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  1. KENNY MCDOWALL cast his eye over new loan signings Gael Bigirimana and Haris Vuckic for the first time in training at Murray Park today and was impressed with what he saw. The two midfielders took part in their first training session this morning while Remie Streete worked with the Club physio Steve Walker separately as he has just came back from a slight injury. McDowall lead the session this morning as the squad continued to prepare for the Scottish Cup match against Raith Rovers on Sunday at Ibrox and he was impressed with the way the new players are integrating already. He said, "The boys came in and took part in their first session this morning. They've met the rest of the lads and have settled in well." "Gael is very bright and was lively in the training session. He is a good football player as I would expect them all to be. They all just need to get to know their new teammates and get settled in to the place." "Vuckic scored an excellent goal in training today and seeing that was more than welcome. The lads are all good players and we've welcomed them all into the squad." McDowall will continue to work the players in the next few days ahead of the game at the weekend and said that it's too early to say whether they will feature against Raith this Sunday. He explained, "All of the new boys are in the squad for Sunday and at the moment it's too early to say if any would be involved in the game. As ever, we'll have a look at the end of the week and see who is fully fit and who is not." "It sets a challenge to other players as their standards will have to be a bit higher now that the squad is a bit bigger - so it's good competition to have. It's the nature of a club like Rangers that you have to compete for places and it's up to you once you're in there to keep that place in the team." http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/8464-settling-in-nicely
  2. Strapped in for yet another transfer window? Well, here we go! Graeme Shinnie (Left-back, 23, Inverness Caledonian Thistle) Max Power (attacking midfielder, 21, Tranmere Rovers) Express Graeme Shinnie on wiki
  3. Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell has accused politicians of using Celtic for their own political agenda over the living wage. At the club's AGM the club announced they are prepared to offer permanent staff £7.85 an hour, but will not implement the living wage to all. However, Lawwell feels Celtic have been unfairly targeted by others. "We've been used," he said. "Our club has been used over this campaign by politicians and by others." He added: "There's more and more evidence there's poverty in society, there is inequality, and we would urge them - the people who've got the power, who've got the opportunity to change it - to change it, and not hitch their wagon to Celtic's wagon for their own political purposes. "We're a football club. We'll do all we can in the community. We do so much, but we can't change government policy. "We have a very satisfied, highly motivated workforce who are content with their lot. Not just my words, but we're the only football club in Scotland that's got Investors in People [accreditation] and [there are] only three in the UK, so we look after our people." Hearts last month became the first club to implement the living wage , but Lawwell insists their decision has had no bearing on Celtic. "Hearts are a different business," he said. "It's a small business in comparison, they won't have as many people. "If that's what they want to do, then good on them and they've done it. But we have to look after ourselves here and do the right thing. "At the moment we're looking at our permanent employees that includes everybody apart from match-day staff, who are primarily second income. "The 180 of them are mainly in retail, which is a very competitive business. Ironically our competitor is Sports Direct, and we're getting the spotlight." Celtic chairman Ian Bankier revealed the move to increase the wage for permanent staff will cost the club £350,000. He said: "We responded to the many people who have made approaches to us since this became a live issue and we understand what they're saying, and we understand the sentiment of what they're saying. "So what we've said today is we will speak to the people that matter in all of this, who are the employees. "We will talk to our permanent workforce, and those who are in that zone of pay policy, and we will seek to get their wages up to £7.85 an hour, which happens to be the rate of the living wage." Celtic also admitted at the AGM that the loss of Rangers from the Scottish Premiership has cost the club around £10m a year. However, responding to the recent comments by Scotland manager Gordon Strachan that the leagues should be manipulated to get their Old Firm rivals in the top flight along with Hibernian and Hearts, Lawwell was adamant there has been no discussion regarding league reconstruction. He said: "I love Gordon dearly, he's a pal, but he's way off the mark there and we would never support that." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/30150594
  4. http://news.stv.tv/west-central/299623-four-men-detained-after-police-probe-into-sale-of-rangers-in-2012/ I'd like to remind people of their legal obligations in speculating over individuals and alleged criminal behaviour.
  5. http://www.gersnet.co.uk/index.php/latest/site-info/293-competition-win-a-savile-rogue-rangers-scarf Savile Rogue, purveyors of the world’s finest football scarves, have teamed up with Gersnet to give your the chance to win a cashmere scarf in Rangers colours. If you’re not familiar with them, Savile Rogue scarves give a nod to football terraces of yesteryear, shunning in-your-face logos and cheap nylon in favour of a traditional bar design and the comfort, quality and warmth of top quality cashmere. To get your hands on one, simply tell us what Rangers player was called up to the Scotland squad for the upcoming matches against Ireland and England? Please email your answer to info@gersnet.co.uk - competition closes on Friday 14th November at noon and the site administrator's decision is final! Please note, unfortunately this competition is only open to residents of the United Kingdom. You can follow Savile Rogue on Twitter or Facebook.
