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‘Hatred (or hate) is a word that describes intense feelings of dislike. It can be used in a wide variety of contexts, from hatred of inanimate objects (e.g. vegetables) to hatred of other people, or even entire groups of people.’

Was I the only one disappointed at the media and general all-round furore that greeted Wayne Rooney’s comments that he ‘hated’ Liverpool Football Club? This statement was published on the official Manchester United website in an in-depth interview with the player. Rooney supported and broke through the ranks at Liverpool’s neighbours Everton before being transferred to Liverpool’s deadliest rivals. Is it any wonder that he has a dislike for Liverpool? This hate from the red half of Merseyside will have ingrained into Rooney whilst growing us as a ‘blue’ and I’m betting that the Liverpool support would be more annoyed if Rooney stated that he didn’t hate them.


Football rivalry has been around for over a century and whilst not being entirely healthy, it is what makes football special and creates the passion that sees millions flock to football stadiums all over the world on a weekly basis. As a Rangers fan, I hate Celtc, in fact, I despise them with every fibre of my being. Why, well, they are our fiercest rivals, nothing more sinister than that. I have family and friends who support Celtc and who have no issue with my dislike of their club. They have the same intense dislike for the club that I love. I find that harder to believe, how could anyone hate The Rangers!


The worrying issue regarding Rooney’s comments was the reaction to them in the media. Wayne Rooney is a professional football player who is plying his trade at the top of his profession. Should that make him above statements about hating Liverpool? Again, I certainly hope not. Would I be concerned to read that Artur Borac and Neil Lennon hate Rangers? Off course not. Would I lose any sleep over it? Off course not.


There is a tendency in society for people finding offence where this is none. As Rangers fans, we have first hand evidence of this but we are up against an especially sensitive type of ‘mopery’ where even the children’s song ‘hokey cokey’ is considered sectarian and out of bounds. I hope that we haven’t entered a stage in our culture where every sound-bite is scrutinized to the ‘n’th degree’ and criticised, just for the sake of criticism.


Rooney’s comments were withdrawn from the Manchester United website in the aftermath of them being projected into mainstream media outlets and the backlash that these comments caused. However, I believe that Liverpool answered Wayne Rooney in the best way possible, given the result on Saturday.


The flip side to this argument is the hatred shown by certain fans that has nothing to do with football, but so-called politics that attach themselves to supporters of certain clubs. In the week that Rooney’s comments caused so much discussion, supporters of a certain club openly flaunted the death of two British Servicemen and the severe injury of innocent bystanders without a peep in the mainstream media.


It is time this country got its priority’s into perspective and instead of defending any off the cuff comment that they fear will upset some minority and look at where the real hatred and where the real problems lie.





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If more people,players,refs were more open/honest about the teams they support then it certainly wouldn't bother me,although I could see the amount of allegations of favouritism it may create, but to be honest referees and players must support a team to be involved in the game professionally, I have no problem with them showing who they support

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It is the way society has been allowed to grow in the last 10 years.


Pandering to minorities and offended people who are only offended for offences sake. Easy votes and easy hand shakes for politico types.


Its the way of the world. I mean why are Britain bailing out other countries in the Financial crisis? To cement friendships that are built on ice in a heated pool.

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