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  1. Since their season draws to a close, here's a reminder about their fixtures and current standing: You can keep up to date with our Rangers Ladies prime fan over at twitter: Rangers Ladies FC or Facebook SQUAD (inlcuding some Rangers Girls players) GOALKEEPERS - Khym Ramsey - Kelsey Brown (27 years) - Lauren Hinds (17 years) - Murrin Stevenson (15 years) DEFENDERS - Lesley Condie (24 years) - Kathryn Hill (18 years) - Stephanie Knox (17 years) - Aimie McGill (18 years) - Megan Foley (19 years) - Jill Paterson (25 years) - Tammi Kerr (25 years) - Sophie Riley Natalie Lowe (19 years) Stacey Williamson (22 years) - (Girls 17s) Amanda Traynor (16 years) MIDFIELDERS - Jennifer Condie - Rebecca Blair Paige Cartwright (17 years) Clare Docherty (24 years) Jade Williamson (17 years) - Leanne Hughes - (Girls 17s) Rachel Halliday (17 years) - (Girls 17s) Megan Karagiozis ( - ) STRIKERS - Lisa Swanson (21 years) - Suzanne MacTaggart Lucy Clark (19 years) Cheryl Gallagher (21 years) Jade Lindsay (18 years) COACH - John Joyce Peter Kennedy (Scott Allison) (Foster Douglas) Next Match - Sunday (Today!) - August 19th (Petershill Park, Glasgow, 3 p.m.) Henson Scottish Cup Rangers Ladies vs. Inverness City Last Match - Sunday - August 12th (Petershill Park, Glasgow) Scottish Women's Premier League Rangers Ladies 3 - Falkirk 0 (Knox, Swanson, MacTaggart) -> Picture gallery from that game Upcoming games Su 02/09/12 SPL - Rangers vs Kilmarnock (Petershill, 2 p.m.) Su 09/09/12 SPL - Hutchison Vale vs Rangers (Saughton Enclosure, Edinburgh ,2 p.m.) Su 23/09/12 SPL - Rangers vs Hamilton Academical (Petershill, 2 p.m.) The Rangers Ladies play their home games at ... Petershill Park / Petershill Juniors Football Ground (Firefox - Google Maps Link) Petershill Road, Springburn Glasgow G21 4AH Opened: 2007 Capacity: 2,000
  2. did you know that when jim baxter had his trial for raith rovers it was against the rangers .
  3. Hi Bears! Me and some other students from Liverpool are taking a look at what it means to be a Rangers fan. We have a short survey that we would really appreciate if you could fill out to help us get an insight into how the fans feel about their club. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RHFRGK8 Below you will find a link with some information on why we are doing the survey as well as how we will use the data. All data is anonymous and confidential. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch: kaneok100@gmail.com https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nNYWOK4qzBaw0bS_ZTOkoWqbGP5GDqiV Cheers, Kane
  4. "We want folk in 30 to 40 years to still be talking about the forthcoming Rangers game in a similar fashion so they can tell their grandchildren where they stood that day in 2018 when the famous Glasgow Rangers came to Bellslea." The words of Fraserburgh Chairman Finlay Noble in The Press & Journal. There's little doubt that this is by far and away the biggest game in the 108 year history of Fraserburgh FC and as far as the town itself is concerned the only time that the general vibe has approached anything like the current buzz was in 1992 when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited for the celebration of the founding of the town's 400th anniversary. Much has been said among Rangers fans about the scarcity of tickets for the game with Rangers receiving an allocation of 360 but lost in that debate is the fact that Fraserburgh FC earned the right to play and to ergo host Rangers on the field of play and where as moving the game down the road to Peterhead or Aberdeen may well have resulted in a bigger pay day there never any serious possibility of it being moved. While the Bellslea Park may be both pretty compact and basic it really isn't any worse than many of the grounds we visited on the journey up through the leagues. The stand is called the Jim Adams Stand after the former Chairman who was a founder of the towns largest employer Gray & Adams, no doubt at some time or other you'll have been stuck in traffic behind one of their refrigerated trailers or even had the pleasure of a ride in their prisoner transfer vans. Sadly Jim is no longer around but rumour has it the Fraserburgh players would like his daughter Marieanne Adams to give them one of her famous group hugs! Fraserburgh the town is referred to locally as "The Broch" and its inhabitants as "Brochers" however I don't consider myself as a Brocher having only emigrated the 17 miles up the road from Peterhead 