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Found 16 results

  1. Become a member Sons of Struth was formed out of frustration that we felt no one spoke for us and we wanted a voice. We certainly found one. If it was not for the thousands that joined our protests then our voice would not have been heard. We now want to give those who helped us be heard a platform and to be involved in shaping the future of SoS As a member of SoS you will receive updates on future activities be invited to put forward ideas for future activities be polled on concerns we may have for our club and on future activities have access to a members only forum have a say in the future of the group be part of the most active group of fans in the last 12 months Membership is FREE http://www.sonsofstruth.co.uk/join-sos.html
  2. The board of Rangers (the “Board”) can confirm that approximately 17,000 season tickets have been renewed to date for the Club's forthcoming SPFL Championship season. This level of renewals reduces the potential requirement for short term financing as highlighted in the Business Review Summary published on 25 April 2014 particularly given the updated season ticket pricing structure for the 2014/15 campaign. Applications for new season ticket purchases opened on Monday and sales of season tickets are continuing. The Club very much looks forward to welcoming more supporters back to Ibrox for what promises to be an exciting league competition. The Board believes that whilst this level of support reduces the potential requirement for short-term financing the Board also notes the strategic objectives that it identified in the Business Review Summary published on 25 April 2014 and the related funding requirements. The Board continues to evaluate its plans in this regard and will update the market in due course. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/7059-season-ticket-sales
  3. The first two years of the American Civil War saw the Confederates win most of the battles, but continue to slowly lose the war. They benefitted from consistency of selection in General Officers, Robert E Lee was the very man to command the Army of Nothern Virginia. The Union had utilised several GOCs in the same period. Despite the Army of the Potomac being almost twice the size of Lee's command, McDowell, McClellan, Meade, Hooker, .... et al could not bring superiority to bear. President Lincoln was asked why he appointed and subsequently dismissed so many GOCs? Old Abe outlined an objective appreciation of the situation, the Union possessed four times as many men in the field, similar dominance in armaments, a massive superiority in production, and several times capacity in railways and logistics. He concluded by saying, "I am searching for a General that can do the arithmetic". He found him in Ulysses S Grant and the end game was inevitable. The wisdom of Abe ie 'doing the arithmetic' is something all parties in the on going Rangers crisis, could benefit from. If we accept the club sold 38,000 season tickets last season, what will the break down of this coming season's briefs be? Let's say the submission date is extended again, beyond this Friday. Would 15,000 renewals be a reasonable assumption? Given the UoF, Blue Order, Union Bears, ... etc have subscribed to the Dave King Trust, can we expect 5,000 to sign up to that perception of progression? The residual is 18,000, the biggest grouping and their decision might be based on style of football, prefer the option of game by game attendance, have had enough, ..... etc. I know other Gersnetters will have differing views on the numbers allocated to each grouping but I think we should recognise the three groupings. Weighting the random variables in the equation will be coloured by preferred prejudice, but we should attempt to be objective. Can either the Board or Dave King do the arithmetic?
  4. Barry Ferguson after Blackpool's game against Reading tonight: "It's a tough job management, in general, but apart from the result tonight, I really enjoyed it." Reading won 5 - 1. Barry, you haven't lost it son.
  5. Seen a discussion on another forum debating where the present Rangers team would be playing if in England. My own view would be league 2 at best going by what I've seen least season and this. Is that too harsh a view?
  6. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/4989-club-statement
  7. Lifted this from FF, hope that's ok. Thought it was worth posting, seems that the guys who do the Founders Trail are getting abuse from VB. For those who have read the statement from the VB's and the avoidance of doubt i'll try to cover the nonsense that we at the Founders Trail are accused of. We've posted the reasons why many times on RM but the VB's continue to ignore this and are more intent on spreading lies. We as a group took the decision not to take the Founders Trail on to their website as under no circumstances were we wanting the Founders of our Club associated with certain rather obvious elements of that site. The easy thing to do would have been to stop posting on RM but there are many good Bears on there who've taken the Tour with us and we weren't going to deny them access to information relating to our research and subsequent events. We're also accused of A) not mentioning William McBeath on the Tour and B) not giving the VB's credit for the work done at Willie's grave in Lincoln. The fact is we tell William's story in it's entirety during the Tour including at Fleshers Haugh about how he probably organised our first ever match with his fellow ex-pats from his home town of Callander . We visit the location of two of his homes and the old St. Andrews Hall where he received a Gold Badge from his fellow Founders for his part in the inception of our Club. We also as part of our Tour hand-outs, which every passenger receives, have pictures of Willie's grave in Lincoln before and after the work that has been carried out . We acknowledge that ''this fantastic work was carried out by fellow Rangers supporters''. Those who have actually taken the Tour will of course verify this. Those who sit behind their PC's spreading poison in an effort to discredit the Trail and our Founders choose to ignore the facts. Only they know why. We don't mention Celtic during the Tour and we don't mention any website.We aren't interested in inter-website squabbles only spreading the fabulous story about our Founders. The Plaque at Fleshers Haugh and the work carried out was paid for by the world-wide Rangers support and this is highlighted. It belongs to you , the people. We're continually accused of '' Only running the Founders Trail to line the organ-grinder's ( Mark Dingwall) pockets''. Where do you start with this ? it's certainly not listed in our published annual accounts, however our donations to various charities are. If we were robbing Rangers supporters then why is the VB website so keen to be associated with us ? We've asked on countless occasions to be left alone to continue our research and to continue with the celebration of the greatest sporting story of all but they continue to hound us with threats and allegations. What hasn't struck them yet is they're actually doing the work of those whom they proclaim to challenge. Rangers first, at all times.
