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  1. Just been interviewed on Sky Sports News there. To quote - 100% committed. 100% will be in charge next week v Livi Got a job to do, to get back into the top flight Going nowhere So God knows what happened earlier today. Almost as if Ally knew nothing about it.
  2. Found this on twitter this morning - apparently this can be purchased from Burtons. https://twitter.com/theZhangx/status/533173253448417280/photo/1
  3. The old man shuffled in the large leather chair, one of those traditional ones designed to encourage good seating posture rather than slouching, pushing his steel rimmed glasses onto his forehead he took what he hoped would be another sip of inspiration from the lukewarm tea on the table, just for a brief moment he thought about undoing his top shirt button and loosening his tie to provide relief from the late afternoon sun beaming through the office window and which was taking its toll – but that would just not do, “standards, standards, standards” he muttered to himself, the presentation was tomorrow and the speech had to be finished, so reaching for his trusty pencil and notepad he collected his thoughts and began scribbling… “I have been lucky — lucky in those who were around me from the boardroom to the dressing-room. In time of stress, their unstinted support, unbroken devotion to our club and calmness in adversity eased the task of making Rangers FC the premier club in this country. To be a Ranger is to sense the sacred trust of upholding all that such a name means in this shrine of football. They must be true in their conception of what the Ibrox tradition seeks from them. No true Ranger has ever failed in the tradition set him.” Our very success, gained you will agree by skill, will draw more people than ever to see it. And that will benefit many more clubs than Rangers. Let the others come after us. We welcome the chase. It is healthy for us. We will never hide from it. Never fear, inevitably we shall have our years of failure, and when they arrive, we must reveal tolerance and sanity. No matter the days of anxiety that come our way, we shall emerge stronger because of the trials to be overcome. That has been the philosophy of the Rangers since the days of the gallant pioneers.” I have spent my whole life in awe of that speech. The utter selflessness at the heart of it, the appreciation and acknowledgement of the work and dedication of others, the dismissal of the importance of the individual and the emphasis and focus on the dedication of others around him merely serve to underline why this man has left such an indelible stamp on our club. It speaks of a football club with a sense of direction, where the people at the very heart of it share not only a common vision but realise the necessity of working together with shared values to deliver that vision. We have fallen, fallen a long way from that sacred trust, taken there by men with little concept of what the Ibrox tradition seeks from them, men whose importance of self, of ego, was the very antithesis of everything Mr Struth stood for. It has opened a revolving door of charlatans, of profiteers, with no interest in preserving the shrine other than seeking to exploit the faithful who still come to worship. In these days of anxiety, amidst the clamour of boardroom battles, of money men and PR gurus, of percentage shareholdings and damaging headlines, one group, to the exclusion of all others, has sought to uphold that sacred trust and remain true to the concept of the Ibrox tradition. Disengaged and disempowered from the powers and processes which govern our club, and in the face of considerable, or as some hoped, insurmountable adversity, we have strived and endeavoured to keep the flames of that sacred trust burning. We conquered the insurmountable, breaking attendance records along the way, we laid waste to the false accusations of “glory hunters” at the Gayfields and Station Parks of this world. Borough Briggs and Ochilview had to be postponed as the manifestation of “unstinted support” and “unbroken devotion” descended upon them. Who are these people ? Go look in the mirror you will see them there, staring right back at you – we are the people. We are the people and this is our time. It’s time for those who have proven themselves in the face of adversity to no longer be disempowered or disengaged. We are the rightful sentinels of that sacred trust, do we honestly believe that anyone else could protect it better ? If you do then stop reading now. Rangers First, Buy Rangers and Vanguard Bears all offer a means of achieving that goal via their various fan ownership models. The choices we face are simple but critical nonetheless. Who do we trust most to decide the destiny of our football club, to safeguard all that we cherish and value ? To run the club in a way which upholds the traditions spoken of by Mr Struth all those years ago ? Who would ensure that every single decision which is made, is done so solely in the best interests of Rangers ? Or should we continue to fracture as a support, tearing ourselves apart doing the bidding of masters who offer no guarantees, in the hope of some scraps off the table ? Isn’t it about time we either sat at that table ourselves or had a considerable say in who does and the decisions they make concerning our club ? I am under no illusions – it will not be easy. There will be considerable challenges ahead, without doubt considerable adversity as well, but only a fool would bet against a Rangers support united in purpose and vision – it’s probably what those who wish ill will against our club fear most. Our club is once again in need of “gallant pioneers”, men and women who will remain true to the concept the Ibrox tradition seeks from them, and the reward is ensuring that sacred trust is preserved for generations yet to come. “No true Ranger has ever failed in the tradition set him.”
