nice to get at least 2 of our targets in. This will allow them to gel and settle for our title launch next season. And also try and get us another few rounds in the UEFA cup. Our defence is sorted for the season bar maybe a RB. But id like to see Webster sign permanently and we wont have to worry about sloppy centre halfs for a while. Id also like McCulloch in. He would be my first choice target at the moment. He can play on the left, not as a natural winger, but a more solid midfielder. He also props up with goals and will be suited to the scottish game. Dont know whats happening with Hartley, Buba says the deal is dead - maybe he can shed some light??? But he will improve the team aswell. I think those 2 would be enough to get us through until the summer. I dont fancy Gow or Fotheringham. Upfront we still have 4 strikers but its time to play Sebo from the start and I can see him coming good for us.
  20. The Italian Football Federation's disciplinary committee has summoned Serie A leaders Inter Milan to respond to claims of falsifying papers concerning the transfer of goalkeeper Simone Brunelli, according to a report by Reuters. Brunelli transferred from AC Milan to Inter Milan in 2003, but after being loaned to several lower division clubs, he claimed the signature on the transfer document was not his. Inter Milan could be fined if found guilty. The transfer is also the focus of a separate investigation by Milan magistrates into false accounting by the two clubs. Last week, Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti and AC Milan vice-president Adrian Galliani were interviewed in an investigation into the way the two clubs controlled its balance sheets by inflating the prices of players it buys and sells. Neither of the men has been charged. The magistrates said they would hand over their conclusions to the FIGC, which would then decide if it would open its own investigation. Last September, Rome magistrates called for the president of AS Roma, Franco Sensi, and the former president of Lazio, Sergio Cragnotti, to stand trial for false accounting. Both men deny the accusations.
  21. Danish starlet Adda Djeziri is being tipped to move to Rangers before the close of the transfer window. The teenage forward trained with the Scottish giants last week and is understood to have impressed Walter Smith and Ally McCoist. He currently plays for BK Frem and reports have suggested he would cost Rangers a fee of �£125,000. Frem chairman Hans Hermansen has confirmed talks have taken place and appears optimistic a deal will be concluded before the window shuts. "A couple of details remain to be discussed, but I am convinced that the transfer will take place this month," said Hermansen. Seems to be the new Lovenkrands
  22. Again, according to sky sports Hannover want to sign Rangers midfielder Thomas Buffel. The Bundesliga side believe the 25-year-old can bolster their midfield, but Rangers boss Walter Smith may be unwilling to part with the Belgian during the transfer window. Hannover's Sporting director Christian Hochstatter is believed to be set to fly to Glasgow in an effort to secure a deal for Buffel, who cost Rangers �£2.3million in 2005. Head coach Dieter Hecking said: "I�´m not the right person to ask to say whether a deal is possible before January 31. "But if we fly over there, I'm sure there�´s a chance for him to play (for Hannover) in the second half of the season." However, Smith has already indicated his desire to increase his midfield options after losing Jeremy Clement to Paris St Germain. "At this time of year, it's not ideal to lose someone unless you can bring someone else in," said Smith.
