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  1. This isnt specific to this site but thought id ask in case anyone can shed any light on whats going on. I have had internet issues for the last few days, but only on one laptop, every other networking device in the house is fine. Issues including :- Pages not loading or loading slow Pages loading in code format Pages stalling half way through loading, and a download/bookmark of that page downloads automatically (this is new and very weird!) Specific to the forum, the slow response is resulting in my double posting a few times in the last few days. Currently running Avira Antivirus, and installed Malwarebytes yesterday but these have come up with no issues of viruses or anything. Havent been on any website im not usually on in the past few days either. On Zappa's advice, ive also installed Ghostery, who said I should post here if the problem continues. I thought things had improved last night but noticed its been doing the same this morning. OS is Windows 8.1, browser is Chrome, Lenovo laptop.
  2. I'm going to be in the US next weekend, can anyone advise if it will be shown?
  3. Who gives the lowest dealing charges. Decide to do my wee bit and up my share holding. Halifax £12:50 per trade.
  4. Sons of Struth Just now · I have just been informed that the lawyer claiming to be acting on behalf of Mr & Mr Easdale, Mr Somers and RIFC has submitted to the crown an action against me and the emails i released last night The action is NOT against authenticity nor publication but he believes the emails have been obtained through illegal means. How could you obtain an email illegally if it were fake? The action in its self proves authenticity. I shared this email with the Rangers fans for one reason and one reason only, to show the members of our board are more interested in self preservation than the future of our club, I done so in the belief that the public had to see the email i was in possession of and without concern to any future action against me, I believe I have done the right thing. I will not be bullied in my attempts to clear our club of those controlling it for their own benefit and wish every man removed who does not put Rangers interests in front of their own I am unsure of the outcome of this action and what i will face tomorrow so i will therefore be taking a break from online activity until this outcome is known and will leave the page to the moderators to oversee with no further posts until things clear up Merry Christmas and happy New year to all in the Rangers Family Craig.
  5. http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest-news/299-an-open-letter-to-ally-mccoist Also available in the print edition of the Scottish Daily Mail (5/12/2014)
  6. I note from Bill McMurdo that the fans group he's involved with are now asking for up to £15 from Rangers fans to be members of the Rangers Supporters Loyal: http://www.rangerssupportersloyal.co.uk/membership/ Other than the difficult to understand McMurdo, who else is involved with this group and handling our fans money?
  7. Guys, I wouldn't normally pester anyone about such stuff but I think Zappa in particular has worked very hard over the last year or so on maintaining our main website including ensuring we have a steady flow of articles. Further, with so many new faces writing previews and lots of new users on the forum, I think it's agreeable to try and recognise that via the industry awards and the organisers say we've been nominated. You can vote via: http://www.footballbloggingawards.co.uk/vote-now/ Use Gersnet or GersnetOnline as the site name and I'd suggest you vote in the following categories: Established, Forum, Club and/or Social. You can vote on Twitter as well. You MUST tweet the FBA in a certain format as they have Twitter robots acting as referees to make sure nobody can cheat and all is fair. Use the following format to ensure your vote is counted. “I am voting in @TheFBAs for @GersnetOnline as the Best #Category Football Blog” Again, please change #Category to one of #Established, #Forum, #Club and/or #Social. Thanks for your time!
  8. Swansea 2-1 up on Man Utd. Man utd playing 3 at the back and looking awful. Man Utd have a horrific strip!
  9. Not sure if there is a better place to post this question. I almost always use my laptop at home for Gersnet and sometimes my office pc, rarely my phone. However I have used my Samsung Galaxy S4 very occasionally on the bus but don't find it easy to read or respond that way. When I use the phone I get messages about downloading Tapatalk and have heard it mentioned a few times on the site. What is it exactly and in what way would it enhance my Gersnet phone experience?
  10. Neil Lennon is to part company with Celtic after four years as manager following talks about his future. It is understood that the former club captain had been considering his position for some time despite securing a third straight Scottish title. He has been concerned about this playing budget for next season. The 42-year-old Northern Irishman took charge of the Glasgow club in 2010, leading them to three league titles and two Scottish Cups. Lennon, who also previously led Celtic to Champions League last 16, is believed to have been concerned that his present side would be able to negotiate three rounds of qualifying next season.
