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Who's gonna shine at the World Cup?

Guest mac attack

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Guest mac attack

My pick is Frank Ribery of France


He's a 23 yr old right or left sided attacker.Saw him playing for the under 21's a few years ago and most recently in the game against China.He's got fantastic speed , dribbling skills and is strong on the ball.Who ever gets him after the World Cup will have an excellent young player.I only hope he get's his chance in Germany.

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Why's this in teh Rangers Chat bit? lol.


Dunno about Ribery, unless Zidane gets dropped, he won't play.


Ronaldinho will shine but like chris says, goes without syaing. Riquelme should stand out aswell.


But you can never predict these kind of things. Someone always comes out of the blue.

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Ha.. funny you should say that Gribz. I had Toni and Henry up front in my Fantasy Football then had second thoughts and dumped the both of them.


Soeakin of which, get yourself signed up for that.

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