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Found 9 results

  1. http://supportersnotcustomers.com/2015/01/20/why-scotland-needs-rangers/
  2. Posted on Facebook by Jim Hannah Dear All, Please all see attached pictures from the IBROX DISASTER MEMORIAL PLINTH; You will notice the face of the Memorial plinth has changed, the brickwork was in such a state of dis-repair, I decided to call in a brick builder to see what was happening and what could be done to resolve the problem. The bricklayer told me the reason the bricks were breaking up, was water had got into the brickwork and when it froze and then expanded the brickwork started to break up. Given some of the conversations I’ve had over the years with some of the families, the thing that crept up more than once was the size of the text on the Blue panels, it was so small you could hardly read it, also the picture in the middle was of fans celebrating, which to be honest in my opinion was in bad taste, given it was a Memorial for the Fans who tragically died in three separate disasters at the Stadium. I spoke to the brick layer and asked if he could engrave the names of every Fan who tragically died in the three Ibrox disasters before then, thankfully he said he could turn it round in time. The brickwork finished yesterday and each one of the Disasters has its own panel. I also spoke to a Rangers Fan Billy Rafferty, (who does iron work) and asked if he could oblige and erect a small railing around the Ibrox Disaster plinth which he agreed to do in a matter of hours before his company broke up for the holidays. The reason for the small railing was to hold the wreaths and flowers in place with as you will all know blew all over the place when it was windy. Unfortunately, I did not have time to contact all the Family members before embarking on the repair work which was carried out on the Memorial plinth, I apologise for this, however I hope you all understand it was carried out with the best intentions of the Families and the Fans who tragically died at Ibrox Stadium in the 1902, 1961 and 1971 Disasters. Best Regards Jim Hannah Rangers FC
  3. http://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/news/local/dundee/rangers-fans-fury-at-ibrox-disaster-tweet-1.653603
  4. Next year will see us enter the Premiership hoping to reclaim our crown as King of Scotland. I am looking for some help in this thread from you guys please. I am looking at our revenue in the lower leagues and what we used to bring in when in the SPL and looking at how we are going to get back there, so some fag packet maths. When in the SPL our average revenues were £25m Gate Receipts and Hospitality £3m Sponsors and Advertising £5m Broadcasting rights £5m Commercial income £2m Other operating income That is us, without European football. A £40m revenue club. That is what we averaged over the last 15 years or so when not participating in Europe. This is where we will need to be at least next season to just compete i believe. Our operating expenses averaged out at £45m per season. Every year. Staff costs including wages and salaries averaged at around £30m of that £45m. 75% of turnover from above. This means that we were always pissing against the wind, needing European football. It's easy to see here trouble was always inevitable as we could never quite get the costs down to a sustainable level. When in the lower leagues our average revenues were £12m Gate receipts and hospitality. £740k Sponsorship and advertising. £1.5m Retail £700k Broadcasting £900k Commercial £1.5m Other revenue. Around £17.3m revenue as a lower league club with costs at almost double that incredibly. As a comparison, Celtic turnover over £50m in any given year without European football but obviously have a much higher operating cost base. Merchandising costs them £9m per annum but they bring in £15m Football operations brings in £30m but costs them anything between £46m and £50m including £40m in staffing costs as of last year. Multimedia and other commercial brings in £10m and costs them £2m This shows how important European football is to them as well. Without it they run at a similar loss to what we did. European football is imperative to both clubs. So anyway, i would like to know how we are going to go from a club bringing in less that £20m to a club who must bring in at least double that in the next 12 months, whilst keeping our operating costs under control. The wage bill will undoubtedly need to increase too. We are already running at a loss. Averaged out at around *£400k per month. You can see where the differences are but just how easy will it be to go back to the former revenue streams? What do you think guys? *worked out from recent 120 day review.
