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  1. Just been interviewed on Sky Sports News there. To quote - 100% committed. 100% will be in charge next week v Livi Got a job to do, to get back into the top flight Going nowhere So God knows what happened earlier today. Almost as if Ally knew nothing about it.
  2. Found this on twitter this morning - apparently this can be purchased from Burtons. https://twitter.com/theZhangx/status/533173253448417280/photo/1
  3. The old man shuffled in the large leather chair, one of those traditional ones designed to encourage good seating posture rather than slouching, pushing his steel rimmed glasses onto his forehead he took what he hoped would be another sip of inspiration from the lukewarm tea on the table, just for a brief moment he thought about undoing his top shirt button and loosening his tie to provide relief from the late afternoon sun beaming through the office window and which was taking its toll – but that would just not do, “standards, standards, standards” he muttered to himself, the presentation was
  4. I didn’t think it was possible for the Rangers support to be more fractured and lacking consensus than we were in the first half of this year but rather depressingly we’ve managed it. In the maelstrom of a referendum on Scottish Independence the boardroom turmoil that has dominated the forums, social media and old fashioned conversations took a back seat to Loyalism, Unionism and the bogey man topic of Nationalism. Such is the ineptitude of our board, they missed the opportunity to bury some negative news in amongst the fog of the ideological war that raged throughout the month of Septemb
  5. Wednesday, 16 July 2014 16:15 Rangers To Honour Sandy Jardine Written by Rangers Football Club RANGERS Football Club will pay a lasting tribute to the late, great Sandy Jardine by re-naming the Govan Stand in his honour. The Light Blues legend sadly lost his battle with cancer in April but is forever in our thoughts and the Club will mark his phenomenal 50-year contribution to Rangers by changing the name of the Govan Stand to the Sandy Jardine Stand. Sandy was based in the offices at the Govan Stand for many years when he returned to the Club he served with such distincti
  6. THEY follow in the footsteps of their team. Now Rangers fans will retrace the steps of their most famous sons. The walk to Ibrox is a journey made on a regular basis by the Light Blue legions but on Saturday they will head for their Govan home for a very different reason. There will be no match to watch, no team to cheer as they assemble in front of the iconic red brick facade. Instead, their focus will be on the men who walk the corridors of power. The fight to secure the future of Ibrox has been a long one, with the Union of Fans at the forefront of discussions with t
  7. Only £11.50 ( Incl. P+P). We have copies of The Updated Gallant Pioneers book all signed by author Gary Ralston now available . All chapters have been updated since the original book was released in 2009. An additional section on the story of the Founders Trail has also been added. It's a must read for all True Blues ! To obtain a copy please send an email to thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com and we'll have your book posted the same day.
  8. SATURDAY 24TH MAY. CELEBRATION AND PROTEST We have been asked by many fans to arrange some protests during the close season and as 24th May is the anniversary of the clubs greatest victory in Barcelona 1972, we have made arrangements for the Louden Tavern at the stadium to show a re run of the game from 1.00pm At 3.00pm we will be marching to the stadium for a 30 min protest and a petition to hand in and explain why the fans wont renew season tickets or indeed buy new ones. We require as many fans as possible to turn up as a show of numbers would be vital for the success of the pro
  9. Hi All,: As many of you may have heard, SDMC Productions is producing a Feature Length Documentary charting the Extraordinary story of Rangers Football Club - Still the most Successful Domestic Club in the World ! This was originally to be a SDMC & BBC project; however, due to the relationship between Rangers/The Fans and the BBC we have decided to fund this ourselves. We are now opening a project to include the Fans and Supporters in this feature and will then screen in Cinemas around Scotland. Please check out the link below to our project page and support if possible -
  10. Don't see this elsewhere, great day out IMO. The Founders Trail, in association with Rangers Football Club and The Rangers Development Fund, is delighted to launch our Tour programme for 2014 in what is our 5th year. The first Tours of 2014 will be on Sunday 9th March, Saturday 5th April, Sunday 18th May . Join us on a journey of discovery back to 1872 when The Rangers were just the dream of a group of young kids who gathered on Fleshers Haugh. They had no ball, no football kit and used a bush on the green as a changing room. Their Club, which they nurtured, was to become the w
  11. Sons of Struth ‏@SonsofStruth22m In reply to Wllhelm, who I believe is a co founder of VB, who has been asking many questions re SoS on a forum I... http://fb.me/1snCcZpH6 In reply to Wllhelm, who I believe is a co founder of VB, who has been asking many questions re SoS on a forum I am unable to access (RM) First, could you please refrain from calling our group rebels, I am sure you would be offended to be named in such a context. We are a totally independent group played by no one from the back. Our 3 aims, Ibrox never to be sold, no hidden items in accounts and a clean board
