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a post from rangers media



Hi guys


The Florida consortium story that has been unveiled in the press today is 100 per cent spot on.


The Herald broke the story about the state of Rangers finances a month ago, then floated the fans buyout in the Sunday paper and it's culminated in this.


My understanding is that Daryl King - who wrote the story - has been to Florida to meet the guys involved.


They have NOT gone to the bank or Murray yet, the story clearly states that, which is why he Murray is technically right when he says no new approach.


That's just his normal way of trying to rubbish people - he is dead on his feet and is trying to flush parties out, which has happened today.


But this has been worked on for a long time, it's real, it involves the fans and it's been orchestrated all along to come out now.


Plenty of people with big money are involved. Murray knows his days are finished, and the new dawn will not be far away if the punters buy into this plan.


If I get anymore I will try to update.



On way to game guys, so see if I can find anymore out. Just wanted everyone on here to stay calm -this CAN happen.


I think the figure mentioned is a one-off �£1000 per head, with 45,000 people targeted over three years. Ie 15,000 fans raising �£15m a a year, and that can be paid up.


That money gets you a membership, a vote, and a say.


The debt will be covered by the consortium, is what I take from the story.


I checked with some sources this morning and it's not a fairy story. King has been working on this guy and others for a while - wonder if they got wind Murray was doing a 'spoiler' and decided to break cover?


Just a guess, but would make sense.


Now is the time for the fans to step up. I would be in, I have �£3000 set aside I would put in, so that's the first 15000 down to 14997!!!!


Good luck today lads, stay safe on the road and get behind the team.

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Fingers cross it is true. I am refusing to get my hopes up too much though and can see further tough times ahead.


I just hope that when the time comes, there are others like yourself kevinthomson8 who have the cash to join as members to support a club membership type scheme. With 3 kids I dont think I'll be able to for a few years...

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