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Coventry in Nacho bid.

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On reading the BBC on-line fitbaw page this morning, I noticed Coventry City have reportedly tabled a 500,000 bid for wee Nacho. Surely we have to accept that, 1/2 million in the hipper and freeing up some wages.


He did okay for us initially but, I wouldn't imagine he'll see much 1st team action now. With the quality that's at the club now, he'll be way down the pecking order.


So if the bid is genuine, IMO it would be better for all parties concerned that ourselves and Nacho accept the offer.

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Totally agree, its another one where, if true, we have to take it and its probably best for all concerned. Another 1/2M in the kitty and his wages off the bill should be a boost for PLG. He's what, 4th choice striker now behind Prso, Boyd and Sebo?


I do feel a bit sorry for him, but things just haven't worked out for him so a move will do him good and give us some cash to hopefully strengthen our defence before the weekend.

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Yeah we cant keep players because of goodwill even though we think he can still do a job, but he is 5th choice now. With half a million from Namouchi and half a milllion for Novo we have to take it and it free's up 2 wages.


Coventry arent a bad side, they certainly have potential to get back to the EPL so good luck Nacho if he goes.

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As far as i know the clubs have agreed the fee and the descision now lies with Nacho. I think it will be the best move for everyone if he goes. I still love him for giving the tims the cold shoulder. The lob over the keeper against the tims also sticks in my mind.

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