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In the wake of last evening's wonderful victory for the mighty Rangers, I tuned into BBC Radio Scotland to hear the post match analysis. Richard Gordon was in conversation with former Bears, Derek Ferguson and Craig Paterson; expressing a modicum surprise at the result achieved by Man U in the Mestella. Paterson stated no one knew how to achieve away results in the CL like Sir Awex, and there is consensual acceptance of this view.


Richard Gordon then wonders aloud about a grouping of broadsheet journos that James Traynor had earlier mentioned? ie A grouping of journos boasting about the money they were about to take off a Bookie(s) on the proposed double of a Valencia victory/Rangers defeat. I take it, this was pre-mastch on the Ibrox media gantry? Anyone hear it? Both Derek and Craig giggled aloud at the thought of said grouping's hard earned pouring down an open drain.


Any Gersnetters care to guess at those involved?


I suspect Michael Grant, Glenn Gibbons, Hugh MacDonald, Phil Gordon, Tom English, Martin Hannan, ................. etc. Oh, and I hope mug punter, the man who openly boasts of five seperate accounts at each of the high street Bookmakers, Objective Host of ra Show, Jim Delahunt weighed in BIG TIME.


Get it right up the fcuking lot of you.


Ah mean, imagine NOT supporting the Scottish club?

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I'm sure Mark Guidi and Bill Leckie would not have been involved.


They are both upstanding citizens and would not be guilty of such behaviour.



As yet, neither has made it on to the broadsheets.


Both have made their names between the sheets. Mark 'the Slug' Guidi was party to a roasting in Dundee and Bill Leckie was caught advertising his lonely heart on a bunny boiler's website.

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I have just finished reading David Leggat's latest blog, an attack on the Guardian's Deputy Editor of Sport, Barry Glendinning. Apparently, Glendinning urged his readership to utilise their dough in the following manner, "Best bet of the day/month/year? Bursaspor to beat Rangers @ 3-1. The H--s big cup record is awful".


Now, Glendinning is biggest, bestest mates with most, if not all those mentioned in the original post. I wonder if Glendinning's continual use of that particular term of derision, was the catalyst for them deciding to ensure the Bookies graduated on to Rioja Grand Reserva last evening?

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