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  1. One last game before the break. One last push. We need to shake the hangover from Saturday out of our system quickly. 3 pts is non negotiable but Kiĺlie will be a tough nut to crack. I'd go with the same team that started against them with maybe Dowell coming in for Lunny (who didn't look fit IMO) and Wright for McCausland. I know everyone will want Silva starting but I think Clement will not play him based on his previous comments regarding players fitness etc. That leaves us with Dessers. As much as he was awful on Saturday we need to support this guy if he plays. Stay classy my fellow Rangers fans. He's not the answer but he's got to feature therefore we can't start turning in on ourselves. That's exactly what THEY will hope to happen.
  2. Going early as the RC game is cancelled and I'm laid up in bed with Covid (ie. I'm fecking bored). OK. I'll put my cards on the table right away, I'd bite your hand off for a draw right now. Cements our unbeaten run and still enables us to top the league if we win our games in hand. A win however would be dreamland and would lay down a psychological marker... Things to consider... 1. Let's not lose the plot if we lose (as some of our fans tend to do). We are still in the title race regardless of the score. 2. In Jan-Feb they will potentially lose 5/6 players to the Asian Cup and hopefully their respective countries will go deep into the tournament. (They are away to Aberdeen and Hibs during thst period). I think we can take advantage of this if we bring in the right players in the Jan window. Anyhow...my team would be as follows (if fit). *********Butland******* ***Goldson**Balogun*** Tav**************Borna ***Sterling****Lunny*** ********Cantwell******* McCausland*******Sima ********Dessers********
  3. There are eighteen days to go, Rangers face six games, three League, two Europa Cup and, the final itself. A most hectic and intense period. It struck me in the immediate wake of events at Pittodrie on Sunday last, the build up had already begun. Of course, the Dandies are frustrated, twice in the last several months they have snatched a draw and a defeat from the jaws of time added on victories. Other clubs are fortunate in that they are lionised in such circumstance due to a never stop attitude but, Rangers are accused of being the beneficiaries of vague nefarious influence. Our accusers had to be patient such were the numbers involved. Applying the levers to Pandora's Box were Barry Robson, Wullie Miller, Richard Gordon, Liam McLeod, Jonathon Sutherland, Michael Stewart, Chris Sutton, Peter Martin, Neil Lennon, Mark Wilson and, former Referees, Steve Conroy and Des Roache. All of the world's ills can be comfortably laid at the door of Rangers; particularly if you construe a shirt pull inside the box as being worthy of an equity card and, your mindset is Rangers deserved nothing. According to Michael Stewart time added on events should not apply to Rangers because, "just like the Hearts game, Rangers were never going to score until the Referee's decision". Or, if Rangers do not stop we will apply sufficient pressure to ensure Rangers are stopped. Rangers can help themselves. Firstly have a serious word with Todd Cantwell, he is a creative player with a penchant for finding space to throw himself to the ground unchallenged. The former Norwich player has a grievance, his yellow card rate is three times higher in Scotland. However, he has established a reputation for fresh air surfing and he must be told to refrain. Secondly, the club's historic adherence to dignified silence must be up for serious consideration. I understand not wanting to confront every crackpot with an agenda; however, achievement on the pitch should not be surrendered meekly in serial continuing aftermath. Barry Robson's post match line, "another stoppage time penalty to Rangers is not a good look for Scottish football" was a feed from Alan Burrows. The current Aberdeen Chief Executive has a ton of previous with Rangers. His behaviour at Motherwell made him most attractive to the Dandies. His first publicised decision was to reduce Rangers supporters ticket allocation whilst NOT doing similarly to Sellik supporters. He knows the value of gratuitous kicks at Rangers whereas similar behaviour towards the establishment club carries sanctions. What did Burrows say after his club's six goal thrashing at ra Stade de Gadd? He has plenty to say about our club and there is a whole list of the usual suspects waiting impatiently to deliver the lines. Whataboutery is not a good look but events do not occur in a vacuum, Sellik were awarded two penalties, allowed ten minutes time added on and, survived their left back stamping his studs down on to a 'Well player's shin. Did the levers find purchase? They were not even picked up, let alone shouldered. Compare and contrast with a Rangers player having his jersey pulled in the opposition box during injury time? A true benefit of being the establishment club is the deflection you can effect on another club that ironically, you claim is the establishment club. Phillipe Clement has his hands full, getting a tune out of an assembled grouping not of his choosing and concurrently dealing with fixture congestion whilst under constant off field heavy artillery. The five games between now and the cup final will come under forensic investigation, the levers are waiting and most willing. To see it any other way suggests you have already seen Michael Matheson's season ticket for Firhill?
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