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Gersnet Award RESULTS

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Do we just post our answers on this thread or do we have to email them to some1


I take it SPL awards takes in the whole of the SPL?


No shit Sherlock!! ;)


Yeah Alan, the whole SPL, and Pm your results to Jonc

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Thats fine Chris and Lynds.


I know the result to one of the questions already cos I think just about everyone has said the same name for one category


It must be me for the best looking Gersnetter, i have won it every year up until now.:P


Ps I am back bye the way.

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Glad you made it back Pete and pleased to see you haven't lost your sense of humour ;):D


Thanks Jon i was just getting over all my personallity Traumas. You have just set me back 5 years.:(

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