33 years ago and as everyone from Peterhead knows they aren't Brochers anyway they are in fact Puddlestinkers. The name Fraserburgh stems from 1592 when King James VI granted a charter to Sir Alexander Fraser and what was known as Faithlie became literally the burgh of Fraser. The name Broch coming from an old iron age tower that stood in the town but now long since gone. Among the local places of note are Fraserburgh Golf Club a links course which is the 5th oldest in Scotland and the 7th oldest in the world. The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses at Kinnaird Head and the adjacent Heritage Centre. Not forgetting the harbour to which the town owes its existence, the harbour is enjoying something of a renaissance after decades of decline due to the EU's Common Fisheries Policy and new boats have once again become a regular feature although sadly no longer being built in Fraserburgh itself since the boat yards have long closed. Famous Brochers include Thomas Blake Glover who emigrated to Japan and helped found what became the Mitsubishi conglomerate, Charles Alfred Jarvis the recipient of the first Victoria Cross awarded in World War I, Bill Gibb the fashion designer and of course one Dennis Nilsen the serial killer. The game itself takes place on the 48th anniversary of the Duchess of Kent lifeboat disaster on which 5 of the 6 volunteer crewmen lost their lives going to the aid of the Danish fishing vessel Opal, the men who perished that day were John Stephen, Fred Kirkness, William Hadden (my wife's uncle), James Buchan and James RS Buchan with Jackson Buchan being the sole survivor. Ironically the Duchess of Kent was a replacement lifeboat for the John and Charles Kennedy which capsized in the harbour entrance with the loss of 6 of the 7 crewmen in February 1953. Also another disaster befell the town in 1919 the lifeboat Lady Rothes capsized a mile from port with the loss of 2 lives. It would be remiss of me not to mention that on 28th of April 1970 Jock Stein took his Celtic team to Fraserburgh to play a game in aid of the lifeboat disaster fund the week before their European Cup Final defeat at the hands of Feyernoord. Now onto the game itself, whilst the rest of Scotland seems to be under a deep blanket of snow the north-east appears to have gotten of lightly, there was a brief snow shower earlier today it wasn't anything of note and shouldn't in any way affect the game. The club have been loaned covers from Arbroath FC but as it stands they shouldn't be needed, it will however be cold so if you're one of those fortunate to get a ticket I'd put the long johns on if I were you. Team wise where do we start? Will Cummings, Goss, Murphy or Martin make their competitive debuts? Will Halliday or O'Halloran feature on their return from being frozen out? Probably the only player we have with previous experience of the Bellslea is Ryan Jack who's unlikely to feature but should return in time for the Aberdeen game. We all know what Cummings is capable of as we've been on the receiving end of his skills often enough. Over in Florida Goss looked a decent tidy enough player with good delivery especially from dead balls. Murphy knows what its all about and will be keen to get of to a flyer playing for his boyhood heroes. I'd like to see us start with both Cummings and Morelos up front as there's absolutely no reason to play one up front in this game. We should be going for it and getting the business done early in the game. Will it be 442, 433 or 352? I'd plump for 442 with the following Alnwick Tavernier Bates Wilson John Candeias Goss Windass Murphy Cummings Morelos However I doubt the either the formation or the personnel will prove to be correct. There's no stand outs in the Fraserburgh team, they are almost all local to the north east with a fair amount of Bears (and a few of them)in the side.One Bryan Hay whose last minute penalty secured qualification for Fraserburgh in the last round away against Spartans will no doubt give his usual wholehearted no frills display, I saw him play for Fraserburgh U20's against Rangers U20's at Auchenhowie a few years back and he played well until his sending off (somewhat harshly on that occasion). A few of the Dave Smith Loyal have been trying to get odds on him seeing a red card again on Sunday. One player in the Fraserburgh ranks who has previously been on the victorious side against Rangers is the managers brother Dean Cowie (one of them) who was in the Peterhead side that beat Rangers 1-2 at Ibrox almost 5 years ago.