  5. 1300 words on a situation that is becoming more worrying and difficult to justify with every day that passes... http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest-news/260-ally-mccoist-and-rangers-time-for-some-home-truths
  6. “We note the latest attempt by this board to mislead and hold Rangers fans to ransom. Their latest “give us your money or the seat gets it” ultimatum is just another in a long line of misjudgements this board has made about the mood amongst the support in general. The fact that those now in the crosshairs of this board are a lifelong Rangers fan who has ploughed millions of his own money into the club with no return, an iconic captain from one of the club’s most successful ever periods and a group of Rangers fans attempting to secure the home of our football club, says more about this board than we ever could. There is no attempt to deprive the club of funds. This is made very clear in the security proposal and the board’s ham fisted attempt to misrepresent this is one of the few transparent things they have done since coming to power. No money will be taken from fans unless security is granted and we are of the opinion that the board’s reluctance to discuss granting security may well rapidly change. Our public comments about Mr Wallace are not personal but have been based on his binding pronouncements on matters of huge importance which have been at best misleading, broken promises for engagement with fans, attempts to blame fans for the current precarious position of the club and a complete lack of any progress in bringing much needed investment into the club. We welcome the fact that the entire board have now publicly taken responsibility for all of these actions. Once again we see meaningless sound bites with absolutely no substance to back them up. The result, no doubt, of the expensive PR man hired by this board with more urgency than a Chief Scout. What “significant progress” has been made? How will this “bright future” we are promised come about when the investment committee have failed to secure a single pound of investment? Rangers is certainly “dear to all of us”, the Rangers support. We have no idea why this board would attempt to claim the same when there is not a single fan amongst them. We do not believe that Rangers fans will fall for this again. We’ve seen it far too many times in the past two years. “ - See more at: https://www.ibrox1972.co.uk/statements/#sthash.5zQnzija.oJfk0OFG.dpuf
  7. Scottish football is ailing. There are many reasons for this, and we could doubtless compile a long list, but most would agree that the outlook is fairly grim. When we return to the top, there will be a flurry of activity for a while and the game will have a brief period of uplift as old battles fire up again, but Scottish football's best days were in the past - and in the past they will probably remain. Where will this leave Rangers? Within our own support, ambition is ebbing away and aspirations to do well in Europe are evaporating. If this is the future, where Rangers are content to fight for a title that has about as much prestige internationally as the Challenge Cup does domestically, unless we secure an invitation to a more lucrative and competitive league, something will surely have to give. We talk just now about the possibility of losing Ibrox and/or Auchenhowie due to boardroom incompetence or perhaps something more sinister, but if Scottish football is going to continue to be a marginalised poor relation in Europe, can we really afford to retain both of them - even if the club is run in a professional and competent way? Can Rangers, within the context of Scottish football, afford to retain an increasingly high maintenance stadium - and a modern training facility? I'm sure we don't want to part with either, but is the sale of one of them the inevitable consequence of our football environment being so impoverished?
  8. Liverpool played "absent friends" over the anfield tannoy at half time today, in memory of the 66 who died in the ibrox disaster. The song is from the hillsborough ibrox memorial groups new charity cd that was released just last week. http://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/late...r-hillsborough True class from Liverpool F.C.
  9. Lifted from FF: I have been hearing from various sources that we as a group are being met with mixed reviews from forums etc so decided to come on and let everyone know a bit about us and our aims to allow each to make their own mind up We have been accused of being many people from tims to M Dingwall to D Leggat and even malcolm murray. We are none of these we are only normal concerned fans and if you read attachment below it will give you a better idea of who we are and how we came about. We only have 3 aims and I would question any fan who didnt want these things from their club regardless of who they are and which team they follow 1) Keep the stadium in clubs name to avoid Coventry situation 2) clear accounts which prove proper running of the club 3) a board that keep the club off the front pages and are above reproach We do not have any aims that can divide a support and only actually which to unite fans from all groups against a clear and present danger The following is a post from our facebook page that was first posted 2 weeks ago when we first started. Please take the few minutes to read and DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE surrounding The Sons of Struth https://www.facebook.com/SonsOfStruth Here we go I will try and explain in as short a post a possible who is involved to date with the Sons of Struth and how this page came about. One of our main points of agenda and a main Struthism is openness. Some of you may be aware of the Rangers Rumours website and a regular poster named George or George protester number 1. I picked up on his postings only 1 week ago and was intrigued to know what his feelings and understanding of our clubs current plight was. George arranged to travel from London on Friday and meet anyone interested in what he had to say at Ibrox. Due to my own worries about our club I felt I had nothing to lose other than 10 minutes of my time and a whole lot to gain if he had any information that could fill my appetite to fully understand the situation at our club. The fact that