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  1. Well I posted a pic from Football Manager in the Papac thread earlier and it got me thinking, before we moved forums, the Football Manager thread was the 2nd most popular behind the Totty Thread (no shame in it).. so thought I'd see if folk like colshy and chris were still into it. I got bored shitless of it, then got an update today with all the Transfer Window shit done on it, so made me wanna play it again. I'm bland, I went Rangers to see the new folk etc. and I'm really into it again. Thought it'd be a challenge to see if I could use PLG's formation and make it work, so here's the team, sorry the pic's so small, didn't wanna hog space. Bigger version: http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/853/gersxilf4.jpg With it being updated and all, found this funny.. Still dosen't cease to amaze me. Hearts are really good in this.. top after 12 games, even though I beat them 3-1 at Tynecastle on the opening day and 5-1 at Ibrox just there. I feared Celtic would walk it with JVOH etc. but they're mediocre.. brushed aside 1-0 at Ibrox with a Jeremy Clement header. Lovely. So aye, with FM2007 coming out in October.. thought I'd try to get back into the swing of things.. am I the only oen still playing away at this? The missus being away to see Robbie Williams the night also gave me encouragement to get stuck into it Here's the update, all of the summer shit done.. http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.ph...CCF7A01340F340 Edit: Here's a kind of version 2 of this update, it fixes the "join dates" of Gravesen, Tevez, Mascherano, Anelka and so on and stops them wanting to leave right away. http://rapidshare.de/files/31749021/Scene-united_020906.zip.html This ones a bit harder to update. When you open up the RAR file, there'll be a bunch of files. Go into: My Computer/C: Drive/Program Files/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2006/data/db Then keep that open, and drag all the files from the RAR folder into there, and it'll ask if you want to over-write, just click "Yes to all".
  2. ... i think back in the day when we were making exciting transfers this was less common. do you think people are just not as interested in the spl now since the chance of exciting signings etc is so low?
  3. He's out for most of the season after injuring his cruciate ligament in his knee. What is it with ex Arsenal players leaving on free transfers to Spanish teams and injuring themselves before the season starts? Edu signed for Valencia this time last season and fucked his knee and missed the whole season. http://home.skysports.com/list.aspx?hlid=411268&CPID=23&clid=449&lid=2&title=Injury+shocker+for+Pires
  4. Guest

    Football Manager

    Has any anybody got a recent patch for all the lastest transfers. cheers
  5. And what is mor einteresting is that some can go on Free Transfers if they go outside Italy!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/m/man_utd/5189828.stm I know it is a Man Ure story but the content is interesting.
  6. A true story and its source was the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service in Adelaide. A bloke and his family were on holidays in the United States and went to Mexico for a week. An avid cactus fan, the man bought one-metre high, rare and expensive cactus there. On arrival back home Australian Customs said it must be quarantined for 3 months. He finally got his cactus home. Planted it in his backyard, and over time it grew to about 2 metres. One evening while watering his garden after a warm spring day, he gave the cactus a light spray. He was amazed to see the plant shiver all over, he gave it another spray and it shivered again. He was puzzled so he rang the council who put him on to the state gardens people. After a few transfers he got the state's foremost cactus expert who asked him many questions. How tall is it? Has it flowered? Etc. Finally he asked the most disturbing question. "Is your family in the house?" The bloke answered yes. The cactus expert said get out of the house NOW, get on to the front nature strip and wait for me; I will be there in 20 minutes. Fifteen minutes later, 2 fire trucks, 2 police cars and an ambulance came screaming around the corner. A fireman got out and asked "Are you the bloke with the cactus?" I am, he said. A guy jumped out of the fire truck wearing what looked like a space suit, a breathing cylinder and mask attached to what looked like a scuba backpack with a large hose attached. He headed for the backyard and turned a flame-thrower on the cactus spraying it up and down. After a few minutes the flame-thrower man stopped, the cactus stood smoking and spitting, half the fence was burnt and parts of the gardens were well and truly scorched. Just then the cactus expert appeared and laid a calming hand on the bloke's shoulder. "What the hell's going on?" he says. "Let me show you" says the cactus man. He went over to the cactus and picked away a crusty bit, the cactus was almost entirely hollow and filled with tiger striped bird-eating tarantula spiders, each about the size of two hand spans. The story was that this type of spider lays eggs in this type of cactus and they hatch and live in it as they grow to full size. When full size they release themselves. The cactus just explodes and about 150 dinner plate sized hairy spiders are flung from it, dispersing everywhere. They had been ready to pop. The aftermath was that the house and the adjoining houses had to be vacated and fumigated: police tape was put up outside the whole area and no one was allowed in for two weeks. And here's what one of the b*stards looks like sitting on a FULL SIZE dinner plate�..
  7. Really hope he makes a go of it there. At least he's not going to be afraid to give the kids eome 1stt eam experience
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