  8. :sad: It's becoming a regular occurrence the past couple of years.
  9. Someone else who has previous with The Establishment. :grin:
  10. http://www.thisislincolnshire.co.uk/news/tombstone-dedicated-founder-Glasgow-Rangers-Football-Club/article-2479213-detail/article.html Superb work from VB...
  11. "There were ex-pats who had searched the loft to find their faded light blue jersey from the 90s. There were Saltires and Lion Rampant flags hung around shoulders, with ginger-haired Jimmy hats for full effect. There was the one solitary Celtic supporter - as always - sitting amongst the crowd in his Hoops. The atmosphere in the build-up was nothing but laid-back and relaxed. Supporters of both clubs sat side by side, with fans of host club Sydney and AEK Athens thrown into the mix" Now can you imagine a Bear wearing a Gers top at a Scum friendly..... I can't Down here in England the C****c debacle at Lincoln where they sang 1R@ songs and fought amongst each other, is being seen as normal service for them, and us. Apparently singing Pro British songs and being pro union is something bad down here..... as bad as singing terrorist songs and glorifying them in banners etc. All without arrest I may add... the arrests made at their game were for drunkeness I believe. The English truly allow themselves to be blinkered, and hate everything Scottish. Ask about the Glorious Revolution most will probably point to the French Revolution. Ask about the Orange Order and their parades and you get "hate filled bigots..." absolutely no understanding, or want of understanding. They spout on about England never having been conquered. A few short lines of William the Conqueror, and the "German" Royal family get their goat up. Then their lack of identity. No National Dress, no National anthem. It then dawns that they are all French/Germanic half breeds from East Anglia... England truly has become the doss house of Europe. We Scots get slagged off - Bucky drinking arseholes, drink 25% more than anyone else, spongers etc etc. Well that maybe but the world is a far better place because of, and with Scotland than without it.
  12. I guess we could use a thread for relevant transfers throughout today until midnight. Rangers specific deals in bold please: 10.01: Celtic sign Diomansy Kamara from Fulham (loan) and Motherwell youngster Paul Slane (4.5 year deal) 10.54: Steven Lennon leaves for Lincoln City on a loan deal until the end of the season... 12.01: Celtic sign Edson Braafheid on loan from Bayern Munich. 13.24: Paul Emslie signs for Peterhead on loan from Rangers. 14.38: Daniel Cousin has left Hull City to join Greek side Larissa on loan until the end of the season.
  13. Lincoln have signed young Rangers striker Steven Lennon on loan for the remainder of the season. More...
  14. I hope admin don't mind me posting this news. However I believe it's something all Bears should be aware of and feel proud to be part of this venture. Please remove if unappropriate content for Gersnet. It is with great pride and much humility, that Vanguardbears are pleased to announce that we have purchased, on behalf of Rangers fans throughout the world, a 50 year Lease on the burial plot of William McBeath. William, you will know, was one of the young founders of our Club, one of the "Gallant Pioneers". The recent book on the founders of the club highlighted that William sadly died aged 55 and was buried in an unmarked grave in Lincoln. There were no surviving family members and the site had fallen into disrepair. Regretfully, the Club has chosen not to do the right thing by this great man. Without him, and his three friends, there would have been no Rangers Football Club. Following discussions with Lincolnshire Council, a 50 year lease has been purchased for the upkeep and maintenance of the final burial place by Vanguard Bears and we will, in the very near future, mark it by erecting a suitable headstone, with an appropriate message worthy of the man. Vanguard Bears behind the scenes team gives special thanks to three of its members "Arisesir", "davesmith", and "Thomas Lord Cochrane" for their initiative in paying the ultimate tribute to William McBeath; for their tireless hard work down in Lincoln, and their financial assistance which along with others helped get this project off the ground, and would like to say "William, you were never forgotten by some. Now, you will be remembered by many." Donations will be gratefully received for the completing of the stone. To donate to this worthy cause, a Paypal link has been set up on VB's home page. Once costs have been estimated for the work, the Paypal will be made live, the estimate (s) chosen and a target figure to meet the costs published. When the target cost has been met, the paypal link will be frozen. If you had it Brethren would you give it? http://www.vanguardbears.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=217&Itemid=1 Vanguardbears.co.uk
  15. http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish...=6&newsID=4745 Decent enough Rangers contingent. Notice the guy Fyvie that Frankie mentioned in his thread is in there too.