  6. According to the Herald: http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home-news/rangers-fans-up-in-arms-as-ashley-loans-club-1m-more.25855834 That's me sold..
  7. I thought this was quite well written from Chris Jack regarding last night's crowd. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/rangers/rangerscomment/empty-seats-tell-story-of-rangers-fatal-rift-186382n.25722001
  8. THE WAR is over. The retailer has won. This morning Graham Wallace will be fired from his position as Rangers chief 
executive and this crisis-ravaged club will belong lock, stock and smoking barrel to Mike Ashley. Quite what Ashley has planned for it is still a matter of conjecture but the ruthless manner in which he went about last week’s power grab certainly suggests he wants it badly and also sees a way to make a killing by rolling his tanks into Glasgow. He now has security over two 
of the club’s major assets, the 
Albion car park and Edmiston House, and when his placemen arrive in the boardroom this week he’ll have grabbed this club firmly 
by the throat. As with everything Rangers, Ashley’s arrival on the scene will be spun in a variety of ways. The dark arts were evidenced 
over the weekend when it was leaked that, without his intervention, this basketcase would have gone bust within 48 hours. There were even muffled whispers from the shadowy sidelines Ashley had in fact ‘saved the club’ but the very notion the Newcastle United chairman had ridden to Rangers rescue in some sort of philanthropic or heroic act is completely absurd. In many ways, what actually went on amid increasingly frantic 
discussions on Thursday and Friday was a throwback to May 2011 when Sir David Murray invited Craig Whyte to trigger this omnishambles and set in action the catastrophic chain of events that has now led to Ashley’s increased involvement. That deal was a great bit of 
business for Whyte and for Lloyds Bank in particular – the £18million they recouped from the sale remains the outstanding trade of the last three and a half chaotic years – but it was a spectacularly awful one for the Ibrox club. Similarly, by taking control of Rangers for the price of a £2m loan, every penny of which will be paid back, Ashley has pulled off a serious coup in more ways than one. This is why he is known as the biggest beast in the jungle but even the Newcastle owner must be laughing up the sleeve of his safari suit at the way in which he managed to pull this one off. It was typically bold and eye poppingly aggressive and it included issuing the remnants of the Rangers board with threats of legal action both collectively and individually, should they turn him down in favour of a £3m loan from Brian Kennedy. Each of these directors was warned of potentially devastating repercussions should Ashley not get his way and as a result Rangers is his now to do with as he wishes. And all for less than the cost of a Sports Direct poly bag. It was an extraordinary stunt and it’s no wonder Sale Sharks owner Kennedy left Glasgow on Saturday still unsure as to how on earth the dysfunctional Rangers board – a collection of directors who have run the business into the ground – could allow it to happen in spite of his impassioned pleas. The farce began with the rejection of Dave King’s £16m bailout offer by the mysterious bloc of shareholders whose 26 per cent voting rights are represented by Sandy Easdale. On Thursday CEO Wallace, who knew his £300,000-a-year neck was now well and truly on the line, reached out to Kennedy and pleaded with him to make a counter offer. Kennedy worked through the night with his legal team to come up with his £3m offer, dependent only on him being allowed to place one man on the current board. He flew to Glasgow at lunchtime on Friday in the hope of getting the deal done. Kennedy was wasting his jet fuel. Not one of these directors was even at Ibrox on the day it was determined Ashley should be handed the keys. The fact all these discussions were held via conference call, underlines how little feel for the club these men have. Wallace headed for a beach in Greece despite being urged by at least two key protagonists to 
postpone his holiday for 24 hours. Finance director Philip Nash went one better by resigning and washing his hands of the entire Ashley v Kennedy showdown. That Nash threw in the towel is an indication he suspected the game was up and that another director, Laxey’s lackey Norman Crighton, had jumped camps at the last minute. Crighton had voiced his concern at Ashley’s move and had even said the Cockney must be stopped ‘at all costs’ but he performed a 180-degree turn at the last minute to leave Kennedy’s proposal in tatters. Chairman David Somers is another who may have cause to be persecuted by his own conscience. At least Nash had the principle to resign from his £1,000-a-day post. While Wallace was clinging on for dear life for his pay-off, Nash wanted no part of it and this included telling Ashley’s people he was unwilling to work for their man in the event he was successful. Having previously called for the removal of Nash and Walllace, Ashley had a change of heart. It’s understood he wanted Nash on board after crediting him with making £5m worth of cuts since February. One of those cuts was to a contract worth in excess of £100,000-a-year to Ashley’s own PR firm Keith Bishop Associates. This agreement was done as part of the £1 stadium naming rights deal Ashley agreed with Charles Green and which was signed off by Imran Ahmad – who then sued Rangers for £300,000 in bonuses for all of his good work. Deals like these are precisely why Rangers should brace itself for the full impact of Ashley’s arrival. He already pockets 49 per cent of all income from merchandise sales but may think this arrangement can be tweaked and improved in his favour. With two of his men on the board, a compliant chairman and confirmed allies in James Easdale and Crighton, he can do pretty much as he pleases. The only comfort in any of this for the Rangers supporters is to be found in the depth of Ashley’s pockets. He will not allow this club to go under, that much is certain. But from here on in Rangers will be run his way and for his benefit. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/opinion/sport/keith-jackson-mike-ashleys-rangers-4515761