  12. Arrived today, 2nd issue and updated. Great book for all bears, and no I'm not on commission.
  13. I've had two legal letters sent to me via email by Biggart Baillie on behalf of the Rangers board and Brian Stockbridge over comments I made about him lying. They are threatening a civil defamation action. One came on Friday and one today. Meanwhile, Macgiollabhain, Galloway, Haggerty, Greenslade and CQN can say whatever they like about the club and the fans without any risk of the board lifting a finger to defend either. They are an absolute disgrace. Their attempts to silence dissension both through the action against FF and me is a clear attempt to bully, using the fans ST money to pay
  14. It is perhaps a Godsend that the behaviour of our online Rangers communities do not appear to impact or reflect on the ability of the Rangers support to “Follow Follow”. Thankfully the support which embarrassed, and continues to embarrass Scottish football with it's attendance figures, which caught the imagination of the world with it's steadfast devotion to a football club, appears to remain unaffected by the schisms within her online communities. Whilst it undoubtedly raises a question of the significance of our online communities and how reflective they are of our support in general, I
  15. http://www.thisislincolnshire.co.uk/news/tombstone-dedicated-founder-Glasgow-Rangers-Football-Club/article-2479213-detail/article.html Superb work from VB...
  16. http://www.thegallantpioneers.co.uk/ Good luck to the organisers with their new site.
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obKeQB68XrU]YouTube- The Gallant Pioneers - Rangers Founders Trail[/ame] I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to know about the formation of the Club.
  18. http://www.rangerspedia.org/index.php/Rangers_Quotes Anyone heard this one before? " when did you know your leg was broken? Answer..."when I saw John Grieg running towards me!" by Bobby Lennox.
  19. I hope admin don't mind me posting this news. However I believe it's something all Bears should be aware of and feel proud to be part of this venture. Please remove if unappropriate content for Gersnet. It is with great pride and much humility, that Vanguardbears are pleased to announce that we have purchased, on behalf of Rangers fans throughout the world, a 50 year Lease on the burial plot of William McBeath. William, you will know, was one of the young founders of our Club, one of the "Gallant Pioneers". The recent book on the founders of the club highlighted that William sadly
  20. From The Herald: The birth of the blues is a story of remarkable poignancy. Rangers are a solid, substantial club with its roots firmly planted in the soil of world football. Yet the beginnings of the club were truly humble and have been treated with an indifference, even an ignorance. Consider this for a test. Who founded Celtic? Most Scottish football fans would instantly reply: "Brother Walfrid". But who were the originators of Rangers? Some may mumble hesitantly: "Moses McNeil". Others would not hazard a guess. But the question receives its most authoritative answer in Gary Ral
  21. Reading the new book 'Rangers 1872 The Gallant Pioneers' at the moment - very interesting so far. Wee bit I was reading last night (which you may or may not know about) regarding the 'light blues' nickname. To summarise, the book says; Rangers listed their colours as 'blue' (1876 & 1878) in the SFA Annual, but listed as 'Royal Blue' from 1879 onwards. The 'Light Blues' first came to the fore around 1877 when Rangers played Vale of Leven in the SC Final. Two stories compete; 1) the term referred to the 'dash' of the players in the team; the nimbleness of Moses McNeil & Peter Cam
  22. Informative introduction to the 'Gallant Pioneers' book by Gary Ralston here: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/editors-choice/2009/07/14/revealed-the-curse-of-the-rangers-pioneers-86908-21518811/ Some tragic stories affected the life and times of our founding fathers. You can buy the book here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rangers-1872-Pioneers-Gary-Ralston/dp/1859837476/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1247563364&sr=8-1
  23. Saw this posted on FF. It includes the four founders of Rangers: Moses and William McNeil, Tom Vallance and Peter Campbell - the "Gallant Pioneers". From http://blogs.myspace.com/glasgowrangers1873
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