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  1. I've been thinking about our last three managers who had to leave after under-performing and I don't ever remember them looking comfortable in the job. Advocaat looked a bit out of place to start with but then looked very confident in the role which multiplied when he was winning trophies, however when they dried up you could see his feet get itchy and you could tell he wasn't here for the long haul. In came Eck who never quite looked like he could believe he was doing his dream job. He looked like he was pinching himself all the time and that deep down he seen himself as a fake. He grimly held on to the job for four and half years but when he left you could tell it was never meant to be. Then we had PLG who we couldn't believe had taken the job and after a few weeks he looked like he couldn't believe it either. He cultivated a look that said, "Wat ze 'ell am I doing 'ere?" Contrast that with Walter Smith who looks to be settling back into the job like an old pair of comfortable slippers along with McCoist who looks like he's found the perfect stage. We now have a management pair that know why they are there, are completely up for the challenge and in for the long term. And they are completely comfortable and at peace with that.
  2. Surprised and happy that it was sorted out so fast, and out of court.
  3. WALTER SMITH is the new manager of Rangers. Smith's appointment has just been confirmed and he will be joined in the dug-out by Light Blue legend, Ally McCoist, who also makes the move from the Scottish national team to become Rangers' new assistant manager, and Kenny McDowall, the former Celtic reserve boss, who becomes first-team coach. The new management team's first match in charge will be at Ibrox this Saturday against Dundee United, ironically the team where it all started for Smith. A club statement reads: Rangers Football Club today (Wednesday January 10, 2007) confirmed Walter Smith, Ally McCoist and Kenny McDowall as the new Management Team. Walter, who first joined in 1986 as Graeme Souness' assistant before guiding Rangers to its historic Nine In A Row triumph, returns as Manager while Ally joins as Assistant Manager and Kenny completes the new-look backroom team as First-Team Coach. Chairman Sir David Murray commented: "It is a great pleasure to welcome Walter and Ally back to Rangers Football Club. I have great respect for both men and their achievements and I am convinced they will take the Club forward. "I would also like to extend a special welcome to Kenny. He has a terrific track record as a coach and will undoubtedly enhance our new Management Team." Smith, who has transformed Scotland's National side and managed Everton since leaving Ibrox in 1998, has signed a three-year contract with the Club. He commented: "I am delighted to return to Rangers as Manager. This Club has always been in my blood and I can't wait to get started. "I am looking forward to teaming up with Ally and Kenny. I worked side by side with Ally during our time with the National team and I am also delighted Kenny has agreed to join us at Ibrox." McCoist, the Club's record marksman with an incredible 355 goals in 581 appearances between 1983 and 1998, stated: "It was a privilege to pull on the Rangers jersey for so many years but I am delighted to return as Assistant Manager. "I was honoured to be named in the Greatest Ever Rangers Team and included in the Club's Hall of Fame but this is something really special. I know the Club inside out and I am ready for the challenge." McDowall, the former St Mirren and Partick Thistle striker who has a proven track record as a youth coach with Celtic FC, commented: "This is an exciting new chapter in my life and I am relishing the chance to team up with Walter and Ally at Rangers. "Working at Murray Park on a daily basis will also be a real thrill." Press Conference shortly.
  4. Guest

    Give Scottish FA What For.

    I feel Walter Smith has done a wonderful service for the Scottish FA when he took over the National Team. They were in a state were no one would touch them with a ten foot pole and now they treat him like this. They need to hear from supporters what they feel and Walter Smith does not deserve how he is being treated by them. I sent them the e-mail to the address below and we should all tell these ******* what we think of them. info@scottishfa.co.uk
  5. I think all that is coming out now Shows PLG was was indeed fighting dressing room cliques. Unfortunatly the instigator seems to be getting away with it. If Murray knew this then it is diabolical that he never backed his manager.
  6. i realise their is another thread about this subject, but i want to let it be known that there are a Majority of fans out here who ALWAYS wanted this appointment and i believe we should all rally round our great new manager and his team. Its time to win back the scottish game from celtic and there is no better appointment that could have been made than the great Walter Smith. There has been grumblings from a SMALL, insignificant section of the support about how the appointment has been made, but if your a true blue then you wont even think about that, you will get behind Smith and Mccoist from the start until we win back the title from them. I urge fans of Rangers f.c not to listen to these Smith knockers or doubters as they really only have one intention at heart and this to see Rangers to continue failing in everything they do. Walter and Ally will bring us back the league given time and we must also start to do our job now and get behind their sellection every saturday. I welcome you back to Ibrox Stadium Walter, and Ally.