  9. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/7812-notice-under-section-303-of-the-companies-act-2006
  10. Ally McCoist admits he would accept Rangers gaining promotion to the Scottish Premiership via the play-offs after falling six points behind leaders Hearts. Monday’s 3-1 defeat to Hibernian saw some bookmakers make the Tynecastle outfit favourites to win the Scottish Championship title. The result sparked fierce criticism of the manager and the players from disgruntled supporters with the Ibrox men head into the match with Livingston with 13 points from seven matches. But while remaining confident of securing automatic promotion, McCoist admits he would accept reaching the top flight through the knockout route. He said: "It [winning the play-offs] wouldn't be out of the question because the most important thing is getting out of the division. "We will take whatever way we can to get out of the division because it is so important to the club that we get back into the top flight as soon as possible. "I would have thought it was a little bit unfair and disrespectful to the opposition more than anything. "The one thing we've always attempted to do, particularly in the last three years is show a great level of respect to our opponents. We will continue to do that. "Hearts and Hibs are good sides." McCoist has received flack for his tactics, signings as well as his coaching methods in the wake of their latest home loss. The Light Blues boss says he is not “bombproof” from the sack, regardless of how much it would cost the club to get rid of him. He said: "I don't think anybody is bombproof. "I certainly wouldn't sit here for a minute and say I'm bombproof. "I'm still wearing the flak jacket but nobody is bombproof." On criticism of his tenure, he defended his record before adding: "I genuinely don't care about it. If Walter Smith can get stick when winning nine in a row and getting to a UEFA Cup final then it's fair to say I'll receive a certain degree of criticism. "To the greatest respect to everybody the only people that know what goes on out there is my players and my staff. "You've got two automatic promotions then I think that's the target. I've said all along the target is to get back to the top flight as soon as possible. "It's not for me to judge or to say how good, bad or indifferent it is but I think it would be difficult to argue against it not being job done in that department. Video:http://sport.stv.tv/football/294497-ally-mccoist-rangers-promotion-through-play-offs-would-be-acceptable/
  11. RANGERS’ League Cup quarter-final with St Johnstone will take place at Ibrox on Tuesday, October 28. It was widely expected the match would fall on that date due to other fixtures involving the Light Blues, Saints and Celtic on dates around the end of next month. The clash with Tommy Wright’s Perth team will be shown live on BBC Scotland. With kick-off confirmed for 7.15pm. Gers will be appearing in the last eight for the second time in three seasons and will bid to advance to the semis for the first time since they won the competition in 2011.
  12. FINALLY! That's the new 2014/15 season Rangers player photos now been customized as we usually do and uploaded into the forum's smilie folder in the section titled "1st Team", so you can use them for suggesting and/or discussing formations on match threads or whatever you like folks. To use them it's exactly the same as it's always been on here. You just type the initials between two colons of the player image you want to use. The only exceptions are for McCulloch you type 'jig' instead of his initials because he has the same initials as Lewis Macleod, for McKay you type 'mckay' instead of his initials because he has the same initials as Mohsni and for Simonsen you type 'simo' instead of his initials because he has the same initials as Smith. Those three exceptions are the same as last season though, so all that has changed is the players who left and the new players who were brought in over the summer. Here's what they look like: :simo: :rf: :dm: :sf: :jig: :mz: :ss: :ap: :cg: :lm: :ib: :kb: :jd: :kh: :mckay:
  13. I like to try and be fair and after so much criticism I will give credit where it is due. Regardless of who we were playing against we retained possession with interchanging passing and moving and the long ball wasn't frequently deployed. We created plenty chances and always looked dangerous in the final third, crucially our midfield largely bossed the game. Hopefully we can push on from here but I can't recall us playing in this manner for more than a couple of games on the trot apart from the end of 10/11. As was my feeling then, it shows that we can play fairly decent football (it's illogical to suggest otherwise), so there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to see us playing aimless long balls again.