  4. I didn’t think it was possible for the Rangers support to be more fractured and lacking consensus than we were in the first half of this year but rather depressingly we’ve managed it. In the maelstrom of a referendum on Scottish Independence the boardroom turmoil that has dominated the forums, social media and old fashioned conversations took a back seat to Loyalism, Unionism and the bogey man topic of Nationalism. Such is the ineptitude of our board, they missed the opportunity to bury some negative news in amongst the fog of the ideological war that raged throughout the month of September but I digress. Being a pro-Independence Rangers supporter these last few months has been a real challenge. I’ve been confronted by many fellow fans on social media and called everything from a “timpathiser”, (whatever that is) to a Nazi and Quisling. One particularly poorly adjusted and misinformed fellow told me I was a “traitor to Rangers Loyalist Unionist roots…” The idea that a Rangers supporter could support Independence just would not compute for many and my follower count on Twitter tumbled dramatically, I won’t lose any sleep over that however I must admit to now facing somewhat of a crossroads. Do I plod on attending matches listening to chants about where people like me can “stick your Independence” and the Loyalist songbook which was given an airing in George Square on Friday night amidst scenes of thuggery and hatred? Do I carry on turning a blind eye to the continual linking of Rangers Football Club to Loyalism and The Orange Order just as I have done for many years? The thought of turning my back on the club I’ve supported since I was five years old and which has provided myself and my (now deceased) Father so many happy memories makes me physically ill. The thought of a future devoid of one of the precious few constants in my life so far is unthinkable and so that is not a road I’m willing to go down just yet. So what are my options? I could become the archetypal armchair fan and refrain from discussing football matters on social media but we are in an age where it’s almost impossible to avoid. I could fool myself into thinking that it’s not so bad and the majority of my fellow fans are reasonable, open minded individuals but I’m not capable of cognitive dissonance on that scale. It seems that the core of our support are labouring under the misconceptions that being a “real” Rangers man means that you must also be many other things. I’ll use this juncture to clarify what I mean by “core of our support”. There are probably thousands of Rangers supporters (I don’t like term “fan”) who are feeling similarly disillusioned at the moment and those are probably a large percentage of the several thousand fans who’ve been missing for the last few home games joined by those who are boycotting, suffering from boardroom related malaise or simply disillusioned with how we are playing. What’s left are a core (match attending group) and of those I’d estimate that 75% fall into the category as described previously in this article. There’s also a large group of fans who, for one reason or another don’t regularly attend matches and again I’d estimate that a large percentage of those are politically and ideologically aligned with their brethren sitting in the stands. I’m conscious that I’m in danger of pigeon holing large swathes of people here and would only offer the fact that this is how I see things in basic terms. I’m sure there are reasonable folks in amongst the core who do not fall into any of my hastily preconceived notions and that I do not think the situation has reached the point of no return just yet and this leads me to the only other option I feel I have left. I’d urge everyone who considers themselves to be a Rangers supporter to distance the club from toxic and divisive affiliations. To seriously consider for a moment that we are in real danger of losing thousands of people like me who feel marginalised by their fellow bears and more importantly that we are in danger of losing the next generation of season ticket holder who have shown throughout the referendum run up and beyond, that they are increasingly well informed and turned off by Northern Irish politics, by far right-wing rhetoric and the kind of vulgar displays of aggression that we’ve seen both online and in the streets of Glasgow from both Unionists and Nationalist factions. Next time you’re attending an Orange parade maybe leave the Rangers merchandise at home, remove the Loyalist symbolism from Rangers flags and banners, try not to marginalise your fellow supporters who don’t care about that kind of stuff really, that’s all. Is that too much to ask? For some, what I’ve asked is probably tantamount to singing rebel songs in a tri-colour but to me it’s just common decency, something that has been eroding away for many years and something that the gallant pioneers probably had in abundance. Try to be a bit more like a Moses McNeil or a Tom Vallance and live the values which built the very thing that we all hold so dear. If we want a positive future for our club we all have to sow the seeds of that starting from now after all, we share much more in common than we do which divides us. I’ll remain a supporter and will try to live by my own code, respecting others right to support the club any way they choose but speaking out against intolerance, negative affiliations and polarizing attitudes. Let’s see if we can build a stronger and more together support from the rubble. The alternative I’m afraid would be a very dark period in Rangers history. It’s only a matter of time before we will be back attempting to compete with Celtic. It may be only a matter of time before we see major boardroom change. Do we really want to be facing these challenges with a support that can’t agree on what colour the sky is? The answer is obvious to me.
