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  1. Another small milestone on the way to being the largest FO vehicle in Britain - @RangersFirst have more members than the average attendances this season of @MotherwellFC @OfficialKillie @St_Johnstone_FC @saintmirrenfc Please join up at http://www.rangersfirst.org - and if RF isn't your thing please join RST's Buy Rangers or look to invest through one of the other FO movements such as VB's. Please do something.
  2. We are very proud to receive our Certificate for our Club 1872 life membearship in Rangers First. We have been given the great honour of having Membearship number 1 in recognition of Rangers First having its origins in The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium. We fully support Rangers First and all it is trying to achieve with helping The Rangers Family. We would encourage anyone who hasn’t joined its 5600+ contributors to consider doing so – please look at http://www.rangersfirst.org – Now is the time to make a difference Club 1872 Certificates are in the process of being sent out we believe so should be with people soon.
  3. Just heard that one of them has loaned the club 500,000 pounds to keep things ticking over. Anyone else heard this
  4. I am seeing a rumour that Dave King has purchased Artemis shares "Dave King has purchased just under 12 million shares from Artemis. Equates to 14.57% of club."
  5. Thanks to our friends at WATP Magazine we're delighted to offer Gersnet forum members the chance to win a pair of tickets to one of the Lorenzo Amoruso nights at The Louden Tavern this Friday or Saturday! To enter the competition you must have been a registered forum member before this thread was posted and all you need to do is post on the thread here to say that you're definitely available on either Friday or Saturday night and that you'd like to win this pair of tickets to go along to the event. It goes without saying that the competition is only for the pair of tickets. No travel expenses or booze are included! The competition closes at 6pm on the 27th (tomorrow), after which the forum usernames of everyone who posted here to say they want to go will be put into a hat (quite literally!) and a winner will be drawn and announced before 7pm. Note: If you enter, then please make sure your current email address is up to date in your forum Settings so that you can easily be contacted!
  6. I speculated that this was worth a thread on its own. Apologies if not, admin....merge it with Whyte Arrest warrant. However, it is a different revelation (though it may be connected, of course): "In a further development, The Daily Telegraph understands that while Wallace and Nash were still in their posts, documents related to the 2012 share issue were passed to the Serious Fraud Office for investigation. The SFO had no comment to make." It is tagged on here; http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/rangers/11231964/Former-Rangers-owner-Craig-Whyte-issued-with-arrest-warrant-as-four-others-are-detained-by-police.html
  7. The Rangers Supporters Trust today announced that it has formed Fleshers Haugh Limited to produce a range of merchandise whose profits will be used to purchase shares in the club. Trust Chairman Gordon Dinnie said – “For a number of months now we have been selling red and black shirts but it’s obvious from the demand that fans also want other forms of merchandise. We set up Flesher Haugh to develop a range of quality merchandise which will be a credit to the club’s traditions and generate funds which will enable fans to buy more shares and make the club stable.” “I’m asking for fans with experience and skills in merchandising, design and manufacturing to come forward to help us build an enterprise which provides a real fans alternative.” More information to follow. http://www.therst.co.uk/latest-rst-statement/
  8. Is it still open on match days? Trying to think of a venue to take the old man next weekend which isn't too busy or too far away from the ground.
  9. We are running a wee competition for those who wish to join our Louden Tavern Mailing List with the winners getting a pair of tickets for this Friday’s Founders Trail Roadshow Event at The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium. To enter simply enter your details into the link below and we will draw the winner at random. http://eepurl.com/30lr5 If you are currently on our email list please comment below or send us an email to notify that you wish to be included in the competition. The Event will begin at 7.30pm (with doors opening at 6pm) and there will be a fun quiz with prizes afterwards. It is a fantastic evening and really worth seeing so I would urge all Rangers Supporters who are able to come along. Tickets are available now at http://www.thelouden.co.uk/events.html We Are The People God Bless The Rangers The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More than a Pub *We are responsible for The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SL solely and are not involved in the operation of any other premises
  10. I dont know the exact figures on this , but on the rangersfirst page there is a rolling screen of whos recently joined , and I have been watching it quite closely over the last few days , its been amazing to see the number of fellow fans that have been joining not just at the fan level, £5 a month, but at the supporter £10 and founder £18.72, levels , plus amazingly the life members and an amazing number of donations , where you dont need to sign up for any set monthly amounts but can donate one off amounts. Add in all the retail partners they have signed up , it is actually very impressive , anyone not checked out the rangersfirst retail section really should do so , any purchases made through the links , rangersfirst get a % back .
