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Found 8 results

  1. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/colin-duncan-fares-not-fair-4697316 "THE widespread condemnation which followed Wigan chairman Dave Whelan’s alleged racist and anti-Semitic outburst last week was understandable. His Alf Garnett-esque comments in the wake of appointing Malky Mackay manager added to the outrage . Mackay is subject to an FA probe, investigating texts and emails of a racist, sexist and homophobic nature. The anti-discriminatory bodies didn’t miss Whelan who could now find himself in the dock alongside his manager. Football Against Racism in Europe were among the many campaign groups who, quite rightly, took the pair to task. Yet where was the outcry from bodies such as FARE when this month Aleksandar Tonev was hit with a seven-game ban by the SFA for racist conduct? The Celtic midfielder was found guilty by an independent tribunal of abusing Aberdeen’s Shay Logan, reportedly calling him a “f*****g black c***.’ What happened to showing racism the red card? There was not so much as a yellow from their executive director Piara Powar who is also on FIFA’s anti-racism task force. Surely if you are the head of an organisation which vows to fight all forms of racism you cannot pick and choose which abhorrent acts to condemn. And while not for one minute playing down the severity of Mackay and Whelan referring to Chinese people as “Chinks” surely, on a sliding scale, calling a fellow professional a “black c***” is far more offensive? When John Terry and Luis Suarez were found guilty of similar racist offences Powar and his colleagues couldn’t have been any more critical. Yet not a word when Tonev was found guilty of “excessive misconduct by the use of offensive, insulting and abusive language of a racist nature”. Regardless of the fact no hard evidence was presented – it was one Aberdeen’s word against Celtic’s – the case against Tonev was proved. Last year former Rangers chief executive Charles Green was fined by the SFA for “offensive and racist comments” in an interview that referred to former Ibrox commercial director Imran Ahmad. Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths also has a racism charge hanging over his head after being caught on camera singing inappropriate songs along with fellow Hibs supporters. Again this seems unworthy of FARE’s intervention. Powar’s name may be familiar to Rangers fans as his organisation was forced to deny claims of a “deliberate and targeted campaign” against the Ibrox club three years ago. Rangers were disciplined, and correctly so, by UEFA after it emerged supporters sang sectarian songs during the home and away Europa League clashes with PSV Eindhoven. On both occasions they were reported on the basis of submissions from FARE, rather than the UEFA match delegate. At the time Powar said: “There are explicit suggestions emanating from Rangers FC of ‘a deliberate and targeted campaign against the club’. “The FARE network is focused only on our core mission of tackling discrimination in football and encouraging social inclusion through the game. We have no axe to grind with any club.” In 1999 Rangers defender Lorenzo Amoruso racially abused Nigerian striker Victor Ipkeba during a European clash with Borussia Dortmund. Again the incident was not included in the UEFA delegate’s report but Powar, then with anti-racism group Kick it Out, demanded it be investigated. Fast forward to 2013 and former Celtic player Paul Elliot had to resign from his positions within the FA and Kick it Out after he branded ex-Charlton defender Richard Rufus a “n****r” in a text conversation. Powar was quick to Elliot’s defence insisting: “I can understand the concern over the use of the n-word, whoever uses it, in whichever context. “However, I cannot accept it is racist to use it between two friends and business colleagues in a private text. “Racism and other forms of discrimination are not simply about words. It may be difficult for some to accept the difference between those words used with discriminatory intent and those that are not.” But when the League Managers Association misguidedly dismissed Mackay’s comments, which were also sent by text and email, as friendly banter Powar’s private text argument suddenly didn’t hold water. He tweeted: “Wow! The LMA defending the indefensible. Why would you put out something so utterly ridiculous? Because you haven’t a clue.” Now this is not about Rangers and Celtic but about what is fair and what isn’t. And when it comes to removing the ugly stain of racism it would seem FARE is not always FAIR"