  7. The SFA are taking legal actions against Walter Smith for breach of contract, and against Rangers for inducement of breach of contract. They maintain there was NO compensation agreed, and there will be a statement released in the next hour.
  8. Wonder when that meeting took place, seems to me that Smith was contacted either before PLG left or on the same day to have had a meeting with this guy so fast.
  9. Just watching Sky Sports News.. the SFA have rejected Walter Smith's request to be released from his contract and told Rangers they won't let him go.
  10. Gribz


    .....Walter Smith and Ally McCoist The more i think of it, we must appoint these 2 now. Todays result is dire and unacceptable. We should never go down 3-0 to Dunfermline. Ok we got 2 goals back but we lost it too early. Its not Durrants fault. The events of midwekk ahve obviously affected the squad. We need Smith to come in first thing Monday morning and bring his "steel" with him. He needs to being in McCoist who will bring back some harmonay to Ibrox and get the players playing with a smile on there face but at the same time pulling on the jersey and knowing what its all about. The crop of players there are pure average but do have a bit of potential if they get the right man management. Im not sure if Smith can do both Rangers job and Scotland job. I hope so but his and Super Ally's pressance is needed ASAP!!! And get Gough in there with you's aswell.
  11. On the day that DA was removed from the managers office, David Murray makes an appearance flanked by Walter Smith (or Graeme Souness), Alex McLeish and a few Rangers legends. David Murray looks into the glare of the camera's and lights and states that due to financial restructring and increasing debt, which he acknowledges were his doings, Rangers are today setting out a 5 year plan. This plan will see the sale, over time of all our high earners and they will be replaced by a mix of the best Scottish talent and some very experience continental and 'British' players. Any money that Rangers do have will be channelled into Youth Development and the predictions are that in 5 years, we will be developing the very best of Scottish, British, European and World talent thro our academies (this will also help to establish Rangers as a global brand). Ex-players like Laudrup, Albertz etc will manage these academies and act as scouts for Rangers. David Murray also announces that he is (genuinely) looking into other areas for financial opportunities (not a pie in the sky casino) and will match every pound that the supporters put into the club with a pound of his own money. Now, that fairytale would have been bearing fruit if it had happened. I for one would have accepted that then and indeed, if David Murray was to deliver this rallying call on Tuesday when the latest managment team are announced, I would accept it then. However, I fully expect a bullish SDM to announce that the new dream team will deliver moonbeams of success whilst he continues to whittle away the little money we have into his own companies. Cammy F - We Need A Long Term Vision Over Short-Termism Promises That Go Unfulfilled Loyal RSC
  12. http://www.gersnet.info/fmrangers/newmain/050107.html Who�d have thought it? Walter Smith and Ally McCoist to be the new dream team! Is this a master-stroke by McFly or more short-term appeasement followed by heartbreak? Smith is obviously a man with Rangers in his heart. During his earlier stint we had some great times and his contribution to the 92/93 CL run and 9iar cannot be underestimated. However, at the same time, he had millions upon millions to spend; was up against a faltering Celtic and despite that one great CL season our European record was very poor. How will he cope with no financial backing and a Celtic who are now well in front of our mismanaged outfit? In some ways I can understand why we would bring both of them back. Smith is proven at SPL level and McCoist will fix the dressing room disharmony. Thus, as a short-term solution until a new man could be brought on board I'd be quite happy but as a long term solution I'm not so sure. It had been rumoured that Billy Davis was the long term candidate to succeed PLG, but given that era ended so prematurely, I don't think we were ever going to be able to tempt him away from Derby at short notice - especially given the compensation we'd need to pay. If Smith is part-time and McCoist the only full-timer poached from the SFA, then that's cost effective which as well all know takes precedence nowadays. More so if, as rumoured, McCoist, Gary McAllister or maybe still Davies is to be groomed to take over eventually. Of course, that would require long term planning and ambition and unfortunately the current administration don't have that quality. Bloody hell, our chairman and his CEO couldn�t even arrange for their holidays to be different times to keep maximum order in one of their absence! No, short-term appeasement is what Murray is always about. This appointment will deliver that but it won't appease the ever-increasing number of us who expect that little bit more vision. Just last November Murray was telling us that PLG would be here for the long term and his managerial position reviewed at the end of this season. What changed his mind so quickly? Was it Ferguson and the playing staff? Was it the unacceptable results and inconsistency? One can only assume it was the former as he didn�t sack Alex McLeish so eagerly last season when he should have. One thing is for sure Smith should bring stability. Smith was also never Barry Ferguson�s biggest fan in his early years so that might ensure our ex-captain won�t rule the roost as he might expect. We certainly need dominance in the changing room and leadership throughout the club. I don�t think PLG gave us that but I�m not so sure Barry Ferguson or Sir Davie McFly do either. Papering over the cracks just about sums it up. Can one obtain an honour for that?