  5. Wednesday, 16 July 2014 16:15 Rangers To Honour Sandy Jardine Written by Rangers Football Club RANGERS Football Club will pay a lasting tribute to the late, great Sandy Jardine by re-naming the Govan Stand in his honour. The Light Blues legend sadly lost his battle with cancer in April but is forever in our thoughts and the Club will mark his phenomenal 50-year contribution to Rangers by changing the name of the Govan Stand to the Sandy Jardine Stand. Sandy was based in the offices at the Govan Stand for many years when he returned to the Club he served with such distinction as a player so it is fitting this particular stand will carry his name. This dedication will be in place for the opening league game of the season against Sandy's former side Hearts at Ibrox on Sunday 10 August. His family will also be guests of the Club on the day and Sandy’s widow Shona says the honour is something he was immensely proud of. She commented: "My husband considered it a great honour and privilege to represent Rangers Football Club and I know he was extremely proud to receive this lasting tribute from the Club he loved.” Rangers Chief Executive Graham Wallace commented: "Sandy Jardine epitomised everything that is good about Rangers Football Club. He was a man of principle and class and his contribution throughout his career both on and off the pitch was truly incredible. "His achievements are unlikely to be seen again in the modern game and this is a truly fitting way to honour Sandy's memory. The re-naming of the Govan Stand will be a permanent tribute to a man who gave everything for Rangers. "He was a credit to Rangers for decades and his dignity, class and love for the Club shone through. We have lost a true gentleman but he will never be forgotten and everyone at the Club is immensely proud to re-name the stand in his honour.” Rangers Manager Ally McCoist commented: "There have been many great names associated with Rangers Football Club but I can think of no-one more deserving of this tribute than Sandy Jardine. "A Rangers legend in every sense of the word, he will always be in our hearts and I am delighted he will be remembered forever with this permanent tribute at Ibrox Stadium. “Sandy's achievements both on and off the pitch were second to none. He gave everything for this great club and we are all looking forward to paying tribute to him at the Hearts game next month." Sandy, a truly world class fullback, was twice Player of the Year in Scotland and a key man in the Club's Treble-winning teams of 1976 and 1978. He also featured in two World Cups, winning 38 caps for Scotland and made almost 800 appearances for Rangers scoring 77 goals in the process. He won three League Championships, five Scottish Cups, five League Cups and the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1972 with the Light Blues and is rightly regarded as one of the greatest Rangers players of the post-war era. His contribution to Rangers since his return in the late 90s was just as significant as he epitomised the dignity, class, history, standards and traditions that are the hallmarks of this 142 year old institution. Sandy lost his battle with cancer on 24 April 2014. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/7227-rangers-to-honour-sandy-jardine
  6. THEY follow in the footsteps of their team. Now Rangers fans will retrace the steps of their most famous sons. The walk to Ibrox is a journey made on a regular basis by the Light Blue legions but on Saturday they will head for their Govan home for a very different reason. There will be no match to watch, no team to cheer as they assemble in front of the iconic red brick facade. Instead, their focus will be on the men who walk the corridors of power. The fight to secure the future of Ibrox has been a long one, with the Union of Fans at the forefront of discussions with the Rangers board in a bid to strike a deal. The assurances they seek are simple yet have proven hard to obtain from a hierarchy that has shut the door on the people that they need most and care most deeply about their club. Craig Houston and the Sons of Struth have been vocal and visual in their fight against the board in recent months and will again lead from the front as thousands of fans get set to march through Glasgow this weekend. "There are not many Rangers fans who say that securing Ibrox, and Murray Park, is not important to them," Houston told SportTimes. "We arrived on that site after a number of years of hard work by the founders of the club. "Rangers were a bit nomadic before that, playing at a number of venues across Glasgow, and the last part of that journey was going from Kinning Park to Ibrox. "People are seeing the importance of that journey. "The Gallant Pioneers worked hard to get Rangers their own stadium and now the fans must keep it in Rangers' hands. "The Sons of Struth are organising the event but it is not just for SoS supporters, it is for all fans, season ticket holders, non-season ticket holders, people who have renewed or haven't renewed. "I hope all fans' groups join us, like they have before, with their banners. I