  11. This arrived a wee while ago. Three surveys were issued comprising of Fan Engagement 2, Club Membership and Digital & Media. More than half the respondents from the initial survey said they would participate in further supporter engagement initiatives to help shape the Club’s Ready To Listen campaign. From that 50%, the uptake was overwhelming with over 86% of fans completing the Fan Engagement 2 survey, 58% completing the Club Membership survey and 66% completing the Digital & Media survey. Fan Engagement Key Findings 88% of fans see the Club’s Website as the key channel for information regarding the Club with Email coming a close second at 71% and Social Media at 60%. 64% of fans use Email as the key mode of communication with the Club and 51% via Social Media. The 5 areas that fans are satisfied or very satisfied with in terms of communication with the fans are - Club Website, Matchday Programme, Email, Social Media and Ticket Centre. Fans do not see the Hotline as an effective method of communication with less than 1% citing this effective. Fans are happy with the level of Email communication with 66% feeling the Club does not communicate too frequently. 43% of fans interact with the Club on a daily basis. Awareness of the Club’s Supporter’s Services department is low with only 21% aware and of those only 13% had used this service. Those who did use the service found it a positive experience with 60% stating it was courteous and 44% stating it was knowledgeable. The top 5 channels fans would like to communicate with the Club were: Surveys, Email, Q&A Sessions, Open Days/Evenings and Social Media Polls/Conversations. The most important channels of communication were Email, Q&A Sessions and Open Days/Evenings. The establishment of a Fan Representation Board was seen as the most effective way to improve Club and supporter engagement with 74%. The majority of fans believe the Fan Representation Board should have between 6-10 members and it should comprise members with a relevant professional expertise (83%) and Season Ticket Holders (80%). The Fan Representation Board should be re-elected and the largest % of fans at 46% felt a term of 2 years maximum was acceptable. The Fan Representation Board should meet on a monthly basis according to 65% of respondents and 78% agreed that there should be a Club representative in attendance and 93% agreed that a member of the Board should also attend. To view an infographic of the Fan Engagement survey 2 results click here. Club Membership Key Findings “Bringing me closer to the Club” (45%) and “Increasing my involvement with the Club” (41%) were deemed most important in terms of Rangers Membership, with “providing me with exclusive merchandise pack” least important (2%). Top 3 Rangers Membership benefits perceived as providing “value for money” were: Retail Merchandise Discount, Free Stadium WIFI and Exclusive Merchandise. 61% of participants felt a members-only email newsletter should be issued “Monthly”. 61% of participants felt that receiving a gift pack wasn’t an important part of a Rangers Membership. A Rangers Membership scarf was perceived the least important membership pack item (Average Score of 3.14) compared with a Membership card (Average Score of 3.74). 94% of participants think the “ability to vote on Club initiatives should be a benefit of Membership”. 95% of participants think that people on the Fan Representation Board should be Club Members/Season Ticket Holders. Priority tickets for Premium Games was perceived the most important benefit to enhance matchday experience (Average Score of 4.15), Digital Matchday programme was perceived the least important benefit (Average Score of 3.26). 54% participants have children/relatives, but 80% of these children/relatives aren’t Season Ticket Holders however 53% of them attend matches. Top 5 Rangers Membership benefits that represent value for money for kids under 16 are: Player Mascots, Retail/Merchandise Discount, Membership Pack, Online Games/Competitions and Kids Video Content. To view an infographic of the Club Membership survey results click here. Digital & Media Key Findings 99% of all respondents said that they use the Internet on a daily basis. 82% of respondents confirmed that they access the Internet via a PC or a Laptop. However, 76% also said that they use a Mobile Phone with 60% accessing via a tablet. Only 38% of respondents indicated that they watch videos about Rangers on RangersTV, with more watching video content on rangers.co.uk (59%). YouTube was the most used website to watch Rangers videos (78%). 53% of respondents said that they visited the Club website rangers.co.uk on a daily basis, with a further 35% identifying that they use it on a weekly basis. Only 5% of fans said that they used the website monthly. When asked to select a statement that best reflected their opinion of rangers.co.uk at present, 55% of respondents selected “It’s good but I also go elsewhere”. Only 1% of fans said they thought “it’s terrible”, however only 8% said “it’s fantastic and has everything I need”. 68% of fans felt that the content on rangers.co.uk appeals to both ardent fans and casual fans, however only 13% felt that the site was first with news. Less than 50% of people said that they could find everything they wanted easily (40%) and that it was visually appealing (45%). 44% of respondents felt that match reports were timely, factual and accurate, 45% felt they were objective and 63% felt that they were of a good length. Regarding picture galleries, 66% felt they were easy to use, but only 32% felt that they captured the emotion. 85% of fans confirmed that they do not subscribe to RangersTV, with 56% of those who do having a RangersTV Standard subscription. Price was the most significant factor for people who have subscribed previously to RangersTV and cancelled, with 41% not wishing to pay for video content at all and 34% indicating that the subscription is too expensive. Regarding video content on RangersTV, match content was what fans wished to see most, with 88% wishing to view Live Matches. Other areas they would like to see include Archive Matches (59%), Interviews (61%), Highlights (66%) and Documentaries (63%). Only 46% of respondents indicated that they buy the matchday programme and of those, 49% said that they do so every game. 63% of fans said that the reason they do so is because it’s a collector’s item. People who don’t buy the programme said that the reason for doing so was that they didn’t feel it was value for money (72%). 57% said that they would be interested in a digital version of the programme. 75% of respondents said that they use a social media platform with Facebook (79%) and Twitter (68%) the most used. 39% of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed that Rangers engages well on Social Media, with 32% either disagreeing or strongly disagreeing. 46% of fans felt that the Club provides news effectively via Social Media with 26% either disagreeing or strongly disagreeing. To view an infographic of the Digital & Media survey results click here. Next Steps More focused face-to-face meetings in the form of focus groups will now be facilitated at the stadium with fans who had expressed a wish to continue their involvement in this initiative. The first set of focus groups will take place next month on Fan Engagement with a minimum of 4 groups being held. A representative sample of Rangers fans will be included in each group to share their individual views and will be invited to participate on a first come first served basis. A range of topics will be covered and this will be outlined in the initial correspondence for each focus group. These initial focus groups will be followed by further focus groups on Club Membership and Digital & Media in the coming weeks and months.
