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  1. This isnt specific to this site but thought id ask in case anyone can shed any light on whats going on. I have had internet issues for the last few days, but only on one laptop, every other networking device in the house is fine. Issues including :- Pages not loading or loading slow Pages loading in code format Pages stalling half way through loading, and a download/bookmark of that page downloads automatically (this is new and very weird!) Specific to the forum, the slow response is resulting in my double posting a few times in the last few days. Currently running Avira Ant
  2. I'm going to be in the US next weekend, can anyone advise if it will be shown?
  3. Who gives the lowest dealing charges. Decide to do my wee bit and up my share holding. Halifax £12:50 per trade.
  4. Sons of Struth Just now · I have just been informed that the lawyer claiming to be acting on behalf of Mr & Mr Easdale, Mr Somers and RIFC has submitted to the crown an action against me and the emails i released last night The action is NOT against authenticity nor publication but he believes the emails have been obtained through illegal means. How could you obtain an email illegally if it were fake? The action in its self proves authenticity. I shared this email with the Rangers fans for one reason and one reason only, to show the members of our board are more interested in s
  5. http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest-news/299-an-open-letter-to-ally-mccoist Also available in the print edition of the Scottish Daily Mail (5/12/2014)
  6. I note from Bill McMurdo that the fans group he's involved with are now asking for up to £15 from Rangers fans to be members of the Rangers Supporters Loyal: http://www.rangerssupportersloyal.co.uk/membership/ Other than the difficult to understand McMurdo, who else is involved with this group and handling our fans money?
  7. Guys, I wouldn't normally pester anyone about such stuff but I think Zappa in particular has worked very hard over the last year or so on maintaining our main website including ensuring we have a steady flow of articles. Further, with so many new faces writing previews and lots of new users on the forum, I think it's agreeable to try and recognise that via the industry awards and the organisers say we've been nominated. You can vote via: http://www.footballbloggingawards.co.uk/vote-now/ Use Gersnet or GersnetOnline as the site name and I'd suggest you vote in the following cat
  8. Swansea 2-1 up on Man Utd. Man utd playing 3 at the back and looking awful. Man Utd have a horrific strip!
  9. Along the same lines as Ian's recent thread, my gmail seems to have slowed right up, I am getting a lot of "loading" (very slowly) messages, it is taking forever to open messages and when I send I am constantly getting "still working". I am with TalkTalk and it is very slow - 0.94 Mbps to 1.6Mbps this morning which TT always blame on distance form my local (Lennoxtown) exchange; but that is no different now than it has been for years. They recently sent me a new router which has made no difference at all and that was prior to the current slowdown which only occurred in the last couple of
  10. Any recommended downloads to help speed up my laptop? I am using firefox,thinking about changing to google chrome?,not sure if that will help?,also running a defragmentation just now to see if that helps?
  11. Not sure if there is a better place to post this question. I almost always use my laptop at home for Gersnet and sometimes my office pc, rarely my phone. However I have used my Samsung Galaxy S4 very occasionally on the bus but don't find it easy to read or respond that way. When I use the phone I get messages about downloading Tapatalk and have heard it mentioned a few times on the site. What is it exactly and in what way would it enhance my Gersnet phone experience?
