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pre ordered new top

Guest modman

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Guest modman

i pre-ordered the new top for someone on the 4th june


Rangers Home Shirt 2010/11 SS [Pre-Order]

Custom Shirt Name:PAPAJJ

This is a pre-order item and will be delivered on the release date



but now got a email sent 16th

Dear Customer

On your Rangers FC pre-order you have requested printing but have provided us with a name that the warehouse will not print as it is a nickname.


Could you please can you let us know what alternative printing you require.


As i am only part time staff, please reply with your order number and what printing you require to customerservices@jjbsports.com.


Kind Regards

Lewis Ramsdale


Customer Service Team


but on rangers megastore is says *Your Free Shirt Printing offer can be redeemed in the Rangers Megastore and selected JJB Sports stores. Simply print off your order confirmation and take it along with you before close of business on 27.06.10.


my question is could this be bogus email ?

i have ordered the top before with same name with no problems

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Guest modman

well why do they have a custom section ?

if i choose to ignore the email ill still get the top ok but without a name on it ?


but like i said the megastore says *Your Free Shirt Printing offer can be redeemed in the Rangers Megastore and selected JJB Sports stores.


i should imagine they would print it at the jjb stores np, the name is in no way offensive.

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JJB seem to be following the same policy unfortunately. I'm guessing a wee local sports shop will be your best bet.


Policial correctness gone mad? I guess their concern will be that they could be printing something which looks innocuous but is actually very offensive, but even then, I can't see how on earth they'd be held to account for printing them up. Just a reflection of the blame culture society we live in these days I'm afraid.

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I may get hounded for saying this... but I understand why they are doing this. There are all sorts of things that can get printed on shirts that have hidden meanings and ulterior motives. (i am not accusing of anyone here of that!) however, some of the people that are working in Rangers store may not be aware of the subtleties. As a result, it is easier to just have a blanket rule "Gers Players Names Only" and then the club doesn't look like it's endorsing things like "Big Jock Knew" etc...


I agree common sense should prevail when it comes to names e.g. first and second names, however, anything else should be at a managers discretion.


Harder to implement online perhaps?


To sum up, I understand the logic, but it is poorly implemented in my opinion!

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I'd just reply to the customer service email (making sure to include their email from the 16th) and tell them that if they're not willing to print what you asked for, you'll just have it plain with no print at all.

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