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  1. Alasdair Lamont ‏@BBCAlLamont 33m Rangers chief exec Graham Wallace on £320k pa + 100% bonus. Plus £25k salary increase as Rangers move up leagues. More to follow.
  2. FORMER Rangers manager the late Jock Wallace was one of Scottish football's best known and successful coaches but after leaving Rangers he endured a challenging relationship with his old club. SNS Group Former manager Jock Wallace gets a rousing reception from the Ibrox crowd.JOCK WALLACE won 10 trophies and two Trebles in his two spells as manager of Rangers. It was a haul that made him a hero in the eyes of the Ibrox support long after his second stint ended in 1986. Wallace never spoke about his reasons for leaving Ibrox weeks after delivering the Treble in 1978. Nor did he publicly vo
  3. Friday, 04 April 2014 10:00 Fozzy's Breaking New Ground Written by Andrew Dickson RICHARD FOSTER has waited 11 years to make up for the disappointment he suffered in his sole final as a professional and hopes his long wait for success ends on Sunday. The Rangers full-back was part of the Aberdeen team which lined up against Celtic in the final of the 2002/03 SFA Youth Cup at McDiarmid Park. Aged just 17 and a winger at that point, it was an exciting chance for Foster to get a medal under his belt so early in his career. But instead he found himself on the end of a 3-1
  4. Thanks for. Coming, Mr Hubbard. Perhaps you inspired the young guys. For the 90% + of fans who never had the privilege of seeing him play he was more than just a precision penalty taker. Wing play for him was a geometry. He ran lines and angles at speed to get past opponents with ease and without the demented flea tricks of the likes of celtic's Johnstone. Scored plenty from open play. Rarely scythed down by fullbacks because they generally couldn't get near him. Rangers have been fortunate with wingers - Waddell, Scott, Henderson, Wilson, Johnston. Old Mother was as good as any o
  5. NEW Ibrox supremo Dave King joins a long list of men who have tried to do what's right for Rangers, but is he up to the task of leading them back to where they want to be, asks Gordon Waddell. IT'S LIKE the Life of Brian. Off they go again, chasing another messiah. This time, though, are the Rangers support following the chosen one at long last? Have they bought in to their last false prophet? If Dave King has done nothing else in recent days, he appears at least to have unified the un-unifiable. And he did it in the most simple way possible, reminding supporters the power of thei
  6. Club website link: http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/6350-ready-to-listen Received by email Dear At our recent AGM I outlined our intention to undertake a comprehensive review of the entire Club and I am pleased to report that we are making excellent progress with this. A key element of looking at how the Club operates and engages is to understand what is important to you, the Rangers supporters. If we can obtain your constructive input and suggestions then we can develop a comprehensive insight into what is needed to address the areas that are important to the fans
  7. GORDON backs Hearts' incoming chairwoman to revive the club while lamenting the damage done by the would-be saviours at Ibrox. THE definition of altruism: When the answer to the question “What’s in it for you?” is “Nothing”. That’s Ann Budge for you. Sixty-five years old, self-made multi-millionaire, family woman, treasures her privacy and relative anonymity, sees her Saturday afternoons as sacred time with her daughter and grand-daughter in Section D of the Wheatfield. What could possibly be in it for her to commit herself to four or five years inside the washing machine
  8. Not the best goal, the best cross ever by a Rangers player. It's such a vital part of football and yet a difficult and hugely underrated skill. Here's some off the top of my head. Neil McCann in the last minute of the Scottish Cup Final. Facing two Celtic players he finds a gap between them, the perfect spot between the large Celtic keeper who'd already flapped coming off his line and the behemoth centre halves Celtic employed in those days. The height of the cross made it hard to clear for giants. It benefits from its perfect sense of timing too. (Watch from 8.36 for the cross, watc
  9. GORDON believes that Wallace is the only real saleable asset in the squad and ponders whether Ally McCoist has been trying to build a massive lead at the top of the table in case of Admin II. THERE'S a lot of talk right now about what they’re not prepared to do at Rangers. The players aren’t prepared to take a wage cut. The manager’s not prepared to be party to a fire sale of his squad. The fans aren’t prepared to give their season ticket dough to a regime they don’t trust. In their own way, they’re all absolutely right. The players signed contracts in good faith. The m
  10. Doncaster rued his bad luck. “Why didn't Regan draw the short straw?” he asked himself. But this was no time for “what ifs?”; he had drawn the short straw and now had to deliver the poison chalice to the master. Gingerly, he long pressed the 2 on his phone keypad and watched in fear as the phone speed dial responded with the fateful name. The two words flashed on the phone screen heightening Doncaster's sense of foreboding. Peter Lawwell. “What is it Neil” a voice rasped from the other end. “I'm sorry Peter but it's happened again” “What has ?” “A game has had to be aba
  11. CAMPBELL OGILVIE was spot on when he criticised both sides of the Old Firm for their petulant behaviour. But the SFA chairman’s comments about the sniping between the clubs wasting time and money will no doubt fall on deaf ears once more. Why? The petty point scoring we’ve seen from the hierarchy at both Celtic and Rangers recently is not dignified or appropriate. It’s like they are trying to fuel the masses already at boiling point. Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell’s jibe about Rangers was a throwaway comment meant to rouse supporters at the AGM but nothing more sinister.
