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I can accept that it may be difficult to track down who hit Fernando or Dr Jackson (with coins) but I still can't for the life of me work out why more has not been done in the easier instances to investigate. A mobile phone was thrown at me. Perhaps it was a pay as you go sim card? Perhaps it never had any numbers stored such as 'home' for example. But I find that pretty hard to believe. Surely it can't be all that difficult to track down who threw a phone? Maybe i'm underestimating the level of work required for this task.


It must be much more difficult than I imagine although it does make me wonder how any criminals are ever arrested in this country.


Perhaps it's the complete apathy towards finding anyone who wants to target me that breeds confidence in these kinds of people. Certainly, to hear a group of Celtic fans singing about me dying from a bullet from the IRA at an under 19s Youth Cup Final at Hampden makes me think no one is concerned about the consequences of such behaviour.........


I think it's bizarre the amount of people who take the moral high ground and condemn Rangers fans for singing songs that they find offensive. Football is a sport that's always had an edge to it. Fans of clubs all over the world sing disgusting songs including ones worse than i've ever heard in Scotland. The hypocrisy of Aberdeen fans would make me laugh if it wasn't so serious.


An element of their fans think it's okay to sing about 66 people that died in the Ibrox disaster or about Ian Durrant's injury. It's not, it's vile. Yet they are quick to condemn Rangers fans. They sing homophobic chants which are aimed at me, yet act all outraged at my regrettable reaction. I read comments about how it offended young children at the game - were the parents okay with exposing their children to chants of a homophobic nature? The English police investigated Tottenham fans for similar chants aimed at Sol Campbell.


Sadly, in Scotland, it seems only songs that Rangers fans sing are the ones that anyone appears to find very offensive. Our fans are constantly chastised for singing songs or chants but to me it seems like there's a bit of an agenda there, even though there are some songs that our own supporters must stop singing.


Well said as always from the wee man.

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I think your just being sensitive because it's your profession. It's fucking scandalous nothing got done about those situations and nothing will convince me otherwise.


Nobody tried looking, because if they did, they would have been found easily.

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He is quite right with the Aberdeen fans, he stuck up the finger to them and they can't take it but when they sing all that stuff about him its all above board and legit. Alright, its not professional to stick up the finger. However well said, I can't really comment on the other things but we do have hypocrites round the SPL but we are the only team to be punished constantly.


Might order this book now, not a huge reading fan tbh.

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His comments show a huge amount of arrogance.


No they dont. They show a reasonable logical observation. Were it not for you being in the force would you not be sitting there agreeing with what Novo says ? I suspect you would.


He not only suggests that there should be ways to find someone who throws a mobile phone but also counter-balances it with legitimate reasons why it may not be possible.


Balanced in my view. And not wholly unreasonable either.

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