  13. Do we believe that IF our new management / coaching team consists of Walter Smith, Ally McCoist and Ian Durrant that this will placate the anti/pro Murray, anti/pro PLG and anti/pro BF sections of the fan base so we can move forward as a 'united front'? If it is, then a true master-stroke by David Murray I was one who was suckered in by the PLG signing and Murrays protestations regarding finance, I can already feel myself (against my better judgement) being suckered in again was the 'promise' of a Scottish & Rangers management / coaching team and the prospect of some exciting Scottish players being signed. Cammy F - Easily Hoodwinked Loyal RSC
  14. I think we'll get him in the summer if he's needed.
  15. Some of this is fact, some of it fiction and most of it will fall somewhere in-betweenââ?¬Â¦Ã¢â?¬Â¦. Throwing together information I have received from a few sources, friends and Rangers ââ?¬Ë?peopleââ?¬â?¢, it appears that The Boy David has pulled off a master-stroke. Youââ?¬â?¢ll all know my feelings when it comes to the minted one, but even Iââ?¬â?¢ll admit that when he puts his mind to something, he usually gets what he wants. PLG and BF have been (un)willing participants in David Murrays latest brain-wave concerning Rangers Football Club. PLG was looking for a way out of Rangers as things were clearly not working out as planned (hence his ââ?¬Ë?damaging my reputationââ?¬â?¢ quote) and he wanted to become the next French National Coach ââ?¬â?? only heââ?¬â?¢s tied to a contract at Rangers. During the summer, Rino Gattuso made contact with David Murray (thro Walter Smith) and indicated that due to his family circumstances (his wife wants their kid(s) educated in Scotland), he wanted to return home. He was unable to move in the summer, but informed the minted one that he would be able to return in January (or this summer at the latest). As Rino let slip in an interview (which I posted on here) a deal had already been done, wages agreed and a timetable put in place for his return. Enter PLG ââ?¬â?? PLG wasnââ?¬â?¢t for having the Chairman decide what players we signed (as most Managers would) but knew that this particular hurdle would take 6 months before he would have to ââ?¬Ë?negotiateââ?¬â?¢ it. In saying that, maybe PLG secretly warmed to the fact that he would have one of the best midfield players in Europe in his squad. Here comes a problem ââ?¬â?? Rino mentions to The Minted one that he would ââ?¬Ë?preferââ?¬â?¢ to work under his Scottish father ââ?¬â?? Walter Smith and would love to Captain The Rangers. Ok, says The Boy David, not an issue. PLG wants a ticket out of Ibrox, Wee Bazza needs knocking down a peg or two. Get PLG to strip Bazza of the captaincy whilst assuring Bazza that he wonââ?¬â?¢t be sold and that PLG ââ?¬Ë?may not be aroundââ?¬â?¢ for much longer. Also, with Walter Smith in charge, backed up by ââ?¬Ë?Scotlandââ?¬â?¢ legend, Ally McCoist, certain young, in demand Scottish talent pledge their futures to Rangers Football Club and others indicate that they wouldnââ?¬â?¢t be adverse to working with them and sign from other Scottish clubs. Following The Scottish management team into Ibrox on Tuesday will be Andy Webster, Kevin Thomson and Scott Brown (deal for Brown is done and dusted, as I posted a few weeks back). Following them will be Murrayââ?¬â?¢s coup de gras Rino Gattuso either this month or in the summer. So, take from that what you want. Cammy F
  16. and will be replaced by Walter Smith and Ally McCoist.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/main.jhtml?xml=/sport/2007/01/04/ufnall04.xml Cammy F
  17. With the likely appointment of Smith, McCoist and a-n-other to join Durrant, it looks like we are going back to basics. For some of us old skoolers, that is a welcome return to 2nd degrees, singing the sash and good old fashioned pish ups, before and after games (only joking). As Walter Smith proved with Scotland, if you get the basics right (proper defending, taking advantage of set-pieces, getting EVERY player giving 100%) the rest will take care of itself. IMO, we shouldn't expect fancy, free flowing football, but a return to the days when The Rangers were hard to score against, never mind defeat. Hopefully it'll also lead to a return to fortres IBROX where times litterly shit themselves when they emerged from the tunnel. Cammy f
  18. Manager Paul Le Guen will leave Rangers of his own accord if results and performances do not improve by Christmas. (Daily Express) Rangers are considering a move to bring Scotland manager Walter Smith back to Ibrox if Paul Le Guen is sacked by Christmas. (The Sun) Im assuming both are nonsense as usual!!?
