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Trading Standards involved in United ticket charge row

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As a lot of you know, I am secretary of the Nithsdale RSC. We are a member club of the Rangers Supporters Association, and through this membership we applied for tickets for the match at Dundee United, giving our named list of 66 members requesting tickets which then went directly to Dundee United, and we got back 66 tickets with our members names on it.


Since Dundee United announced they were going to charge supporters again to see the replayed match, our chairman Monty, took them to task on this, and we sent an email to them asking, as we were entitled to do so within 14 days of the announcement of the new date of the match, for a refund of our original tickets.


He also got onto Glasgow Trading Standards, and we have received great assistance from them, and they believe we have a case.


Trading Standards have contacted the SPL, who have washed their hands of it as ticketing is down to individual clubs, but Trading Standards are suggesting they do something collectively for future reference as the cuurent position is challengable.


We are more than willing to take this all the way, with a civil action against Dundee United if necessary, and we have taken the decision today to let our fellow bears know of this position, in the hope that other bears, who retain proof of their purchase of a ticket for the original match, will also make Dundee United aware of their intentions to take them to court if they continue with their current policy.


The information we got from Trading Standards is that there is precedent with two cases involving the fans against Man United and Spurs. The Spurs one is most interesting to us, as it was about ticketing policy in light of postponement or abandonment. They had to back down, and have since changed their terms and conditions.


Trading Standards in Glasgow and Dundee have both contacted the OFT (Office of Fair Trading), who are the UK wide ruling body on such matters and are really the level above local trading standards offices, and have had positive discussions with them on this also.


It looks as if, if we can pressure United collectively through either a group action, or many hundreds of individual actions, we may have enough power to win this.


The correct email address for Dundee United is communications@dundeeunitedfc.co.uk. Please keep your emails polite and to the point.


For a hint, something like this would be suitable.


"Dear Sir,


I am contacting you to ask for a full refund of my ticket, purchased from you via Rangers FC, in accordance to your ticketing terms and conditions issued by you for this and every match.


My contact details are as follows;


Mr X

1 Main St


G1 2BC


I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.




Mr X"


Good luck to anyone sending this in, and I will keep you updated on how we get on.

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Good luck with this , it really is ridiculous in this day and age that they are trying to screw money from fans twice when the game is on sky as well , and they keep bleating on about policing costs but conveniently forget they are getting the tv money twice also

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I quite often think things were better when there weren't phone ins every night, and people going ga-ga on the internet. But without both those things, this wouldn't have happened, and even if this particular example doesn't end up as we would like there's no doubt clubs will be forced, under penalty of the law, to change the way they treat supporters. And if they can be forced to change on this front, maybe other ones as well?


This is a brilliant development, and I'd like to say well done and thank you, thank you to the people involved.

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