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Gersnet Award RESULTS

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Player of the Season:

Young Player of the Season:

Veteran of the Season:

Manager of the Season:

Goal Of The Season:

Most hated player:

Most hated non-player:

Best value transfer:

Biggest waste of money:

Best team achievement of the Season:

Gaffe of the Season:





Best Commentator:

Worst Commentator:

Best Pundit:

Worst Pundit:

Best Football Show (Radio or TV):





Player of the Year:

Young Player of the Year:

Goal of the Year:

Worst Player of the Year:

Next Season's tip for POTY:





Most Knowledgeable User:

Funniest User:

Stupidest User:

User Most Likely to Make You Change Your Mind In A Debate:

User Most Likely To Start A Fight In An Empty Room:

Most Helpful User:

Best Thread Starter:

The 'Mary Whitehouse' Award for Perv 2004/05:

Best Mod/Admin:

Most Missed User:

Best Newcomer:

Overall Best User for Season 05/06:



GERSNET HALL OF FAME (Already has Stuart and Cammy in it):


GERSNET HALL OF SHAME (Already has Graham Spiers in it):

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do you want mine again jon?


Nah its alright mate, I managed to get them all back from the old forum.


Some interesting reading though. Looking forward to more coming in so we can get it going

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Thats fine Chris and Lynds.


I know the result to one of the questions already cos I think just about everyone has said the same name for one category

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