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  1. EDGE

    Union Bears

    Just back from the game and a few things pissed me off, not just the horrific performance against amateurs. No, the Union Bears and their attempt at generating an atmosphere. Pretty pish to be honest. Apart from the embarrassing "You can shove your referendum up your arse" then "fuck the SNP" and "Stand up if you hate Salmond", we were also treated to songs about terrorist organisations not based in this country. These are the same tits no doubt bleating about "how they can't sing about ******s but Celtic fans can sing about the IRA"!! Yet we're treated to songs about the IRA, the UVF and the YCV. The guys are an embarrassment to the club. By the looks of it half of them wouldn't be old enough to buy a bottle of beer. Rant over - bevy time.
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