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I'm actually raging about this whole affair. Tomorrow is the 29th of July. Any new signings will be pitched in at the deep end. Rangers must've had a fair idea they were losing all the players they did, and the amount they would have got. So, whoever is planning is quite frankly failing miserably.

To me(and i understand the seriousness of the financial situation, but to me the top brass are now making excuses for everything and blaming it on lack of cash), if you go to the supermarket to buy goods and go straight to the discount aisle, and then, want discount on that, your gonna end up with a pile of shite, and basically a whole load of angry fans who seem to be being decieved.

If you act like a second rate team, i'm afraid you'll leave the race in second place.

I've gone for Gers the last few years and backed them every season since i can remember, but this is the worst ever i can remember where it seems the management couldn't give a toss if we don't get any fresh faces in.


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