  5. An excellent article on the main today from @JohnMcIntosh19 https://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/news-category/current-affairs/869-the-increasing-value-of-james-tavernier James Tavernier has probably been the biggest enigma in the Rangers side over the last few seasons in terms of splitting the opinions of many supporters. Whilst his attacking threat and excellent output going forward has never really been questioned, his defensive qualities, lack of positional awareness and a failure to competently defend his back post definitely have been. I’ll start this off by stating I love James Tavernier but that’s not to say in the past he hasn’t frustrated the life out of me. His development and maturity has shone through this season but while he has made mistakes in previous seasons, I’ve always thought he was used as somewhat of a scapegoat by certain Rangers fans for us going through a difficult period. In my opinion you can’t ask an attacking wing back to hit the byline and create chances when you give him no defensive midfield protection (Andy Halliday doesn’t count). Moreover, playing under Mark Warburton and asking him to be competent with Rob Kiernan playing as the centre back next to him and when any attack breaks down he simply can’t be in two places at once when a quick counter ensues. We are now seeing the best of James Tavernier this season because of quite a few reasons: his understanding with Daniel Candeias being the main one which provides Rangers with comfortably the best right side in the league. Candeias is the top creator in the league in terms of assists but unlike most wide men he is a bloody hard worker and his ability to press opponents and track back helps Tavernier out so much as he is no longer isolated defensively. The signing of Ryan Jack and the emergence of young Ross McCrorie occupying the defensive midfield role is also important for Tavernier as they know when to cover for the vacant right full back slot when he attacks. That solidity is something Rangers have been crying out for in recent years and it simply means we don’t get caught out as much and the defensive midfielders can break up the play quicker also. In the recent Old Firm game at Parkhead I felt Tavernier was a stand out, defending very well, blocking a Scott Sinclair shot on the line and almost scoring with a well taken volley. he also put in some top deliveries including a superb mazy run where he cuts in between two Celtic players and breezes to the byline before setting up Morelos with a point blank header which should hit the back of the net. He also volleys an early ball onto Morelos' head which he could have done better with also but for me it just shows how important Tavernier is to our side going forward. Signed for £250,000 I was thrilled with the capture at the time but his development has really impressed me: he has certainly found a level of maturity and some leadership qualities this season to drive on the side. If we take a look at Danny Wilson's pending MLS move, I of course wish him all the best but respectfully feel we won’t miss his inconsistency that much but if we lost Tavernier I just don’t see how we replace him and that’s probably the biggest credit I can give him. He has 22 goals and 37 assists in two and a half seasons and whilst this is skewed by the easier level of opposition in the Championship, those numbers are very hard to find. Last season he scored once and assisted six times in 36 Premiership appearances but he has went up to a different level this season with four goals and six assists in 23 appearances and you’d expect him to get in to double digits for assists from full back. He is the best right back in the league by a distance, despite a few commentators suggesting that is ludicrous because Lustig is a Swedish International. That take is ridiculous as he is nowhere near Tav, if we take that argument then Lee Hodson is also an International so he should be better? Stop laughing at the back! Let's say he’s the best right back in the league but how does he compare against boy wonder Kieran Tierney in terms of the best full-back? We’ll look at the stats for this season; now I’ll be honest and I think Tierney is a big talent but like Tav has his own defensive issues, when teams press him heavily he can make silly mistakes as we seen by Daniel Candeias' relentless pressing in the recent Old Firm derby. In 22 Premiership appearances Tierney has two goals and five assists, a bit behind Tav four goals and six assists. There are intangibles that statistics just don’t give us such as positional awareness and such but defensively and offensively in an individual sense I don’t see a great deal of difference. However, due to Tavernier's occasional concentration lapses I’d say he has that to work on and I'd argue Tierney is the more composed when he hits the byline but Tavernier whips a ball in better than anyone in the league as seen versus Aberdeen for Morelos opening goal. The above image is something you may have seen if you follow @TheSPFLRadar and I’d recommend you do if you don’t already. If you haven’t then it shows player statistics for their position and role, with the closer to the middle being the weakest and closer to the outside part of the radar being the strongest statistics for that position in the league this season. For example, xA is Expected Assists so, as expected, he scores very highly for his attacking output here but I’d also like to look at cross blocking % and dribbled past per 90 minutes. These are stats that we can use to look at the defensive side of the game and an area where Tavernier has been highly criticised and sometimes rightly in the past. The good news is that his cross blocking % is one of the highest in the league which means he is stopping dangerous attacks before they reach our area and something Declan John and Lee Wallace are both poor at. That point can be related to Tavernier lack of positional awareness at defending his back post, he does have that issue and I can’t defend that but he also has to deal with it far too often and he was excellent with vital blocks late in the Aberdeen game. In terms of dribbles past per 90 minutes, the stats show he is one of the best in the league in another defensive statistic. I’ve noticed this just by watching him but he is now more pro-active and aware of situations and when he can step in, has built up his strength to deal with wide men and is a very good defender one on one which he has massively improved on. The image above is also provided by @TheSPFLRadar: this time for Kieran Tierney. In terms of his attacking output he is rather impressive showing his creative attributes but frankly his cross blocking % is horrendous but that could be due to Celtic being more dominant and choosing not to get as tight to the opposing winger. Similar stats for the majority of this radar simply show that there isn’t much difference between the two players. They're the two best full backs in the league and by a massive distance at that. Yet, one is valued at over £20million whilst Tavernier has often been derided. Now we come to his contract situation, Tavernier has a deal until the summer of 2019 so he's now into the final 18 months of this contract. Given when he signed from Wigan for £250k he wasn’t a big name I can’t imagine he is on overly high wages though there have been rumours that he wants to move back to England with Sunderland the main club showing an interest. His contributions on the pitch recently have been outstanding and his Twitter activity does not suggest to me a player that wishes to move on. However you have to pay players their worth and make them feel valued or we will lose him. On a rough estimate I’d say he’s on around £6k per week and he’ll have seen Carlos Pena and Bruno Alves pick up over £20k per week and show nowhere near the contribution that he brings. In simple terms, we need to reward our star me and hope that if we can keep them happy and they will sign on. Sure we may lose some talents like Morelos down the line but I feel Tavernier wants to stay to win 55 and we urgently need to reward him with a massively improved contract on a long term deal which provides security for the club, rewards a star individual and is another marker of intent that we mean business to effectively challenge Celtic at the top of Scottish football. The soon to depart Danny Wilson may not have deserved a large pay-rise but Tav's performances and value to the team have to be fairly considered. Reward the man!