  14. Hi folks Without going into it too deeply, I feel I cannot follow the other 2 sites I am a member of who go to extremes with fighting each other, all to our detriment as fans. When I go to Kirkcaldy tomorrow, it will be with a sad heart and hope the team just rip it up to cheer me. I have sadly become a NAPM (Not a Penny More) to the regime. I find the idea that the shares groups have decide to buy-into the open offer of £4.97 for 23% (?) of the club abhorrent. Why? Surely the majority want the clowns out and therefore handing them a wee bit more cash is an own goal? Even if the motivation is to become more involved percentage-wise, you hold-back on this one. The LSE announcement already conceded there would be a further offer if we get there. Those shares would be capable of being bought at an even better rate by FF/BR. What am I missing?? Why why why have BR/RF decided to expend the funds now???????
  15. Rangers Football Club is inviting applications from Club Members to join the Official Rangers Fans Board – a body that will help fans shape the future of their Club through regular and constructive dialogue with the Board and Senior Management. The Nominations Committee – Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie, former Rangers Captain David Weir, international rugby star Alastair Kellock and supporters Tom Mowbray, Mhairi McKenzie, Melville Curry, Ross Hardie and Holly-Jade Johnston – will evaluate applications from a number of supporter categories with Club Members then asked to vote on the 12 candidates they feel will best look after their interests. Club Members – which includes all Season Ticket Holders for 2014/15 who receive complimentary membership - can complete the online application form at fansboard.rangers.co.uk and the deadline for submissions is 9am on Tuesday 19th August, 2014. The Committee, chaired by Reverend Stuart MacQuarrie, will then evaluate the candidates and create a shortlist of Nominees for each category which Club Members will vote online for thereafter. The Club is totally committed to improving and enhancing its relationship with fans and the ultimate aim is to take this 142-year-old institution back to the very top of Scottish football together. The Official Fans Board will be created to benefit all supporters and is an important step forward as we strive to improve communications. • The Fans Board will provide a platform for supporters to communicate directly with key Club staff in a structured manner • Give the Club greater insight into the topics and issues that most affect and concern the wider Rangers fanbase • Allow supporters to better understand the Club’s decision-making process on key issues • Enable supporters to play a crucial role in helping the Club achieve success on and off the pitch • Provide transparency regarding the key issues that affect supporters The Official Rangers Fans Board will consist of 12 supporters who will represent all the major stakeholder groups in our fanbase to discuss key issues and ask the questions that most affect the supporters they represent. The Fans Board will meet a minimum of 4 times per season and further meetings will be held between Club executives and the Fans Board throughout 2014/15. Who can apply for the Official Rangers Fans Board? To apply for one of the 12 positions on the Official Rangers Fans Board you must be an adult Rangers Club Member. All Season Ticket Holders for 2014/15 are automatically Founder Club Members*, if you are not a season ticket holder you can become a Club Member by visiting rangers.co.uk/membership. Applications will be welcomed from supporters wishing to represent the following categories: • Season Ticket Holders • Female Fans • Families • Overseas Fans • Fans in Glasgow/Govan Community • Disabled fans • Ethnic Minorities • Under 18s • Ibrox match ticket purchasers (non-season ticket holders) • Corporate fans (fans who have enjoyed corporate facilities watching Rangers) • Fans who attend away games • Rangers Official Members (non-season ticket holders) Many supporters will fall under more than one of the above categories however it is important to ensure all our fans feel represented on the Official Fans Board. Fans can apply to represent any group they qualify for however only one application is permitted per person so supporters should only apply for the category they feel they best represent. How to apply for the Official Rangers Fans Board Club Members are welcome to submit an application to join the Official Rangers Fans Board. Supporters must have a membership number, which for season ticket holders is the same as their Rangers number. To apply visit fansboard.rangers.co.uk enter your Membership/Rangers number and password and complete the application form by 9am on Tuesday 19 August, 2014. If you do not have a password or valid email address you can update/register your login details on the fansboard.rangers.co.uk website. You will also be asked for a reference from someone who can support your application and suitability for this role. Fans should read the recruitment pack, terms and conditions and the constitution (all of which are available to members at rangers.co.uk/fansboard)before completing the application form. The Selection Process An external, independent Nominations Committee has been set up to help ensure the Official Rangers Fans Board is independently and democratically elected. The Nominations Committee will review all applications and nominate a shortlist of supporters for election to the Fans Board. The shortlist will be selected based on evaluation of all application forms against the criteria listed within the recruitment pack - job description and personal profile. A shortlist of nominees in each of the 12 categories will be identified by the Nominations Committee. The application forms for each of the successful shortlisted nominees will be posted publicly on fansboard.rangers.co.uk for Member