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  1. Colin Stewart ‏@RFC_Colin 3h Every time I look out of my window another digger or portacabin has appeared Colin Stewart ‏@RFC_Colin 2h Broomloan car park being turned into a portacabin village. That's 7 and rising
  2. GRAHAM WALLACE believes Rangers are now moving closer to the successful establishment of their first fan board as the club activates in its biggest supporter engagement initiative. The Ibrox chief executive will tonight return to the UK from Toronto, where he has spent a couple of days talking to Light Blues followers at the 2014 NARSA convention. More than 1,000 of them have been in attendance and Wallace feels it has been important to reach out to them as he seeks to build bridges and create a better, sustainable future at Gers. He addressed around 900 attendees at the gatheringÂ’s Gra
  3. Has been replaced in Honduras squad due to an ongoing thigh problem...
  4. I had a sneaky he would move upstairs in the summer with De Boer and Bergkamp coming in to replace him. Maybe not then! It will be interesting to see what he does in the transfer window, Arsenal fans wont accept unknown or no signings. Arsenal do have a quality squad but they get far too many injuries. Had Walcott and Ramsay not got injured Id say they would have wont the league but Wenger didn't address it in January. If he signs top quality then they will go all the way next season. if he doesn't then he can expect a fight for top 4. He needs a few from: Benzema, Remy, Draxler,
  5. Would like to hear what fellow Bears expect next season. Obviously the journey back up the leagues was supposed to be a gimmie and we didn't foresee hearts and Hibs standing in the way. Hearts are on the rebuilding and Hibs are about to make changes.....An article on here a few weeks ago had Ally saying he fears Hibs, sorry but we should never be fearing them. We had a good Scottish cup run this year but id not worry about that this year and put all efforts into the league. Still cant believe we didt pick up the Ramsden's and I cant see there being big interest in that this year.
  6. EDIT: thread was already in motion here: http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/vb/sh...084#post491084 Hamilton win on penalties (scored all 4 of theirs, Hibs missed 2) Hamilton were by far the better team from start to finish. Playing some lovely football, unlike Hibs. I know this is not Rangers - but it is relevant to next season
  7. My Iphone 4 that was being held together by tape finally took one fall too many and had to be put to rest. Not wanting to get a new iphone with the next around the corner, I researched budget android phones to keep me going till the iphone 6. I got the new Moto E. A couple of issues/queries. When I get text messages all I get is a sound notitication, unless I'm missing something. The same sound that I get for an email. So if I miss the sound, I have no idea I've been texted. A couple of times I have gone into messages to find texts I had no idea about. This is a glaring weakness compared
  8. SATURDAY 24TH MAY. CELEBRATION AND PROTEST We have been asked by many fans to arrange some protests during the close season and as 24th May is the anniversary of the clubs greatest victory in Barcelona 1972, we have made arrangements for the Louden Tavern at the stadium to show a re run of the game from 1.00pm At 3.00pm we will be marching to the stadium for a 30 min protest and a petition to hand in and explain why the fans wont renew season tickets or indeed buy new ones. We require as many fans as possible to turn up as a show of numbers would be vital for the success of the pro
  9. SATURDAY, 17 MAY 2014 19:30[h=2]Club Statement[/h]WRITTEN BY RANGERS FOOTBALL CLUB RANGERS have issued the following statement today: “Representatives of Rangers have met with a number of supporter groups over the past few days and discussed a wide range of topics. We again made it clear during these meetings that the club will not grant security over Ibrox to any organisation and therefore the 'Ibrox 1972' scheme can never achieve its objectives. In addition the club will not accept season ticket applications from third parties such as 'Ibrox 1972' on behalf of supporters. “In
  10. I believe it's now a distinct possibility that we'll see an "insolvency event" happen this summer given the state of play with season tickets and potential concerns for the security of Ibrox and Murray Park. There are a number of questions this raises, not least of which is - Would this be the first or second insolvency event in the eyes of the SPFL? Would you accept this happening if it meant the parasitic shareholders and board cut and run? What would be Dave King's entry plan/opportunity should it occur? All very emotive stuff I know but I think we have to be realistic
  11. http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/sport/football/leeds-utd/new-leeds-owners-will-buy-back-elland-road-for-15m-1-6322034 BUYING back Elland Road for around £15m tops the list of priorities for Leeds United’s prospective new owners, the Yorkshire Post has been told. A consortium led by United managing director David Haigh is bidding to buy a 75 per cent stake in the Championship club. The group - which is believed to include Andrew Flowers, the managing director of current shirt sponsors Enterprise Insurance - have signed a share acquisition agreement with GFH Capital, the Dubai-base
  12. The Union - an umbrella group comprising six supporters' organisations - had been urging Gers followers to withhold season ticket cash. A company, Ibrox 1972 Ltd, has been set up with South Africa-based businessman Dave King and legendary captain Richard Gough as directors. The Union wanted the club to grant them security over both Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park training ground in return for the money. Wallace admitted last Friday that season ticket renewals had been slow and fears have also been expressed by some about the future of the club. But representatives from the organi
  13. Another week, another court appearance, another gut wrenching series of unfortunate events. Welcome to our world, Oscar Pistorius. In poor taste, of course, since no-one that we know of has died because of this shambling wreckage currently impersonating our club. Even so, just as in the OJ Simpson case and just as with Oscar, sides are being taken and battle lines drawn up. As a completely uninformed and lonely outsider with no inside info at all, it's just plain depressing. Amazing what a difference a week makes - last Tuesday, I was sitting in the garden with sun cream on, this week
  14. Wallace about to come under greater scrutiny re assets. Also, his man Tyrrell speaking to BBC behind McCoist's back. Today's Sun back page a deliberate attempt by sports editor Ian king - been called by Wallace - to discredit McCoist. Hardly subtle Ian. Put on twitter by someone who has been very insightful recently.
