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Celtic tried to sign THE GOALIE...

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From the Sun



RANGERS legend Andy Goram last night opened his heart on Fergus McCann's sensational bid to sign him for CELTIC.

Goram - whose explosive new book The Goalie: My Story is serialised in the Scottish Sun this week - was left staggered by the Canadian tycoon's attempt to lure him to the Hoops a decade ago.


And he told SunSport: "The truth is it could never have happened, no matter how much that eccentric little Canadian might have wanted it to.


"I just could NOT have done it.


"McCann was willing to take the flak and sign me for Celtic because I'd left Rangers and was an affordable, experienced option for him.


"But me a Celtic player? Don't think so."


The then Parkhead supremo's secret approach for Goram was made to football agent Bill McMurdo who had brokered Mo Johnston's history-making move to Rangers a decade earlier.


Then McMurdo helped make ex-Hoops star Johnston Gers' first high-profile Catholic signing but he knew Goram to Celtic was always a non-starter.


McMurdo confessed: "I have to say that at first I thought Fergus was winding me up.


"But I sound found out that he was deadly serious. He saw Goram as a free agent with vast experience who could add to what Celtic had at the time.


"Look, Andy was free - and for Fergus that meant the price was right! He asked me to put it to Goram and I did as I was instructed to but I always knew what the answer was going to be.


"Andy ended up a Motherwell player soon after that and no one ever knew about Fergus' move - until now.


"Johnston to Rangers was a deal no one will ever forget.


"I think we can safely say that Goram to Celtic would have been in the same category.


"Whilst there was a way to make the deal with Maurice work I don't think Celtic fans could ever have accepted Andy. He broke their hearts too many times."





Goram has watched current Gers star Kenny Miller play on both sides of the divide.


But in his hard-hitting new autobiography he insists it's a move he could NEVER have contemplated.


He stressed: "I am a Rangers man, and in my eyes Rangers men don't play for Celtic.


"Did I hate Celtic when we played them? Yes, of course I did.


"I ran out of the tunnel detesting the sight of them, and even now I hate it when I see Rangers players cuddling Celtic players.

"Kenny's decision was his to make but it is something that I simply could not have done.


"In the same way that you can never picture say Peter Grant in a Rangers shirt I think it is hard to see me in a Celtic jersey."



A TRUE legend

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