consideration. Members, including all season ticket holders, will then be given the opportunity to vote on the shortlist of nominees in each of the 12 categories. Voting will be online in early September. The votes will be counted and verified and the 12 member Fans Board finally announced thereafter. Selection as a candidate for the election process to the Official Rangers Fans Board will be at the absolute discretion of the Nominations Committee. The role of the Official Rangers Fans Board Member As a Fans Board member each individual will have a responsibility to liaise with supporters from the group they represent and ensure they best serve their interests at meetings with the Club. The 12 elected members will have a public profile on the official Rangers website and fansboard website. They will be clearly identified as Members of the Rangers Fans Board and will be contactable by the wider fanbase via email to allow them to obtain feedback and questions from the group they represent. They will also provide those fans with updates after all meetings. Elected representatives will be required to regularly attend Fans Board and other relevant meetings, potentially participate in sub-fan working groups and any other requirements outside meetings. The Official Rangers Fans Board will give supporters the voice they have been craving and a genuine say in the running of their Club and further information is available on rangers.co.uk/fansboard now. All Season Ticket Holders for 2014/15 receive complimentary Club Membership unless they choose to opt out. If you do not wish to be automatically enrolled as a Member, please e-mail membership@rangers.co.uk. * If you do not indicate that you do not wish to be enrolled as a Member of the Official Rangers Club Membership, then you will be deemed to have granted your acceptance to the terms and conditions and adoption of the Constitution both available from rangers.co.uk/membership
  16. Could we? Once saying - " I think Rangers are a great team with lots of potential. I follow them in the Scottish league." FRANK LAMPARD today hailed the Rangers fans as amazing' - and backed the Ibrox club to join Chelsea in this season's Champions League. The England man revealed that Jose Mourinho's stars were gob-smacked by the reception they received from the home fans in Saturday's 2-0 friendly defeat from Walter Smith's side. Lampard, and skipper John Terry, saluted the Ibrox crowd at time-up, and the midfielder claimed it was the best friendly he'd ever played in. "The Rangers fans were awesome, all the lads were talking about it," said Lampard. advertisement"The reception I got when I went to take corners during the game, and after when we were going off, was really nice. "They certainly love their own team, but it was very special to get that welcome. It was amazing really, and a very good game to play in for us, certainly the best friendly we've had. "With that kind of backing from their crowd, they will be hard to beat. And I expect to see Rangers in the Champions League." Sp!vs want to sell season books, well get your cheque books out!
  17. Might as well get a gander at Merlin's latest on here as opposed to giving his blog hits..... May 15, 2014 by billmcmurdo Who Blinked? Much has already been said and written about last night’s meeting between Graham Wallace and the UoF. Depending on who you listen to, the board of Rangers has caved in to rebel demands or has once more outsmarted them. The issue of Ibrox being sold and leased back or mortgaged has never been an issue to worry about, as far as I am aware. Back in the early days of the new era, a sale and leaseback of Ibrox option for financing was pitched to Charles Green and Imran Ahmad. The figures were very impressive and would have brought millions into the club. However, it was never an option as both Green and Ahmad refused to sell what they regarded as the heart and soul of the club for easy money. So there is no victory for the Union of Fans in “obtaining” a guarantee that was already known board policy in terms of security over Ibrox. It could be argued that the UoF is now acting in opposition to Dave King’s interests because his season ticket fund is demanding Ibrox be handed over as security. It certainly looks like a hollow victory for the UoF as their backing for King’s proposals left them even further out in the cold than he is, after the board unequivocally ruled out dealing with the harebrained fund idea. The reality is that any guarantees by Wallace are not worth the paper they are not written on. Which means this civil war will continue and get murkier. From discussions with other bluenoses I am aware that Graham Wallace has cheesed off a large section of the Rangers support, particularly those who have renewed already, by even agreeing to engage with these anti-board people. It is increasingly looking like Wallace is keen to appease the rebels but not so eager to engage with loyal supporters. The truth is that last night’s meeting has left the board looking weak and prone to compromise – something that will not fill many with confidence. Whilst I accept that there are some fans who support the anti-board faction with genuine concerns about the condition of Rangers and the club’s finances, there are also those in the reb camp who will never stop till they have displaced the board and have their own Murrayite placemen in. This means they will go agitating and undermining no matter what – and this makes Graham Wallace’s capitulation even harder to stomach. The most stupefying thing about all of this is that the UoF are lucky if they represent 5% of the Rangers fanbase. For the board to cede to any demands made by such a small constituency beggars belief. Yesterday was the centenary of the date when Bill Struth first joined Rangers. I have no doubt Bill Struth would have hunted the UoF down Edmiston Drive and told them never to darken the door again. Oh how we need such a leader in 2014.
