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The Art of Rangers - Unique Club Artwork

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Struggling to find that extra Christmas gift for the one you love? What do you get for the man (or woman) in your life that has everything associated with the World's most successful club? Books, clothes, strips, programmes, photos and general memorabilia - we've all got them; which means there isn't a great deal of items around that are totally unique or which can be personalised to our own favourite Rangers moment. Step forward George Thomson and the 'Art of Rangers'!






As you can see from this superb artist's new website, George has a range of items available to fans interested in very special Rangers art. From classic images of Ibrox Stadium, to the playing legends we all know and love; in the galleries of his site George has captured the very essence of the club we love. Incredibly George can tailor any Rangers moment or image to your exact needs so feel free to get in touch now. Every painting costs just �£200!


About the artist


George Thomson was born in 1970 and had sold his first painting by the age of 14. He went straight into a design studio with the local Council on leaving school at 16. Geo started working as a freelance artist in his early 20s whist also gaining a degree in Graphic Design in the process. By the age of 30 he had successfully set up a thriving business as a chalkboard artist, but always keen to progress his artistic skills, moved into the area of contemporary pop art. Starting off with movies and music he soon found his passion was for sport. For the last several years he has specialised in mostly football and MMA, working closely with the stars of both.




This year alone he has raised over �£10,000 for the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow, by donating 5 of his High Profile Commissions for auction.




With the history, characters, passion and presence of Glasgow Rangers, he feels he has finally found his calling; saying "Every new Rangers painting represents a wee bit of history, from the old guys like Hubbard and Simpson, through the '72 team, then 9IAR to the present day. We all have our special Rangers moments and helping relive them via my paintings, makes it all worth while."



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I helped put the site together for a mate and despite the photographer's best efforts the pictures on the site really don't do Geo's work justice.


George had a few of these on display the Goram dinner the other week and everybody was amazed at the quality of his work. He received a fair few orders from that alone but is obviously keen to reach more fans online and I think �£200 is a very reasonable price for a piece of art which can be unique to you.


There is also likely to be another display of the artwork at the WRC over the coming months. If you get a chance, nip along and have a look as even if you're not interesting in buying, you'll enjoy viewing George's efforts so far.



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Really impressed by this guy's work. He's using really high quality materials for these paintings, so they're well worth the asking price IMO because I know that materials of that quality are expensive.

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