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As for films, I really recommend "Into the Wild."


And TV - I can't get past Sky Atlantic just now.


Boardwalk Empire was great

Treme is different class

Game of Thrones has just started - looking awesome.


Treme? Seriously? I started watching it and stopped after 15 minutes as I was bored senseless. I tried again and survived another 5 minutes before giving up again.


Game of Thrones - the wife recorded it thinking that the kids might enjoy it, but then i told her that the reviews on FF included "It's like the Lord of The Rings with tits" and "Lena Headey getting taken from behind is always a good sign". She's given up on that idea now!


Sounds like Friday night viewing once the kids have gone to bed though. :cool:

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Empire was superb and already missing that.


Treme I watched the first episode but it didn't really grab me in the same way the writer's other work has. Will get into it at some point though. Game of Thrones I didn't fancy.


Fringe is the best programme at the moment but I've got around 4 or 5 episodes to catch up on my Sky+. V and The Event are harmless fun as well.


Struggling to fit them all in! :(

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The music in the first episode was fantastic and is one of the main reasons I'll stick with it.


And The Bunk of course! :cool:


Ah ... the Bunk! He had the ultimate Sushi-putdown line last week.

"No way, man. Antoine Baptiste, he's strictly a cooked-fish-eating muthafukka!"


Anyway, a few films to ponder, some of which you'll have seen, and some not - but all highly recommended:-


Four Lions

The Good Shepherd

The Kite Runner


Vera Drake

The Hurt Locker

Inside I'm Dancing

Almost Famous

The Prestige


The Bank Job


The Illusionist

The Painted Veil

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Ah well - you can't please everyone. I like Treme because of the music and all the musicians in it.

Don't let that put you guys off "Into the Wild"http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Into_the_Wild_(film)


Game of Thrones is indeed Lord of the Rings with tits and ass.


Into the Wild.... have you read the book bluebear ? A very interesting read about a very interesting individual. Chris McCandless was very much a free spirit. The movie did the book justice.

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Went to watch Reel Steel with the family on Sunday. Brilliant way to lose two hours best bits of rocky, best bits of the champ all rolled into one with big robots knocking 6 colours of shit out of each other. Hugh Jackman for the wife, Evangeline Lily for me.

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