  12. @Chris_Jack89: Sandy Easdale has threatened legal action against Craig Houston over an online petition. Story in Wednesdays @TheEveningTimes #Rangers
  13. The First Annual Gersnet Dinner will be held at Malaga Tapas, 213-215 Saint Andrews Road, Glasgow G41 1PD on 26 April 2014 at 3.00pm for 3.15pm till 7.00pm. NOTE NEW TIMES DUE TO EARLY KICK OFF V STRANRAER http://www.malagatapas.co.uk/ The restaurant is currently ranked in the top 20 in Glasgow on Tripadvisor http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186534-d1087980-Reviews-Malaga_Tapas-Glasgow_Scotland.html MENU FOR THE FIRST ANNUAL GERSNET DINNER (THE BEARS PICNIC) Primer Plato (First Course) Selección del chef de varias tapas, por ejemplo (Chefs Selection of Various Tapas e.g.): Pescados (Fish) – Pescado en Adobe ( Spanish Marinated Fish in a combination of paprika and spices) Fritura de Pescado (Fried Mixture of Fish & Seafood; king prawns, squid & white fish, served with garlic mayonnaise) Carnes (Meats) - Albondigas en tomate (meatballs cooked in a rich tomato sauce) Pinchos Morunos (Authentic Spanish Skewers of Sizzling Pork, marinated with cumin, garlic & red wine) Verduras (Vegetables) – Pisto Manchego (Mixture of roasted vegetables: peppers, potatoes, eggplants and onions mingled with tomato sauce) Bravas con salsa Picante (Malaga Tapas own take on the quintessential Spanish patatas bravas) 3 tapas per person Segundo Plato (Second Course) Paellas: Marisco (seafood), Valenciana (mix of chicken & seafood), Montana (chicken and dry-cured chorizo); Verduras (vegetarian) (the selection on the night will depend on numbers) Postres (Deserts) por ejemplo (e.g.): Crema Catalana (Spanish version of crème brulee fired at the table!) Copa Malaguena (Ice cream, honey coated peanuts, raisins and topped with Pacharin liquor) NB: The above are examples from Malaga Tapas’ current menu (see web site); as the owners import a high percentage of the ingredients from Spain, the actual dishes available on the night may vary from the above. £18.00 por persona (per person). All those wishing to attend please post in this thread. I am proposing to collect a deposit of £9/10 per head and in order to avoid any possible suggestion of impropriety, I intend opening a bank account with two signatories, specifically for that purpose. Frankie has approved the opening of a Gersnet Dinner account with me and Andy Steel as signatories. I'll PM the details to all those who sign up when I get it organised.
  14. This is taken from FF posted by Kaiserbear53 Expect a response from Mr King in the next few days but it won't be until after the Game on Saturday as Mr King does want not to take the focus off the team and be blamed for protests and the anger that will come. As expected and as has already been stated, the current board have spat in the face of Dave and this attempt to under mine the restructuring and sort our club out once and for all will soon come to a resolution. The board will try and palm you off with a membership scheme which some may buy into but bide your time bears and bearets, listen to what Mr King has to say about the shiftiness off this move and make your own minds up. Kaiser _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Its what will happen, The information will be released through the press association as he is still in South Africa. Next week the battle begins. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Without breaching trust here to much? King was not satisfied, he was patronized and was fobbed off therefore played the board at their own game, he know's they are unprofessional and not capable of running the club short - mid or long term, what King done was simply give the board and CEO enough rope. They made public assurances which have been breached, do you honestly think a man who has spoken to his children and told them, this will be your inheritance, this is what I am doing, is going to let the current mob who couldnt organize a prayer in a mosque away with it? Have faith. I have no idea how true or who the poster is.