would love to see as many supporters clubs there with their crests." The walk to Ibrox is the latest demonstration held in an attempt to persuade the board to grant legal assurances that Rangers' historic home, and their Auchenhowie training base, will not be sold off in the midst of more financial uncertainty. A DEAL appeared to have been struck several weeks ago when representatives of the Union of Fans met with chief executive Graham Wallace and directors Sandy Easdale and Norman Crighton. But after those talks broke down in a wave of anger and hard-hitting statements, the issue remains unresolved as fans get set to take to the streets once again. Houston said: "There was a point before the end of the season where we felt we wouldn't need to do anything because we were in discussions with the board but those talks broke down in quite a calamitous fashion. "We could either sit on our hands over the summer or we could make our feelings known that we still want written assurances and that the issue was still important to us. "From an organisational point of view, this is the biggest event we have put together and I have been shocked and delighted with the feedback we have had and the number of people that have supported us." There may have been a temporary ceasefire in the war of words between both parties but the ill-feelings between those on the terraces and the men in the boardroom hasn't subsided in recent weeks. Another round of talks would appear to be the next step in this long-running saga if the fans' fears are going to be allayed and Houston insists the Light Blue legions won't shut the door on the under-fire board. He said: "The Union of Fans had discussions with the board to try and secure Ibrox before the season ticket deadline but the way those talks broke down left a sour taste in the mouth. "There was no contact with us, just a public statement a few days later after an agreement was reached in the room. We felt we had assurances over Ibrox and the only grey area surrounded Murray Park. "The members of the UoF all left that meeting with the same impression and we were promised that there would be a board meeting the following day and we would be notified of the outcome. "If it was agreeable to three board members on a board of five, it should have been the easiest meeting they have had. "They have changed their minds, or someone has changed their mind for them. "There was no reply to the UoF but we have never shut the door on the club and there is still time this week to further discuss matters." The failure of the board to grant assurances over Ibrox and Murray Park is just one of factors behind the decision of tens of thousands of fans to opt against renewing their season tickets this summer. Only 17,000 briefs for the Championship season had been shifted when the Gers hierarchy issued a sales update last month as fans wait to be won over by the latest ensemble of men in suits at the top of the marble staircase. Houston said: "If the board can prove themselves to be more trustworthy, honest and open than they have until now, that would give people reasons to go and buy tickets. "The ones who haven't so far are not solely supportive of the UoF, there are fans that haven't renewed for a variety of reasons. "It is not a battle between those who support the board and don't and those who have renewed and haven't. That is nonsense. "The are over 17,000 season tickets sold just now but I think you would be hard pushed to find more than a handful who would stand in public and say they support the board." http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/rangers-fans-in-march-to-ibrox-171037n.24749585
  7. Only £11.50 ( Incl. P+P). We have copies of The Updated Gallant Pioneers book all signed by author Gary Ralston now available . All chapters have been updated since the original book was released in 2009. An additional section on the story of the Founders Trail has also been added. It's a must read for all True Blues ! To obtain a copy please send an email to thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com and we'll have your book posted the same day.
  8. SATURDAY 24TH MAY. CELEBRATION AND PROTEST We have been asked by many fans to arrange some protests during the close season and as 24th May is the anniversary of the clubs greatest victory in Barcelona 1972, we have made arrangements for the Louden Tavern at the stadium to show a re run of the game from 1.00pm At 3.00pm we will be marching to the stadium for a 30 min protest and a petition to hand in and explain why the fans wont renew season tickets or indeed buy new ones. We require as many fans as possible to turn up as a show of numbers would be vital for the success of the protest Fans are asked to meet up at the Louden between 1.00 and 2.30 to give us adequate time to make final arrangements with fans Can I ask all to share at usual places and feeback to me with expected number which will allow me to notify Louden and make necessary arrangements. We are planning on some other things for Saturday and will announce them once we have confirmed Thanks Craig.
