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Found 2 results

  1. Lifted from FF: ''Thats two younger lads now both under 19 had police come to their doors early morning to arrest them for singing said song. I was also told by a polis up in Ayr that FoCUS are watching out for people singing this now due to the YCV reference''. Just a heads up.
  2. Fellow bears, I first posted this on the follow follow forum and it has been greatly received by the fans over there. So well in fact, it's members have raised over a £1000. Following a chat with Frankie, GersNet are keen to get involved and happy to support this venture by giving me the opportunity to approach you, the fans, for sponsorship. Some of you may be aware of the recent Gazza commission I painted for Rangers. As a result of the painting I have been asked to paint murals on the walls inside the concourses of the Copland, Broomloan and Govan stands at Ibrox. The club have stated that although this is something they are keen to go ahead with, there is not likely to be a budget available for such a project. Instead they have proposed the incentive of a Rangers License to be able to produce my work "Officially". As well as exposure and publicity for my art, that the club will be able to generate as a result of the completed murals. As a Rangers fan and budding artist, this is obviously a massive opportunity, however will cost a small fortune in materials alone. Not to mention I may have to take unpaid leave from my current full-time job for the duration of the project. What I propose to you is the chance to get involved in something that could change the look of the stadium concourses forever. Instead of the plain white breeze block, there will be vibrant murals depicting scenes of our clubs most famous victories, the 9 In A Row era, '72 Cup winners cup, legendary player portraits, and many more - the possibilities are endless. If you make a donation of £10 or more then you will receive a small print of one of the murals painted, which I'll sign the same way I do my paintings. Don't worry my ego isn't that big that I think any of you will want my autograph, it's just a little gesture from me to say thanks for your support! Obviously if you're able to donate more than a tenner it would be greatly appreciated! I'm looking to raise in the region of £3000. If you have a company who would like to sponsor the project then please also get in touch. I will be recording the progress of the murals from start to finish using a camcorder and then producing time lapse videos which will be edited professionally. The videos will have a credits section and here is where your company could get some recognition - as well as on my website. I'm also open to wearing t-shirts/hoodies while painting in the videos. A list of the users who donate will be created here, along with the amount donated; USER... AMOUNT Craig - £100 Shorerdbear - £10 Ian1964 - £50 Frankie - £10 A few forums now getting involved, so when making a donation can people please use the "Comments" box on the donation page and put in for example "Username from Gersnet" I look forward to your support, and welcome any ideas you might have with regards to the murals. Donations can be made via PayPal by using the donate button on my website's homepage; http://www.thegamesartist.com/ You can also keep up to date with all developments and progress on this by follow follow'ing my facebook page here; http://www.facebook.com/pages/TheGam...49411641738241 (My latest painting I'm about to post up is set to raise a handsome sum for RSEA ) These murals will be there for as long as Ibrox stands and this could be your chance to make it happen. Obviously if for some reason this does not go ahead, all donations will be refunded! Total raised so far (as of 11.35pm 29/10/11) = £1,266.37 :spl:
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