  15. Sunday, 23 March 2014 15:45 48-Hour Wait For Duo Written by Andrew Dickson RANGERS hope to find out the extent of damage done to Nicky Law and Ian Black in today’s win at Brechin inside the next 48 hours. Midfielder Law went off in the first half of the 2-1 success in Angus after hurting his back and he was replaced by Sebastien Faure. Black then had to be carried off on a stretcher after he went to shoot and connected with the sole of an opponent’s boot instead in the second period. The ex-Hearts star left Glebe Park on crutches but Gers are hopeful his foot will just be badly bruised rather than anything more serious. It remains to be seen if he’ll be fit enough for next weekend’s trip to face Arbroath at Gayfield but that will become clearer as the week goes on. At this stage, it appears Ally McCoist is more optimistic of having Law available for the meeting with the Red Lichties. After the final whistle sounded on a success which takes Gers 32 points clear of Dunfermline in League One, he hinted the Englishman’s withdrawal was a precaution more than anything. McCoist – already without key men Andy Little and David Templeton in the coming weeks - said: “At this moment in time they are both toiling. “We won’t really know how they are for another 24 to 48 hours. Blackie’s got a sore one. He went to strike the ball, the lad went to block him and I think everyone in the crowd heard it. “It looked and sounded like a sore one so he’ll ice it just now and we’ll reassess that one tomorrow morning. “Nicky is very much the same. He just felt he twisted his back a bit on a run through in the first half and we weren’t taking any chances so we took him off.” http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/6597-48-hour-wait-for-duo
  16. ......Rovers have got more class. HUGH says Albion Rovers' display helps put Ibrox title win in perspective and says Old Firm fans should be asking why their teams are not in today's League Cup Final. THEY tell me Ian Black drives to and from Murray Park in a bright red Bentley. It should go with his bright red face because the painter and decorator turned midfield huffer and puffer has managed to alienate himself from the Ibrox support in the same week that Rangers won a title. That takes a bit of doing. The process of alienation, that is, not the title success. When squad members are earning enough to drive Bentleys while playing against part-time teams it’s hard to see this championship as a triumph to be discussed in the same breath as others Ally McCoist has been associated with. But disaffected season-ticket holders? That’s another matter altogether. Former Ibrox director Dave King hasn’t moved a rebellious muscle yet and he’s beginning to look like a shoo-in to win the battle for hearts and minds in the debate over where Rangers go from here at board-room level. And if his trump card is the backing of the fans then a Bentley driver asking the support what more they want after successfully “earning” a replay against Albion Rovers is a perfect start in the propaganda stakes. That and Rangers director Sandy Easdale talking about taking fans to the Court of Session for abusing him. There’s commercial suicide and then there’s commercial cynicism, of course. Celtic have lulled their fans to sleep on the back of a season prematurely ended by a championship won with the same unbalanced ease with which Rangers have dismissed their so-called challengers. The Hoops have beaten what is put in front of them and done exactly what they should’ve done in the Premiership. No more, no less. Just like Rangers. But Celtic can always keep their support on side by ticking the begorrah box. The latest edition of the club’s magazine, published last Wednesday, has Neil Lennon super-imposed on the flag of the Republic of Ireland. Above this image is a message wishing everyone a happy St Patrick’s Day from the champions. St Patrick’s Day doesn’t actually take place until tomorrow but who’s counting? And before those who are always waiting to be scandalised reach for the laptop to send the abusive email, my grandparents were from Ballymote in County Sligo and I’m as proud of my family roots as the next member of the Irish diaspora. But no matter where you’re from I’m sure a lot of Celtic supporters would rather their club magazine was talking about this weekend’s League Cup Final instead of camouflaging the fact they won’t be there. The reason why neither Celtic nor Rangers will be there this afternoon is that the former couldn’t get past the mighty Morton at home with the additional benefit of extra time. And even a team with a Bentley driver in it couldn’t find a way past part-time Forfar Athletic – after Rangers also got an extra half hour at Station Park to see if they could find the right gear. So good luck to Aberdeen and Inverness for having made it to the final and selling almost 50,000 tickets to remind us that there’s still life outside the Bentleys and the begorrahs. And well done to Albion Rovers for earning a replay against Rangers and a host of admirers at the same time for deciding to share their financial windfall from that match with the less fortunate. The idea of the Coatbridge club giving away £10,000 to Radio Clyde’s Cash For Kids charity appeal would once have been thought preposterous. But when they came into a few bob by dint of their own efforts on the park the Rovers asked “What do you need ?” instead of “What more do you want?” like a member of the other team annoyed by people having the audacity to criticise their performances. I got a text from someone anxious to point out that Rangers drew with Albion at Ibrox in 1935 when Bill Struth was the manager. My reply to that is, it was an embarrassment then and it’s an embarrassment now, begging Albion Rovers pardon. So sue me for having an opinion.
  17. Not sure when this started but as of a few days ago when I open my email account in chrome on my laptop I cant open individual emails. When I click on them nothing happens. I can check on my ipad and phone no problem but not working on the laptop. When googling I saw answer from a year ago suggesting it may be due to an old browser. How do I know if my version of chrome needs updating? It also suggested that a cached version of the page may be causing problems. However I cleared the cache and nothing has changed. No idea whats going on.
