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Found 12 results

  1. 30% off collection higher percentage off bulk Percentage of sale goes to Rangers Charity foundation Visit us on http://www.thediamondstudio.co.uk/spirit-of-72-b-11-page-47 or in store 29 Royal exchange Square Glasgow G1 3AJ
  2. Have been sent an email from, erm, Paddy's Market informing me of an interesting Ebay auction with various items of Rangers memorabilia up for sale. This includes historic match tickets, signed player cards, rare match programmes, books, a superb album of press cuttings/autographs and last but not least a signed Willie Waddell handkerchief. I'm interested in buying a few items for our archive part of the main site but you may also fancy a wee bit of Rangers history. Auctions: http://shop.ebay.co.uk/paddys-markets/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=&_trksid=p4340
  3. As well as the main site, we've also redesigned the Rangers Archive part of Gersnet. Essentially this is an online museum where you can view a range of information and statistics about the club - from fascinating articles about our strip's history to every single result and team-sheet from 1872-2009! In the archive, you can also find all of Gersnet's past articles from the last few years in one searchable library. Visit the archive now! http://www.therangersarchive.co.uk
  4. Guys: Hope you all received and enjoyed your all-new weekly email newsletter. If anyone has any ideas for that, or wants to contribute to its content, please let me know. You can view it here: http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/newsletters/newsletter210809.html We're also hoping to redesign the main Gersnet site over the coming weeks as well. Anyone with relevant expertise interested in contributing to that, please give me a shout! Remember, Gersnet is your site/forum and we'll always try our best to accommodate your ideas, suggestions and feedback. We're especially inte
  5. CammyF throws down the gauntlet to the club s he asks Rangers to provide a museum at last to celebrate our proud history (with valued contributions from the Curator of the Scottish Football Museum). http://www.gersnetonline.co.uk/newsite/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=772&Itemid=2 Part One ââ?¬Ë?The Scottish Football Museum exists to promote the unique football heritage of Scotland, to build and maintain a national football collection, and to educate and inspire future generations.ââ?¬â?¢ The above is the mission statement for the Scottish Football Ass
  6. Over the years I've found many online Rangers supporters are interested in finding out more about their club. From the humble origins on the banks of the Clyde to the modern day status of being the world's most successful domestic club, there is a rich heritage for every fan to explore. As such, 2 years ago, Gersnet created an ongoing project to create a searchable archive of the most important club information - The Rangers Archive. Along with other contributors across the online community, we've sourced the very best sites, accurate statistics and interesting articles about a wide rang
  7. http://www.gersnetonline.net/newsite/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=526&Itemid=2 Obviously not had a great time recently to work on this but have spent the last day or so updating a few sections. Any time anyone has any suggestions or ideas for the site, please give me a shout. Similarly, if you think you'd like to help me update/finish the more time-consuming parts of the archive, give me a shout by pm. By the same taken, because I am so buys nowadays with different work/personal issues, it would be great if I had an assistant to help with uploading the
  8. After a question from nokiss the other day, I finally got off my arse and put together a Recommended Reading section for the Rangers Archive section of the main site... Via the following link you can find just some of the sources we used for the archive (or for our general knowledge for many of the main site articles). Where available, I have provided Amazon links where you can purchase the books for some excellent online prices. If you can't buy via Amazon; Ebay and your local library are your next best bets for sourcing further information which I may have missed. http://www.
  9. After another dismal season draws to a much needed close, Gersnet (in conjunction with the Rangers Archive) casts an eye over the main stats for season 2006/07. As well being able to view team sheets, bookings, scorers, attendances and referees for every game played this season, below you�ll find the final league table as well as some discussion and conclusion on individual player and club contributions. http://www.gersnetonline.net/newsite/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=418&Itemid=2
  10. Despite our well-documented domain name problems of the New Year, Gersnet Online continues to re-establish itself within the online Scottish football community. We are absolutely delighted with our progress so far and we'd like to thank all our visitors for their support over the last few months. Here's why we're proving so popular: First of all our interesting and objective online analysis of many issues that concern every Rangers fan has proven to be our biggest success. Since returning to the extremely popular NewsNow Rangers feed, almost every article we've written has reached
  11. As part of the Rangers Archive project, Gersnet Online would like to open the voting for 'Hall of Fame' project. Obviously, Rangers run their own official Hall of Fame but it would be good to get a flavour of what all online football fans think - as opposed to just Rangers fans and registered users of the official site. As such, we are looking for eleven initial layers for our inaugural nominations. In essence, a team of the very best Rangers players from 1872 to the present day. From the pioneers such as Moses McNeil and his brother Peter right through to Jim Baxter and Brian Laudru
  12. I'm sure most of you guys know about "A Horse With No Name's" fantastic Excel stats file available to download on the fine RM site. http://www.rangersmedia.com/stats.html Unfortunately, the legendary poster above is unable to continue updating the file and because of the obvious problems in uploading and downloading the 30Mb file after every update a solution had to be found to keep the file going. I'm delighted to say that Gersnet will be making a large contribution to that. Not only will be looking to improve the file in the next wee while, I'll be porting the vast majority of i
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