  6. Graeme Murty has been in charge for a while now, and over the course of his tenure we have seen him experiment with a number of different shapes; some have worked, but others have not. A fruitful trip to Florida last week has hinted at another change of shape, and a new tactical focus, which we may see more of when Rangers return to domestic duty in the coming week. When he first took over, Murty quickly looked to go back to a 4-4-2, with two wingers and Miller roaming off Morelos. But, Rangers were too easily outnumbered and overrun in midfield. We also never had the number, or quality, of wide players to make this work -- Candeias being the only natural wide man we had, if you exclude youngsters. This approach was quickly discarded after several gutless performances. Up next came the 4-4-2 diamond, which removed the need for wingers altogether. We already had a good variety of central-midfield players, so this approach fit the players at Murty's disposal. Rangers ground out some of their best performances with this set-up -- against Aberdeen and Hibernian, respectively -- and picked up some much-needed points against close rivals. McCrorie came into the holding role, and Windass was able to play in his favoured central position -- it's no surprise that these two players in particular have been in a rich vein of form recently. A surprising couple of wins in Florida -- albeit against teams having their pre-season; and with hardly a strong-XI ourselves -- has seen another change. Murty used the trip to chop-and-change personnel, with youngsters and forgotten men getting their time in the sun. But one thing remained constant over the 2 games: the 4-2-3-1 formation employed. Rangers scored 5 goals in the two games in the Florida Cup, with all except Morelos' first against Corinthians (which came from Goss' excellent set-piece delivery) coming from some form of wing-play. Not only did we set up with natural wingers hugging the touchline, but we also overloaded the half-spaces and flanks, with Full-backs and Central-midfielders drifting in to support. Manchester City are running away with the English Premier League this season, chiefly down to their superb positional play, but also because of their productive wing-play. Guardiola employs a provisional 4-3-3, with Sane and Stirling playing wide and two No.8's just behind. City always try to get in-behind opponents by creating a 1-on-1 situations on the wings; and they do so in two main ways. Firstly, they'll overload the wing and half-space. One of Stirling or Sane will hug the touchline, with their Full-back close to support. This in itself is nothing special, with most teams now pushing on their Full-backs. To overload more, though, not only will Guardiola ask Aguero to drift wide slightly, into the channel or half-space, but he also gives De Bryune a free role to drift right out onto the wing. There are potentially up to 4 players overloading a flank, allowing City to pass around a low block; they are then looking to cross into the box, cut the ball back to on-rushing midfielders, or fashion a shooting chance. To deal with this, teams will naturally drift over to the ball, to try and stifle City. The second way in which City employ wing-play is by switching the play. As they overload one side of the pitch, the winger on the other side stays wide. City are mainly trying create in that overloaded side, but by dragging teams into that congested space, they then open up the switch of play to a free winger on the other side. Sane and Stirling in particular have scored several goals from these types of situations. It may be too early to tell, but there were examples of this first type of wing-play (overloading the wings) on show in Florida. In several game situations, Rangers would play into one half of the pitch; the winger would be wide or occupying the channel, the Full-back supporting, the No.10 playing in the channel, and a deeper midfielder an easy passing option just behind. There were as many as 5 players in the channel and flank. Game situation from 2nd half against Corinthians There were two variations in the way we played through our opponents. The first was with a pass, long and crisp, from Goss/Kranjcar (RDM) into the No.10 in the channel with a quick, first-time pass wide, or into the forward. The second is another long, through ball, but this time into the winger that takes up the space in the channel; again there is a quick, first-time pass into the forward or No.10. It seems to be about quick interchanges, and overloads on one side of the pitch; the aim being to get in-behind or create a shooting chance. The new signings are more evidence of this new wing-play focus. Thus far