  18. FORMER Rangers manager the late Jock Wallace was one of Scottish football's best known and successful coaches but after leaving Rangers he endured a challenging relationship with his old club. SNS Group Former manager Jock Wallace gets a rousing reception from the Ibrox crowd.JOCK WALLACE won 10 trophies and two Trebles in his two spells as manager of Rangers. It was a haul that made him a hero in the eyes of the Ibrox support long after his second stint ended in 1986. Wallace never spoke about his reasons for leaving Ibrox weeks after delivering the Treble in 1978. Nor did he publicly voice his dismay at being sacked in 1986 before short spells at Sevilla and Colchester brought his grand career to an end. But there was one incident – on Saturday, April 2 1988 – that cut big Jock to the core – the day he was escorted out of Ibrox by stewards. Rangers had lost 2-1 to Hearts and Wallace was standing outside the Blue Room looking for chief executive David Holmes. He was approached by a red-faced commissionaire, who said: “Excuse me, but I have been instructed to escort you off the premises.” Wallace asked the security man to repeat what he had just said and he did, word for word. Wallace replied with the question which under normal circumstances is the preserve of those of an egotistical nature – but on this occasion it was fully justified. He said: “Do you know who I am?” The commissionaire replied: “Yes, Mr Wallace, I do.” Wallace asked who had given him his instructions, and he replied “Mr Hood” – referring to Rangers’ operations executive Alastair Hood although he was conspicuous by his absence at that moment. A furious Wallace marched up to the members’ lounge and told his wife Daphne they were leaving. The irony was assistant manager Walter Smith had left complimentary tickets for Wallace and his wife. When the match finished he was making his way to the top of the marble staircase to head home when he was stopped by a steward and asked to look in to the members’ lounge. There he met the comedian Mr Abie, former player Billy Semple and a host of other long-standing friends. He stood chatting for 10 minutes, while Daphne did the same with a group of old friends. Wallace decided then to seek out Ally McCoist, who hadn’t played due to injury, and made his way to the Players’ Lounge. He met Terry Butcher, who told him Coisty was still in the dressing room. Big Jock then met the club’s vice chairman Jack Gillespie who took him by the arm and led him to one of the executive suites. Everything was relaxed and friendly and Gillespie took him down to the foyer where he asked if McCoist was around. Wallace stood chatting to Sandy Clark, Davie McPherson, Davie Cooper and McCoist. After a few minutes, he went back up the marble stairs, intending to return to the Members’ Lounge. But bumped into Willie Waddell and his wife, and a few other familiar old faces. Again he enjoyed renewing old acquaintances. He checked to seeif his wife was okay then went back out into the foyer to see if he could find Holmes. It was at that moment that he was approached by the commissionaire and thrown out of his beloved Ibrox. The only thing on his mind was getting the hell out of there. He shouted on Daphne and told her they were leaving. She knew that something was amiss and asked why the rush. Daily Record Jock Wallace in the Rangers trophy room Wallace said: “I’ve just been told to leave the premises and that’s what we’re doing.” Wallace was then reportedly forced to endure the humiliation of walking through the Members’ Lounge in front of so many people he knew, under escort, on his way out the door. Later, he said: “I have never been so angry or disgusted with anything in my life. “I was flaming mad and felt so sorry for my wife, who had been such a help to me in my days at Ibrox. She didn’t deserve this. She was shattered when I told her why we were leaving.” Wallace drove straight home and took his phone off the hook. He was in no mood to talk. He said: “I knew more than anyone there are no-go areas inside Ibrox but I had been invited into one of these areas by the vice-chairman. “I thought it had all been an awful mistake – a blunder if you like.” Ironically, a few days later, Wallace was given complimentary tickets for a Celtic match by his old adversary Billy McNeill and enjoyed the banter with the Hoops fans. The teasing was relentless but good natured. Wallace replied “I’ve been flung out of better places than this” – referring to his exit from Ibrox – and the Celtic supporters loved it. Wallace always steadfastly refused to criticise Rangers, even when he was sacked in 1986. But this was different and he was in no mood to protect the club after such a humiliating experience. More than a month had passed when Wallace decided to speak out. Perhaps he hoped that an apology would have been forthcoming. When it wasn’t, he said: “Until now I’ve kept my mouth shut, but my anger will not go away and I don’t think it ever will. “I will never again ask Rangers for a ticket for a match. I’ve supported the club since I was a kid. “I was a founder member of the Tranent Rangers Supporters’ Club in 1952. “I’ve visited supporters’ clubs all over the world and have honorary memberships in places like Melbourne and Toronto. “I have never criticised Rangers but I cannot ignore the dreadful treatment of Daph. “They may have thrown me out of Ibrox but they won’t stop me watching Rangers. “I took Daph, my daughter and her fiance and his parents to a match with Aberdeen at Ibrox and paid £30 at the turnstiles. “The guy at the gate said: “Mr Wallace, you should never pay to see Glasgow Rangers.” Never a truer word was spoken. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/jock-wallace-rangers-legend-left-3434821?
