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how many games have you watched so far?

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so, who`s watched all the games so far then?


i missed most of mexico v iran as i thought it`d be pish, but just my luck it was the second highest scoring match of the tourne so far:mad:


but i watched...


germany v cossta rica

poland v ecuador

england v paraguay

sweden v t&t

argentina v ivory coast

serbia &m v holland

anglowa v portugal.


7/8 aint bad going considering i`ve got a month off to watch all the games. i did want to watch every game but it just isn`t feesible as other things have to get done and sometimes the boredom makes you choose to deliberatly avoid another game of football.


will probably only miss a few other group games like...


ecuador v costa rica

iran v anglowa

sth korea v togo

tunisia v saudi arabia


...these are only games i`ll sit down and watch if i`ve stuck a fiver on them to make them more interesting. bar those i`llwatch every game.


so, that would be 59/64 games i would`ve watched, pretty damn good ratio imo:cool:


*addicted to football loyal*

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Saw all the games up until the two in the afternoon and night yesterday. Didn't think I'd miss much. Took a week off this week because of the games in the afternoon, but there doesn't seem to be too many 'good looking' games. I could be surprised though

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up til last night had watched 7 from 8, missed the first becoz of work, missed the aussie and czech games today becoz of work :( so now on 8 from 11.


will miss the 2 earlier games 2mrw and friday, will miss the first matches on thurs and sat! and will missed first 2 and part of 3rd game on sunday :mad:

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