Murphy has been the marquee signing, and it would be negligent to sign a crafty winger and not play him. Moreover, wide-players like Atekayi and Dalcio have come into the equation, alongside O'Halloran -- whether they will play a part of not, remains to be seen. More wingers are lined up (Kilmarnock's Jones), but even players like Cummings and Docherty have an energy and flexibility to be comfortable drifting into different spaces. Another hint lies in the players used in the No.10 position. Considering the players used in Florida, Murty is perhaps not looking for an orthodox playmaker in the No.10 position. Murphy, and to a lesser extent Windass, have both been deployed there recently but neither are 'traditional' No.10's. Several times against Corinthians, Murphy and Windass would come deep then spin in behind, sprinting into the channels, feeding off balls from the deeper players. Another tactic utilised a lot by Murphy and Windass was, when they received the ball in the channel, they would play a quick, first-time ball wide to the winger, then sprint to overlap. This movement by the No.10s, spinning wide and in behind, was a constant theme. Even the players used in the deeper roles have tended to be more the creative, playmaker-types, rather than defensive. Kranjcar and Goss have been the main players deployed in the deeper position; neither are natural defenders, so it seems Murty will be looking for them to feed the ball into the front line, dictating play from deep -- both had the energy of Holt or Halliday for cover. Kranjcar may be past it, but he still possesses a delightful left foot; a real asset if we can utilise it properly. Goss also looks to have an impressive passing range and a pin-point delivery. Most of our 'good' play under Caixinha came from the wing, but it was all too confined to Candeias on the right; there was no balance, and too often relied on an isolated moment of brilliance from a single player, which were few and far between. With the addition of more attack-minded players, we will hopefully see a more balanced and structured approach to our wing-play. We're all on a bit of a high, with the latest Admin Day being such a big success: deals for Cummings and Martin agreed; an offer for Kilmarnock's Jordan Jones on the table; rumours of an offer for Hamilton's Docherty. Mark Allen and Graeme Murty are spearheading what is turning out to be a productive recruitment drive. Another cause for optimism may well be the new tactical approach. The signings that have come through the door -- and even potentially those lined up -- all point towards a new focus on overloading the wings and getting in behind.
  7. Hi there, my name is Daniel and I am a student at the University of Leeds. I am conducting a research project for my final year and I have chosen to investigate rivalry within football and one of my case studies besides the Catalonian/Madrid rivalry, I am looking at Scottish football, and more specifically the city of Glasgow. I understand this may be a sensitive topic and would like to make it clear that this survey is purely academical and I have no intention to cause any sort of offence. I have put together a small survey looking at rivalries and I kindly ask that you fill out my survey for me. It only takes 3 minutes and would be kindly appreciated if you could complete this for me. Also if you could pass on to anyone relevant. Again, I thank you for your time. https://leeds.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/scottishfootballsurvey
  8. It’s taken me exactly a year but at long last I have managed to get my Spanish Property business off the ground and you can see the first property for sale here http://www.gspc.co.uk/property/217330/. You can click on the View Schedule button at the top right to see the full particulars or quick click here http://media.gspc.co.uk/resources/property/00/00/16/58/30/schedule.pdf As you will see the agents are listed as my solicitors, Low Beaton Richmond, in order to gain access to the GSPC site (and property paper); but I am the Spanish Agent. Contact me directly on alanspanishproperty@gmail.com The Scottish owners purchased the property for €292,000 in 2007 and spent a further €35,000 on the Pool, Jacuzzi, Conservatory, Garden and Patio and storage area under the house. So right now it’s available at a €100,000 discount. Many commentators consider that the Spanish property market has already bottomed so now is a great time to grab a bargain especially with the Pound near a 12-month high against the Euro. I will be glad to provide any more information that is required and would appreciate if you could forward the link to anyone who you think might be interested.