  11. Friday night football is here so come down to The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium for the Quintessential Televised Football Viewing Experience and watch the match amongst your own. We will have a cracking night to hopefully set up the weekend in style with a win from Rangers. We will be showing the match live on our six 60” TVs in full high definition – the way televised football should be shown. We invite any Rangers Supporter who can make it to the vicinity of the home of fantasy football to join us in celebrating the continuing unbroken history of the most successful team in the history of the game. Renowned for our quick service, our staff will ensure you never have to wait long to get a drink. We provide an atmosphere second to none and for clarification – we don’t and never have had a cover charge. Come in for The Premier Rangers Supporters’ Matchday Experience in The Quintessential Rangers Supporters Pub. And of course we will still be providing our much sought after free rolls. Situated across from Ibrox Subway Station, there is easy access to and from all city destinations. If you are not able to attend our premises we hope that you will use your local Rangers Supporters pub or club. All Rangers minded venues need your help – use them or lose them! Watch The Game… Support Your Own We Are The People God Bless The Rangers The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More than a Pub One Rangers… No Factions – http://www.thelouden.co.uk, @TheLoudenTavern *We are responsible for The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SL solely and are not involved in the operation of any other premises
  12. "The Union of Fans were approached approximately two weeks ago, on behalf of the PLC board, to once again try to reach agreement on a binding legal guarantee over the club's assets. These discussions continued and various drafts were passed back and forth. The statement that the board released yesterday was rejected by UoF last week due to the fact that it does not give a binding guarantee over Ibrox and that several misleading statements are made within it. Despite us negotiating in good faith, the board has seen fit to release the statement anyway. We were seeking written guarantees over both Ibrox and Murray Park. The board removed all reference to Murray Park. This was not an oversight - they are explicitly refusing to include Murray Park in any undertaking. We believe this is because the board are actively looking to sell this vital club asset due to their failure to so far secure enough funds to see the club through the current season. Their statement is also disingenuous and is a slap in the face for the thousands of fans who have given up long cherished seats attempting to get this board to guarantee the future of our clubÂ’s home. Despite their attempts to claim otherwise, it has never been their position to give any kind of legally binding guarantee over Ibrox and they still have not done so. This most recent statement, on behalf of the so called 'Football Board' - not the PLC board - has crucially not been released to the stock exchange and therefore reduces the chance of shareholder action should they go back on their word. The board claim that they are "committed to protecting the assets of the club". Currently the club has four main assets. Two of those, Edmiston House and the Albion Car Park, have already been used as security for crisis loans due to financial mismanagement. The board continues to refuse to give any legally binding safeguard over Ibrox and we believe they are actively looking at a sale and leaseback of Murray Park - a vital asset if we are ever to properly develop our own talent. They have shown no commitment to protecting the club's assets. This board has committed to raising funds from existing investors through a new share issue in September. We do not believe that they have support from those investors for what is essentially money to keep the lights on and we would ask Graham Wallace to urgently clarify the position on new money coming into the club. The board have lost just under half of the club's season ticket holders due to a complete lack of ability to build trust. Even if those fans were to buy season tickets now, the club still does not have the funds to complete the season and yet the board keeps us in the dark over how they will address this shortfall. We ask them to stop the half-truths, spin and smoke and mirrors and tell fans the truth."