  15. The Blue Order is confirming that we are reluctantly not renewing our season tickets for the 2014/15 season. It is, however, our intention to buy tickets for home and away games on a match-by-match basis so that we can continue to give our full support to our team. Unfortunately, until further notice, we are unable to accommodate any new requests to join TBO or for seat transfers into our section however we would welcome others to congregate with our group in BF5. As part of the Union of Fans umbrella group, TBO have been at the forefront of recent protests against the board and we str
  16. According to STV the review will be published to LSE today as planned. Please ensure all discussion takes place in this thread where appropriate. Full review for download here: http://t.co/HNRfyvKDAe
  17. To view this email online, click HERE IF YOU HAVE ALREADY CANCELLED YOUR SEASON TICKET OR HAVE ALREADY RENEWED, PLEASE IGNORE THIS COMMUNICATION. Dear Bearger, Rangers FC would like to notify all supporters that from today, Friday 25 April, it has withdrawn the option to use credit or debit card payments for season ticket purchasers. Following today’s Business Review announcement which is available on the Rangers website here, we are contacting all season ticket holders to update them on the options available in order for them to renew their season ticket. Continued negative
  18. RANGERS chief executive Graham Wallace has insisted that major shareholder Sandy Easdale was not speaking for the Ibrox club when he cast serious doubt on their financial position and repeated his own assertion there is “no threat” of a second administration. Easdale, who controls more than 26 per cent of the shares in Rangers, described the club’s situation as “fragile” in a BBC Scotland interview ahead of Wallace’s publication yesterday of his business review and strategic plan for the League 1 champions. The long-awaited document painted a damning picture of Rangers’ operations sinc
  19. Really! Worried about Hibs! A team Pat Fenlon destroyed who have been awful this season.
  20. WITH boardroom civil war on the horizon at Hampden, MailSport unearths secret hijack plot and asks 'Has the SPFL gone power crazy?'. The SPFL’s blindside run at the SFA’s powerbase is about two things – control and cash. But the clubs’ push for power could end up costing the game MILLIONS in grassroots sponsorships. The professional clubs would take complete control of the development budget for football in Scotland if they won the day with their resolution. They believe the money could be better spent under their own umbrella and have also made a play to take control of the ma
  21. The Rangers boardroom battle has been a wee bit like watching an old war movie of late. Dave King is charging around the seas like a crazed Admiral, dropping depth charges and firing all guns blazing at HMS Rangers, the elusive submarine. Admiral King never seems to land a blow as the crew of HMS Rangers are always several steps ahead. Every now and then HMS Rangers launches a quiet torpedo that blows yet another hole in King’s rebel ship. Perhaps the killer blow came yesterday with a short statement from the club that, as planned all along, the 120 day review will be published and
  22. I appreciate this won't be a popular view but yesterday's performance was actually quite heartening and one that suggested to me that McCoist actually does have a chance. Let me explain before cries of 'burn the witch' and the pitchforks are produced. We took on a top six SPFL side yesterday, most if not all of us expected nothing from the match, yet we payed probably as well as at anytime this season. We showed a lot of fight and spirit yesterday, we matched our opponents for that, that hasn't always been the case this season. There clearly was a reaction to last weekend and to the c
  23. This should be interesting, renewals before the 120 days. Rangers will launch their season ticket renewal campaign at Ibrox tomorrow. As reported in the Herald today, prices expected to rise by 18%.
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