  23. Much has been written about the abrupt departure of Mr PLG and the reappointment of Mr Smith and the possible reasons behind PLGââ?¬â?¢s departure, but nothing is going to change the fact that Walter Smith (plus Ally McCoist and Kenny McDowell) has replaced the much lauded (well, before his arrival in Govan) Frenchman. For sometime now, probably since Dick Advocaatââ?¬â?¢s departure, it has been obvious that Rangers needed a period of stability, whilst David Murray downsized our ambitions as we were in uncontrollable debt. In retrospect, Alex McLeish gave us a period (2 years) of stability where he appeared to have steadied the ship, won us trophies (albeit both Championships were won on the last day of the seasons) whilst the ââ?¬Ë?top earnersââ?¬â?¢ ââ?¬â?? hence the ââ?¬Ë?decentââ?¬â?¢ players were sold and replaced with inferior ââ?¬Ë?talentââ?¬â?¢. Last season was unbearable for most of us, the record run of defeats, horsed out of both cups in the early stages but we had have a decent run in the Champions League and were in truth, very unlucky to be put out by a very good Villarreal team. When it was revealed in these very pages (thank you Mr KPTB) that PLG was going to be replace AM we were all delighted and after the ââ?¬Ë?official announcementââ?¬â?¢ we all looked forward to ââ?¬Ë?moonbeams of successââ?¬â?¢ and ââ?¬Ë?substantial financial investmentââ?¬â?¢ Ã?© David Murray. Now, it is safe to say that most of us were unimpressed with PLGââ?¬â?¢s dealings in the transfer market (partly blamed of the miserly transfer kitty he was given) but we all thought that PLG would mould them into decent players and therefore, us into a decent team. The first signs were encouraging, then, well, it went tits up. Knocked out of the CIS cup by St Johnstone, the first time in our history that we had lost, at home, to lower league opposition and a woeful 17 points the beggars in the SPL and struggling to cement even 2nd place. The arguments for sacking and retaining PLG were fascinating, the reasons for his eventual sacking clouded (depending on what version of events you believe). However, as I said above, that is all history and we have WS, AMc and KMc in charge and they have been installed to act as a stabilizing team. Now, whether you agree with their installation, I donââ?¬â?¢t think any Rangers fan can deny that we need stabilization and I am sure that the current management/coaching team can deliver this. What I am not so sure is if they are the team to project Rangers in the ââ?¬Ë?long-termââ?¬â?¢. On my humble opinion, what David Murray has done, as he had done with the AM and PLG appointments, is bought himself some time. No-one, even Murrayââ?¬â?¢s greatest detractors, which I am one off, can deny that Murray can manipulate and buy himself time. He has effectively bought himself a further 12-18 months by appointing ââ?¬Ë?Rangers legendsââ?¬â?¢ knowing the fans are unlikely to turn on them if things go bad, we are more likely to support / give more time to them. If DM thought that appointing the ââ?¬Ë?dream teamââ?¬â?¢ was a long-term solution, he would have put another ââ?¬Ë?layerââ?¬â?¢ of management in place between Smith and McCoist. Someone like Billy Davies, Gus McPherson or even Stuart McCall as they would be better place / more experienced than Ally McCoist to take over from Walter Smith. Now, this may happen in the summer, I sincerely hope that it does. PLG ââ?¬â?? Right Manager, Wrong Time Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but I remember talking to a few guys on our supporters bus who had reservations about PLGââ?¬â?¢s signing. Their biggest concern was his lack of communication skills and the fact that he had been out of football for so long. I didnââ?¬â?¢t agree with them, but in hindsight, they may have had a point. Whether this affected his ability to be a success in Scotland is up for debate, but it certainly didnââ?¬â?¢t help (neither did his signing nor Barry Ferguson, depending on whoââ?¬â?¢s side you are on! Lets be brutally honest here, weââ?¬â?¢ll never know the real story thatââ?¬â?¢s for sure). My thoughts that PLG was the right manager for Rangers, but was given the job at the wrong time. I would have loved to have seen PLG as Rangers manager when we had financial stability and money to invest in the squad and when the Youth Set-Up was properly funded and run. In saying that, that is all hypothetical, as under David Murrayââ?¬â?¢s leadership, that is never going to happen. Willie Gardiner Ex-Rangers and Boââ?¬â?¢ness United player Willie Gardiner sadly passed away a few weeks back. Willie signed for Rangers from the ââ?¬Ë?BUââ?¬â?¢sââ?¬â?¢ in 1950 and played under the legendary Mr Struth. He managed a total of 31 appearances for Rangers, scoring 19 goals before being sold to Leicester City where he went on to score 34 goals in his first season for The Foxes. Cammy F ââ?¬â?? We Are The Peopleââ?¬Â¦.
