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  1. Bit of a tongue-in-cheek affair with one or two misleading facts, but the crux of the message is relevant and I haven't seen it posted since it was published on Sunday afternoon, so............ Rangers in danger of getting red card over governance By Kate Burgess You wouldn’t run a football match the way that Rangers Plc is being managed. Indeed, you couldn’t under the laws of the beautiful game. Even before Rangers International Football Club has completed its first full year as a public company, it has lost all but one of its original eight directors and is on its third n
  2. We are under investigation from glasgows finest as to armed forces day daily record page seven the police report is now complete amazing the speed of the investigation when you think that the same police are dragging their heels into those who wronged our club .
  3. Lifted from FF: ''Thats two younger lads now both under 19 had police come to their doors early morning to arrest them for singing said song. I was also told by a polis up in Ayr that FoCUS are watching out for people singing this now due to the YCV reference''. Just a heads up.
  4. Posted by Roy Greenslade It will be interesting to see if any newspaper covers the fact that members of Britain's armed forces appeared to join in with Scottish football fans as they sang sectarian songs at a match yesterday. Initial reports suggest not. Some 400 uniformed soldiers, seamen and air force personnel attended an armed forces day at Ibrox, the Rangers ground. After a formal march and band music, a group of soldiers (they were in khaki) were filmed dancing, clapping and singing along with the crowd. Although it is difficult to make out the exact words on the video p
  5. http://www.therangersstandard.co.uk/index.php/articles/current-affairs/282-jim-spence-rangers-jibes I won't post the article as there are a few images used at the link for context... Suffice to say, poor Jum gets nailed by an on-form Chris...
  6. Lifted this from FF, hope that's ok. Thought it was worth posting, seems that the guys who do the Founders Trail are getting abuse from VB. For those who have read the statement from the VB's and the avoidance of doubt i'll try to cover the nonsense that we at the Founders Trail are accused of. We've posted the reasons why many times on RM but the VB's continue to ignore this and are more intent on spreading lies. We as a group took the decision not to take the Founders Trail on to their website as under no circumstances were we wanting the Founders of our Club associated with certain
  7. On Saturday, not long after the Stranraer match, the club published a statement entitled, “For the Avoidance of Doubt”. The article was written under the tag, ‘Rangers Football Club’, although almost everyone acknowledges that it was probably penned by the club’s Director of Communications, James Traynor. Although the statement was generally well received by Rangers fans, it was more noticeable for what it didn’t say, rather than what it actually did say. Whilst the statement is welcome, it is long overdue, and I doubt if it will have any substantive or meaningful impact on the serial
  8. MYSTERY still surrounds just what sort of a dodgy deal disgraced former commercial director Imran Ahmad struck with the even more disgraced and totally discredited Craig Whyte in order to get his hands on the former owner’s Rangers shares. However, by the admission of Imran Ahmad’s front man, Charles Green, we do know that some sort of shady back street deal was struck between Imran Ahmad and Craig Whyte. We know it was more than just the “stringing Whyte along” tactic claimed by Ahmad and Green. We know because Charles Green revealed it in a letter to the Scottish Football Associa
  9. Stephen Birrell doesnâ??t like Catholics, he doesnâ??t like Celtic Football Club manager Neil Lennon and he doesnâ??t like Celtic supporters. These are not exactly unusual sentiments in certain parts of Scotland. But what is unusual is that last week Birrell was jailed for expressing such prejudices. His crime was to join a Facebook page and share his unpleasant views with the rest of us. Birrellâ??s pearls of wisdom included: â??Hope they all die. Simple. Catholic scumbags. Haha.â??; â??Proud to hate Fenian tattie farmersâ??; and â??Theyâ??re all ploughing the fields, dirty scumbags. FTP
  10. CELTIC Charity Fund, the charitable arm of Celtic Football Club today presented a donation of £10,000 to the work of Poppy Scotland. The Clubâ??s donation will be used to support ex-Servicemen and women across Scotland in a variety of ways, including treatment and rehabilitation for those injured while serving. As we look ahead to Remembrance Sunday, Poppy Scotland will this week launch the 2011 Scottish Poppy Appeal. Celtic is pleased to kick-off this fundraising activity with this substantial donation. Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: "As we approach Remembrance Sunday
  11. The ownership of Rangers by Craig Whyte is entering a crucial phase as the tax tribunal approaches The key passage in the story of Craig Whyte and Rangers will happen in the not too distant future. That much is certain, after yet another week in which the Ibrox club found themselves courting front as well as back pages of newspapers. The occasionally warped situation where football fans have more of an interest in directors and balance sheets than full-backs and strikers has one positive offshoot. That is, scrutiny of those purchasing clubs should limit the potential for ruinous scenar
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