  2. RFC Good to see that some of our "more vocal" fans is helping the Rangers Family along.
  3. THE Rangers Charity Foundation is delighted to share news from our International Charity Partner UNICEF on the ongoing difference our support has made in Togo, West Africa where we recently funded the renovation of 7 health centres, and helped equip a further 6. The Foundation raised £200,000 in support of this project which helped UNICEF to strengthen the rights of children living in the poorest areas of Togo. The aim of the initiative was to ensure mothers and children had access to good quality health services, targeting three particular regions: Savanes, Kara and Maritime. These areas are three of the most affected and vulnerable in Togo where children die daily from preventable diseases and illness. The funding also assisted with training health care professionals, providing transport, installing water and sanitation facilities and funding communication materials to educate the local communities on how to keep their children healthy. The health centres we supported are now providing water and sanitation facilities and therapeutic feeding services for severely malnourished children and thanks to our new 3 year initiative with UNICEF – our ‘One In A Million’ campaign – we are building upon this amazing legacy and continuing to safeguard the futures of the world’s children by funding one million vaccines to fight preventable diseases. UNICEF uses vaccines where they are needed most, including in remote and deprived areas such as Savanes, Kara and Maritime in Togo, which are part of UNICEF’s world-wide immunisation programme. Some of the amazing achievements made possible by our project in Togo include - •An estimated 90,125 children under five years old have been able to access quality nutritional rehabilitation services as a direct result of the Foundation’s support. It is estimated that 1,500 people living close to the health facilities are now benefitting on a daily basis from the clean water point and sanitation facilities. •Specialist training has been given to 150 health workers from Kara and Savanes on tackling severe to acute malnutrition. Five primary health centre units benefited from the staff training which has helped provide full geographic coverage of services for children with acute malnutrition in the most vulnerable regions. •Three of the primary health care units (Solla, Korbongou, Assakondji) which did not have any transport also received a motorbike to allow staff to easily visit communities on a regular basis to provide support and promptly identify and diagnose illness in even the most remote areas. •A new training manual for Community Health Workers has been developed on Key Family Practices to promote health messages to families. An estimated one million Togolese citizens will be reached through various communication channels. These manuals include information on exclusive breastfeeding, the use of mosquito nets, the use of oral rehydration salts and zinc in cases of diarrhoea, hand washing with soap, the use of latrines, immunisation and much more. In total, just over 100,000 children in these areas have been supported by the Foundation, an achievement we can all be proud of. More children now have the chance to have a brighter, healthier future – thank you to everyone who has supported us and made this amazing project possible! If you would like to find out more about our ongoing work with UNICEF, click here to read about the ‘One In a Million’ campaign and our partnership with the world’s leading children’s charity. If you would like to help support our work with UNICEF and our other charity partners, click here to find out how to get involved. http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/club-news/item/7249-our-amazing-legacy
  4. It has been claimed that FARE. which is headed up by Piara Powar, are the organisation which reported the Rangers support to UEFA. Piara Powar was previously at Kick It Out, and I thought that it may be interesting to look at a couple of issues that occurred when he was at KIO. June 2007 - their newsletter has the following - "It has taken 25 years for a professional Jewish Football League player to break through - so meet Joe Jacobson, proof that this community does not stop at owning clubs and trading players." It seems that Piara Powar has no problem with stereotyping Jewish people as club owners and agents. I would have thought that an anti-racism charity would have issues with stereotyping based on religion, but perhaps it's OK. October 2008 - Rangers introduce a programme to educate girls in India. A worthy cause and quite correctly reported by KIO, but unfortuately they could not resist a dig at the Rangers support, turning a positive into a negative. "Rangers FC might have a following that is not afraid of singing offensive songs in Scotland, but in India the club are working with UNICEF to help educate girls in poverty." Every football club's fans sing offensive songs but Rangers were obviously singled out by him, although he did not clarify which songs that were being referred to when questioned on this. It is quite sick to use a children's charity issue to have a dig at a particular support, but Piara didn't seem to have an issue with it as it wasn't "incorrect".
  5. I know I have not been on the site for long and, and not contributed a lot as of yet but I thought Id share and ask a BIG BIG Bear favour A goup of 3 friends and I have decided to take part in the Sponsored 'Walk with Walter' event, in conjunction with the Rangers Charity Foundation, to help raise money for... 1.Prostate Cancer UK and 2.UNICEF Although your donations are gratefully welcome and will benefit all those who are affected, we are trying to raise as a team �£500. Your money will help Prostate Cancer fund awareness into treatment and help improve their Helpline quality. As well as the reconstruction and equipping of seven vital health centres in Togo, West Africa via the Foundationâ��s joint project with respected childrenâ��s charity UNICEF Please help the cause by donating with whatever u feel at my page: http://www.justgiving.com/John-Headrick Cmon bears dig deep WATP Cheers John
  6. Hi, I am wondering (if it is possible or likely) where I would be able to enquire about getting corporate sponsorship for a charity event I am taking part in to raise funds for the Rangers Charity Foundation and UNICEF? My thought was maybe the guys that are in the Rangers Matchday programme that have sponsored a player, or players, for the course of a season. I guess it's safe to assume that these guys have an interest in the club. I have raised just shy of �£150 (so far) and wondered if a corporate sponsor may put down �£20/30/40/50 if the donation was made against their name. Is there anyone who you think would be willing to do this sort of thing? I might be showing naivety here - however, i'm just trying to think of other ways to raise money. What do you guys reckon? Cheers, Picco
  7. Hi guys, I've created an eBay auction for the Rangers Charity Foundation (more information in the eBay link below) - would anyone be willing to drop a bid in to get the bids going? Charity eBay Auction for Rangers Photo Frame I'm not expecting much for this, but every penny counts Many thanks, Picco
  8. Hi folks, I’m raising money for UNICEF and the Rangers Charity Foundation using JustGiving and wondered if anyone would be willing to sponsor me for 50p (or anything you can afford). This is for the "Walk with Walter" around the Ibrox pitch 19 times (one for every trophy won by Sir Walter) with Walter, Coisty and Durranty. Anything you can donate would be very much appreciated! It's all for a really good cause! I'm really hoping to get to the Ã?£100 mark and i'm slowly, but surely, getting there. :smile: You can make a donation via my page: http://http://www.justgiving.com/Craig-R-Morton. It's easy, fast and totally secure. JustGiving sends your donation straight to and, if you're a UK taxpayer, automatically reclaims Gift Aid on 's behalf, making your donation go further. What’s more, JustGiving will never spam you or sell your details. I hope you’ll join me in supporting. You can use PayPal - even easier... Thanks, Picco
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