  24. http://www.gersnet.info/fmrangers/newmain/110107.html First of all I think itââ?¬â?¢s quite important that we keep an element of perspective in this article. Not many Rangers fans like Bain in a personal way and that can often cloud judgement when it comes to the job he does. Martin Bain first joined Rangers in 1996 serving under former commercial manager Bob Reilly. At that time football was in the midst of a commercial explosion; TV money was high even in Scottish football and other opportunities were there to be grasped because of that huge media exposure. As a result, Bain ââ?¬â?? like other members of the commercial team ââ?¬â?? can say he was partly responsible for bringing in the large amounts of money to the club in those heady days. Because of his relatively young age in those days ââ?¬â?? he was 29 when he joined the club ââ?¬â?? Bainââ?¬â?¢s potential was spotted early by the senior staff. Although not having a background in football his good work in the commercial arm helped him secure the (rather vague and general) post of ââ?¬Ë?Director of Football Businessââ?¬â?¢ in late 2002 ââ?¬â?? a year after being appointed to the Rangers board. Of course that season really saw the Rangers financial downsizing begin in earnest. Although Mikel Arteta joined the club for a near Ã?£6million, Rangers fans started to see the influx of below average Bosman players such as Kevin Muscat ââ?¬Ë?complimentââ?¬â?¢ the squad. Alex McLeish was the manager and it was soon obvious that he, and Bain to be fair, would have a difficult job on their hands delivering success to the restraints of a club trying to ship excess baggage to attain an even financial keel. To that end, they were reasonably successful. McLeish delivered 7 trophies and Martin Bain made some difficult decisions to ensure Rangers (as of their 2005/06 accounts) were back almost into the black. Of course both still suffered for their thankless work. McLeish couldnââ?¬â?¢t achieve real consistency, and, as the Ibrox Scrooge, Bain was the ultimate supportersââ?¬â?¢ scapegoat of an unimaginative board and a chairman who had disappeared for a few years and lacked the ambition of his initial spell. In February 2005, nine years after his first arrival at Ibrox, Bain was appointed Rangersââ?¬â?¢ 4th Chief Executive. David Holmes was the first such employee and no-one can forget the club-changing work he did under the Marlborough administration. Since then, the club has had another 2 such CEOââ?¬â?¢s - Alan Montgomery and Bob Brannan (now the chairman of Dundee). Both perhaps had it easier than Bain working in less stressful times. Unfortunately, it was around this time that Bain was starting to make mistakes that this high-profile job couldnââ?¬â?¢t afford. Dragan Mladenovic, Jose Pierre-Fanfan and Olivier Bernard were just 3 examples of players that had to be paid off their lucrative contracts. Meanwhile rumours of staff fall-outs were rife. Retail director Nick Peel, long time club secretary Campbell Ogilvie and Youth manager George Adams were all moved on in quick succession amid rumours of disagreements with Bain. In more recent times, Bain has also been seen as incompetent in other areas. On holiday in the Alps while Paul le Guen and Barry Ferguson had their much publicised fall out and failing to get any sort of fee for players on the transfer list. Bainââ?¬â?¢s biggest detractors point to the success of Celtic and specifically their CEO ââ?¬â?? Peter Lawwel ââ?¬â?? as the main evidence for his failure. Continuing and unacceptable media problems, continued transfer market underperformance and continued poor relationships with his staff and our fans are all a marked contrast to Lawwel ââ?¬â?? who has to operate under the same financial restrictions and in the same market as Bain. In the last year we have seen 2 managers sacked from Rangers. The last 2 seasons have also delivered no trophies to our club. That is wholly unacceptable and that underperformance can be attributed to the mistakes and incompetence of Martin Bain. Sure, could be argued that, in the same way as the departing managers, he has suffered from a lack of backing from a chairman who seems to lack the fight and ambition for the challenges we face. However, our now infecund owner canââ?¬â?¢t be sacked which leaves the right hand man he groomed for the job. Mistakes have been rife and success has disappeared. Martin Bain should no longer be the Rangers Chief Executive. Now, is the time to make that change.
  25. Julien Rodriquez is set to join Marseille today on a free transfer subject to an in-progress medical.
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