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Chelsea & Terry v Man City & Bridge

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Looking forward to watching the pre match handshake here to see if Bridge snubs Terry.


Bookies are taking good bets on them shaking hands, tackling, bookings, shirt swapping and spotting the chick Terry nailed in the crowd.


Personally if i was Bridge I'd shake hands and look the other way and put myself back in the England squad. In 20 years time he will look back and realise he was silly not going to a world cup over this.


As long as Man City get a point or a win I dont care.

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Just a quick snub by Bridge while most Man City players didnt look at Terry, while other Chelsea players gave Bridge a big handshake.


Pity Vieira wasnt playing to add some spice from his Arsenal rivalry against Chelsea. But City should still be good enough for a point.

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Bellamy absolutely laying into Terry during the post match interview - when asked if the Bridge Terry thing galvanised City, Bellamy said 'I know what JT's like, nothing about him surprises me, I'm not gonna comment on that guy, I think everyone in football knows what he's like, but that's off the pitch...'


Doesn't mince his words.

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