  9. Hi All,: As many of you may have heard, SDMC Productions is producing a Feature Length Documentary charting the Extraordinary story of Rangers Football Club - Still the most Successful Domestic Club in the World ! This was originally to be a SDMC & BBC project; however, due to the relationship between Rangers/The Fans and the BBC we have decided to fund this ourselves. We are now opening a project to include the Fans and Supporters in this feature and will then screen in Cinemas around Scotland. Please check out the link below to our project page and support if possible - Please also pass to Friends, Family and fellow supporters and help us get this project completed! Link: Thanks guys! Niraj. -- Niraj Dave |Researcher SDMC Productions Limited Email: niraj.dave@sdmcproductions.com Office: http://www.sdmcproductions.com [​IMG] Disclaimer: The contents of this e-mail are confidential to the recipient to which addressed. It may not be disclosed or used by anyone other than addressee, nor may it be copied in any way. If received in error, please contact SDMC Productions Ltd @ mail@sdmcproductions.com quoting name of sender and addressee. PLEASE DELETE FROM SYSTEM Please note that neither SDMC Productions nor any Employees or associates accept any responsibility for viruses and it is your responsibility to scan the e-mail and attachments (if any). No contracts may be concluded on behalf of SDMC Productions Ltd by means of e-mail communication.
  10. Don't see this elsewhere, great day out IMO. The Founders Trail, in association with Rangers Football Club and The Rangers Development Fund, is delighted to launch our Tour programme for 2014 in what is our 5th year. The first Tours of 2014 will be on Sunday 9th March, Saturday 5th April, Sunday 18th May . Join us on a journey of discovery back to 1872 when The Rangers were just the dream of a group of young kids who gathered on Fleshers Haugh. They had no ball, no football kit and used a bush on the green as a changing room. Their Club, which they nurtured, was to become the world?s most successful and it all happened on the streets of Glasgow. Our journey takes us to the area of Fleshers Haugh where The Rangers played their first ever match, we also visit Glassford Street, Union Street, Berkeley Street, Burnbank, Kinning Park, Craigton Cemetery and many other places of interest before finishing off our day with a tour of our magnificent Ibrox Stadium. During our journey we have a 30 minute break at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground in Partick which was the scene of the Rangers first ever Scottish Cup Final in 1877. It gives everyone a chance to unwind, grab a beer or soft drink and a bite to eat at a beautiful and historical setting. Adults : £20 Children (under 16) and Senior Citizens £15. Group discounts are available upon request. To reserve your seat just send an email to : thegallantpioneers@googlemail.com For further information phone : 0790 2855536 An insight into our research can be found here on our website. http://www.thegallantpioneers.co.uk/
  11. Sons of Struth ‏@SonsofStruth22m In reply to Wllhelm, who I believe is a co founder of VB, who has been asking many questions re SoS on a forum I... http://fb.me/1snCcZpH6 In reply to Wllhelm, who I believe is a co founder of VB, who has been asking many questions re SoS on a forum I am unable to access (RM) First, could you please refrain from calling our group rebels, I am sure you would be offended to be named in such a context. We are a totally independent group played by no one from the back. Our 3 aims, Ibrox never to be sold, no hidden items in accounts and a clean board came out before we were even aware of the requisisionist movement and will remain in place regardless of who holds power in Ibrox, a point I made even to Jim McColl when he introduced me to Nacho Novo before the recent fans meeting. He introduced me as " the guy from sons of Struth who has been organising protests against the current board" I answered along the lines of " and yes Mr McColl and would do so again should the guys you wish on board done anything wrong" You ask if I am in contact with Paul Murray. I have met him on 3 occasions, once at the meeting at clyde blowers months ago that we made a statement about, I met him for a short time whilst he and Malclom Murray done their interviews for our protest video and I met him briefly before and after the fans meeting a fortnight ago I have called Paul on a couple of occasions for example when a blog stated incorrectly that the nominees planned to sell and leaseback Ibrox and as this is totally against one of our three main aims then I felt it necessary to contact him for clarification. The recently published Rangers Constitution obviously proved he told me the truth during this heated conversation. I take no instruction from him or any other nominees to clarify your view You ask I don't reveal who I am but just want clarification that Murray is not part of group and we do what we do on our own with other fans backing I hid behind no false names, my name is Craig Houston and our group is made up of many fans unaffiliated mostly but does include members of TBO, TRS, UB, RST and both RSA plus great support form Baillieston True Blues The trip to London was paid for by me, I got the first train down and sleeper return that night at a cost of approx. £160, no hotel required. As for banners they have came from 3 sources, TBO & UB's have provided many FOC, Andy Smillie has provided money for several more and another independent fan who is not a nominee has paid for the ones your guys like to refer to as the pishy bedsheet ones. The Baillieston True Blues have provided funds for the advertising van that we had. If I have missed any expenses I am happy to reply in another piece. As you claim at the end of your piece the rangers fans deserve to know then may I ask for transparency from your group? The group you co founded met Brian Stockbridge and Jim Hannah from Rangers and claimed at the time you would make public the findings of this meeting once your group had the opportunity to ask questions to the nominees. I know many of your group attended the fans meeting last week and now for the benefit of these same Rangers fans I believe for transparency you should now make the details of this meeting public, purely for the benefit of the same Rangers fans you wished transparency from our group For Rangers Craig
