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davis for everton?

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Hopefully just paper talk.






Everton boss David Moyes is lining up a swoop for Northern Ireland star, Steven Davis � but Cesc Fabregas holds the key to the move.


The Rangers midfielder, who was voted the Scottish Premier League Player of the Year last season, could be on his way out of Ibrox.


Arsene Wenger is fighting tooth and nail to keep skipper, Fabregas, at the Emirates but Barcelona are determined to get their man.


Should the Spain World Cup winner return to the Nou Camp, Wenger would launch a raid on Everton for South African Steven Pienaar.


And to complete the transfer merry-go-round, Davis has been ear-marked by the Toffees as the man to full the void if Pienaar quits for North London




Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/premiership/rangers-fear-steven-davis-is-off-to-premier-league-14895531.html#ixzz0vSlt35ub

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just got a text saying that everton are in for Davis. anyone else heard this?


It's on a few websites and the daily record is reporting it, a lot of them say 5mil subject to arteta or pienaar leaving which it looks like arteta will be! This would be a travesty if it happens and 5 mil is nowhere near enough!

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Usual thing in this day and age, a single newspaper runs the story and it spreads. Even rumors from forums do the rounds this way now before being posted back on the original forum some days later.




I'm not believing a word of it until something officially happens. No point getting your knickers in a twist when stories like this could easily be fabricated with the sole purpose of being a wind-up.

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Only a matter of time when Timmy is in distress that the papers target a negative Rangers story to take away their pain.


So predictable is our journalistically challenged Timmy, but is saves them from having to admit that their manager and new recruits are all gash.

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After selling Thomson it would be a total disaster of an idea to sell Davis, but he'll definitely be sold if the money is right. I'd say �£6m - �£7m and Walter might not have any choice but to sell him. It's not worth selling him for �£5m though, definitely not.

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