  13. Last evening, watching BBC Scotland's piece on Rangers trials with HMRC, I wondered why Angela Haggerty was chosen to counter Craig Houston. The current on going gripe is with HMRC, where is their representative? How about one of any number of the usual suspects(a lot of them regular contributors to BBC Scotland) who rushed to put the boot into the club? Even a Mark Daly who won a prestigious award for his BBC Scotland documentary, 'the man who sold the jerseys'? BBC Scotland utilise considerable energy in maintaining their policy of, 'careful hate'. Cosgrove keeps up the ridicule, Spence pushes the envelope regularly, and the News Department never misses an opportunity to demonise and marginalise(who can forget the bouncing ball on perceived sectarian lyrics)? Careful Hate just wouldn't cut it, the momentum had been building among the Rangers support, harbouring a legitimate sense of injustice. Quelling such fires requires venomous hate. Angela has a long history of being supportive of Irish republicanism, including providing necessary mitigation on the awkward area of armed struggle. Angela has been all over the Rangers situation, like a rash. Lucrative too for Angela, as Editor of Phil McFournames collection of essays, entitled 'Downfall'. Angela would have been paid a fee for lat evening's appearance too. Now, Angela is a well practised contributor to social media and she is 'Friends' with lots, if not all the regular detractors of Rangers. I suspect a few BBC Scotland Producers liked the cut of Angela's jib yesterday : "the revenge frenzy being whipped up by the Scottish tabloids is shameful. They know what the Rangers culture is capable of" and, "Rangers are a social club for people still clinging on to a white British protestant identity that revolves around fancy dress". You can see the attractiveness of misrepresentation, the HMRC thing has become inconvenient; get Angela on to spit a bit of venom on to the frenzy. Remember, the tabloids are shameful, BBC Scotland is unfailingly moral.
  14. We are delighted to welcome two Rangers Cult Icons along to the Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium for an evening of question and answer on Friday 5th September. Tickets are limited and are only available from our website: http://www.thelouden.co.uk/events.html Tickets are priced at £20 and include our now famous Scotch Pies. Doors will open from 6.30pm on the night with the Q&A scheduled to begin at 8pm Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis and all ticket sales are final. We Are The People God Bless The Rangers The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More than a Pub *We are responsible for The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SL solely and are not involved in the operation of any other premises - As someone who is a touch too young to remember these two playing for us, how good where they? I've seen videos of Walters in particular and he looked a cracking player.
  15. We are delighted to confirm that The European Cup Winners Cup that resides in The Trophy Room at Ibrox is making its way back across to The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium for this Sunday’s Rangers Memorabilia Fair on Sunday 6th July from 1pm - 5pm. There will be all kinds of Rangers related items, ranging from Match-worn Jerseys, Framed Autographed Photographs, individually hand-drawn portraits, autographed books and much more. Children are welcome as the event will be held in the Lounge area of the pub which will not be serving alcohol (The Bar area will be open as usual) We will continue to update with some pictures tonight and tomorrow We Are The People God Bless The Rangers The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More than a Pub *We are responsible for The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SL solely and are not involved in the operation of any other premises Memorabilia Preview: Alfie Conn's Matchworn European Cup Winners Cup Final Jersey from Barcelona 1972 Alan Morton - The Wee Blue Devil Manchester 2008 UEFA Cup Final Commemorative Quaich 9 in a row - Framed Flag Print Set Cup Winners Cup Loan Letter Signed by Sandy Jardine Derek McInnes' Matchworn Champions League Jersey 96/97 v Auxerre - With unique strip design to that match Scott Nesbit Testimonial Jersey - We are informed worn by Trevor Steven *Hope this is okay to post in here
  16. I'd have thought that a joint purchase with the SFA of a new long lease at Hampden, (which expires 2020) with a view to eventual redevelopment will have been mulled over by DK. If Rangers are liquidated again, this option would fit DK's 'not a penny' mantra, and deprive 'the ****s' of a more bountiful return on the assets. At the very least, tactically, DK could bring Hampden into the arena as a piece of leverage against the board, as unpalatable as the prospect may appear to the support.