  9. A few months ago rbr suggested that likeminded Gersnet members could donate towards a lifetime membership of Rangers First. There was reasonable level of interest at the time, but for whatever reason it didn't translate into action. A lot has happened since then in the struggle for control of Rangers and the recent requisition for an EGM has galvanised supporter opinion, leading to large numbers of new sign-ups for both RangersFirst and the RST's BuyRangers scheme. The Gers Forum were among those signing up this week, having raised £1000 in 24 hours to buy 2 Rangers First Lifetime Memberships (these are available to groups, whereas BuyRangers requires an individual membership). I'd like to organise a similar effort on Gersnet if there is enough interest. I'm aware that many of us already support RF and/or BuyRangers, while others do not share my enthusiasm for fan ownership. It's also January, so not everyone will have spare cash to donate at this time of year. However, a potentially close vote at the forthcoming EGM will be sufficient incentive for many Gersnetters. A RangersFirst Club 1872 membership costs £500, so if we can get 50 interested Bears together @ £10 each, we can make it happen. If you want to donate more than that, then great. So, my suggestion is this: 1. PM me with your forum name and the amount you'd be willing to commit to as a one off donation. 2. I'll keep a tally of the total. As and when we reach £500, I'll pass everyone's details to Bluedell, who has very kindly offered to help collect the funds. 3. Bluedell can then provide you with details (also via PM) of how he plans to collect the funds and once the full £500 has been received, we'll purchase a Lifetime Membership in the name of Gersnet. Any excess funds received will be donated to RF. 4. As RF operates a one-member-one-vote decision making process, the easiest option would be to hold a brief poll of members prior to any future RF votes. Obviously, such polls are open to members and visitors alike, but for one vote among thousands, it wouldn't be worth creating a more complicated process. If anyone has spotted a fatal flaw in the process, or has any suggestions which would make it easier, please let me know. Finally, I'd just like to make it clear that there's absolutely no compulsion to take part, but it's up to those who do to look into the details of RF if they are not already familiar with it. Cheers.
  10. 30% off collection higher percentage off bulk Percentage of sale goes to Rangers Charity foundation Visit us on http://www.thediamondstudio.co.uk/spirit-of-72-b-11-page-47 or in store 29 Royal exchange Square Glasgow G1 3AJ
  11. NICKY CLARK and Rangers legend Mark Hateley today helped launch Follow We Will: The Fall and Rise of Rangers at Ibrox Stadium. An incisive, thoughtful analysis of the causes and legacy from Rangers financial collapse Follow We Will counters the biases, failures and apathy attached to the club in an uncompromising analysis that promotes scrutiny and activism. Follow We Will features an exclusive interview with Lee Wallace and forewords by Walter Smith and Professor Graham Walker. It was written by leading commentators, journalists, university lecturers, and, most importantly, fans. Its contents are radical, powerful and take a swipe at the mediaâ??s outdated image of Rangers fans. All author proceeds arising from sales of the book will be donated to the Rangers Charity Foundation. Fans can buy a copy at Amazon by clicking here. Read more on the official site...
  12. Folks, We're looking for some provisional names and numbers for the Gersnet Prediction League ahead of the start of the new season. The winner at the end of the season will get the sought after 'GPL Champion' custom forum rank won by Whosthedado last season and a wee prize as well. So, if you fancy your chances at predicting the results of our games in the SPFL Championship and our games in Cup competitions, then please put your name down by posting "I'm in" (or something like that) on the thread here. Cheers! PS - The exact competition format and rules will be announced within the next week to 10 ten days, but might well follow follow the excellent system put in place and run by Bluebear54 last season.
  13. Folks, Here's the new Gersnet match preview writing schedule for our pre-season games and the forthcoming 2014/15 season up till Christmas. As always, the match previews will be written by volunteers from the forum here on a first come, first served basis. If any of you fancy writing the preview for a certain match just say which one and we'll put your name down for it. _____________________________________________________________ Upcoming: May 20 - Rangers v Hibernian - Premiership Play-Off SF leg 1 - pete May 23 - Hibernian v Rangers - Premiership Play-Off SF leg 2 - ??? _____________________________________________________________ Completed: Aug 05 - Rangers v Hibernian - Challenge Cup - Zappa (done) Aug 10 - Rangers v Hearts - SPFL Championship - 26th of foot (done) Aug 15 - Falkirk v Rangers - SPFL Championship - shorerdbear (done) Aug 18 - Rangers v Clyde - Challenge Cup - Super Cooper (done) Aug 23 - Rangers v Dumbarton - SPFL Championship - Zappa (done) Aug 26 - Queen's Park v Rangers - League Cup R1 - forlanssister (done) Aug 30 - Rangers v Queen of the South - SPFL Championship - Frankie (done) Sep 12 - Raith Rovers v Rangers - SPFL Championship - shorerdbear (done) Sep 16 - Rangers v Inverness CT - League Cup R2 - BrahimHemdani (done) Sep 20 - Alloa Athletic v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Bearman (done) Sep 23 - Falkirk v Rangers - League Cup R3 - no volunteer (done by Zappa) Sep 29 - Rangers v Hibernian - SPFL Championship - Hildy (done) Oct 04 - Livingston v Rangers - SPFL Championship - blueflag (done) Oct 18 - Rangers v Raith Rovers - SPFL Championship - Super Cooper (done) Oct 21 - East Fife v Rangers - Challenge Cup QF - Little General (done) Oct 25 - Dumbarton v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Bearman (done) Oct 28 - Rangers v St Johnstone - League Cup QF - no volunteer Nov 01 - Dumbarton v Rangers - Scottish Cup R3 - no volunteer (done by Frankie) Nov 04 - Cowdenbeath v Rangers - SPFL Championship - SteveC (done) Nov 08 - Rangers v Falkirk - SPFL Championship - shorerdbear (done) Nov 15 - Rangers v Alloa Athletic - SPFL Championship - Zappa (done) Nov 22 - Hearts v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Hildy (done) Nov 30 - Rangers v Kilmarnock - Scottish Cup R4 - 26th of foot (done) Dec 03 - Alloa v Rangers - Challenge Cup SF - no volunteer Dec 06 - Rangers v Cowdenbeath - SPFL Championship - SteveC (done) Dec 12 - Queen of the South v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Hildy (done) Dec 20 - Rangers v Livingston - SPFL Championship - Frankie (done) Dec 27 - Hibernian v Rangers - SPFL Championship - JohnMc (done) Jan 03 - Rangers v Dumbarton - SPFL Championship - no volunteer (done by Andy Steel) Jan 10 - Alloa Athletic v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Zappa (done) Jan 16 - Rangers v Hearts - SPFL Championship - 26th of foot (done) Jan 24 - Cowdenbeath v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Frankie (done) Feb 01 - Rangers v Celtic - League Cup SF - JohnMc (done) Feb 08 - Rangers v Raith Rovers - Scottish Cup R5 - Pete (done) Feb 13 - Rangers v Hibernian - SPFL Championship - Laudbertz (done) Feb 20 - Raith Rovers v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Frankie (done) Feb 27 - Falkirk v Rangers - SPFL Championship - pete Mar 07 - Cowdenbeath v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Laudbertz (done) Mar 10 - Rangers v QotS - SPFL Championship - Stewarty Mar 14 - Rangers v Livingston - SPFL Championship - shorerdbear (done) Mar 17 - Rangers v Alloa Athletic - SPFL Championship - no volunteer (done by Zappa) Mar 22 - Hibernian v Rangers - SPFL Championship - pete (done) Mar 28 - Rangers v Cowdenbeath - SPFL Championship - Laudbertz (done) Apr 05 - Rangers v Hearts - SPFL Championship - 26th of foot (done) Apr 09 - QotS v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Pete (done) Apr 12 - Rangers v Raith Rovers - SPFL Championship - no volunteer (done by Zappa) Apr 15 - Livingston v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Frankie (done) Apr 18 - Dumbarton v Rangers - SPFL Championship - andy steel (done) Apr 25 - Rangers v Falkirk - SPFL Championship - Rousseau (done) May 02 - Hearts v Rangers - SPFL Championship - Laudbertz (done) May 09 - QoS v Rangers - Premiership Play-Off QF leg 1 - Frankie (done) May 17 - Rangers v QoS - Premiership Play-Off QF leg 2 - Zappa (done) _____________________________________________________________
  14. Worthington Group are who effectively "own" Craig Whyte and Aidan Earley's claim on the RIFC assets. Also of note is the fact that the Liquidator appointed to Whyte's BVI based Liberty Capital sold Liberty Capitals holding in Worthington Group at 58p in a delayed notification trade one day before the shares were suspended. Wonder who the Liquidator is actually working on behalf of? http://ftalphaville.ft.com/2015/01/13/2085432/a-worthington-tale/?
  15. Stuff some block out time and again when talking about us and postmen, plummers and co. for these last few years. Stuff, that happens time and again, all over the place. And today again ... CHELSEA 2 - Bradford City 4 (that's the English third tier team) MANCHESTER CITY 0 - Middlesbrough FC 2 (that's the English second tier team) SOUTHAMPTON FC 2 - Crystal Palace 3 Cambridge United* 0 - MANCHESTER UNITED 0 *(that's the English fourth tier team) ... so none of the EPL's top four have made it to the next round against lesser opposition, only ManU with a chance to go through. It does not mean much with respect to our players failing time and again to play some decent football, or our managers to show some sort of imagination. Yet, it does show that time and again big names and hilarious money paid for and on players will not guarantee you success. If a third tier team is set up and drilled well enough, it can cause quite a bit of a shock. And while I'm at it, Falkirk did beat Hearts at Tynecastle today, rather unexpectantly.