  16. From The Herald: The birth of the blues is a story of remarkable poignancy. Rangers are a solid, substantial club with its roots firmly planted in the soil of world football. Yet the beginnings of the club were truly humble and have been treated with an indifference, even an ignorance. Consider this for a test. Who founded Celtic? Most Scottish football fans would instantly reply: "Brother Walfrid". But who were the originators of Rangers? Some may mumble hesitantly: "Moses McNeil". Others would not hazard a guess. But the question receives its most authoritative answer in Gary Ralston's Rangers 1872: The Gallant Pioneers. This is the dramatic story of the formation of an institution and of the cruel fate that beset the four young boys who set the ball rolling for what soon became the leading club in Scottish football. "It is a sad, heartbreaking story. It adds an extra dimension to the formation of Rangers, just what these young guys went through. advertisement The sadness for me is that they created a club that went on to be known throughout the world yet they themselves led such tragic lives. There is something touching, even romantic, about that," says Ralston. The simple conception of Rangers can be traced to Kelvingrove Park. There were four fathers: Peter McNeil and Moses McNeil, 17 and 16 years of age respectively, and Peter Campbell and William McBeath, both 15. They discussed the possibility of forming a team during their constitutional walk. The club that has won 52 Scottish championships was therefore basically started as a street team by a group of boys who had been smitten by the latest sporting enthusiasm of association football. They were joined in their endeavours by Tom Vallance, later to become a legendary Rangers captain, but who was then barely 16 years old. Their triumph was to be the foundation stones of a Scottish institution. Their tragedy was to die in relative obscurity and have their deeds unremembered by the mass of supporters. Ralston, gloriously, resurrects them. But the sadness remains. The passing of Moses in 1938 did not rate a mention in the press of that week. He was buried at Rosneath which only recently has become a place of pilgrimage for Rangers fans. His brother, Peter, died in his early 40s. He was certified insane and had been sectioned at Hawkhead Asylum in Paisley. The business brain behind Rangers, Peter had been beset by financial problems and the pressure took a toll on his mental and physical health. Peter Campbell had a more sudden demise. At 25, the marine engineer was lost at sea after the steamer he was working on came to grief in the Bay of Biscay. William McBeath, chronically ill and mentally infirm, was certified as "an imbecile". His last days were spent in the Lincoln workhouse, his passing went unremarked in the press when he died in 1917. He was given a pauper's burial and lies in an untended grave. Tom Vallance, however, did have his days in the sun. As a footballer, Vallance was of the highest rank, almost certainly one of the most accomplished players in the 1870s. He never played on the losing side against England and was a commanding captain for Rangers. Yet, in common with his band of brothers who were part of the formation of Rangers, he was struck by misfortune. Vallance embarked on a career in the tea plantations of Assam. But he returned to Scotland suffering from black water fever. Why did Ralston include him in the pantheon of Rangers founders even though Vallance was not at the meeting in Kelvingrove Park then known as West End Park? "Because he was an absolute colossus," said Ralston. "The two people who were absolutely pivotal to Rangers' development were Peter McNeil for his work behind scenes and Vallance. At 6ft 2in, he was a veritable club giant on and off the field." The club these vulnerable human beings created went from strength to strength. Ralston is keen to dispel any misconceptions about the birth of Rangers. "There was no political or religious element in the formation of Rangers," he said. "I am fascinated about just how the sectarian divide came into Scottish football but that happened in the 20th century, probably from about 1910-20." He added: "The birth of Rangers was basically a result of young guys deciding to have a team to play in what was the new craze of football. There was no other agenda, no wealthy benefactors." Ralston, a journalist, spent three years uncovering the story from the debris of passing decades. It was a labour of love. "I wanted to do it because I had read brief accounts of the formation of the club and I wondered just what had happened to those guys. This is a story that has never fully been told before. I was helped by the fact that the internet has meant that it is easier to do the kind of research that it is necessary in pulling the strands of the story together. Basically, it was a fascinating piece of Scottish football history that has been under-researched." He emerged from his studies with a mass of evidence that he has distilled into a story that is fascinating for any observer of Scottish football. "The most important game Rangers have played in their history was the 1877 Scottish Cup final," he claimed. "Rangers took the mighty Vale of Leven to three games. That final was crucial because SFA annals testify to the Glaswegian labour classes rushing from the factory gates to salute their new heroes. These games won them an audience." That audience has endured 137 years on. Rangers sit unmoveable on the South Side. The stadium has been modernised to cope with the changing imperatives of football. More than 50,000 people file into their seats of a Saturday. Hundreds of thousands more follow the Light Blues through internet and television. There are no shortage of stories on Rangers. But the tale of the birth of the club had been allowed to lie in the darkness of the past. Ralston has brought it into the light.
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