  12. Arrived today, 2nd issue and updated. Great book for all bears, and no I'm not on commission.
  13. I've had two legal letters sent to me via email by Biggart Baillie on behalf of the Rangers board and Brian Stockbridge over comments I made about him lying. They are threatening a civil defamation action. One came on Friday and one today. Meanwhile, Macgiollabhain, Galloway, Haggerty, Greenslade and CQN can say whatever they like about the club and the fans without any risk of the board lifting a finger to defend either. They are an absolute disgrace. Their attempts to silence dissension both through the action against FF and me is a clear attempt to bully, using the fans ST money to pay for it. I'll be making more detailed comment on it over the next couple of days.
  14. It is perhaps a Godsend that the behaviour of our online Rangers communities do not appear to impact or reflect on the ability of the Rangers support to “Follow Follow”. Thankfully the support which embarrassed, and continues to embarrass Scottish football with it's attendance figures, which caught the imagination of the world with it's steadfast devotion to a football club, appears to remain unaffected by the schisms within her online communities. Whilst it undoubtedly raises a question of the significance of our online communities and how reflective they are of our support in general, I'm afraid the exploration of this subject must wait for another day as there are more pressing issues to concern ourselves with. The emergence of the Sons of Struth campaigners gave rise to the question asked in the title thread. Through no fault of their own (in fact they deserve immense credit for how they have, with diplomatic aplomb, handled the minefield which is the fractured, divided and partisan inspired Rangers online community) their emergence has proved to be a “proving ground” for everything which is wrong with our online communities. On the various websites which carried their threads, as well as on social media, sadly the usual battles, accusations and counter accusations came to the fore. It's perhaps pertinent at this point we highlight the 3 main objectives of the Sons of Struth campaigners :- 1. Keep the stadium in the club's name to avoid Coventry situation 2. Have clear accounts which prove the proper running of the club 3. Have a board that keep the club off the front pages and who themselves are beyond reproach If there is a bear anywhere in the world, never mind within the online Rangers community, who does not aspire to the 3 aforementioned objectives for our our club – them I am yet to meet them. Sadly, despite the universal agreement with the above objectives, our online communities find the energy and time to fall out with each other – is it any small wonder our club is in the mess it is today, being raped and savaged by so called “businessmen” and the media ? We appear to be too concerned fighting amongst ourselves than fighting the battles we really need to be engaging in. Can the real enemies of our club really wait until tomorrow whilst we fight amongst ourselves today ? It manifests itself in whole Rangers communities being stereotyped into one particular box, often “evidenced” by a single post by an individual which, as if by magic, suddenly represents the views of hundreds, often thousands of other posters who may not even agree with the original cited post. Personal animosity, historical feuds, bitternesses and hatred have all been done to death. Even the Rangers bloggers appear to have acquiesced to the hate fest, giving rise to what some have referred to as “The Blogger Wars”. At a time when hate filled individuals and even some of the mainstream media are determined to kill off our club – you would think our energies would be more productively spent tackling the enemies of our club. Perhaps what is particularly sad in all this is that the Rangers online communities also represent what is best in our support. 90 minutes on a Saturday is not enough for us – quite simply we eat, sleep and breathe Rangers FC. That kind of devotion represents considerable and mammoth energy with potential – the potential to effect change for the better. It is however completely neutralised when it is spent focussing inwardly on the things which divide us rather than the issues which unite us. If this online Rangers community is to fulfil its true destiny then it must change, because at the moment the schisms, historical feuds and bitternesses are holding us back from unleashing that potential on the real enemies of our club. If the Sons of Struth campaigners achieve nothing else (and I sincerely hope that's not the case) then educating the Rangers online community that there is real need for change, will be a considerable achievement in itself.