  18. Bigotry towards John Daly from GERS fans! A Threat We Must Not Ignore Two incidents featuring two people I don?t have much time for are red flags that we should be taking seriously this weekend. I watched last night?s game between Cardiff and Norwich and observed Craig Bellamy mouthing off at a section of the crowd after scoring the leveller for Cardiff. I wondered what had been said to him as he was clearly reacting to abuse and also wondered whether or not it was his own fans he was bickering with. The post-match interview provided the answer. Bellamy was clearly upset by the treatment he and his team mates had been receiving from their own support. ?That?s not like them. That?s not what happens here.? Bellamy ? who has been the rounds at many clubs and is well-used to dishing out and getting stick ? was visibly shocked at the level of abuse being meted out by his own team?s fans. This is a growing and worrying trend in football. Many fans are becoming increasingly loutish and thuggish toward players and officials of their own teams. The recent Ibrox boardroom crisis saw Rangers directors being verbally abused in front of their own children and fans talking about torching directors? cars. Celtic have also experienced hooliganism which was carried out at other grounds by the uber faction of their support as a protest against the Celtic board. I have personally witnessed and been informed of incidents throughout the game where club directors have been abused, vilified and intimidated by their own so-called supporters. It all points to a culture of abuse and frankly, it is not about sectarianism. Which means the religious and racial legislation recently brought out is not an adequate legal mechanism to deal with the problem. The second incident was the disgraceful treatment of Neil Lennon yesterday at Tynecastle. By all accounts, the Celtic manager had to leave the game between Aberdeen and St Johnstone early because he was being pelted with coins, bottles and generally abused. Herein lies the rub. You can?t really claim that there was any religious or racial element to this type of behaviour. I seriously doubt the perpetrators were attacking Lennon because he is a Roman Catholic or because he is an Irish nationalist. Neil Lennon was attacked because he is hated. It might not have been racist or religious but it was bigotry in one sense i.e. if you believe that blind hatred is bigotry, then if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck? Hatred of a person is not a crime. Depending on how one goes about expressing that hatred, it could become something criminal. Throwing objects intended to hurt is certainly criminal and hurling abuse is definitely a breach of the peace. But that?s just legalese. The real problem in football is not sectarianism or racism. These are expressions of hate. No, the real problem is hate itself. Football in the 21st century is a breeding ground for hate but that hate is now turning inward and becoming self-cannibalistic. Sadly, Rangers is a perfect example where open hatred of the board and pro-board fans is clearly demonstrated by the rebels. I get messages of the vilest abuse constantly from these people, far more than from Celtic fans. Most Rangers fans have taken well to Jon Daly but there is an undercurrent of bigotry toward him. Celtic fans are not much different. Much has been made recently of the abuse dished out to Angela Haggerty but, as has been pointed out, nothing said to Miss Haggerty by David Limond was anywhere nearly as abusive as some things said to her by her fellow Celtic fans. This new culture of hate and abuse is no longer confined to tribal boundaries. There is no doubt that it is fuelled by the social media craze. Louts that no-one would listen to twenty years ago suddenly now have a platform to display their lack of breeding and intelligence ? and think this then gives them justification to continue their anti-social behaviour in the real world. I?m not a shrinking violet. I started watching Rangers in the late sixties/early seventies so I grew up in the heyday of hooliganism at the football. And I have been known to engage in drink-fuelled loutish behaviour myself as a younger man. But, like others, I sense an ugly new attitude rising in football that, if not confronted and dealt with, could threaten the game itself. One thing to consider is this: There are so many things that are now taboo to abuse ? homosexuality, religion, race etc. For those who happily vented hatred and abuse at stuff like this, it is now increasingly likely that they will get their collar felt or encounter the ire of other fans. In other words, the doors are closing on abuse of causes, faiths, races etc. So people who like to abuse are resorting to personal abuse more and more. What is even more scary is that this drive to abuse is so strong in others that, in the absence of a suitable other to abuse, they will happily abuse their own. Hating and abusing others or hating and abusing your own ? both are serious problems that are a threat to the future of football in particular and society in general.
  19. By Chris Graham Let me state from the outset that it is the right, and to some extent the duty, of fans to question the team and the manager. Rangers fans pay good money to support the team and like fans of any other team they have every right to debate team selection, tactics, signings and everything else that effects the team they love. So in some ways the recent debate around Ally McCoist and the focus on the performance of the team is a welcome relief from the constant boardroom shenanigans we've had to put up with over the past two years. Having said that, the debate over the board was peppered with misinformation and the recent discussion and debate over Super Ally has been the same. There is a unique hypocrisy to claiming you are a loyal fan and then performing an attempted character assassination on someone who, no matter how skilled a manager they turn out to be, is a club legend who held the club together through one of the most turbulent periods in its history. If you find that you are prepared to publicly describe a man, who was widely acknowledged as having carried the club on his shoulders during the past two years, as having "sold out" then you better make sure you have something to back up your claim beyond internet rumour and an inability to comprehend publicly available information. There have been three main