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Found 9 results

  1. Or so it is claimed in this interesting article: + + + We belong to Glasgow ... sort of 7:20pm Tuesday 3rd September 2013 Rangers did not only adopt their name from Swindon Rangers rugby club but also played in the same colours as the railway workers’ side – all white with a blue star crest. THEY are one of the world’s best-supported football teams with fan clubs girdling the globe from Tasmania to Tampa Bay, Bahrain to Boston, Winnipeg to Wellington and Katowice to Calgary. But where did the institution that is Rangers Football Club – winners of 54 domestic league
  2. Lifted this from FF, hope that's ok. Thought it was worth posting, seems that the guys who do the Founders Trail are getting abuse from VB. For those who have read the statement from the VB's and the avoidance of doubt i'll try to cover the nonsense that we at the Founders Trail are accused of. We've posted the reasons why many times on RM but the VB's continue to ignore this and are more intent on spreading lies. We as a group took the decision not to take the Founders Trail on to their website as under no circumstances were we wanting the Founders of our Club associated with certain
  3. Last night, Vanguard Bears were granted a meeting with Rangers Chairman Craig Whyte.3 Delegates from the site attended the meeting, which was brokered by one of our influential contributors. The meeting was unprecedented, and a first for any Rangers supportersâ?? website. Happening the same week as our planned Demo at the BBC, and at a very busy time for the club, and Mr Whyte in particular, we are very grateful to Mr Whyte for actually taking time out of his busy Schedule to discuss topics of interest to Rangers fans across the globe, with Rangers Supporters Liaison Mgr Jim Hannah presen
  4. http://www.thisislincolnshire.co.uk/news/tombstone-dedicated-founder-Glasgow-Rangers-Football-Club/article-2479213-detail/article.html Superb work from VB...
  5. I'm copying this picture that was published on Vanguardbears. I don'y know about you but this makes me very proud. When thi was posted on FF, the post was removed and the poster banned for mentioning VB - I hope that isn't the case here. VB organised this headstone with money donated from all sources but they obviously deserve enormous credit for their efforts. Click on the image to enlarge.
  6. I hope admin don't mind me posting this news. However I believe it's something all Bears should be aware of and feel proud to be part of this venture. Please remove if unappropriate content for Gersnet. It is with great pride and much humility, that Vanguardbears are pleased to announce that we have purchased, on behalf of Rangers fans throughout the world, a 50 year Lease on the burial plot of William McBeath. William, you will know, was one of the young founders of our Club, one of the "Gallant Pioneers". The recent book on the founders of the club highlighted that William sadly
  7. From The Herald: The birth of the blues is a story of remarkable poignancy. Rangers are a solid, substantial club with its roots firmly planted in the soil of world football. Yet the beginnings of the club were truly humble and have been treated with an indifference, even an ignorance. Consider this for a test. Who founded Celtic? Most Scottish football fans would instantly reply: "Brother Walfrid". But who were the originators of Rangers? Some may mumble hesitantly: "Moses McNeil". Others would not hazard a guess. But the question receives its most authoritative answer in Gary Ral
  8. Aberdeen FC: The current Aberdeen FC was born out of the merger of three city clubs; Aberdeen, Victoria United and Orion in 1903. The new club played its first season in the Scottish Second Division and was then elected, rather than promoted, to the First Division. The club has never since been out of the top tier in Scottish football. Celtic FC: Celtic Football Club was formally constituted at a meeting in St. Mary's Church hall on East Rose Street (now Forbes Street), Calton, Glasgow, by an Irish Marist brother named Brother Walfrid originally from Ballymote in County Sligo on 6 N
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