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Right Gav


Driving home from work on Sunday night, just after 11pm. Going about 35mph, so was the car in front of me. Stopped at traffic lights, police stop at the traffic lights coming the opposite way. We set off again once the lights turn to green, look in my rear view mirror and the police are turning round, so i slow down to 30mph. They come speeding right up my arse, put their lights on. So i pull in to the petrol garage that is 50 yards up the road.


Get out the car, policeman says " no need to worry mate, just checking who is on the roads tonight"

He seen my work polo shirt and asked " take it your on your way from home from work"

"yeah i finished at 11, work for Renfrewshire Cabs"

" no bother will let you go " he said


I replied with " aye no worries mate, no how it all works with young drivers etc"


I was stopped before by the police, they were saying i went through a red light when i clearly never. Don't know if any of you's know Paisley at all, but driving along the high street past the museum you get to a set of lights to go down storie street. I was sitting there as they are at red. I can't go straight on as it's a one way, which is the high street coming up from new street. So that set of lights works individaully. Although the lights i was sitting at work with the lights of the traffic coming up storie street going onto the high street, you cant turn right as it's one way.

So i was going down storie street while the police are going up up, they turn at the top of the road then pull me over on causeyside street saying i went through a red light. I was adament i never, they were talking about 3 points on my license etc, but then they spoke between themselves and said i was a lucky boy and would let me away with it this time. I just have to take my details to the station to prove that i am a driver.


Are you's instructed to keep an eye on young drivers Gav ?

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