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Rangers FC Agree to 'Setting the Standard' Debate

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We are pleased to announce that Rangers FC - via Chief Executive Martin Bain - have now commented on our 'Setting the Standard' project of the last few months.


Mr Bain has made the following points worthy of note by fans interested in the project:


- The club have read the report and thanked the contributors for their constructive efforts.

- Many of the issues highlighted in the report have been prioritised by the club but should be the subject of continued and informed debate.

- The club are open at all times to constructive recommendations and suggestions.

- The club welcomes the opportunity to work positively with the Rangers family.

- To that end, the club are recommending the report (available for download here) be tabled as a main agenda item at the next Rangers Supporters Assembly meeting where the club will be happy to participate.


We welcome this positive momentum and hope that this initial discussion will prove to be the first step towards an open debate between the support and the club in relation to the main points of the ‘Setting the Standard’ report.



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I think it's even a great achievement that someone at the club has actually read it and given it some serious consideration. If it starts an informed debate and sets some actions in motion then it will be a fantastic step forward for the fans, for whom the report has shown, have a great resource of knowledge, experience and ideas with which to help the club drive forward. Well done to all the contributors for putting together such a polished and professional report.

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I really hope this is taken forward , however my initial reaction is tempered by the fact that the RSA is where it is going to be discussed , as of yet I have still to hear one single positive thing to come froward from them , and what exactly does this forum(rsa) have the power to do

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Good stuff. Hopefully the 'selected' channel for debate will bear fruit - is this realistic?


I completely understand (and share) your scepticism mate.


No-one is pretending a meeting of a club-funded committee is going to mean instant results. That's not going to happen. However, IMO, it is good news because it invites all fan representatives (Assembly, Assocation, Trust, NARSA, ORSA etc) to comment in an open, constructive fashion in a suitable environment.


Moreover, I'd certainly hope (and will request) that after the initial discussion at that meeting, the issue should be opened up to the support at large to debate in a practical fashion with key club employees.


Throughout the STS project, we have tried to maintain a constructive, positive attitude towards what we want to achieve. We've also ensured that every website and fan group we're aware of is kept informed as to progress even if they may disagree with the intentions of the report.


To be clear, we're not naive, we're not stooges and we're certainly more than capable - as we've seen in the report - of ensuring the club are criticised. We also recommend the Assembly is overhauled so right away that should prove a talking point for those that have complained about it for long enough but done nothing.


I think people have to ensure they read the whole document and, while we don't expect everyone to agree with every point, not allow the odd issue to cloud their judgement and spoil what has been a very positive project so far.


After all the project is solely about the betterment of the club. Surely no-one can argue with that.

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