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News & Reports on Rangers Youth Teams

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This week's Youth results.




U13 Motherwell 0 Rangers 9


U14 Motherwell 3 Rangers 2


U15 Rangers 4 Motherwell 1


U20 Rangers 3 Dumbarton 0




U16 Rangers 3 Motherwell 2


I was hoping to get to the U15 & U16 games but work commitments meant I didn't make it. I did get to first half of U20 game before heading to Ibrox.

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With McLeod, McKay, Aird and Crawford all on the park on Sunday, and looking promising.


Can Sinclair not point to them and say, look what we in the youth department are producing.


We may dispute this, and point to the younger age groups, but until these lads come of age, how can anyone say at this point he is a failure?


I am not supporting Sinclair, but looking at it from the point of view, of an outsider looking in.

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Its a fear that he can put a spin on it, but if we can't play youngsters at the level we are at then we are in big trouble. McLeod and Crawford were there before Sinclair, he landed lucky with McKay and Aird. There are a lot of good prospects at 16 and 17 most were there before Sinclair. It's 14's 15's and 16's that are the real concern and what he will do to the younger age groups when he gets a hold of them, Sunday 21st October is when we are due to play Celtic which should be a measure of where we are with them. Tonight Scotland u16's play Poland, Rangers have ONE in the squad, Celtic have SEVEN and Kilmarnock THREE.


The young players promoted have done well and I think we will see a few more. But it has to be put into perspective, we are playing in the third divison. The Queen's Park team that beat Elgin 4-0 on Saturday had youngsters of a similar profile. Andy Robertson an 1994 same as Barry McKay, Owen Ronald an 1993 same as Robbie Crawford and Lawrence Shankland (who Sinky didn't fancy, he has scored 5 goals so far this season) is an 1995 same as Fraser Aird.

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I see where you are coming from, and agree with you about the younger players, it doesn't look bright.


It will depend on who is conducting the review of 'Murray Park', and whether they wait to see how the younger ones progress or not, as they get older.


Of course they will have their own views, whether they will be any better is in the future.

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Elfideldo, what's your view on Calum Gallagher, who has started the season really well, in terms of goal scoring, at least? With the long term injury to Hemmings and last night's potential broken cheek bone suffered by Sandaza, could Gallagher be the next youngster to get a chance in the first team? I thoroughly enjoy reading your reports on the youngsters matches so that when they do make the breakthrough, they are not complete strangers (well to me anyway!)


Many thanks

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There isn't harder working player than Callum, he really does put in a shift. This season he added goals to his game, he wasn't prolific in his previous two seasons. Sinky told him he was being released at the end of 2010/11 season, then after he came on as a sub in that season's Glasgow Cup Final he changed his mind. If Callum keeps performing the way he has been first team recognition can't ne far away.


On a different note just heard Sinky released another player he "purchased" a year ago, another that cost around £1000 per month while at Rangers, then deemed not good enough to earn a youth contract. I'll go into more details on the player once I confirm his release. He can still put a spin on those making the first team, although they were either there before him or in the case of McKay and Aird signed at U17 AND u18.

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