only 10 people turned up confirmed my general feeling that our fans are very apathetic towards the current situation and George was very disappointed also. He did, as many have since held against him, arrive minus the promised leaflets and did introduce himself as a representative of George. Both these points seem to have angered some but I understand why he done both when as he could have possibly been faced with a far greater number of fans who he didn’t know who they where and he was let down by a local printer which was a point later proven to me. To the 10 who were at the first meeting and others who visit the Rangers Rumours site, I was the guy with the red jacket who some believed was Georges minder and I post on the site as Craig protester number 2 BFH. To set the record straight I had never met George before Friday and purely turned up as a disgruntled fan searching for some knowledge. I appeared to pick up on what George was saying very quickly but so did others around me, however George seemed to like the questions I asked him and what I had to say so he asked me after the meeting if I would like to talk further on a one to one basis. This “private” meeting consisted more of us talking like true fans and swapping stories of our favourite experiences following our club than it did about revelations which weren’t disclosed at the full meeting. We did prove our love for our club and our concerns for the future just as many discussions would go between Rangers fans all over the world when two strangers meet and they find they both support Rangers. We decided we would talk again during his stay in Glasgow and exchanged numbers. During the course of last weekend we talked several times over the telephone and agreed to meet on Monday and I would introduce him to my friend Sandy who was also interested to hear what George had to say. During the course of the weekend George had put his leaflet online as he promised. George, Sandy and I met on Monday and again the discussion was no different to hundreds of chats between Rangers fans many times over. We discussed our favourite games, best goals,most manic away trips and the like but most importantly we shared a huge concern over the current state of our dearly held club and a desire to do something about. We all agreed that doing something and failing was more acceptable than doing nothing but with the hope we could make a difference even if it was just to give the proper fans some information that may put some fire in the belly and arouse some passion from within the fan base. We then involved the man power from a well known body of fans, who if they wish to disclose their important and welcome involvement is matter for them, who helped along with hastily recruited normal fans like Paisley Gary to help with the distribution of Georges leaflets prior to Tuesdays game. The leaflets went out and received a mixture of reactions. On Tuesday not long before I left for the game I started the Sons of Struth facebook page. The reasons for this is to give the normal fan who wants our club to return to a stewardship of which we would expect from Rangers. You pick up a paper on Monday going to work and you are faced with another scandal about our club. You discuss it and try to make sense of it but before you have a chance to get your head round it a few days later you’re faced with another earth shaking scandal. This is not what we expect from the custodians of our club. The mere inclusion of the Struth name in the page harks back to an era when our custodians conducted themselves with dignity, honesty and respect. We must install this again from our boardroom. Who am I? I am a nobody. Not attached to any fan group or organisation. I am you. A fan and season ticket holder since the age of 8 years old. What do I want? I want to talk about my favourite memories of Rangers and idols and goals again, not have to discuss and deal with on a daily basis another boardroom scandal and just get back to the football. I want a board that won’t embarrass me and treat me like a fan without hiding facts from me. I want to be assured that the stadium where I have had many happy memories will be in the ownership of my club and not sold off and rented back to us by some spiv. The stadium holds the spirit of not one but three disasters and has to remain ours to honour those who did not return. It has to remain for the thousands who have the names of lost loved ones chiselled on the very bricks in their memory. It is not the crown jewels it is far more important to the very soul of every fan who has ever walked through the turnstiles. Who are the Sons of Struth? We all are and can be ordinary fans or members from any other fan body. If you are a Union Bear or a Supporters Trust member, as long as your principles and desires are the same as ours then we welcome your input and support. We are not affiliated to any other fan body but welcome their involvement and discuss common aims. Our biggest and most immediate threat is the possible sale of our stadium and let me explain why. The ground swell of opinion is the current board may not have 51% of the shareholder support in the near future and as such leaves them in a position of one last heist. Let me explain in simple terms and use your house as an example. You require cash due to your ailing financial position and own a home with a market value of £200k. I agree to give you £100k cash today to solve your short term financial problems and I will rent you the house back for £2k per month. I will also agree to allow you to buy it back anytime in the next 10 years for £300k. I cant lose. I either 1) have you in the home and draw £24k a year of you in rental 2) Get £2k a month off you until your able to give me £300k to get it back 3) You leave the house and I have a building costing me half market value. Now turn this story to Ibrox and what a spiv could do. Sell the stadium to a carefully selected company that a trusted friend owns and the spiv has a vested interest in and do it soon before he loses the majority of shareholders. Couldnt happen? Think of the Monday morning paper stories we have all had to deal with in the last couple of years. SONS OF STRUTH DEMAND THE TRUTH SHOW YOU CARE AND SHARE WITH A BEAR Craig
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