  19. This is taken from FF posted by Kaiserbear53 Expect a response from Mr King in the next few days but it won't be until after the Game on Saturday as Mr King does want not to take the focus off the team and be blamed for protests and the anger that will come. As expected and as has already been stated, the current board have spat in the face of Dave and this attempt to under mine the restructuring and sort our club out once and for all will soon come to a resolution. The board will try and palm you off with a membership scheme which some may buy into but bide your time bears and bearets, listen to what Mr King has to say about the shiftiness off this move and make your own minds up. Kaiser _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Its what will happen, The information will be released through the press association as he is still in South Africa. Next week the battle begins. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Without breaching trust here to much? King was not satisfied, he was patronized and was fobbed off therefore played the board at their own game, he know's they are unprofessional and not capable of running the club short - mid or long term, what King done was simply give the board and CEO enough rope. They made public assurances which have been breached, do you honestly think a man who has spoken to his children and told them, this will be your inheritance, this is what I am doing, is going to let the current mob who couldnt organize a prayer in a mosque away with it? Have faith. I have no idea how true or who the poster is.
  20. THE former Southend defender wouldn't swap a day at Ochilview for a game at Old Trafford and says that team-mate Lee Wallace is good enough to play for Arsenal. BILEL MOHSNI insists even an offer from the English Premier League couldn’t lure him away from helping Rangers back to the top. The French defender claims he has found a new family at Ibrox since arriving from Southend last summer. Mohsni has made 32 appearances this term to help Gers run away with the League One title. He scored his 10th goal of the season in Tuesday’s 3-0 win over Forfar and the 26-year-old admitted he has been blown away by the passion of the Light Blues’ support – even though a fans’ signing session left him on the brink of collapse. Paris-born Mohsni also insisted team-mate Lee Wallace is good enough to play for Arsenal. The centre-back said: “It’s impossible to realise just how touching and pleasing it is to be surrounded by so many Rangers fans. “My dream is to take the club back up to the top and into Europe where it belongs. “I’d prefer to be at Ibrox 100 times more than playing for a club in the lower half of the English Premier League. That is despite the fact I would earn more money down south. “The levels of support for Rangers are unbelievable. “People have so much love for this club and I can only imagine what it is like in the Scottish Premiership and for European games. “Madjid Bougherra has told me it is something he misses and would like to experience once more some day. The club asked me to do a midweek signing session in the megastore. “It was meant to last two hours and given that I am not a big name like Lee McCulloch I didn’t think many people would come along. “But I was wrong. The queue stretched for dozens of yards and I spent hours signing shirts, calendars and footballs non-stop as well as posing for photos. I heard fans who had waited for hours saying, ‘There’s still people behind us – I’ll buy an extra shirt and get Bilel to sign it for my uncle.’ I was shocked. “As for Lee Wallace, he is good enough to play for any Premier League team, even Arsenal. “Kieran Gibbs or Wallace? Waldo would fit into their side no problem.” http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/rangers-defender-bilel-mohsni-id-3426558
  21. More or less just an excercise and food for thought: Rangers Top Signing Targets for the Championship Written by - Jonny McFarlane After the disappointment of defeat in the Scottish Cup semi-final, it’s inevitable that with little left to play for on the pitch the focus of the fans and the media will return to Rangers corporate governance. That will be covered in great detail elsewhere, but with the football department having been arguably as poorly run as the business it’s also important to reflect on where the playing squad currently stands and whether it is strong enough to win the Championship. After a sober assessment of the team, most will feel that with a rejuvenated Hearts, signings will have to be made to guarantee safe passage into the Premiership. Assuming that Rangers will be operating on a smaller budget next year and working with what’s made available by the departure of the likes of Andy Little, Kyle Hutton and Emilson Cribari when their contracts expire, I have limited my suggestions to players currently based in the SPL and out of contract. I don’t think it is realistic to expect Rangers in their current predicament to pay any kind of transfer fee and free agents from the English game are also likely to be financially untenable given their high wages. I have identified three areas of improvement in Rangers current