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Found 2 results

  1. Article submitted by Andy Steele: Succulent Lambs to the Slaughter You'll have had yer tax case, then. What a lot of e-ink has been spilled on what turns out to be, ultimately, a non-story. What a lot of damage has been done to individuals and clubs. How much energy has been expended in frothy-mouthed diatribes, how many hours have been spent broadcasting cast iron certainties which turned out to be chimeras. In as much as it boils down to a lot of people talking a lot of mince, the Rangers vs HMRC tax case should have come as no surprise to anyone with a passing knowledge of S
  2. Article submitted by Andy Steele: SDS Survey: No Issues? No Chance! News that a survey by fans' body Supporters' Direct Scotland has found that while the vast majority of fans felt the game in Scotland had no issues with racism or homophobia, it had a big, big problem with sectarianism. This highlights not just the issue of social attitudes and football, but, sadly, the problem people have with perceiving themselves as part of the problem. One can assume fairly safely that for such a result to be obtained a good proportion of respondents were either non-Old Firm fans, or if Old Fir
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