examples of where recent discussion around McCoist has moved from normal fan and press examination to something considerably more sinister. Michael Stewart's ill considered rant on BBC Scotland Sportsound was one. The barely concealed vitriol of Glenn Gibbons' recent Scotsman article was another, and last but not least, and the most disappointing of all since it appears to have been written on behalf of a group of Rangers fans, was an article on the Vanguard Bears front page. Let us first consider Michael Stewart and friends on BBC Scotland last Saturday night. Stewart's opening gambit is to tell us that he's had a run in with Ally McCoist earlier that week over something he had written in the Sun, and what follows certainly indicates that he hasn't taken terribly well to being put in his place by the manager. He's ably assisted by Graham Spiers who decides to break the BBC rule of not commenting on internet leaks by discussing the general content of leaked emails which he wants us to think should be "difficult" for McCoist. Apparently McCoist is "feigning" not having detailed knowledge of Rangers finances. The entire BBC panel are happy with their original assumption that McCoist must know more about the finances than he's letting on. Nobody wants to challenge it. At no point does this panel, with literally no knowledge of management or coaching at a big club, club finances, or the internal conditions at Rangers for the past two years, consider that McCoist might simply have been working to the, with hindsight, wildly inaccurate financial projections of former Finance Director, Brian Stockbridge. Quite how a discussion which starts with talk of Stockbridge's removal turns into a critique of McCoist is a mystery which will have to remain with the panel. McCoist, we are told, "knows how to work it". He knows how to "manipulate public opinion". The first caller is inexplicably a Celtic fan who continues the character assassination and is allowed several minutes to object to any, even timid, defence of McCoist. I could go on. The entire thing is a disgrace. The programme is well into its swing before Stewart is teed up, in a move clearly discussed before the show, to indicate his disdain for McCoist's coaching talent. This is Michael Stewart who hasn't coached a team in his life. Spiers is allowed to state, without challenge, that McCoist's salary is £850k a year - the latest falsehood from a man to whom accuracy is a form of kryptonite. Stewart has spoken to former Rangers players (unnamed) who have told him "the training is very standard" and "nothing exceptional is being worked on". Standard training! How shocking. Spiers, who has previous on unsubstantiated claims from unnamed sources, tells us that an SPL manager has told him that Rangers "don't play like a very well coached team". We are then treated to some faux outrage about McCoist and his backroom staff celebrating too much over a goal against Dunfermline. Yes, really, they think he shouldn't be celebrating goals too much. I'm not going to go into a huge amount of detail about Gibbons' article. If you haven't seen it then don't bother. It's exactly what you would expect from a man who cannot hide his hatred anytime he writes about our club. What was most remarkable about his article was not the content, or the malice in it towards McCoist, but the fact that certain Rangers fans were happy to promote the article on social media despite having full knowledge of what Gibbons was all about. All of which brings us to VB and the article on their front page. I should perhaps declare that I have previous with some members of VB but I largely ignore their more vitriolic output, even when it is directed at me and others I know. However, this article was so full of drivel, and frankly so disrespectful to a man who has given so much to the club, that it is worthy of comment. I'll pick up on a few points made by the anonymous VB scribe before moving on to try to lay out some facts about the past couple of years relating to Ally. The article states as fact that "at no point was McCoist working for nothing". This is nonsense. It tells us that Ally's salary was £825,858 per annum. This is wrong. It tells us that Ally's recent offer to take a huge wage cut is in fact a "deferral". Again not true. In addition to the above inaccuracy we have some pretty shameful language used to describe McCoist. He is a "so called Rangers man". He is "as much a drain on our resources as the people on the board who were branded spivs". Finally, in a show of both ignorance and arrogance the unnamed author tells us that "it appears we have been sold out by our manager". So let's examine McCoist the "sell out" shall we? Ally McCoist did work for free for 3 months during administration. He received no salary at all for March, April and May 2012. He has never received a penny of that money back. His gross annual salary is £750,000 a year. There were no bonuses. If you properly examine the accounts and the prospectus then this is quite clear. Following the takeover of the club, McCoist agreed to work for a lower wage of £600k for a period of five months. When £22m was raised from the IPO, his representative requested that his wage payments be returned to the contracted value and that those payments were brought up to date for the 5 month reduced period. At no point was McCoist's contract amended or was any suggestion made by the board that the wage reduction be permanent. McCoist did not at any point request an increase in his contracted salary. During Administration, when he should have been coaching the team, McCoist was constantly meeting with Administrators, the legal representatives of the SFA, SPL and SFL as well as the various office bearers and executives of those three organisations. Following that, he continued to take part in the process of negotiating the infamous five way agreement and the smart money is on the outcome of that being considerably worse had it just been left to Green. All of this was taking place when Michael Stewart would have us believe that McCoist should have been completely restructuring the playing side of the club. Even as late as November 2012, whilst still on reduced wages, McCoist was being asked, in addition to his football duties, to present to potential investors in London during a two week period ahead of the IPO. All of this was in addition to having to cobble together a squad which had been decimated by