  17. We are currently in the process of gathering together names of individuals and representatives of fans groups, RSCs, websites, etc who are willing to come along and help find a solution to the infighting amongst our fans. If you are interested in attending the meeting could you please email info@thelouden.co.uk (or you could dm/pm us) with your name and any group that you wish to represent or are a part of. To be clear, any individual who wishes to attend to try and help our support is more than welcome but we would appreciate an email so as to know the numbers. Regarding the format of the meeting, we are looking for suggestions on what specifically the meeting should cover. We are not discussing the politics at the club, we are only focusing on the way fans communicate with each other. This is not about which side is right or wrong. We do not need everyone to agree about everything but at all times we should be civil to one another. The meeting will be held in the lounge area of the pub and no alcohol will be served for the duration of the meeting. If anyone wants any other information, please ask. Thanks We Are The People God Bless The Rangers The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More than a Pub Official Partner of The Rangers Football Club *We are responsible for The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SL solely and are not involved in the operation of any other premises
  18. Being said on FF and Twitter that VB met with the board the day after the UOF meeting. Somers and James Easdale also attended. Why would the board meet with such a small unrepresentative group? As is being said on Twitter most supporters clubs have more members.
  19. Due to immense demand we are very proud to announce that Graeme has agreed to do a second night for The Rangers Support. Tickets are on sale now… We are delighted that we have managed to secure a legend of British Football for a night at The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium. One of the most admired men in Rangers History, Graeme Souness will be hosting a Question & Answer evening and we could not be more proud. Tickets for this event are extremely limited and are available from http://www.thelouden.co.uk/events.html. Priced at £30, this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet a giant of the game. Doors will open from 6.30pm on the night with the Q&A scheduled to begin at 8pm Tickets are available on a first come, first served basis and all ticket sales are final We Are The People God Bless The Rangers The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More than a Pub Official Partner of The Rangers Football Club *We are responsible for The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SL solely and are not involved in the operation of any other premises
  20. Announcement: Gersnet and WATP Magazine link up with a new monthly Gersnet column We are delighted to announce that from this summer a monthly Gersnet column will now be featured in WATP Magazine - the only A4 sized monthly magazine by Rangers fans, for Rangers fans. Gersnet was one of the first Rangers discussion websites and has been a quality source of information and debate on the club for almost 15 years. WATP magazine begun its life in season 2013/14 and quickly became one of the biggest selling print fanzines; rivalled only by the official match-day programme in terms of it's first-rate A4 colour production and content. In each monthly issue you will find columns and interviews from club legends, articles that look into today's Rangers written from well-known supporters and historical articles which will take your breath away at the majesty of our history. The features section includes a closer look at the Rangers family, with everything from Supporters Club of the Month to the lovely Bearette section. We can't wait to complement all the above with our own writers from the Gersnet website and forum! You can subscribe to the magazine via www.watpmagazine.co.uk and follow WATP on Twitter @WATP_Magazine. Gersnet and WATP - 'One Rangers, no factions'.
  21. SATURDAY 24TH MAY. CELEBRATION AND PROTEST We have been asked by many fans to arrange some protests during the close season and as 24th May is the anniversary of the clubs greatest victory in Barcelona 1972, we have made arrangements for the Louden Tavern at the stadium to show a re run of the game from 1.00pm At 3.00pm we will be marching to the stadium for a 30 min protest and a petition to hand in and explain why the fans wont renew season tickets or indeed buy new ones. We require as many fans as possible to turn up as a show of numbers would be vital for the success of the protest Fans are asked to meet up at the Louden between 1.00 and 2.30 to give us adequate time to make final arrangements with fans Can I ask all to share at usual places and feeback to me with expected number which will allow me to notify Louden and make necessary arrangements. We are planning on some other things for Saturday and will announce them once we have confirmed Thanks Craig.