  15. http://www.thisislincolnshire.co.uk/news/tombstone-dedicated-founder-Glasgow-Rangers-Football-Club/article-2479213-detail/article.html Superb work from VB...
  16. http://www.thegallantpioneers.co.uk/ Good luck to the organisers with their new site.
  17. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obKeQB68XrU]YouTube- The Gallant Pioneers - Rangers Founders Trail[/ame] I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to know about the formation of the Club.
  18. http://www.rangerspedia.org/index.php/Rangers_Quotes Anyone heard this one before? " when did you know your leg was broken? Answer..."when I saw John Grieg running towards me!" by Bobby Lennox.
  19. I hope admin don't mind me posting this news. However I believe it's something all Bears should be aware of and feel proud to be part of this venture. Please remove if unappropriate content for Gersnet. It is with great pride and much humility, that Vanguardbears are pleased to announce that we have purchased, on behalf of Rangers fans throughout the world, a 50 year Lease on the burial plot of William McBeath. William, you will know, was one of the young founders of our Club, one of the "Gallant Pioneers". The recent book on the founders of the club highlighted that William sadly died aged 55 and was buried in an unmarked grave in Lincoln. There were no surviving family members and the site had fallen into disrepair. Regretfully, the Club has chosen not to do the right thing by this great man. Without him, and his three friends, there would have been no Rangers Football Club. Following discussions with Lincolnshire Council, a 50 year lease has been purchased for the upkeep and maintenance of the final burial place by Vanguard Bears and we will, in the very near future, mark it by erecting a suitable headstone, with an appropriate message worthy of the man. Vanguard Bears behind the scenes team gives special thanks to three of its members "Arisesir", "davesmith", and "Thomas Lord Cochrane" for their initiative in paying the ultimate tribute to William McBeath; for their tireless hard work down in Lincoln, and their financial assistance which along with others helped get this project off the ground, and would like to say "William, you were never forgotten by some. Now, you will be remembered by many." Donations will be gratefully received for the completing of the stone. To donate to this worthy cause, a Paypal link has been set up on VB's home page. Once costs have been estimated for the work, the Paypal will be made live, the estimate (s) chosen and a target figure to meet the costs published. When the target cost has been met, the paypal link will be frozen. If you had it Brethren would you give it? http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=217&Itemid=1 Vanguardbears.co.uk
  20. From The Herald: The birth of the blues is a story of remarkable poignancy. Rangers are a solid, substantial club with its roots firmly planted in the soil of world football. Yet the beginnings of the club were truly humble and have been treated with an indifference, even an ignorance. Consider this for a test. Who founded Celtic? Most Scottish football fans would instantly reply: "Brother Walfrid". But who were the originators of Rangers? Some may mumble hesitantly: "Moses McNeil". Others would not hazard a guess. But the question receives its most authoritative answer in Gary Ralston's Rangers 1872: The Gallant Pioneers. This is the dramatic story of the formation of an institution and of the cruel fate that beset the four young boys who set the ball rolling for what soon became the leading club in Scottish football. "It is a sad, heartbreaking story. It adds an extra dimension to the formation of Rangers, just what these young guys went through. advertisement The sadness for me is that they created a club that went on to be known throughout the world yet they themselves led such tragic lives. There is something touching, even romantic, about that," says Ralston. The simple conception of Rangers can be traced to Kelvingrove Park. There were four fathers: Peter McNeil and Moses McNeil, 17 and 16 years of age respectively, and Peter Campbell and William McBeath, both 15. They discussed the possibility of forming a team during their constitutional walk. The club that has won 52 Scottish championships was therefore basically started as a street team by a group of boys who had been smitten by the latest sporting enthusiasm of association football. They were joined in their endeavours by Tom Vallance, later to become a legendary Rangers captain, but who was then barely 16 years old. Their triumph was to be the foundation stones of a Scottish institution. Their tragedy was to die in relative obscurity and have their deeds unremembered by the mass of supporters. Ralston, gloriously, resurrects them. But the sadness remains. The passing of Moses in 1938 did not rate a mention in the press of that week. He was buried at Rosneath which only recently has become a place of pilgrimage for Rangers fans. His brother, Peter, died in his early 40s. He was certified insane and had been sectioned at Hawkhead Asylum in Paisley. The business brain behind Rangers, Peter had been beset by financial problems and the pressure took a toll on his mental and physical health. Peter Campbell had a