administration, to which the vast majority of additions were free transfers and where several of the additions were not of his choosing. Is his wage too high? With hindsight, yes, but he offered to reduce it in October 2013 and, for reasons known only to the Executives at the time, the agreed cut was not actioned until around a week ago. They seemed more intent on attempting to deflect attention away from their own disgraceful plundering of the club than they were on accepting a genuine offer from someone who cares as deeply as you or I about Rangers. The idea that McCoist should have offered to reduce his contractual wage when the original financial projections showed only a loss of around £1m for the financial year is ridiculous. It is even more ridiculous when you see the wages and bonuses being paid to others at the club at the time. Why would McCoist have thought the club couldn't afford it? Even when that predicted loss was amended to £7m it is quite apparent that those around McCoist, with a much clearer view of the club finances, were reassuring him that all was well. As recently as October 2013, Stockbridge was still telling everyone that player wages were "sustainable". As soon as it became apparent that Stockbridge, Green and Ahmad had got things woefully wrong and that the club was haemorrhaging money at an alarming rate, McCoist offered to reduce his wage in the region of 45%. Apparently, to some, this makes him a "sell out". The worst thing about this is that there is a coordinated feel to some of the recent attacks on McCoist and I sincerely hope that those Rangers fans taking part in it are doing so through ignorance rather than complicity. Criticise the manager to your heart's content for things you don't like on the pitch. Debate the team selection. Debate the signings. Moan about under par performances but remember the burden which has been borne by McCoist over the past two years. Ask yourself if anyone else at our club could have done it. Ask yourself if he genuinely should have had such in depth sight of our finances that he was able to contradict our own financial director's forecasts. Ask yourself if you really want the final, high profile employee at the club who has genuine feeling for Rangers, removed for failing to do a job that was never his to do in the first place. It's an odd situation to see a group of Rangers fans, who normally, often quite correctly, scream from the rooftops about BBC output, suddenly promote Michael Stewart's rant on Twitter and forums. It's odder still to see some of them promote the work of Glenn Gibbons whose previous they are more than aware of. When challenged on this approach we've seen the group in question's official Twitter account inform another Rangers fan to "take McCoist's c##k out your mouth". Frankly it's the sort of thing you'd expect from the most demented amongst the Celtic support. We've seen PR men, supposedly working for the club, not only look to undermine a potential investor in Dave King but now also attempt to turn fans against our own manager. Clearly some are more eager to believe this nonsense than others. You really have to wonder why. The time to judge Ally McCoist will be when he's had an opportunity to do his job unhindered. It will be when he's had the opportunity to build a team out of something other than free transfers and young lads. Despite that fact that none of these norms have been afforded to him during his time as manager, he's continued to do his best in trying circumstances and has comfortably achieved the required promotion from two divisions. I fully expect him to achieve the same next season. Perhaps Graham Wallace will show himself to finally be the CEO who will provide Super Ally with the basic tools to do his job and be judged in fairer circumstances. For all our sakes let's hope so. In the meantime, debate away but how about we show our manager, a club legend, some respect and don't lap up the vitriol from elements of the press and dark corners of the internet?
  20. http://www.scribd.com/doc/201292857/One-year-ago Published by RangersTransparency One year ago Mr McCoist had the chance to lead by example. Subject: Ally Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2012 23:52:06 +0000 From: Brian Stockbridge To: Ian Hart, Walter Smith, Malcolm Murray, Phil Cartmell, Bryan Smart CC: Charles A Green, Imran Ahmad Gentlemen The Board is being asked by Ally and his agent to approve an increase in his salary to the original level of £750k per annum. Whilst some of you may be aware of the background discussions that have taken place with Ally over his remuneration, some of you may not be so I set out the detail below: Originally Ally had an employment contract paying £750k per annum. In consideration for working with the Club during the difficult early stages and as a condition of supporting Charles, it was necessary for Charles to agree with Ally that Ally would have the same option package as Charles Charles, after discussion with Malcolm, agreed to reduce his own salary by half to £360k per annum. Ally agreed to reduce his salary from £750k to £600k per annum. At the time of the IPO, it became apparent that public disclosure of Ally's salary may be necessary in the Prospectus. Ally was concerned at how the fans would react to his salary level and I understand that he wanted to reduce it further to around £200k but with some sort of guaranteed bonus to make it back up. The Executive did not accept this as it was considered misleading and the disclosure made in the prospectus was for the actual amounts paid to Ally from June to August. The Executive agreed to explore every avenue to avoid having to disclose Ally's current contract and, after lengthy discussion with the Executive and its advisers, the UKLA accepted that no disclosure needed to be made about the level of Ally's ongoing salary. The Executive has recently been contacted by Ally's agent requesting an increase in Ally's salary from £600k back to the original £750k from now but with arrears of £62.5k to be paid in the January payroll (this represents the 5 months backdated pay). The Board is asked to consider and, if appropriate, approve the reinstatement of Ally's salary at £750k per annum and the payment of £62.5k of arrears. If this is approved then Ally's original contract will become in force. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. If this is real then I can see Ally quitting or being sacked.