  16. Thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where we actually list who owns what as disclosed to the LSE , or at least those over 1% . River& Mercantile- 5.77% ,http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12205385.html Kieran Prior- 1.35% ,http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12205407.html Dave King - 14.75% ,http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12202893.html (Not including possible rumoured further purchase from R&M ). George Leatham -4.05% , http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12202893.html George Taylor -9.3%, http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12202187.html Douglas Park?-6.14%, http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12201386.html BNP Parabis - 5% ,http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12107289.html Richard Hughes -3% ,http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/11834364.html Mike Ashley ,8.92%,http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12104057.html Sandy Easdale, 5.21% total inc proxies 26.15%,http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail/12093157.html Please feel free to add when the rest are released
  17. http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/football/king-maps-out-plan-for-the-future.117959899 The suspicion is that if the existing directors are unable to muster the votes required to hold on to power by conventional means they will attempt to do so unconventionally. The savage personal attack on King contained in the statement to the AIM Stock Exchange on Friday underlined what many had long suspected; the power battle at Rangers is going to be a dirty one. Nevertheless, King and his associates are already looking further ahead and formulating plans which they believe will enable the Glasgow club to return to the forefront of Scottish football if they do take control. Appointing a permanent replacement for Ally McCoist by bringing in a manager who can rebuild the side and secure on-field success is at the top of their list of priorities. Luring Rangers stalwarts back into the club to work behind-the-scenes in a variety of roles is also seen as important so the identity of the institution can be restored. The fact no fewer than 12 members of the first team squad are out of contract in the summer is seen as an opportunity to substantially reduce a crippling wage bill that Charles Green, Brian Stockbridge and Craig Mather are largely to blame for. "There is obviously an opportunity to have contracts terminated," said King. "We have to make some fairly significant changes to the footballing side. But before that it is critical that we get the right manager in because we are bringing a manager into a team that is obviously not equipped to compete in the Premier League and is really struggling. "You would have thought that when Rangers were demoted they would have fairly comfortably come through the lower leagues into the Premiership and then maybe struggled for a season or two. "But right now we are struggling to get out of the Championship. Given the need to balance budgets and just be more sensible about the way the money is spent, we are going to have to get a manager who has the capacity to identify and manage players. "So I would imagine that the single most important decision will be identifying the right manager, who has all of these qualities. It really is someone who is more of a coach." King revealed he would be willing to pay compensation to another club for their manager if the best candidate they identify is in employment. He said: "If it was within reason, then paying compensation would be considered. I think everyone would accept that Rangers have to completely rebuild the squad. So the manager's role is so critical. "One wouldn't easily take the second choice when a little bit of money would have got you your first choice. I think we have just got to get it right. There's too much money being spent around it that is key to that individual to not get that appointment right." McCoist is currently on gardening leave while he serves out his 12-month notice period and could theoretically return in some capacity if King, Paul Murray and John Gilligan are appointed directors. But King said: "My understanding is that Ally has expressed no interest in coming back even with regime change. The indications I've had from those who have spoken to him more recently than I have is that he thinks he is done and he really doesn't see himself as part of the future." John Greig, Sandy Jardine and Walter Smith have all worked behind the scenes at Ibrox in a number of different roles in recent years and King would like to see a return to the days when Rangers men were involved in the running of the club. Greig declined to take to the pitch along with the other members of the European Cup-Winners' Cup winning team when the Govan Stand was renamed in honour of his former team-mate Jardine back in August. King said: "For me personally somebody like John Greig would be very important. I spoke to John when I was over here in November - just phoned him up and asked him how he was doing. "There are individuals who are not welcome - because they are not supportive of the existing regime. But what we would like to do is connect with the past. "Despite the difficult times, the history hasn't been lost. We already have Richard Gough showing support and to have people like John Grieg and Graeme Souness is going to be very, very important." The Glasgow-born financier, who once ploughed £20 million of his personal fortune into his boyhood heroes, is hopeful there will be no nasty surprises lurking in the books if he does take over. He said: "I think the circumstances of the club are such that there is a limit to how bad it can be. I can't imagine there will be a huge amount of creditors building up. I can't imagine that anyone has been lending money that we don't know about. "The stadium we know hasn't been used as security. "So while I think there will be some surprises, I think they might run into a couple of million, I don't think we are going to find a hole of £15 million to £20 million."
  18. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/8486-club-statement Poor us, everyone feel sorry for us, we're just misunderstood, none of it is our fault.
  19. By Chris McLaughlin Lalit Modi, the first commissioner of cricket's Indian Premier League, has expressed an interest in buying a large shareholding in Rangers. BBC Scotland has learned Modi's representatives made contact with the chairman of Rangers' football board, Sandy Easdale, earlier this week. The groups talked about the potential sale of the 26% stake Easdale controls. It is believed a price has already been discussed. And a meeting could take place as early as next week. Modi was banned for life by the Indian Cricket Board of Control after they charged him with misconduct relating to financial irregularities. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/31168745
  20. I know most bears have no time for Naismith(who really knows why ?) but I'll tell you he is exactly what Is missing in our team right now.hes the heart and soul of a dreadful Everton team,that without him Would be destined to the Championship. Whether you like him or not,there is no denying that he is a terrific wee player.
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