more sudden demise. At 25, the marine engineer was lost at sea after the steamer he was working on came to grief in the Bay of Biscay. William McBeath, chronically ill and mentally infirm, was certified as "an imbecile". His last days were spent in the Lincoln workhouse, his passing went unremarked in the press when he died in 1917. He was given a pauper's burial and lies in an untended grave. Tom Vallance, however, did have his days in the sun. As a footballer, Vallance was of the highest rank, almost certainly one of the most accomplished players in the 1870s. He never played on the losing side against England and was a commanding captain for Rangers. Yet, in common with his band of brothers who were part of the formation of Rangers, he was struck by misfortune. Vallance embarked on a career in the tea plantations of Assam. But he returned to Scotland suffering from black water fever. Why did Ralston include him in the pantheon of Rangers founders even though Vallance was not at the meeting in Kelvingrove Park then known as West End Park? "Because he was an absolute colossus," said Ralston. "The two people who were absolutely pivotal to Rangers' development were Peter McNeil for his work behind scenes and Vallance. At 6ft 2in, he was a veritable club giant on and off the field." The club these vulnerable human beings created went from strength to strength. Ralston is keen to dispel any misconceptions about the birth of Rangers. "There was no political or religious element in the formation of Rangers," he said. "I am fascinated about just how the sectarian divide came into Scottish football but that happened in the 20th century, probably from about 1910-20." He added: "The birth of Rangers was basically a result of young guys deciding to have a team to play in what was the new craze of football. There was no other agenda, no wealthy benefactors." Ralston, a journalist, spent three years uncovering the story from the debris of passing decades. It was a labour of love. "I wanted to do it because I had read brief accounts of the formation of the club and I wondered just what had happened to those guys. This is a story that has never fully been told before. I was helped by the fact that the internet has meant that it is easier to do the kind of research that it is necessary in pulling the strands of the story together. Basically, it was a fascinating piece of Scottish football history that has been under-researched." He emerged from his studies with a mass of evidence that he has distilled into a story that is fascinating for any observer of Scottish football. "The most important game Rangers have played in their history was the 1877 Scottish Cup final," he claimed. "Rangers took the mighty Vale of Leven to three games. That final was crucial because SFA annals testify to the Glaswegian labour classes rushing from the factory gates to salute their new heroes. These games won them an audience." That audience has endured 137 years on. Rangers sit unmoveable on the South Side. The stadium has been modernised to cope with the changing imperatives of football. More than 50,000 people file into their seats of a Saturday. Hundreds of thousands more follow the Light Blues through internet and television. There are no shortage of stories on Rangers. But the tale of the birth of the club had been allowed to lie in the darkness of the past. Ralston has brought it into the light.
  21. Reading the new book 'Rangers 1872 The Gallant Pioneers' at the moment - very interesting so far. Wee bit I was reading last night (which you may or may not know about) regarding the 'light blues' nickname. To summarise, the book says; Rangers listed their colours as 'blue' (1876 & 1878) in the SFA Annual, but listed as 'Royal Blue' from 1879 onwards. The 'Light Blues' first came to the fore around 1877 when Rangers played Vale of Leven in the SC Final. Two stories compete; 1) the term referred to the 'dash' of the players in the team; the nimbleness of Moses McNeil & Peter Campbell whom The Glasgow News described as 'light and speedy' at the time. 2) As Vale played in very dark blue, an analogy of the Oxford/Cambridge universities colours, where Vale were dressed similarly to the Dark Blues of Oxford, while Rangers resembled the lighter blue of Cambridge. I've always wondered about this myself, as since I was a lad I've always seen Rangers' tops as 'royal blue' and never really understood the term 'light blues', so this piece (amongst others) captured my imagination. Hopefully this is not a zzzzzzzzzzz post! (cue zzzzzzzzzz replies )
  22. Informative introduction to the 'Gallant Pioneers' book by Gary Ralston here: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/editors-choice/2009/07/14/revealed-the-curse-of-the-rangers-pioneers-86908-21518811/ Some tragic stories affected the life and times of our founding fathers. You can buy the book here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rangers-1872-Pioneers-Gary-Ralston/dp/1859837476/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1247563364&sr=8-1
  23. Saw this posted on FF. It includes the four founders of Rangers: Moses and William McNeil, Tom Vallance and Peter Campbell - the "Gallant Pioneers". From http://blogs.myspace.com/glasgowrangers1873
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