  12. It is that most poignant time of the year – Remembrance Day. A time to remember, a time to reflect. But for the people of Ulster, today is particularly poignant, it is hurtful and will bring much reflection and sadness. 26 years ago to the day, a bomb exploded without warning at a Remembrance Day memorial in Enniskillen leaving 11 dead and 63 injured. The cowardly, savage and barbaric nature of this attack saw those responsible – Irish Republican Terrorists – roundly condemned by all sides of the community. It was an act of inhumanity designed to terrorise the PUL community in Northern
  13. Guest

    Blues Brothers

    The current focus on the Easdale brothers in the Ibrox boardroom is a far cry from the nostalgic look back we had at the McNeil brothers 12 months ago during our 140 year celebrations. The Original Rangers Family, the McNeil brothers, the Campbell brothers and the Vallance brothers were at the very beginning of the lineage of siblings to have pulled on the Light Blue that include the Waddell brothers and the Jardine brothers........ http://rangersfacts.thecoplandroad.org/2013/10/blues-brothers.html
  14. Lifted from FF: I have been hearing from various sources that we as a group are being met with mixed reviews from forums etc so decided to come on and let everyone know a bit about us and our aims to allow each to make their own mind up We have been accused of being many people from tims to M Dingwall to D Leggat and even malcolm murray. We are none of these we are only normal concerned fans and if you read attachment below it will give you a better idea of who we are and how we came about. We only have 3 aims and I would question any fan who didnt want these things from their club
  15. I admit it, you got to me the other day. When my team reached the giddy heights of the Ramsden Cup semi-finals, I expected the usual doom laden chorus of nay-sayers to come floating out of the crypt, issuing dire warnings. probing the entrails of goats and generally bringing everyone down, lest anyone of a Blue persuasion experience anything akin to happiness. And sure enough, there was Hugh Keevins, sternly informing me that to actually be happy at winning a minor pot would be very, very wrong, and possibly raise the wraiths of Struth and Waddell to bring down the walls of Thebes (or
  16. STV - 12 September 2013 00:01 BST Rangers midfielder Ian Black will go before a Scottish Football Association committee on Thursday to answer accusations of betting against his own club on three occasions. The former Inverness CT and Hearts player is accused of putting money on his team to not win matches between March 4, 2006 and July 28, 2013. Black is also accused of betting on a further ten games in which the club he was playing for were involved in, as well as betting on a further 147 games not involving his team. It is not known which specific fixtures he is accused of p
  17. IT IS unlikely that Ian Black is going to sit down any time soon – if at all – and explain what he was thinking about that day he struck a bet on East Stirlingshire to get a draw against his own team, Rangers, at Ochilview on April 27. That’s the first question you’d like to ask him. Not about the 159 other bets he placed that contravened the SFA’s betting rules, but that one wager, as part of an accumulator, on Scottish football’s most hopeless senior club getting a draw against the newly crowned Third Division champions with Black himself at the heart of their midfield on the day If
  18. Gordon Waddell in the Sunday Mail compares Hearts and us. WITH the right kind of leadership and governance, Rangers could have been golden by now. Miles back down the road. Instead their fans have had to watch a seemingly endless line of charlatans, con-artists, chancers and liars pass through their club. It’s been like some kind of anti-Disney parade, as they looked to see what they could make from it, not what they could make of it. Which is why they should be looking on with interest at where Hearts are headed this morning. See what they COULD have had. Day one of the dr
  19. I guess this will open the way for a Wilson deal to get put in place. No complaints here if it does he will be an excellent addition. If we loan him to xmas we could bring in Carlos in January. We could even be cheeky and offer Liverpool 1.5 million for him.
  20. A BRAVE ball boy has vowed to defy the thugs who pelted him with coins and landed him in hospital. Hearts fan Jack Waddell, 14, was targeted by rival fans during his team's clash with Celtic on May 11. He suffered concussion after yobs hurled 2p coins at him - just after Celtic manager Neil Lennon was assaulted by a Hearts fan. But Jack said: "I love helping Hearts and this won't stop me." Jack, of Loanhead, Midlothian, was covering the away end of the SPL match at Tynecastle as he was one of the Edinburgh club's most experienced ball boys. He added: "After the Celtic manag
  21. I would be surprised if Stewart Regan didn�t know exactly what he was doing when he commented on the happenings of the League Cup final; I�m sure he had reasons for doing it that way; one would be that he didn�t want to make an enemy of the establishment team in Scotland. He has called a summit this Wednesday at Hampden and invited along the clubs; the police; and the politicians; he has failed to invite the people who have made it necessary to have the summit in the first place; the most poisonous football supports in Europe. I have a certain sympathy with Mr Regan; he
  22. Have been sent an email from, erm, Paddy's Market informing me of an interesting Ebay auction with various items of Rangers memorabilia up for sale. This includes historic match tickets, signed player cards, rare match programmes, books, a superb album of press cuttings/autographs and last but not least a signed Willie Waddell handkerchief. I'm interested in buying a few items for our archive part of the main site but you may also fancy a wee bit of Rangers history. Auctions: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/paddys-markets/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340
  23. ...and the Scottish Cup this coming season. It will put him 2nd in the all time figures of Rangers managers. He is level with William Wilton on 8 titles at the moment but 2nd in the all time total figures with 18 trophies. Would anyone deny he has been our 2nd best manager of all time?? At the same time he was also Assistant to Souness 7 trophies.
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