  19. Link: http://www.leaguemanagers.com/news/news-5595.html?LMAS=b82f197275c5ba27933ffee541946ff5
  20. And I'm not being kinky here... Scotland have a tradition of keeping poor quality managers in a job for a long time after their sell by date, so let's make sure we don't lose a prime quality one. Let's be honest, Walter Smith is not really among the best club managers Scotland has produced. He had great domestic success at Rangers but it was at a time when we were spending far more than our opposition and had possibly the highest wage bill in the UK. Celtic were in turmoil and Smith took advantage. Don't get me wrong, I think Smith is a good manager, worse managers than he would have lost one of those titles in the 9 in row years despite the gulf between teams. But one CL run apart, his European results and his struggle with Everton albeit with financial problems, showed where his level lies. Good and solid, well above average, but not a world beater. However Scotland have been very poorly mismanaged for two decades - since Roxburgh took the reins. We had a very good team at the time and although he got us to a couple of finals, we would lose to the likes of Costa Rica through terrible tactics and an overcautious approach. Brown was a slightly better manager but still average at best. He too couldn't bring the best out of a reasonably talented squad and he couldn't do that at Preston either. Vogts, just didn't have a scooby. He confused the players tactically and made them feel inferior, telling them how poor a crop he had to choose from almost on a daily basis. He also capped players who should never have donned a dark blue top. However, Smith seems to have galvanised a bunch of so called journeymen into a team with great self belief, who know if they work hard and do their job they can get results. It's night and day over those previous managers who would spin us tales of caution against the likes of the Faroes and then struggle against them. Walter has taken a team who ply their trade in the English Premiership (whom some would have you as the best league in the world) and in the top half of the SPL, which is still a decent league by European standards. The players are plenty good enough to give a team of postmen and bankers a good thrashing, and for the first time in my memory, they did so. We should definitely be better than the likes of the Balkans and Walter has taken us to the best of them and won soundly only letting in the most spectacular of goals. The win against France was unexpected, but we all expected the team to have a decent go (I was very optimistic for a draw) and history suggests we can claim the odd win or draws especially at home against the greatest teams in the world if we play to our full ability. History is littered with Scotland wins, draws and unlucky losses against the likes of Brazil, England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Holland. I think we've always had the players who could do something reasonable if they played to their strengths, but what we lacked was consistency and a bit of luck with the former being down to the manager. Walter Smith was always good at man management and basic strategy without being a tactical mastermind ("What's a tactic?"). He can definitely make a team play as a team. This really lends itself to international football as you only have a limited time with the players so intricate training sessions are a waste of time as are very unorthodox formations and tactics, since the players are more used to their different club systems. He has an advantage here over more tactically astute managers as he knows the stuff that really counts on this stage. This could make him achieve more acclaim as a Scotland manager than his many trophies for Rangers. He's shown what he can do, even that the job was made for him, so lets enter a period of stability and let him steer Scotland into an era where we at least punch our weight for a change. Give him a long contract and let him become a Scotland legend.
  21. ... underestimated the quality, pace, passion and strength of the SPL? IMO, he has and this can be seen in some of his signings. He signed players like Svensson on merits that are not suitable for the SPL. A centre-half that cannot head a ball might look class in France, but in the SPL, he looks like a Sunday League player. Leading on from this, we had a very interesting conversation on the journey home on Saturday about the merits of employing an 'assistant manager' from Scotland. Look at most 'foriegn' managers in the EPL, they all have 'English - English based' assistants and when Souness signed for us, his first signing was Walter Smith. Cammy F
  22. Sunderland move for Rangers midfielder Rae tribalfooball.com - August 20, 2006 Sunderland are eyeing Rangers midfielder Gavin Rae. Niall Quinn, the Wearside club's manager/chairman, is under pressure after seeing his side plummet to the foot of the table after four straight defeats from as many games. He is keen to strengthen his side and Rae is understood to be in his thoughts. The Scotland international is now completely fit after a succession of knee injuries, but has yet to figure under Paul Le Guen and was on the substitutes' bench again during the 2-0 weekend victory over Hearts. The 28-year-old, signed by Alex McLeish from Dundee for a cut-price �250,000 three years ago, may be tempted to the Stadium of Light as he seeks first-team football to continue to figure in Walter Smith's international plans. Quinn would even take the powerful Rae on a season-long loan and Le Guen may give the move the go-ahead. Rae has made only 14 starts during his injury-plagued stay at Ibrox.
