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Gersnet User Awards 2009/2010 - Results

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Excellent participation in this and the Football Awards (which were posted a few weeks back) so thanks to everyone who took part.


Anyway, some interesting results and it is always fun to gauge reactions at the end of the season! So without further ado:


Gersnet User Award Results


Most Knowledgeable User


Winner: Bluedell


Runner Up: Frankie



User Most Likely to Change Your Mind in a Debate


Joint Winners: Zappa/Frankie


Runners Up: rbr, Bluedell, bmck, Craig




User Least Likely to Change Your Mind in a Debate


Winner: Wabashcannonball


Runner Up: Calscot



Most Helpful User


Winner: Frankie


Runners Up: Zappa, Bluedell



Funniest User


Winner: Ian1964


Runners Up: Zappa, Pete



Most Frustrating User


Winner: Wabashcannonball


Runners Up: bmck, Calscot



Best New Poster


Joint Winners: Dr Preston Burke, Metlika, Flying Hippo, Danny,


Runners Up: OnlyAnAmoruso, Wabashcannonball, Northampton_Loyalist, Andy Steel


Admin Note:


We think the above award just shows the strength of new poster we've had over the last year. That fact the award was so close with so many different nominations says a lot for new members' efforts to get involved and improve debate! Many thanks!



User Most Likely to Start a Fight in an Empty Thread


Winner: Wabashcannonball


Runner Up: Danny



Most Missed User


Winner: JonC


Runner Up: Norris Cole



Best Article Contributor to the main site


Winner: Frankie


Runner Up: Super_Ally



Best Mod/Admin


Winner: Frankie


Runner Up: Craig



Overall Best User for 2009/2010


Winner: Super_Ally


Runner Up: Frankie


Super_Ally will be presented with our beautiful Gersnet crystal later in the summer. I spoke to him by phone last night and he was absolutely delighted with our prize and thanks all Gersnet users for their continued support of the forum.



Gersnet Hall of Fame


Winner: Super_Ally


Runners Up: Bluedell, Craig



Gersnet Hall of Shame


Winner: Aiden McGeady


Runners Up: Darrell King




Admin Comments


We'd like to take this opportunity to thank every Gersnet member for their contribution over the last year. These awards are just a bit of fun of course and we should hold every member in the same regard as different styles of posts and different opinions is what makes the place interesting.


We're especially lucky here to have so many talented, intelligent, balanced and mature posters on here so the quality of debate is certainly well worthy of a daily visit; even if the quantity may not always satisfy newcomers enough to stick around. Those that do are rewarded with a cracking wee forum which is proud of its place in the online Rangers community.


Conversely, we appreciate the forum/site isn't perfect so invite any feedback or suggestions for improvement. We're a bit disappointed that our off-topic Lounge seems under-used, so are especially interested in any ideas for the less serious side of Gersnet.


Anyway, before I send you all to sleep, well done to those that did manage to win an award and here's hoping for another successful year for our team (and forum) in season 2010/11!


We are the people!



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Guest Flying Hippo

Haha i'm honoured that anyone even acknowledged my existence given that i just turned up out of nowhere about 3 months ago and didn't even introduce myself

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Haha i'm honoured that anyone even acknowledged my existence given that i just turned up out of nowhere about 3 months ago and didn't even introduce myself


Your contribution speaks for itself mate.


I guess on such a small, often quiet forum, it isn't as difficult to get involved/noticed as one of the higher traffic places but, as always, I think that's a big positive as it means people can express themselves properly and not get lost amongst the chaff.



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Guest Flying Hippo

Feel more encouraged to post on a smaller forum i guess. Not so appealling when 4 or 5 people reply in the same minute as you. My account on FF only had about 600 posts in 3 or 4 years. Nearly matched that here already :o

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It all helps gersnet to be the best Rangers forum:).


I have to say some of the threads and discussions on gersnet are superb with a lot of knowledgable members and it makes for great reading and everyone should take credit for their input:spl:.

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