  22. We are looking to put together a meeting of all the different groups of the Rangers Support. All the fans groups, representatives, forums, magazines, podcasts, radio shows, fanzines and anyone who wants to come along We would like to make an attempt to bring civility back to the Rangers Support and thrash out a ‘code of conduct’ for how fans interact with each other online and in real life. It has been a hard time for the support as different views about what is best for the club are prevalent but this isn’t about protests, boycotts, supporting the board or anything else. It is purely about Rangers Supporters meeting and finding a way to give each other the respect a Rangers Supporter should have with one another. This is not about who is right and who is wrong – it is about the support moving forward and people with differing views being able to speak to each other. List of Groups we’d like to see there include: Sons of Struth Vanguard Bears Union Bears The Blue Order RST Rangers Media Follow Follow Gersnet Do The Bouncy No.1 Fanzine 72 Magazine WATP Magazine Rangers Supporters Assembly Rangers Supporters Association Copland Road Organisation Rangers Fans Fighting Fund Rangers Chat Heart & Hand Podcast We Welcome The Chase Podcast Aye Ready Podcast Any RSCs that are interested And apologies for anyone I have missed but everyone who has Rangers at heart is welcome. We would like to have this meeting at 1pm Saturday 31st May in The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, G51 2SL. If you are willing to come along could you contact us here or email info@theloudentavern.co.uk There is no hidden agenda here, we are just trying to help the support. We have enough enemies out there. Check out http://www.rangersfirst.org – Do something positive to help the club and the support We Are The People God Bless The Rangers The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More than a Pub Official Partner of The Rangers Football Club *We are responsible for The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SL solely and are not involved in the operation of any other premises
  23. Walter Smith Q&A this Friday – Questions This Friday is the re-arranged date for our Walter Smith Q&A at The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium and we could not be more excited. If you would us to put a football related question to Walter please post it on here and we will do our best to get them answered. Tickets are completely sold out and we are looking forward to a great night. Tickets are available for this Saturday’s European Football night with CWC Legends including Colin Stein, Willie Johntson, and Dave Smith. Both should be great nights! http://www.thelouden.co.uk/events.html We Are The People God Bless The Rangers The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium - More than a Pub Official Partner of The Rangers Football Club *We are responsible for The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium, 111 Copland Road, Ibrox, G51 2SL solely and are not involved in the operation of any other premises
  24. The Union - an umbrella group comprising six supporters' organisations - had been urging Gers followers to withhold season ticket cash. A company, Ibrox 1972 Ltd, has been set up with South Africa-based businessman Dave King and legendary captain Richard Gough as directors. The Union wanted the club to grant them security over both Ibrox Stadium and Murray Park training ground in return for the money. Wallace admitted last Friday that season ticket renewals had been slow and fears have also been expressed by some about the future of the club. But representatives from the organisation met with Wallace, non-executive director Norman Crighton and major shareholder Sandy Easdale. And Wallace, who has stated in the past that security will not be granted, told them the club could be prepared to give them a legally binding guarantee over Ibrox. However, the Union asked for an identical agreement over the club training ground at Murray Park and the club officials agreed to look into that possibility. But the talks were a huge step towards the bitter stand-off between fans and the club being brought to an end. A Union of Fans statement released on Wednesday night read: "Following a number of attempts for several weeks to arrange a meeting with chief executive Graham Wallace to discuss our proposals for security over Ibrox and Murray Park, the Union of Fans were invited by Mr Wallace to discuss this and other issues at a meeting at Ibrox. "Representatives of the Union of Fans met with Mr Wallace, non-executive director Norman Crighton and Sandy Easdale. "A proposal was made by Mr Wallace that, whilst the board would not grant a security, they could consider giving a legally binding undertaking which would protect Ibrox from sale, sale and leaseback or as any form of security for a loan or other finance. "We made it clear to Mr Wallace that we felt it was also appropriate that they provide the same undertaking for Murray Park. "Mr Wallace and Mr Crighton agreed to discuss this with the rest of the PLC board as a matter or urgency and further discussions between the PLC board and the Union of Fans will continue once this board meeting has taken place. "We believe we accurately conveyed the fears of supporters that either or both of these club assets could be lost to the club in a scenario where they were used for any sale and leaseback or other loan security. "Any proposal by the board will be evaluated by our lawyers and a decision will then be taken on how to move forward. We will keep fans full informed as discussions continue." Rangers did not comment on the meeting. GET RANGERS NEWS ALERTS BY EMAIL
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