  12. Nah not buying this. Planes don't go missing No wreckage found No distress calls from the pilot 2 passengers alive and well but had passports stolen. Vietnam say it crashed in sea / Malaysia deny it. Bizarre stuff
  13. My Iphone 4 that was being held together by tape finally took one fall too many and had to be put to rest. Not wanting to get a new iphone with the next around the corner, I researched budget android phones to keep me going till the iphone 6. I got the new Moto E. A couple of issues/queries. When I get text messages all I get is a sound notitication, unless I'm missing something. The same sound that I get for an email. So if I miss the sound, I have no idea I've been texted. A couple of times I have gone into messages to find texts I had no idea about. This is a glaring weakness compared
  14. Neil Lennon is to part company with Celtic after four years as manager following talks about his future. It is understood that the former club captain had been considering his position for some time despite securing a third straight Scottish title. He has been concerned about this playing budget for next season. The 42-year-old Northern Irishman took charge of the Glasgow club in 2010, leading them to three league titles and two Scottish Cups. Lennon, who also previously led Celtic to Champions League last 16, is believed to have been concerned that his present side would b
  15. This arrived a wee while ago. Three surveys were issued comprising of Fan Engagement 2, Club Membership and Digital & Media. More than half the respondents from the initial survey said they would participate in further supporter engagement initiatives to help shape the ClubÂ’s Ready To Listen campaign. From that 50%, the uptake was overwhelming with over 86% of fans completing the Fan Engagement 2 survey, 58% completing the Club Membership survey and 66% completing the Digital & Media survey. Fan Engagement Key Findings 88% of fans see the ClubÂ’s Website as the key channel
  16. @Chris_Jack89: Sandy Easdale has threatened legal action against Craig Houston over an online petition. Story in Wednesdays @TheEveningTimes #Rangers
  17. The First Annual Gersnet Dinner will be held at Malaga Tapas, 213-215 Saint Andrews Road, Glasgow G41 1PD on 26 April 2014 at 3.00pm for 3.15pm till 7.00pm. NOTE NEW TIMES DUE TO EARLY KICK OFF V STRANRAER http://www.malagatapas.co.uk/ The restaurant is currently ranked in the top 20 in Glasgow on Tripadvisor http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g186534-d1087980-Reviews-Malaga_Tapas-Glasgow_Scotland.html MENU FOR THE FIRST ANNUAL GERSNET DINNER (THE BEARS PICNIC) Primer Plato (First Course) Selección del chef de varias tapas, por ejemplo (Chefs Selection of
  18. My current blackberry is on its last legs, used BB for 5 years and thought by far the best for what I need a phone for - the basics of text, emails and call plus the odd internet search. The new Blackberrys aren't quite as user friendly and not too impressed with it, therefore I am going for my first touch screen. I tinkered with the Samsung S5 but find its too big for my liking (a mini isn't out yet) although I like the functions. Was close to buying the Sony Z1 compact but if I want a entertainment phone I'll buy a tablet. I have used an Iphone on occasion and liked it, thought its
  19. This is taken from FF posted by Kaiserbear53 Expect a response from Mr King in the next few days but it won't be until after the Game on Saturday as Mr King does want not to take the focus off the team and be blamed for protests and the anger that will come. As expected and as has already been stated, the current board have spat in the face of Dave and this attempt to under mine the restructuring and sort our club out once and for all will soon come to a resolution. The board will try and palm you off with a membership scheme which some may buy into but bide your time bears and
  20. Sunday, 23 March 2014 15:45 48-Hour Wait For Duo Written by Andrew Dickson RANGERS hope to find out the extent of damage done to Nicky Law and Ian Black in today’s win at Brechin inside the next 48 hours. Midfielder Law went off in the first half of the 2-1 success in Angus after hurting his back and he was replaced by Sebastien Faure. Black then had to be carried off on a stretcher after he went to shoot and connected with the sole of an opponent’s boot instead in the second period. The ex-Hearts star left Glebe Park on crutches but Gers are hopeful his foot will just
  21. ......Rovers have got more class. HUGH says Albion Rovers' display helps put Ibrox title win in perspective and says Old Firm fans should be asking why their teams are not in today's League Cup Final. THEY tell me Ian Black drives to and from Murray Park in a bright red Bentley. It should go with his bright red face because the painter and decorator turned midfield huffer and puffer has managed to alienate himself from the Ibrox support in the same week that Rangers won a title. That takes a bit of doing. The process of alienation, that is, not the title success. Whe
  22. Not sure when this started but as of a few days ago when I open my email account in chrome on my laptop I cant open individual emails. When I click on them nothing happens. I can check on my ipad and phone no problem but not working on the laptop. When googling I saw answer from a year ago suggesting it may be due to an old browser. How do I know if my version of chrome needs updating? It also suggested that a cached version of the page may be causing problems. However I cleared the cache and nothing has changed. No idea whats going on.
  23. Bigotry towards John Daly from GERS fans! A Threat We Must Not Ignore Two incidents featuring two people I don?t have much time for are red flags that we should be taking seriously this weekend. I watched last night?s game between Cardiff and Norwich and observed Craig Bellamy mouthing off at a section of the crowd after scoring the leveller for Cardiff. I wondered what had been said to him as he was clearly reacting to abuse and also wondered whether or not it was his own fans he was bickering with. The post-match interview provided the answer. Bellamy was clearly upset by
  24. By Chris Graham Let me state from the outset that it is the right, and to some extent the duty, of fans to question the team and the manager. Rangers fans pay good money to support the team and like fans of any other team they have every right to debate team selection, tactics, signings and everything else that effects the team they love. So in some ways the recent debate around Ally McCoist and the focus on the performance of the team is a welcome relief from the constant boardroom shenanigans we've had to put up with over the past two years. Having said that, the debate over the boar
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