  21. I once met John Wark and nearly burst into tears. I was 38. Anonymous Ipswich fan. The news that greeted us on Saturday morning, that the body of the wee boy missing in Edinburgh has been found, is another sad reminder that childhood is fleeting, precious, and not always golden. At least for those of us on Gersnet, the vast majority of whom are (well) past childhood, our own youth has come and gone without such horror being visited upon us. We, the lucky ones, get to carry our memories into middle and older age, like everyone some good and some bad, though hopefully precious few as awful as what has happened to poor Mikael. He whose life has been one uninterrupted series of happy events is rare indeed, but I'd guess that at least we share in common memories of a time in our lives when our beloved football team losing made us cry, when the stadium loomed up above us like a colossus, and when the thought of actually meeting one of the Titans who wore a Blue Shirt would have reduced us to jelly. These childhood affections many of us, to judge by the amount of time we waste on online forums, carry with us well into maturity. And elsewhere, too. I still regale strangers with the time our present manager touched my shoulder and said 'excuse me, mate' in a Blockbuster sometime in the 90's; I also once, when he did some shopping in the store I was managing at the time, went before him crying 'make way! make way!' (I kid you not), quite brutally hustling innocent shoppers out the road lest they impede his Majestic progress. At least he had the decency to be embarrassed at my behaviour, which only stopped short of bestrewing his path with rose petals because we had sold out of roses by that point. On both these occasions I was well past childhood, but the football remained a link between me and mini-me, between the rather disappointing man I turned out to be and the child who dreamt of playing for The Rangers, and maybe one day coming into the presence of my heroes. I wonder how many kids still have that dream? Maybe loads do. They'd have to be very unworldly, though, as another week of internal combustion to make James Watt green with envy puffs its way to an end, without even a Saturday game to 'take the taste away', as my Mum used to say when giving me a sweet treat after some ghastly medicine. Who is developing a romatic attachment to a club which seems be determined to set a record for employing the most amount of executives for the least amount of return in sporting history? Just as Monty Python once sent out two teams of philosophers, Greeks v Germans, we're well on the way to being able to fill the bench with accountants...a shame none of them appear worth taking a chance on, even for the last two minutes. It's just not the same. Being able to hide inside the mind of 10 year old me at the football has been a lovely pleasure these last 30 years, but I might as well face up to the fact that that pleasure has gone now. It's not as if I could only handle success - growing up in the 80's I despaired of ever seeing us beat Dundee, let alone celtc or the dominant Aberdeen or Dundee Utd of the time. What a shock it was to me when Ally McCoist got selected for Scotland squads from about 1985 on - such a thing didn't happen in my youth. No, it's not that I can only support Rangers with childish fervour if we are winning: it's just that the thing I fell in love with aged about 8 or 9 doesn't seem to be there any more. Probably this is more due to a long overdue opening of my own eyes rather than anything else: Rangers under David Murray was hardly an shining example of philanthropic goodness along the lines of Dickens' Mr Brownlow. But now, with the club run and owned by Mr Downlows, it just seems...soiled, somehow, and all the more painfully because it's killing off the last little bit of my childhood I could hold on to. Obviously I only speak for myself, but this, to me, will be the legacy of people like David Murray, Craig Whyte, Charles Green Jack Irvine or the Easdale brothers. You may imagine how I view such people. In the grand scheme of things, forcing a delusional 40 something to open his eyes is not such a big deal to anyone other than the person himself, I suppose: certainly, compared to other things which could have happened, it is of no importance at all. But it feels like it is, to me. And that's why it hurts so much. For what it's worth, we play Forfar on Monday night, and will no doubt turn in another performance of depressing mediocrity. My 12 year old rarely lasts more than 10 minutes watching us on TV and I can't say as I blame him. Sheer habit will drive me to sit in front of the telly come half seven Monday night, but I can't seem to be able to tap into the decades long, childlike joy that the Blue Shirt used to give me. Perhaps, on this weekend when one childhood has been so cruelly cut short, that is appropriate enough.
  22. I think some people have completely lost all perspective. We've played some lovely stuff at times this season scoring barrow loads of goals in the process, we've also struggled in games yet still won the vast majority of them. I don't think anyone is happy with the latter, other than the results, but recognise that he's in a no-win situation until we're back at the top. We've all been puzzled by some of the selections and tactical decisions. But equally, the football is better than last season and some of the changes made etc.. have made a difference. McCoist has shown little so far to suggest he is a world beating manager, but he hasn't shown that he is a totally clueless fool either. I think two points which invariably get lost in these debates is that there has been a clear improvement from the dross last season and that McCoist may not be the answer long term, but that remains to be seen. At the moment he is meeting expectations and that should be good enough for the majority of the support.
  23. Warning to posters. This morning we received a letter from Peter Watson, solicitor advocate of Levy & McRae acting on behalf of Mr & Mr Easdale. The letter asked us to remove posts from 3 separate individuals (NOT POSTS FROM SONS OF STRUTH) We would like to remind posters that this is an open social network page and as such is available to be viewed by any members of the public and posters should take care regarding defamation and The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act 2012 https://www.facebook.com/SonsOfStruth
  24. Anybody saddened to see this cease to be as of Wednesday 30th October? The telly service was full of sports news including footy latest news covering individual clubs on both sides of the border which had dedicated pages on Rangers as well. The BBC text service in comparison hasn't had much to say about Rangers since our drop to the lower leagues and only report on the negative stories that emerge, never ever do we get a match report from them, not a mention either of tonights Ramsdens Cup semi-final match at Ochilview whereas over on Sky you get team news followed by a full match review after the game. I'll miss Sky Text...but thankfully we do have 'Gersnet where anything you want to know about Rangers can be found.
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