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Guest Bobby Grove

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Guest Bobby Grove

I hope admin don't mind me posting this news. However I believe it's something all Bears should be aware of and feel proud to be part of this venture. Please remove if unappropriate content for Gersnet.


It is with great pride and much humility, that Vanguardbears are pleased to announce that we have purchased, on behalf of Rangers fans throughout the world, a 50 year Lease on the burial plot of William McBeath.


William, you will know, was one of the young founders of our Club, one of the "Gallant Pioneers".


The recent book on the founders of the club highlighted that William sadly died aged 55 and was buried in an unmarked grave in Lincoln. There were no surviving family members and the site had fallen into disrepair.


Regretfully, the Club has chosen not to do the right thing by this great man.

Without him, and his three friends, there would have been no Rangers Football Club.


Following discussions with Lincolnshire Council, a 50 year lease has been purchased for the upkeep and maintenance of the final burial place by Vanguard Bears and we will, in the very near future, mark it by erecting a suitable headstone, with an appropriate message worthy of the man.


Vanguard Bears behind the scenes team gives special thanks to three of its members "Arisesir", "davesmith", and "Thomas Lord Cochrane" for their initiative in paying the ultimate tribute to William McBeath; for their tireless hard work down in Lincoln, and their financial assistance which along with others helped get this project off the ground, and would like to say "William, you were never forgotten by some. Now, you will be remembered by many."


Donations will be gratefully received for the completing of the stone.


To donate to this worthy cause, a Paypal link has been set up on VB's home page.


Once costs have been estimated for the work, the Paypal will be made live, the estimate (s) chosen and a target figure to meet the costs published.


When the target cost has been met, the paypal link will be frozen.


If you had it Brethren would you give it?







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Guest Bobby Grove

Appreciate it Bluedell. Very proud to have been involved in buying the lease for every Bear who wants to remember our founding Father's. We have members in the Lincoln area who will tend and ensure the grave is respected. However I'm assured, the groundkeeper is delighted someone is finally erecting a gravestone worthy of the man. He also keeps the place well maintained and looks after William McBeath's grave.


We will ensure a suitable monument is erected to befit the stature of McBeath.

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I echo BD's sentiments. Superb bit of of work.


Is VB's banned on FF? Shame if it is as I think due to the sheer number of posters there you would storm to your payapl target.


You've no idea mate ..... no mention of VB lasts more than a minute on FF, regardless of context, usually accompanied by an unexplained life ban. There seems to be no such censorship in the other direction so I guess it's not difficult to see where the prejudice lies.


A shame that a website with such a large membership should put petty squabbles before the Rangers cause.

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