squad: 1. Goal scoring threat 2. Strengthening the Centre of Defence/defensive midfield 3. Creation of Chances Goal scoring threat Kris Boyd (30, Kilmarnock) Surely, Rangers number one target. A club legend and a goal machine. It’s so easy and obvious it feels daft to argue for it. I wasn’t Boyd’s biggest fan in his previous stint but this is a very different time and place. His talents are ideally suited to the current predicament and his very presence will be a big boost to the beleaguered support. His game has improved in his nomadic years abroad. Still as predatory as ever, he is better in the air and in his link up play outside the box. It seems like the penny has finally dropped that to be a great striker you have to do some hard work as well as bang in the goals. Boyd be as good as a guarantee of 25 goals in the championship. Strengthening the Centre of Defence/defensive midfield Jim Goodwin (32, St. Mirren) A natural leader on the pitch Goodwin is the St. Mirren captain. A tough tackler that opposition fans love to hate, he is equally adept in central defence or midfield. At 32 he’s no spring chicken but would add a bit of steel to Rangers weak central defensive area where Ian Black has underperformed. Gary Miller (26, St. Johnstone) Versatile and extremely pacey, St. Johnstone’s Miller knows the Championship well from his time at Ross County. A Rangers fan, the 26 year old could offer significant options having played at right back, central defence and midfield in his career. A steady-Eddie who gives consistently solid performances, Miller would provide squad depth across a few positions and would add that rare commodity, serious pace at the back. Kevin Thomson (29, Hibs) Leaving Rangers in 2010 after a successful spell in the engine room, Thomson’s career has dramatically stalled. Three years of injury and poor form have curtailed the development of a player that five or six years ago many predicted to be better than his good friend Scott Brown. Unwanted by Terry Butcher due to his introduction of a more direct style, Thomson would be a superb addition to the Gers midfield especially if he could be secured on a pay if you play deal to cushion the burden from injury problems. Jamie Hamill (27, Hearts) Hearts best player this season and their midfield general, Hamill has shown a rare combination of steel and ability. A deadball expert that guarantees goals from free kicks and penalties Hamill works his backside off from the first whistle to the last. Taking on the responsibility of being the most senior player in the Tyncastle dressing room, anyone watching Hearts can see that it is Hamill, not captain Danny Wilson that bosses his team. Gavin Gunning (23, Dundee United) One of the Premiership’s best central defenders, Gunning has been a lynchpin for Dundee United’s successful season. Still young at 23, he has plenty of room for further improvement and could be a real asset for Rangers in the years to come. Physical and good in the air, he is also a threat in the opponents box and can chip in with the odd goal. His organisational abilities have helped bring out the best in his 17-year-old defensive partner John Souter and has shown maturity beyond his years at the heart of an inexperienced but exciting team. Creation of Chances Alexei Eremenko (31, Kilmarnock) A player of immense talent, Emerenko lit up the SPL in his first spell and was nominated for Player of the year. Quick feet and an even quicker brain he is a terrific passer who can thread the ball through tight defences. Another whose career has stalled, Emerenko would represent a gamble, and Rangers would have to play around his inability to defend but he would add a potent attacking weapon to the teams armoury. A fit, mentally attuned Emerenko has the talent to be playing in a major European league, at only 31 surely the challenge to get him back there wouldn’t be beyond Rangers coaching team. James McFadden (31, Motherwell) A player who has seen his career fail to take flight in recent years, McFadden’s return to Scottish Football has been a disappointment with only fleeting glimpses of his old self. A maverick in the Ted McMinn mould, a move to a massive club like Rangers could just be what the doctor ordered for this big game performer. Able to play on the left or through the middle McFadden gives attacking options to any manager that coaches him. A player sure to excite the fans with his wonderful natural ability, McFadden would be a big gamble but one that could pay off as a creator and scorer of goals. Paul McGowan (26, St Mirren) With the tumult of a recent court case behind him, McGowan can now concentrate on the footballing career that has seen him hailed as one of the most naturally gifted attacking midfielders Scotland has produced in recent years. Comfortable in central or attacking midfield, McGowan is an accomplished chance creator with an eye for goal and a blistering shot. Rangers Report
  22. http://www.londonstockexchange.com/exchange/news/market-news/market-news-detail.html?announcementId=11905464 Full results and report here: http://rangers.g3dhosting.com/regulatory_news_article/375
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