  23. Just saw this on another forum and thought that I'd post it here - a great read and shows more unbiased, fair and impartial reporting from Legget; --------------------- The Myth of Mart?s Celtic dominance To the Camelot of King Arthur and the Loch Ness Monster must be added the legend of Martin O?Neill?s dominance of Scottish football for the last five years. For as far as fables go that one is right up there with the Knights of the Round Table, not to mention auld Nessie herself. And if it continues to go unchecked then the myth will grow into a warped reality, especially for those seeming illiterates who cannot consult the record books. Not to mention those who may not be sufficiently numerate to be able to work out the mathematics of those five seasons during which Celtic and their fans were completely under the spell of the Ulsterman. Therefore, for the record, let this column state, of the 15 domestic trophies which were competed for, O?Neill?s Celtic won 7. That is precisely the same amount of silverware captured by Rangers since the summer of 2000. And before those of a Parkhead persuasion point to the 3 championships included in the O?Neill haul to just 2 taken by Rangers, let?s examine another aspect. During the 3 full seasons which saw O?Neill and McLeish in direct confrontation, Rangers won 2 titles to Celtic?s single success. In fact, in the half of the season to play out when McLeish took over at Ibrox in December 2001 ? with O?Neill having outstripped Dick Advocaat by 14 points ? Rangers beat Celtic in the semi-final of the League Cup on their way to winning that trophy, and then in the final of the Scottish Cup. Therefore, the fact of the matter is that while Celtic enjoyed greater overall silverware success under O?Neill than at any time since the Jock Stein era, they were far from being the dominant force. Indeed of the eleven trophies at stake during the O?Neill-McLeish rivalry, the Scot took 7 to the Ulsterman?s mere 3! But if the true measure of domination is to be taken as the championship ? as it must ? then O?Neill?s record of 3 titles in 5 years is exactly the same as Billy McNeill achieved between 78 and 83. Big Billy also lifted 2 Scottish Cups and a League Cup for a haul of 6 trophies, just one fewer than O?Neill, yet nobody spoke of dominance then. In his first 5 full campaigns, Jock Stein won the title every year for Celtic, while over a comparable period Walter Smith did exactly the same with Rangers. Now that is dominance and puts any outlandish claims for O?Neill and his misguided disciples firmly into the context of history. No doubt those poor souls will hark back to Seville and quote it in the manner of some Holy Grail. Let this column therefore put that into historical context too, and remind them O?Neill and Celtic actually lost. Stein never harked back to the losing 1970 European Cup Final, and neither did Scot Symon, who took Rangers to the ECWC Finals of both 1960 and 67, only to end like O?Neill, a second best loser. What O?Neill?s greatest achievement as Celtic manager seems to have been was to give the club?s supporters back a guid conceit of themselves. Though as so few appear to see themselves as Scottish as their great Lisbon Lions captain, that phrase may not strike a chord with them. Restoring self esteem to the green and white hordes was in itself a mammoth task, and for achieving it O?Neill must be congratulated. Just 2 titles in the 14 years before his arrival had left Celtic and their supporters bereft of anything except bluster. That though is a major positive side of the legacy which MON left at Parkhead. On the negative side is the fact he allowed a team to grow old together. And in building that team he switched from the traditional slick passing Celtic style to a bruising bullying brigade of big men. That those many Celtic fanatics have long romanticised about the way they like to see their team play, accepted it goes a long way to underlining my point about lack of self esteem. But it is in the darker reaches of what may have gone on within Parkhead that there must be suspicion about the legacy left by this complicated, brooding Ulsterman. One London journalist who claims a close friendship with him, and who only last week alleged he was being touted as the next England manager by senior FA sources, recently wrote that MON was a conspiracy theorist. This view did not come as a surprise to those of us who observed him at close quarters for 5 years. MON has often given the impression of a man who could spot a grassy knoll at half a mile ? even without his specs. Indeed, just before he took his leave of Glasgow, he made some strange and disturbing remarks claining there were personal vendettas against him. He certainly seemed to know all about vendettas and gave one a new lease of life with his treatment of linesman Andy Davis at the Scottish Cup Final when it looked as though he refused to shake the official?s hand at the end. Then there was his infamous BBC interview when he would not answer a straight question about whether he felt he could have an influence on sectarian behaviour by making a direct appeal to Celtic supporters. This column has always taken the view ? and it is not alone ? that MON always seemed to believe any sectarian problem was not Celtic?s fault. Perhaps that was something to do with the fact of which side of the Ulster divide MON was brought up in. But here is where the water becomes too deep to enter. In fact, down in such murky depths lurks more danger than even Nessie. And she is one of the few bigger myths in Alba than the one about MON?s dominance of Scottish football.
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